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Illinois AG Lisa Madigan courtesy

This isn’t the first time she has filed for an extension. This isn’t the second time, either. No, by my count, this is the third extension that Illinois AG Lisa Madigan has asked the court for more time to decide whether she’s going to appeal the Federal court ruling that Illinois’ lack of concealed carry legislation is unconstitutional. She’s had over three months already to make up her mind, but apparently that just isn’t enough. In the meantime, Illinois state legislators have come to an agreement on new legislation that would gut Chicago’s gun laws and turn the state into a Shall Issue kind of place, and odds are that it is going to pass. Stay tuned.

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    • LOOK at her! There’s something WRONG with her. A palsy/facisl paralysis thing. I’m not a doctor, but then, it’s g

    • Maybe she’ll tell herself that “It’ll be different this time!” or “It’s for the children!” or some other gibberish that will help her get through this tough time of expanding gun rights.

    • That was the extension to stay the CA7 order. This filing is to extend the period to file with the SCOTUS. This is all to try and stall things for political reasons. It will be interesting to see how far the courts let this go.

    • The extension to which you refer was issued by the 7th circuit and applies to their stay on the repeal of unlawful use of a weapon language from Illinois law. This extension is for filing an appeal of that 7th circuit decision to the Supreme Court. Different animals. She has been granted one extension already by SCOTUS. This is a delay game, as well as a political pissing match between the Madigan camp and the Quinn camp, both of whom would like to be our next governor.

    • If mommy says she can’t have a treat, she goes and asks daddy, like the spoiled brat that she is.

  1. Can’t wait to vote against this useless bureaucrat. Some people just don’t know when to cut their losses and make the most of a situation they don’t like. She could have flatly refused to file for extensions, and run with it, and gotten the support of all of rural and most of suburban IL for her run for gov. Too late now…

  2. The last “extension” was the state courts allowing the governor more time to decide to sign outside the state requirements. No federal court allowed the extension of their deadline to implement a law, constitutional carry is allowed in Illinois since the federal deadline was missed.

    Not sure I’d want to be the first to test this though.

    • No, your analysis is wrong. The state courts are not involved–or at least no state court (appellate tribunal) that matters. Quinn is fully within his time to sign or veto–a sixty day period from the date it was sent to his desk. What Madigan asked for was a thirty day extension on the time when the 7th Circuit will issue its injunction barring enforcement of the Illinois carry ban law, to July 9. This was granted by the Circuit. She has also asked the SCOTUS for a 30 day extension on her time for filing of a petition to review the 7th Cicuit decision, which was granted, and is now seeking a second extension, which too will likely be granted.

      What is happening in some of the southern counties in Illinois is that the local county district attorney has declared that because the 7th Circuit has declared the carry law to be unconstitutional, they will not enforce that law. I think there are like five or six counties that have gone this route. Chicago, of course, will continue to enforce it as long as it can.

  3. I am sadly an Illinois resident. Just last week, I took a road trip with some friends out to the upper peninsula of Michigan. One doesn’t truly appreciate the utter disaster this state is, until you leave it. 🙁

    • Michigan is only better with It’s gun laws. Too high of taxes, too high car insurance, and too many folks milking the system for the free money…

    • Yup..we have open carry, and “shall issue CPL”, as well as reciprocity with most states. Hell, we can even get suppressors/silencers now.

      I’ve turned down three work trips for training in the Chicago area in the last three years. I have no desire to travel anywhere that I can’t legally have a firearm for my own protection.

  4. Eh, this is likely more of a technicality than it seems on its face. CA7 granted a 30 day stay on its mandate – to July 9th. Madigan had previously applied for (and received) an extension on the deadline to file for Cert to June 24th. With the new 7th circuit deadline being July 9th, she’s filed this petition with the Supreme Court to extend the period in which she can apply for Cert by 30 days – to again put it past the 7th’s deadline. Not to defend Madigan or any of the machine’s shenanigans regarding CC – but this filing is just a matter of “keeping her options open” so to speak, at least until a bill is enacted into law. The reason she filed last friday is because that was the 14th, and extensions for Cert must be filed at least 10 days before the deadline (which is the 24th.).

    Even if the court grants this extension, which it well might, the “cliff” is still July 9th. The only thing that could stop that is Madigan actually filing for Cert – which could well be a win for gun rights nationwide because there’s no way that IL’s absolute ban will hold if the current court hears it. On the other hand, midway through that extended process, Illinois could pass a bill, which would render the issue moot.

    So yeah. Still a mess, deadline’s still July 9th.

  5. It’s all shenanigans, but so it’s clear: this her second request to the U.S. Supreme Court for an extension of time to decide whether to appeal the Seventh Circuit’s ruling. The request that occurred a couple of weeks ago was to the Seventh Circuit to extend the stay of its ruling which effectively gave Illinois until June 9 to implement a CCW law. That was the extension where she was given one month and told never to ask again. That also was the more problematic extension because it delayed implementation of the law and gave cities time to pass assault weapons bans before they are prohibited by the law that the legislature passed but the governor still needs to sign.

    • Bad things can still happen. If Quinn just vetoes or amendatory vetoes the bill, and if enough legislators switch their vote so the veto is not overriden, Lisa Madigan will be forced to appeal to SCOTUS.

      And then, Quinn will likely not just veto, but amendatory veto the bill, which will make for further headaches if there aren’t enough votes for a complete override, since there will then be pressure to uphold the guaranteed to be horrible amendments to the bill, to avoid going over the cliff. Will Phelps, the House sponsor of the bill, and his Senate counterpart want to risk being responsible for going over the cliff in that situation? One can only hope so.

      One can only wish Illinoisans good luck with this.

      • The amendatory veto would be the nightmare scenario, as it’s possible the legislature would not even take it up until September. I hate my home state.

