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“With the increasing gun violence in Chicago and across this country, I am amazed that you would choose to offer toy guns to our children to make them comfortable with playing with them. I am asking you to remove any baskets with toy guns in them from your store’s shelves immediately.”  – from Rev. Michael Pfleger’s letter to K-Mart after learning they’re selling Easter baskets with squirt and Nerf guns included.

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  1. “With the increasing stupidity in Chicago and across this country, I am amazed that you would choose to open your mouth and contribute to the dumbing-down of America. I am begging you to shut the f^ck up immediately. Please. For the children.” – from Ralph’s letter to Rev. Michael Pfleger

  2. Yes. Yes, the toy guns are poisoning the children. The children must be given condoms instead for a proper PC education. For the children…

  3. While you’re at it take them knifes and forks away from children. They have 2 hands don’t they? (most of the time anyways).

    Eating utensils my ass, these are deadly weapons.

  4. You know what me and my friends did when we were kids? We shot at eachother with airsoftguns. Far more realistic than those nerf guns. Almost all of us either own our own guns or used our friends and we have yet to shoot anyone. In fact I don’t think either of us has even had a nd.

    • Metal BB’s and Red Riders were our weapons of choice. If you brought plastic BB’s to the fight you were laughed back to your house to get real ammo. I miss my childhood :/

        • Polish cannons all the way! Tennis balls at that velocity can really sting. Almost everything I did for fun as a child if done today would get the kid arrested or medicated.

  5. I think Ralph’s saying applies here… “If this Guy wants to cut off his nuts and wear them has ear rings that’s his choice.” I personally think he just craves media attention. All the holly stuff aside, what kind of nub listens to a guy like this?

    IMHO…We need to let our Boy’s be Boy’s or we will continue to suffer the consequences. My 8 year old son has an arsenal of Nerf, a Red Rider BB Gun, and guess what…He’s a great kid that’s full of potential, he knows the 4 rules and his creativity continues to amazes me. If the Reverend took as hard of a line against irresponsible or non-present Parents I think he’d be much more successful at saving people. I guess that’s not sensational enough.

    • He is a media whore, like many of the pastors in this city. There is no way he would ever publicly speak out against non-present parents as well. It would be the end for him as well as the end for the rest of the poverty pimps here. Status Quo in Chicago.

  6. he must have had one fu%k’ed up childhood……..or maybe he just forgot how the was to be a kid….

  7. What does Rev. Phleger want them to put in the baskets for the kids’ edification? Bleeding replicas of Jesus nailed to the cross? Has he been finding his own “flock” a bit too independent-minded lately? He should take up a ministry which needs him. There’s an opening in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. He should apply. It’s a short-term variable-length contract. I’m sure he’ll be a hit. Somebody’s.

  8. He [Jesus] said to them[…]if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.”
    —Luke 22:36, NIV

  9. I see they finaly added a scope to the nerf pistol in the bottom basket, with a big rubber band those things can sting like a mother to get shot with.

  10. Not to mention that the “egg” basket and chocolate bunnies are entirely pagan so why would a minister of the good news tell anyone to avoid that particular basket? I’ll just go roast my Ishtar ham now.

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