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“There is a straight line from gun industry investment to gun industry profits to funding of the NRA. Half the value of these companies comes from mutual funds and most of the ‘investors’ in these funds have no idea they are inadvertently part of the problem. Now they can be part of the solution.” – Campaign to Unload’s executive director Jennifer Fiore in Snoop Dogg, Aloe Blacc Want You to Divest From the Gun Industry [at]

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    • Hey look, another celebrity felon who made his fortune peddling violence to children wants us to disarm. I want no part of his final solution to gun violence.

      • Snoop dog did shoot and killed a man, he was found to be justified as self defense. Google. But with that being said how can he be against gun rights? if his self defense claim was legit? He probably got off like OJ, and has a guilty concience

        • His bodyguard was the one who actually pulled the trigger. Pretty brave of him to denounce firearms while hiding behind armed security.

    • …said another “celebrity” felon and known drug user, with an armed security detail, who promotes violence, in the name of entertainment, etc…….

  1. so according to the Rolling Stone the gun industry is bad but it’s perfectly okay to put terrorists on the front cover

    • You have to admire their integrity.

      They never let facts get in the way of a beautiful political theory.


    • I cannot believe how pathetic Rolling Stone Magazine has become, they are a joke in their own time. Not just for becoming a leader in the journalistic race to the bottom, but that they have fallen so far. What gives?

      • Fallen so far? Just how high (journalistically speaking, not chemically) did they start from?

    • Not only did they put a terrorist on the front cover and sympathize for the bastard. They put several US soldiers in Leavenworth for supposed war crimes! Guilty or not, and regardless of your opinions about those soldiers, just think about that for a few seconds. I say rolling who? Infact I won’t confirm nor deny that I may or may not accidentally ruin a few magazines next time Im at wally world, im just so clumsy.

      • Right? Kind of like how Obama is putting Patraeus in jail while letting Gitmo terrorists go free….

      • I might have to start doing that, if I can get the fiancee to goto the range with me and take some pics

    • We need to take steal the hashtag.

      Start posting pics from your trip to the range or shooting in general and post them with the #imunloading tag.

    • If Snoopy’s cute little boycott is effective, the stock prices will fall temporarily, creating a buying opportunity for the rest of us.

      But I’m guessing that won’t be the case. I just heard Wall Street yawn.

  2. Rolling Stone and Snoop Dogg? Is it 1993?
    Way to stay relevant dead tree rag didn’t know still existed! Good for you.

  3. I’ll be sure to divest my investments in all derringer manufacturers. After all, they’re the 5th most dangerous gun in the world right?

    • OMG Yes! Right behind revolvers, rifles, um… handguns, shotguns… assault weapons? Something.

      Number five derringer y’all

  4. NRA gets a higher proportion of tis funding from rank and file members than any one of the top 100 civil rights, civil liberties or advocacy groups in the USA.

    NAACP, 91% corporate funding, ACLU 98% corporate or industry (criminal a lawyers) funding, Greenpeace 80% corporate

  5. I moved all my firearm related stocks to green energy related stocks, #ilikethetasteofcatfood, #retiringisoverrrated

    • I bought Ruger and Cabelas when Obama got elected. Quintupled.
      I made some moony on green energy but just am getting out slowly and put that in oil related which has fallen and is a good price right now.

      Face it, if Hilary gets eh nomination firearms sales will soar.

  6. So I assume they’ve had their bodyguards, concert security, etc. all give up their arms?

    Yeah, I didn’t think so.


  7. Well, let’s all clap for Jennifer, who has explained how business works. This should be called the “Wait for It” edition: Publicly held corporations sell…STOCK…which are often also purchased by fund managers and sold as MUTUAL FUNDS. People who buy those funds seldom look at the companies in those funds (even though they can), and so many people own an indirect interest in…OMG….companies whose type of businesses they don’t support…OMG! [As in Christians often owning mutual funds that buy stocks of companies which own or make porn…cuz it tends to sell pretty well, ya know. If you don’t like it, for Pete’s sake, take the time to investigate the companies in which your funds invest.] But Jennifer says that’s not the most shocking part. Oh, no. These publicly held corporations then take some of the money made from stock purchases by mutual fund managers and they then use it to…gasp!…give to industry-supported lobbying groups, PACs, and PR firms. Heavens! Who knew? Gun companies give money to the NSSF and NRA and use it to…gasp!…advertise their murderous products! When will this horrible madness end?! Thank God statist morons who don’t know how all business works have Jennifer there to explain the evils of capitalism.

    • …and as for Snoop, he says, “Can’t we all just smoke some weed and be mellow? Guns ain’t mellow.” Thank you for that, Snoop.

      • I guess he’s never spent a relaxing afternoon with good friends at the range. One of the best stress-reliefs I know of. (That you can do with your clothes on.)

        • I think Red nailed it. Snoopy can’t enjoy his guns so he doesn’t think anyone else should, either.

      • SnoopDog? Is that what my dog does in the yard after eating roadkill? I HATE stepping in that.

        Here’s the posterchild for the potheads who think it’s just wonderful wonderful stuff.