        • If they don’t vote on the override the moment Quinn amendatory vetoes the bill, an appeal to SCOTUS seems like a certainty. Or am I missing something?

        • Madigan may forego the appeal to allow Quinn to be the bad guy to downstate voters. Maybe not. Who knows.

        • She still needs the support of the democratic establishment. My own, quite uninformed, bet is that if it comes to going over the cliff, she’ll see no choice but to appeal. Quinn must be well aware of that. And once there’s an appeal, enough votes will peel off for the veto override to disappear. And then it’s another stay, a long one. It sure must suck living in Illinois right now. I can only hope for y’alls sake that I am proven wrong in the coming weeks.

  6. The game here is… what? Quinn has not signed the bill. He can veto the bill and send it back with “recommendations” that need only a majority to pass. That won’t happen until Sept, but would significantly water down the bill. I also means that he would veto and this would get appealed prior to the override.

    The circuit stay ends early July, the current appeal deadline is June23, this would extend it to Jul 23. More time for Quinn to review it gets, what, more time to think up “recommendations” to screw the gun owners outside Chicago?

    • Amendatory vetoes only require a simple majority – but it is at the discretion of the bill’s sponsor to decide whether the bill should be put up for a veto override or to vote to pass the amended bill. Forby (the Senate sponsor) and Phelps (the House sponsor) wouldn’t bring up the bill for a vote on Quinn’s “recommendations.” The speaker controls whether they get to bring up the bill at all, but which vote it is is up to the sponsor.

  7. She won’t appeal until Bloomberg, not Quinn or Emmanuel, gives her the ok. It’s Bloomberg that has the most to lose if she appeals and doesnt win. Until then she is playing with the system and effectively testing the waters.

    Any talk about her running for governor really doesn’t matter on the gun issue. Their voter base hardly cares. They will vote for her because she has a last name they recognize and a ‘D’ after it.

  8. This is actually NUMBER 4!
    but they have all been spread around a little

    1- asked for extension of time to file for the en banc review of the 7th (extension granted, review eventually denied)

    2- Filed with Justice Kagan for a 30 day extension to be able to file for cert to take the case to the supreme court (granted, this date was based on the en banc denial and pushed that date from may 24 to June 24th i believe)

    3- Filed with the 7th Circuit for a 30 day extension of the 180 day stay (Granted, moved date from June 9th to July 9th, court stated no more extensions will be granted)

    4- Filed AGAIN with Justice Kagan for ANOTHER 30 day extension to be able to file cert and go to SCOTUS (This is the current one… )

    This time, I kid you not, they talked about how busy they were and how much of their time that they were granted by the first extension was taken up by other things… here is the quote:

    In addition, counsel’s supervisory responsibilities over the Civil and Criminal Appeals Divisions of the Attorney General’s Office-including editing and revising briefs and preparing attorneys for oral argument-have occupied a substantial amount of time in May and the first two weeks of June, 2013.

    So we asked for an extension, but uh, couldn’t get to it… You know those possible SCOTUS cases aren’t as important as all this other stuff.

  9. new legislation that would gut Chicago’s gun laws

    Nick clearly has no idea what the law entails. It doesnt “gut” Chicago’s gun laws, it just says that permit holders are exempt for their carry pieces. Registration, AWB and the laser ban still apply to all long guns.

    • On the positive side, handgun registration would be scrapped, which would be an important development.

      • only for permit holders. if you dont want to spend ~$500 to get the permit, all chicago laws still apply

        • How much does it cost to register a handgun in Chicago, and how often does one have to renew?

  10. One more time:
    State #49 Wis Gov signed CCW bill July 8,2011.
    115 days later:
    Nov 1, 2011, Law went into effect.
    Nov 1, 2011, CCW permit #1 issued to Wis Attorney General
    Nov 1, 2011 a buddy dropped application
    Nov 6, 2011 #000101 arrived in mail
    A few months later after my training, (couldn’t find my 40 year old Hunter Saftey Card) I dropped my application, 4 days later, #101*** arrived in the mail.
    I am glad there is a dotted line between me and Cook county. It’s seems IL anoy is screaming ” look at us, see how incompetent we are compared to Wisconsin”.
    Being # 50 one would think that they could use some exsisting CCW wheel that has already been invented

  11. She looks unkempt, neurotic, feminist, elitist, has excess testosterone in her system, etc.

    “She is widely speculated to harbor intents to pursue a higher political office, and has been cited by The New York Times to be among the seventeen most likely women to become the first female President of the United States.[7]”
    — Wiki

    • “…and has been cited by The New York Times to be among the seventeen most likely women to become the first female President of the United States.”

      I just made the sign against evil. Think I’ll do it twice more to be safe.

  12. …and you want to be Illinois’s Governor…Ms. Madigan, you took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and those citizens rights who are covered under that constitution. You are suppose to be in a nuetral third non-political position representing the people of Illinois not the political adgenda of either party. The legislature has had time to negotiate and that time has expired…again and again and again! As someone who supported and voted for you…your actions have lost my support and my vote.

  13. Let’s explain the game of political chicken being played between Madigan and Quinn. Both want to be the next governor. Both know that they will lose all the down state votes if concealed carry doesn’t come to Illinois, something to which they are both opposed. If Quinn signs the law, Madigan does not have to appeal to the Supreme Court. If Madigan appeals to the Supreme Court and certiorari is granted, then Quinn can veto the carry bill that he and Rahm so vociferously oppose. The game is to see who will be forced to blink first. Since the extension was granted to Madigan, the ball is now in Quinn’s court, because his time will run out first. And since the game is so obvious to all, the probability that the 7th Circuit will grant him another 30 days to consider his decision on the bill is slim to none.

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