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Neither Mr. Obama nor Mr. Romney shows any interest in discussing this threat to public safety. The scourge includes 4.5 million firearms sold annually in the nation and more than one million people killed by guns in the past four decades. Research shows that among 23 populous, high-income nations, 80 percent of firearm deaths occurred in the United States, where citizens suffer homicide rates 6.9 times higher than in the other nations. This nation needs sane and effective gun control policies, including the assault weapons ban, not political obfuscation. Whichever candidate wins, his term is certain to be marked by the shooting deaths of tens of thousands more Americans. – New York Times editorial

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  1. Why doesn’t the NYT take up the issue of 38 million dead as a result of abortion over the last 4 decades? Or the millions of unarmed people killed by their own governments all over the world?
    The first issue is a nice convenient social policy and the second they would argue is not our problem. Except the first issue cheapens unborn babies down to an illness and the second of course could never happen here.

    • I agree with almost everything you stated. With one exception. Our government has a long record of killing citizens. Just not in the numbers of other governments in recent history.

    • Then there are even more millions killed as a result of irresponsible driving, first and second hand smoking, eating unhealthy foods, etc. As most members of the pro-gun community know most gun fatalities are between criminals, suicides (which would still occur without guns), and to a lessor degree accidents.

  2. It appears that to respond to the NYT propaganda, one must be on Facebook. I am not a member, and will not join that group.
    I can only encourage those who are on Facebook to respond.


    Sorry — no use. The NYT has already closed comments (with about 140 replies).

  3. The control freaks do love to whine about the comparative homicide rates between Europe and America, but what they fail to acknowledge is that the numbers for both are tiny, especially in comparison with the rest of the world. When the numbers are small, any difference shows up as a huge one in terms of percentage.

  4. We may not need more controls on firearms, but we certainly need some on the first amendment. Just reasonable, common-sense limitations like subjecting news media to precisely the same standards of libel as the common citizen, with no exceptions when their target is a “public figure.” Imagine if the NYT actually had to tell the truth.

    Ban assault journalism.

    • And limit them to only 100 words per article. There’s no reason they can’t tell us what happens quickly. Without high word capacity articles, they won’t be able to mislead as many people.

  5. I pulled this gem off the NYT comments page about Ms. Gonzalez (who, an allegedly undecided voter, posed the gun control question to the candidates):

    Karen, I was horrified by the “good as new” remark too! How tone deaf. Get involved with It’s Bloomberg’s organization and they are bringing this issue to the fore. Nina Gonzalez is involved with it, too (see below email from her)

    “I’m joining Mayors Against Illegal Guns and more than 270,000 fellow Americans to Demand A Plan to end gun violence from President Obama and Governor Romney, and I hope you’ll help me spread the word:

    Please share the Demand A Plan petition now by forwarding this email and by sharing it on Facebook and Twitter.

    Participating in the town hall presidential debate was an honor. I’m no expert on gun policy, but I asked my question because I wanted a real answer.

    Here are some of the facts I wish President Obama and Governor Romney would have addressed:

    In more than 40 states, it’s legal to buy guns in anonymous cash sales with no background checks.
    48,000 Americans will be murdered with guns during the next president’s term.
    74 percent of NRA members and 87 percent of non-NRA gun owners support requiring criminal background checks of anyone purchasing a gun.

    It’s humbling to think my question raised this issue for so many Americans. But imagine what we can all do by reaching out to our friends and family.

    Please share this petition now by forwarding this email and by sharing it on Facebook and Twitter.

    Nina E. Gonzalez

    Seems Ms. Gonzalez was a plant. Surprise surprise.

  6. I’m thinking some of the “populous” included in the “research” are countries where gun ownership is heavily regulated and/or restricted?

  7. I agree it’s a cultural issue, nothing more. In Canada where anything but long guns are unreasonably restrictive to own, there are still lots of shootings.

    Take a guess where they occur. Hint: it ain’t in the ‘burbs.


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