  8. Wow RS is still around? I thought they folded after that fake rape story.

    This seems like just about the caliber of something they would be involved in….

  9. They do realize publicly traded companies only get proceeds from stock sales when the stock was issued, right? If you go buy 100 shares of Apple stock through an exchange, Apple doesn’t see a penny of the proceeds. Investing in a mutual funds is no different. It doesn’t touch the company’s financials.

    • While stock trades don’t directly hit a company’s general ledger, the capitalization (stock price times number of shares issued) can affect the company’s ability to borrow money, among other things.

    • Although the IPO is the point at which the pie is cut, there’s nothing that says all the pieces have to be dished out immediately. Companies may buy and sell their own stock after the initial offering. That means that if the grabbers are “successful” in getting a sell-off started the gun companies could buy back some of themselves during the artificial bottom. Once the market stabilizes and returns to the previous price-point the gun companies have just gotten ahead themselves and created a free win for their investors by cutting the supply of outstanding stock.

      “Never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake.” Napoleon

  10. Now why would I care – or want to know – anything about Snoop Dogg’s “morning constitutional” activities … Oh, wait …

  11. In order for them to sell, someone has to buy. There are plenty of people willing to buy.

    Sounds like a win-win to me.

  12. I’m unloading so that unicorns can roam freely without fear while making their very special rainbow farts….

    • Yes, he admitted to being the driver when his bodyguard cut down a rival gang member in a drive-by shooting. They had Johnnie Cochran defend them and both were acquitted on grounds of self-defense. He has faced other charges throughout his life for possession of a firearm by a felon, so he really is just a great role model for the anti’s. Who better to spread their message against ‘gun violence’ than a guy who has spent most of his life participating in or glorifying it?

  13. None of the companies’ value comes from mutual funds. Their value comes from the revenue they generally building and selling guns, the real estate, machinery, and intellectual property they use to build those guns, etc. Half the ownership interest may belong to mutual funds, by which means the value produced is channeled to investors in those funds. Why am I not surprised to see gun grabbers getting relationships exactly concerning more than just guns?

    • This.

      Thank you. I was scanning the comments looking to see if someone else caught this too.

    • I think you’re looking at the wrong revenue stream. I looked, but gave up before the end of the road, for the point where this jackass was going to request donations to his magnificent cause.

  14. Whenever I see a new campaign like this, I mail them a donation letting them know how much I support their cause. I often wonder what the Everytown for Gun Safety folks think when they open an envelope with Monopoly money in it.

  15. Hypocrite.

    Cordozar Broadus Jr. (Snoop Dogg) can go ahead and stop with his anti gun agenda:

    * Guilty of possession of firearm during traffic stop (1993)

    * Sentenced for 3 years probation for attempting to bring a collapsible baton on air plane (2006).

    * Arrested (2006) drug and firearm possession.

    * Arrested (2006) drug and firearm possession (one month later)

    * (2007) Plead no contest to two felony charges of drug and firearms possession by convicted felon.

    * April 2006, Dogg and entourage vandalized duty free shop in Heathrow Airport (London). Seven police officers injured. Dogg and entourage arrested.

  16. Good comparison on the xtian thing. Maybe the decent, god fearing, drug free gun owners of this nation should take a look at their portfolio to see if they are inadvertently funding his pseudo pacifist hollywood propaganda. Movies and music are bigger business than guns, and many would be shocked to know the kind of hustler style filfth the companies they invest in are crapping into their kids brains. If they took even a fraction of an interest in that as this ex-con has in us, they would not have time to lecture us about how liberal we should be.

  17. SnoopDog is a felon who just got arrested with a gun and drugs at the airport. I’m sure his change of heart is genuine.

  18. WOW, The Snoop D.O. “Double G”, the Rollin’ 20 Crip now want us to believe he is anti-gun? He tried to change his name to Snoop Lion, now this? Seems like the base ingredients to an identity crisis.

    • I don’t think it’s an identity crisis, more of a funding crisis. I don’t think Mr. Lion’s reggae ramblings album did too well. The failed socialist mini states like chiraq would love for gangsters to give up their guns so Snoop’s word is worth a lot of money to white people that think he’s still relevant to inner city youth. With steady paychecks he won’t tell them otherwise.

  19. I have two degrees in Finance. I sat through a lot of investment lectures. In none of them did any professor recommend taking investment advice from rappers with histories of drug abuse and criminal records. For what it’s worth.

  20. 99% of those that would jump on this hashtag bandwagon have never heard the term “mutual fund”. How exactly are they going to divest from something they never invested in? The majority of people would only ever invest through a 401k and can’t even tell me what their 401k rep looks like, let alone their name, so looking into their individual funds is effectively impossible for them because they simply can’t be bothered to care. I think that’s the definition of a modern leftist movement, demanding action the base cannot complete or calling for a vauge sense of change that also has no chance of happening.

