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Nothing gets past the Associated Press, does it? Their ink-stained wretches have unearthed some of the biggest news since the two bit burglary at DNC headquarters. It seems that — hold onto your hat — gun sales have been good. Pretty much since Obama was elected. No, really! It’s true. Ruger’s sales are up. Smith’s sales are up. Dan Gross is appalled. OK, so that’s nothing new. Anyway, we like to stay current on the latest gun industry scoop so props to the AP. We hear the next big story they’re working on is women getting into firearms. And pink guns! Pink guns . . . .can you imagine?

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  1. Their panties are in a bunch because Barry didn’t push for a total gun ban and confiscation when the democrats owned Congress. That was their one chance, and all he did was replace two liberals with two politically correct liberals on the Court.

  2. I also heard a vague rumor about increased concealed carry permit applications. What next?… Online ammo sales?… Non-hunters owning guns? Rest assured the AP is keeping a sharp eye on things–no news to old to sensationalize.

  3. I’ve got a few Canadian friends that are convinced that all of this talk of a future gun ban is a plot by the gun industry to sell more guns. And while I don’t follow that theory myself I could see a less scrupulous gun dealer playing up the dear to jack up his or her sales.

  4. Wait a sec…. Just a few months ago, the Brady Bunch was DENYING that gun sales were up. They were insisting that sales were DOWN.

  5. The Gun Ban lobbyists have been pushing for a conversation on “sensible” gun laws ever since Aurora. But that was not enough. The drumming became louder when it was not an election issue. The only ones who took the bait were the NRA, whose only contribution has been an unending series of pathetically overblown attacks on Obama (who, in my view, was doing his level best to avoid the conversation all together.) Then there was the Sikh temple shootings, now a Spa “massacre”, and an abundance of gun accident/ gun killings in the news. The lady who posed the gun control question in the last debate was a MAIG plant, and the candidates evasive answers were blasted by Bloomberg, who also wants a national converstation on gun laws–more preferably gun bans. Senator Feinstein blocked the national reciprocity bill in the Senate, a bill which had significant bipartisan support, and has now promised her constituents that she will reintroduce a gun ban in this coming session, and I have little doubt that the ban she will seek in the maelstrom of hysteria being whipped up will be a permanent one. You will notice that the banners claim that theirs is the majority view (despite any such evidence in the polling record).

    Listen to the rhetoric. It is heavily laden with adjectival expletives like “reasonable” sensible” “common sense” gun laws. The NYT editorial linked here in another article talks about “nonexistent” and “ineffective” gun laws. We know that this verbiagge is plainly false, but people not eduated about guns and gun laws are being fooled into believing that they are doing “the right thing,” the “moral’ thing that will protect the innocent.

    The gun rights response has been history and logic, arguments that are now described by our opponents as “stale” (even if they’ve never been refuted). We need to find a new, emotional language to persuade that we represent the best interest of the public. And we need to do it in forums controlled by the major media, media that has so far been effective on the national stage of tilting the playing field and censoring the debate. Look at Oiers Morgan, look at the Times, look at NBC, CBS and CNN. We need a national disribution of DGU week in revie if we are to win this fight in the court of public opinion..

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