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“It’s like somebody saying, ‘We’re going to ban waffle irons,’ and you don’t even want a waffle iron, but you go out and buy three of them. The best thing for gun sales has been the Obama administration. It’s reverse logic.” – CRT Capital analyst Brian Ruttenbur in Guns are back, thanks to women [at]

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  1. I just ordered a waffle iron on amazon, because I believe this guy has inside information on the administrations next move.

  2. Next there will be a run on maple syrup! Quick to the market for syrup! Because when they can’t ban the waffles they will go after the much needed syrup, even if you could use it on the evil pancakes, it doesn’t matter ban all syrup and nobody will want waffles (or hotcakes).

  3. I had two waffle makers, one for primary, other for backup. Unfortunately both were lost in a boating accident

  4. I am waffling on this. I think the intention is of this ban is high capacity waffle makers, military grade with teflon finish. You can have a singe waffle maker that makes a one in three minutes and then requires a fork to remove it from the maker. Read: fixed magazine.

  5. I have waffle irons but I can’t find the mix to make the batter. They are useless to me. Why is the government buying it all up?

    • I started with a single stage waffle mix maker. Now I have a progressive waffle mixer. It is so much easier.
      Heck, I can make a thousand waffles in one morning!

      • Oh yeah? The government has 30 inch waffle magazine clips that make 200 waffles in a second, and a shoulder thingy that goes up! Look at this baby!!!! (totally LMAO)

    • And I’ve already seen people try to sell them for what they paid for them right after sandy hook. “Lnib” whatever dude, your $600 bushmaster is not worth $2000.

    • I assume that is intended as snark/joke. Why do DiFi and the iibtards WANT to ban AR15 (and any/all firearms)? And that alone is sufficient reason to justify ownership. Whatever it takes for a wakeup.

    • The AWB in the 90’s is the exact thing that got me started in the AR world. Up until then I had no interest whatsoever in an AR. Then the DiFi/Boxer crowd convinced me I had better get one and I’ve had a blast ever since. Thanks DiFi!

  6. If by “reverse logic” the guy means “a clear cut demonstration of how American Citizens feel about their Right to Keep and Bear Arms” well then I’d have to agree.

    • Mine flips over AND has the thing that goes up. And blinky lights and an auditory signal to indicate the waffles are done, thereby supporting high capacity waffle making.

  7. Speaking of waffles, why are there no Waffle Houses north of Kansas City?

    I already have a waffle iron, but I think I’ll pick up another just in case mine breaks.

  8. I think part of it is that you don’t want something until you see it. You might be happy with your car but when you take it in for service and browse the new models while you wait you decide you want the new one. BO put bodies in gun shops and on gun websites and people have been looking around thinking ‘wow, that’s pretty cool’. But unlike cars, most people can afford several guns. We might only NEED one gun, but we want one of everything.

  9. Did you know anyone can make a “ghost waffle” iron with no serial no. and no testing required by UL?

    Quick! Ban ghost waffles! For the children!

  10. In order to make a waffle iron ban truly work the .gov will have to ban fire and electricity. Buying bootleg fire out of the trunk of a car is problematic.

  11. I’m the Hamburglar and I buy all my Waffle Makers on the black market. No ban is going to stop the Hamburglar!

  12. 80% waffle makers is where it’s at.

    I prefer pecan waffles. The wife makes them for me because I’m one of those horrible massage-o-gynst and repress my wife with undying devotion and love.

  13. That might be part of it but a huge part is the feeling (probably misplaced) that it’s getting more dangerous and the law won’t protect you. Not a day goes by where we see twisted justice on TV. Despite facts supporting a decrease in crime no one wants to be caught in the open without a piece.
    I just wish ammo would be cheap again so I could actually go casual target shooting again on a regular basis. I already gave up trap shooting because the ammo costs too much.

    • Right? This constant cycle of panic is just unbearable. We got a a couple months of half way decent ammo prices then BAM PANIC HORDE MODE MAX ATF BAN BAN BAN. And now all ammo prices are going back up now. I have a huge stockpile of ammo, but when a panic hits I don’t want to shoot any.

  14. I modded mine to make grilled cheese sandwiches! I’ll be posting an do-it-yourself with tools found in your home for all the survivalists.

  15. Nobody should be allowed to own a waffle iron without first passing a basic cooking course, and registering with the state. The iron should be stored in a locked contaner when not in use, with the batter stored seperately.

  16. This is one of the funniest posts I have read in a long time. You guys must have had eggs with your waffles this morning, and LOTS of syrup! Makes me want to start the day all over.

  17. You can have my waffle iron when you pry my cold dead fingers from it. Or as PotWI like to say ” Let go of my Ego.”

  18. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the right to keep and bear arms is embedded in our Constitution, while the right to make waffles is not so much. So when we hear that our government seeks to infringe upon our rights, yeah, we get a little testy and we stock up. But I don’t see a run on waffle irons any time soon, even if Mooch agitates for a ban.

    Only a total doofus would conflate the right to keep and bear arms with the right to carb-up.

    • Not sure about that, I can easily see this administration taxing the hell out of sugar.

      Fighting obesity, and all…

  19. Actually, it’s like saying “We’re going to ban disinfectant,” so people rush to buy as much as they can because if they happened to get cut in the future, they don’t want to die of gangrene.

    Nice try, making the tradition of freedom akin to a stupid appliance.

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