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“I think most Republicans know that unless you’re running in New England (with the exception of New Hampshire), a vote for gun control tends to be a political nail in your coffin, not an act of self-preservation. And I think most of them will be able to see that, even when the pressure is on and the volume is turned up to eleven.” – Liz Mair in Six Months After Newtown, Connecticut – A New Political Landscape On Guns [at]

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  1. With the exception of most of New Hampshire for the time being.
    The Shire is in a downward spiral to Massdom with no hope on the horizon save splitting it into two states. Mass Jr. Concord and south. New New Hampshire all points north. Even then the center lakes region will soon enough fall into the Mass abyss leaving only the great north woods free. Perhaps Northern NH and Northern ME could form a new free state.

    • Its not just NH. Some Masshole who went to Maine and was elected to a state senate seat actually on two occasions tried to pass a bill to split lower Maine and to call it Northern Massachusetts. If you don’t push back, they will take over and soon you will have MA like gun control.

      • Push back? Many in Northern and Eastern Maine
        would gladly give the southern section away as
        long as we could keep the Mass wipes out.

      • Well ya know, once upon a time there was no Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont, only Massachusetts. You could call it “going back to its roots.”

  2. I also think that’s the case but then I look at Gov. Christie and his push for gun control in NJ. Why would he do that if gun control was such a nail in the coffin thing and he has presidential aspirations.

    • I don’t think Christie is really expecting to go for president without becoming a D.

      • Damn! That’s a good point it never occurred that he might switch parties! That would explain it though, there is no way he could make it out of a primary, I sure as hell won’t vote for him

        • Morris, and I’m saying this in a congenial manner, you have a lot to learn. Go hang out a Zero Hedge for an hour would be a small step in the right direction.

        • Are you kidding? 2016 will be just another typical dog a pony show. A moderate like Christie doesn’t have to change parties, people will vote for him just because he has an R next to his name, and “because nobama” This trend will continue until people come to realize there are more options than red v blue, left v right etc. Un’lectable is only so because many believe it to be. People also once believed the world was flat, and that black people were a different species.

        • eRIc, using your theory, Obama wouldn’t have been re-elected in 2012. Another D will be elected in 2016, as the Free Stuff Brigade will never allow another R in office. At least until the whole thing blows up, as you indicated.

        • J&D: My point is that the Republican vs Democrat false paradigm is just that. The Democrats run their statist, and the Republicans will run their moderate ‘lectable candidate, also a statist. In the end there is little difference between the two. When was the last presidential election where there was a discernible difference between candidates other than how to spend the money they take from us, or which liberties they want to infringe upon? Two sides of the same coin. We need smaller central government. I have yet to see a so-called “electable” candidate run on that platform in my lifetime.

      • Have you not been paying attention? The Republican Party nominated a RINO not once, but TWICE. You could call McCain or Romney a Democrat and I wouldn’t notice the difference. Unless the GOP nominates a real conservative in 2016, conservatives will stay home on election day AGAIN and the Democrats will win. In other words, why vote for “Democrat Lite” when you can vote for the real thing?

        • Just in case you missed the news there have been three vote fraud cases in the news of late. Democrats have been convicted of vote fraud in Florida, Ohio and Indiana. Romney did not lose the popular vote. Obama stole enough votes to push him over 50%. He may have won the electoral college vote as he could have done that with as little as 47%. Obama won the election because of his overwhelming support from the low information voters who make up the millenial generation and those self-style lifestyle Libertines (Libertarians) who would rather live under socialism as long as you can have good drugs, any kind of sex you want and an abortion to clean up the mess. Don’t blame Romney for his inability to satisfy ignorant college students, twenty somethings and self indulgent Libertarians. As for McCain, any Republican would have lost in 2008,

        • Tdiinva, tell me why I should prefer your brand of control freak over the leading brand?

        • All your “reposte”tells me is that drugs, sex and abortion are more important to you than the Bill of Rights.

          But in fairness I will give you an opportunity to demostrate that Romney is as you say a “control freak.” You so-called Libertarians are good a sloganeering but like your brother Progressives are short on thinking skills.

        • It’s spelled “riposte”, and the Bill of Rights is pretty much all I care about, which is why the Republicans are just as unconvincing as the Democrats.

          Point me to where Romney supported repealing the Patriot Act. Show me where Republicans generally promise to go after abuses such as warrantless wiretapping and indefinite detention. Show me the Republican push for the separation of church and state.

          As for the drugs and sex, the laws about those have exactly the same kind of reasoning behind them as gun control, so of course I have no use for them. How in your imagination do you connect support for the Bill of Rights with prohibitions on what kind of plants can be grown and consumed?

        • tdiiva

          I agree completely. Darn those annoying kids with their instragrams, and facebooks. They need to learn how to be smart, or something. I bet their parents were very inept. They need to get ready to clean up the mess that some other previous generation left for them. Darn kids.

        • Indefinite detention of foreign unlawful combatants, i.e., terrorists? As far as I know there are no Americans being held at GITMO. The Bill of Rights does not apply to non-citizens outside the US.

          A warrant is only needed for criminal prosecution. If you are wiretapping anybody for intelligence purpose you shouldn’t need a warrant. If you do that in a criminal case then all evidence obtained through or because of the warrantless wiretap is inadmissible in criminal trial. Beside even the Warren Court ruled that warrants aren’t always necessary. The Constitution is not a suicide pact.

          “Separation of Church and State” is the poster boy slogan for Progressive/Libertarian sloganeering. I suppose we lived in a theocracy before the Warren Court built the so-called Wall. The so-called wall as it is meant today is a modern socialist construct. The Establishment Clause was included to prevent a state sponsored Church like the Church of England from being formed. It was not meant to exclude religion from the Public Square. The purpose of the clause was to require that all faiths be treated equally. When Jefferson founded the University of Virginia he required all students to attend chapel on Sundays. That’s why he established the Unitarian Church in Charlottesville. It provided a place for non-Christians to fulfill the chapel requirement. So much for your interpretation of the Wall. And by the way if the wall such as it was meant goes both ways. For you sloganeers it is more of a semipermeable membrane.

          Drugs, sex and rock’n roll are not mentioned in the Constitution. Those are the kinds of things that were meant to be left of to [state] legislative bodies.

          Libertarians confuse the social concept of autonomy with political concept of Liberty. The Constitution is a political document. Modern collectivists see personal autonomy as a weapon to atomize society and increase dependency and undermine constitutional government. Libertarians are merely their useful idiots.

          The powers granted to the Federal government in the Constitution are the very powers that you Libertarians oppose. You are under the mistaken belief that you are defender of the Federal Republic. You are as opposed to it as Obama is. Had you been alive in 1787 you would have opposed ratification.

  3. The article states that until 2012, Harry Reid was “completely in the NRA’s camp.” I don’t remember Reid as an A-rated 2A voter. Ever.

    • In the past he hasn’t been that bad. He isn’t nearly the enemy that, say, Chuck Schumer is. Regardless, these days I think Reid is basically Schumer’s puppet. For now, the Dems are controlled by the Progressives.

  4. Harry (STINKY PINKY) Reid is no more pro-firearm, than the present liar in charge. He is only pro-firearm so long as it is the same ones he owns. He owns an old single shot shotgun, which he claims to have taken hundreds of game birds with. If you believe that I’ll tell you how he used to walk over 40 miles to school, one way, every day. And if you believe that I have some property in Madhatten NY for sale cheap. It includes a bridge.

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