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“There exists a subtle misogyny used in the messaging of anti-gun groups, keeping women dependent on others to provide their protection, when our nation’s constitution makes clear they have the right to provide this protection for themselves.” Armed Citizen Project executive director Kyle Coplen in Armed Citizen Project to Provide Guns Training to 500 Empowered Mothers [at]

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  1. Think this Thom Yorke lookalike can hit the target with that shotty?

    Who takes their shotgun to the range anyhow??

    • I think just about anybody can hit that target with that shotgun….and yes….shotguns are commonplace at just about any range. Practice makes perfect.

    • I would (not saying i have) but I also live in a town where its pretty rare that I would be able to shoot it otherwise.

    • i do all the time. In fact i just took a friend to the range who had never used one, to get a feel for it and show how the spread pattern looked. Different loads pattern (spread) differently, and at self defense ranges you still need to aim it. If you own a weapon, you really should be taking it to the range periodically to practice shouldering it and using it, and understand how the particular load you’ve chosen patterns. During a self defense situation (or any high adrenaline situation really like hunting, or competitive target shooting), muscle memory takes over.

      Plus. its a lot of fun.

  2. So-called Women’s lib can only seem to get so far before it caves in on itself.
    I imagine it has a lot to do with the way other independence and equality movements have been corrupted and co-opted, namely black independence.
    From the perspective of a “leader” or “authority” liberation and independence are great things to strive for as motivators but attaining them would be detrimental to my position so I’ll be sure to stop short of any real gains and just keep you spinning your wheels becoming a useful idiot for whichever cause I may happen to fancy at any given time.

  3. my chief complaint about this project is that so far its been rolled out in AZ and TX, both already gun friendly areas. Not exactly the places that need it the most. Detroit is the place that needs this project the most, where the police are actually closed due to budget cuts.

    • It’s a fairly new startup nonprofit. I’d do the exact same thing if I were at the helm. Establish what does and does not work, get the system down to a science, etc., while in a gun-friendly state before adding in the inevitable political opposition they would face in a state that ain’t so gun-friendly.

  4. This relates to one particularly huge problem with civilian disarmament gun control whose proponents recognize a problem … that they are vulnerable to violent criminals. Rather than take responsibility for themselves and their safety, however, they want everyone else to do something about their problem: they want gun owners to give up their rights and their property (firearms).

    I am always stunned at the lengths people will go to avoid personal responsibility and to rationalize their behavior.

  5. His statement makes sense. just as libs have convinced blacks keep voting for more government to “protect” them from the “racism inherent in the system”, so the Big brother types want to find ways to keep women(and any other groups ) convinced that their protection flows from government. Self- reliant people are not what statists want.

  6. It’s not misogyny, they want us all to be dependent on others for our protection. And our health care. Our food. Housing. The more we depend on them, the more power they have.

  7. As much as I like to pick on anti-rights types I don’t think you can call it misogyny since they actually want EVERYONE to be “dependent on others [Government] to provide their protection”

  8. We will know this is really working when Brady or MAIG see them as a threat and sue them to slow them down and bankrupt them. Would be great if they publish periodic status about how it is going in Houston.

    I hope they find a way for the participants to continue practicing. If you don’t have a car, getting to a range can be difficult.

  9. That is exactly how to get the fembots on board: Tell them it’s misogyny that the anti-gunners are exhibiting by trying to deny women their right to defend themselves.

    Good job.

    • I am not sure how you can demand the right to defend yourself but you won’t demand the right to make decisions about your own body. Do you want full rights or just the partial list?


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