  21. I don’t typically post comments (though I love TTAG and read it constantly) but had to here. Here’s one of snoops lyrics, what made him famous enough that he could spout this liberal nonsense:

    deep cover

    Six fo’ five was the time on the clock,
    When me and my homey bailed in the parking lot.
    The scene looked strange and it felt like a set up
    Better not be, cause if it is, they’re getting lit up.
    Oh here they come from the back and they laxed.
    I’m checkin for the gats they strap, so whats up black?
    Chill, lets hit a deal,
    if it aint up to what you feel then grab your steel.
    Right, so, what you motherf***** gonna come at me with?
    Hope you ain’t wantin’ none of my grip.
    Cause you can save that s***. Guess what they told me?
    ‘We give you 20 G’s if you snitch on your homey,
    We’ll put you in a home, and make your life plush,
    Oh yeah, but you got to sell dope for us.”
    Hmmm, let me think about it
    Turned my back and grabbed my gat and guess what I told him before I shot
    ‘If you don’t quit, yeah, if you don’t stop, yeah, I’m lettin’ my gat pop’
    Cause it’s 1-8-7 on an undercover cop

  22. Let them unload their stocks, we all know the industry is growing, perfect time for me to start investing in stocks.

  23. Wow, more advice that is completely irrelevant to 99% of Americans. Yes I should definitely take investment/ retirement planning advice from people who are so rich they could put all their money in a checking account where it actually decreases in value over time and still not have to worry about having enough money to retire. “What’s that you say? I should sell some of the most profitable well performing assets in my retirement account? You just have a lot more money than I do.” Now presumeably a responsible investor would be well diversified so that these companies are a very small % of their total holdings but every little bit helps.

  24. Now that this round of panic buying is over, I’d say it’s a perfect time for all the lefties to sell low, which let’s me buy low and ride high into the election season. Bravo!

  25. This, coming from a man who made all of his money off of promoting violence and misogyny, and now wants to wash his hands of his past — but doesn’t want to give up the cash he made off if it too huh??? Sounds kinda like like Hollywood, eh? Friggin hypocrites.

    Eff U Snoop D O double G

    Give up your body guards and all the cash you made off of being a G, and then let’s talk.

  26. We don’t have a problem with guns, or with people having to much freedom. We have a cultural problem and the people who produce rap music are 100% of the problem.

  27. Funny, all those things he used to radio about women doing to his junk, he’s now doing to Bloomy and the Brady’s, metaphorically, anyway.

  28. 20 something years ago, Mr. Broadus was rapping about shooting people with AKs and the like in California.

    Now, he’s got a 401k with stocks n bonds and wants people to turn away from guns.

    F*** you, Snoop, you poser.

  29. To think that he sold his voice as a kill feed announcer in Call of Duty. He wants less guns, but for a paid DLC, you can listen to him tell you how well you are killing guys in a FPS. The hipocrisy of his actions is astounding. He must have really needed the money to score his next bag.

  30. Yeah S##tdawg got out of a murder rap..this cretin went looking for the (other) gang member. Should have spent20-30 years in the joint(instead of toking ’em). A born-again criminal(without Jesus).

  31. I saw this one on Breitbart two days ago, and I’ll say here what I said there: If you’re the type to have a 401k in the first place, you’re probably not the type to care what idiots like Snoop Dogg tell you to do.

    • Heh… indeed. Conversely, I imagine the average investor puts about as much stock in Snoop’s investment advice as they would Bernie Madoff’s.

    • I’m surprised ole Snoop could even read the teleprompter…he’s permanently baked…
      But, hey, perfect role model for Santa Barbara one worlder trust fnd kids, loking for that all important SJWs resume item to be hired at some fedgov funded faux .ngo.

  32. Funny thing – I just bought a sizable block of Ruger stock last week.

    I may double down, now.

    I’m just sayin’.

  33. Just another anal offering of the various shell.orgs of the Progresive Movement v.2.0.
    Follow the money, and the structure: donations for campaign admined by ActionNetwork, a product of GenProgress, another of George Soros Center for American Progress web of literally hundreds of shells to hide the distribution of money, to leftist/socialist/progressive top down control by the Elite Who Knows Whats Best For The Little People.

    Read this background on Soros beliefs in Karl Hopper’s Open Society, which is basically socialism, reworked, and given Europe is about a half generation ahead, you can see how top down control of the economy and civil rights is working out fir them, over there.

  34. Snoop Dog sounds like a poop dog obsessed with cat crap. Well, I unload on the great white throne.

  35. Ole SNIFF DOG cracks me up.

    Are there any 401K’s or IRA’s specifically geared to support the Gun Industry so that I can roll mine over?

  36. Here’s the question: What does Snoop get out of all this? No seriously– Think about it. Known drug user with a few illegal possessions of a firearm under his belt now wants to play in the anti-gun pool. Changes in behavior happen for a reason and here I doubt it’s because he suddenly became a saint. What changed here?

    Listen to Rush and he has an interesting sort of theory concerning this sort of thing. The idea is that people generally come out of the closet in this manner- seemingly contrary to every behavior otherwise -in order to gain acceptance in certain circles; usually hard left leaning liberal circles within which influence or recognition is desired. The key to unlocking these circles is to gain their ideological acceptance, usually through some public service message, on air rant, etc. Liam Neeson is a good example of this behavior.

    I assume he still has a metric ass-tonne of money, so what is he getting out of this?

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