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Yonkers gun snitch billboard ad (courtesy

“Police announced a two-pronged attack Thursday to stop gun violence in the city,” reports. “At a news conference at City Hall, the city announced that the Police Department’s Community Affairs Division will provide city residents who own legal guns with trigger locks. The department is also ratcheting up its hotline for residents to report illegal guns. Residents will be paid for information leading police to illegal firearms.” Note the word “illegal.” Note that it’s in the fine print in the billboard ad above, which is now posted (in English and Spanish) at “local Metropolitan Transportation Authority train stations, including the Yonkers, Glenwood and Ludlow stations, as well as at local bus stops.” Also note that $500 is a lot of money and that “all information will be kept anonymous.” Put two and two together and you have the City of Yonkers creating a black market for stolen handguns while demonizing guns generally. How great is that?

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  1. What’s an Illegal Gun? A gun which is (recently?) deemed by NYS to be un-ownable? A gun which is in possession by a felon? A gun which was stolen? A gun which was lawfully owned before it was used in the commission of a crime?

  2. I predict a lot of calls with people turning in neighbors hoping they have an illegal gun to get the 500 dollars. Is someone reporting you enough for them to get a warrant to search your house? Seems like there will be a lot of people rights violated over this and a lot of cops wasting their time chasing down bad information.

  3. And when the door of an otherwise law abiding citizen is kicked down over a “fake” tip who pays the legal fees? Moreover if the door of some lawful gun owner is kicked in after a money grubbing neighbor sees them with a rifle case who is responsible? Glad to see the Stasi is alive and well.

    • If snitch hotlines become widespread, a lot of innocent citizens (and their dogs) are going to be killed. SWATing is already a nasty practice requiring only a cheap cellphone & some attitude.

      Turning neighbors against neighbors will bring civil war. When I carry a rifle case to my car nowadays, I’m more worried about being seen by an angry liberal than by a potential thief. At least the thief has to weigh risking his life to rob me. The liberal has only to pick up the phone.

    • Do you think that the type of people filing these reports will be smart enough to think that one through? No….

      “Oh I know Mr. XXXX has guns, lets report him, then I get $500!”….even though said guns are legal. Most non gun owners are totally ignorant on all things related to the lawful ownership of guns.

  4. Eh, parts of Yonkers are disgusting and other parts are beautiful. In one part (guess which) I’m sure there are a lot of criminals with firearms and in the other there are quite a few citizens with firearms who will not be using them in the commission of crimes.

    • Guess which part of town will get the most visits? So much safer breaking down the doors of peaceful, law abiding folks.

      The only way for a police state to truly flourish is to get citizens to turn on their neighbors. In a place that is nominally part of the USA? Makes me want to vomit.

  5. I live in a town that borders Yonkers. Yonkers is a rotted-out, corrupt, machine-Democrat sh*thole that takes $1 billion to run. (All the Yonkers cops and firemen live in my town because they wouldn’t dare live in Yonkers.) You could run a nice Caribbean island nation for that. Actually, if we could pull Yonkers out to sea, it would be an improvement for the US.

  6. Does still maintain their armed security guards at their offices since feeling uncomfortably vulnerable after publishing NY gun permit holder addresses?

    Do they really deserve any linkage from TTAG?

  7. so if the gun turns out to not be illegal, who pays compensation to the owner who was affected? Oh, that’s right, the rest of the taxpayers – not the politicians individually. Tell ya what, I will gladly sign up for this “police state” if the politicians will agree to be stripped of their personal immunity. that way, we shall see who goes broke first. the tax payer or the politician giving the orders.

  8. Future Headline:

    “Police kick in door of home seeking illegal guns. Police accidentally shoot and kill homeowner’s eight year old child and dog in confusion. Police do not find guns in home. Police shooter placed on paid leave during investigation by same police department. State AG investigating”.

  9. Eight round Hi-Point: $180
    Difference between that and $500: $320
    Planting one on an enemy and getting them sent up the river: priceless

    For some things, there’s Mastercard. For others, there’s the jackboot of the state on your neck.

  10. Do you have a neighbor who has annoyed you? Does your parole officer treat you with disrespect? Did your neighbor’s son call your daughter a nasty name? Call this number and report them! Even if you don’t get the $500, you can ruin their lives!!!

  11. I wonder if anybody is going to call the cops on Kimber seeing as their firearms (or at least 1911 frames) and made in Yonkers, NY.

  12. This is going to be abused not only by rat-bastard-snitches, the cops are going to get in on the racket too.

  13. Let me see if I get this …

    You turn in a gun and the Police Commissioner has to “approve” of the payment before the $500 check is issued.

    Presumably, the police will do a ballistics test to see if it is, indeed, illegal.

    If it had been used in a murder, for example, the $500 is given to this “anonymous” person? So, in order to remain anonymous will the check be written out to “cash”? You still have to endorse the check.

    Without a name and address, how will the police contact this anonymous person to inform him/her that he/she has “won”?

    Let’s say I was the murderer and turned in this illegal handgun. Is this promise of anonymity also a promise of “immunity” that extends to the District Attorney? If this gun is no longer in my possession could they prosecute me?

    Anybody who tries to find out is probably due for a rude awakening.


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