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“If we need to change the law, let us at least craft a law that is very severely constrained and narrowly tailored so that we don’t invite guns out of control on each of our city’s streets. I don’t want people out of control wandering the streets with guns that are out of control.” – Illinois House Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie (via

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  1. Did she say out of control enough times? Surprised she did not just come out and say we need to keep the “negros” in Chicago from CC. Typical Chicago Dem though. Pro gunners are in the drivers seat. It would be tough for the antis in Illinois to get the votes for a may issue bill. Lets not forget if the 180 day clock runs out then you have unrestricted carry in Illinois

  2. “I don’t want people out of control wandering the streets with guns that are out of control”

    Redundant much?

    • It is a fact that the most powerful governmental entity to any politician’s mind is the Department of Redundantcy Department.

    • Actually OKgunner, for her she wasn’t being redudant, for her and other anti-gun people, the movie “Toy Story” is real, guns have in and of themselves a motivating force to do evil; anti-gun people feel that guns motivate people to become murderers.

      Emotionally, she really believes guns will be running wild in the street.

      This belief is rampant in the health field, John Hopkins Hospital did a research study trying to propose that guns are a disease factor to violence, that they should be treated like a disease that causes violence.

      It’s completely bizarre, but true. What anti-gun people really need is counseling, not more gun laws.

        • Have you had your coffee yet GU?

          John Hopkins Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in the country, thier research is considered cutting edge and they are looked to for answers as to dealing with disease processes not just from our government but from governments around the world, when they speak, people in positions of power listen.

          These doctors and scientists BELIEVE, that guns cause violence, to say that they are paid off flacks of Bloomberg is dangerous to believe because then we as people who believe in our gun rights will underestimate what is set against us and our freedom.

        • Sorry, should have been more clear. The “studies” are not done by the Hospital, which has better things to do, but by the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. More formally known at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Draw your own conclusions.

    • The irony is that in ‘Sickago’ things are already out of control because the law abiding cant have guns…….but the guetto bangers can have the power to off each other (which, come to think of it, is the only plus). Gang problem, not gun problem. Crips Bloods, Crips Bloods, Crips Bloods

  3. The dark humor in all of this is that Illinois has fiscal problems writ most large. They’re the most incompetently run state in the nation (and with California and NY as competition, that’s saying quite a bit).

    But even in the face of their rapidly escalating fiscal problems, I predict that Illinois’ bloviating legislators will spent most of their next six months running their flapping jaws about guns and posturing for the bootlickers in the press… instead of doing their actual jobs and dealing with the state budget.

    The question I’d keep asking them whenever they start yammering about guns is: “Do you have the fiscal problems dealt with yet? If you don’t, why don’t you stifle yourself and get to work?”

  4. If she thinks she can write a law that gives her what she wants [total control of guns, total control of gun-carriers], and still conform to the Court’s mandate, the State of Illinois, and probably the City of Chicago, is in for more fiscal losses in losing legal fights. This might extend to personal §1983 federal suits for false arrest, etc. – which is where the real money – punitive as well as compensatory – will come in. I don’t think Mike Bloomberg will be able to cover the costs.

  5. What did she say? She speaks the B.S. and I’m not fluent. I do, however, speak statistics, and she obviously isn’t fluent.

    What part of averaging 10+ dead per WEEK in Chicago makes her think that guns aren’t already in the streets? I mean, can Chicago get much worse? Anyway, I believe the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

    I’ll say it again. The pro gun crowd has the upper hand here. They need to hold out for everything they want because they’ll get it anyway after the stay is over.

    • That was my thought EXACTLY! The streets of Chicago are ALREADY filled with out of control people with guns, all of whom are breaking already existing laws. How in the wide world of sports can she think that allowing legal concealed carry will make it worse?????? Does she believe that 10 shooting victims a week is NORMAL for a city??? That 10 a week is the goal to maintain, as that is considered acceptable? Her fear is that legally armed law abiding citizens will some how drive the number up to what, 20 a week? maybe 30 a week? I don’t think even Belfast hit numbers like that during the height of their troubles. I have to wonder just what planet she is from?

  6. Aren’t there people out of control with guns in Chicago already? Its kinda been a war zone there this year.

  7. It’s too much to hope that Illinois’ first step out of the gate will be to become a truly free state. It’s likely that their first permitting system will be akin to one in a semi-free state, like Texas, where training requirements and other restrictions still burden the right.

    No matter. Have to crawl before you can walk and all that.

  8. So, 180 days from now, when they are still violating their citizen’s civil rights, who specifically is on the hook to go to jail for contempt of court? You know it’s not going to really happen. Actual written laws don’t mean anything to Dems who operate by power and perception and not by the Rule of Law.

    • You are correct about the totally corrupt Illinois Court System. However, any arrests or harassment after that date in violation of the Federal Court mandate will be met with Federal lawsuits, with no corruption or political interference, and with heavy financial penalties to the police as individuals and the State as an entity. That’s what §1983 is all about, going back to the same type of state corruption during Reconstruction.

      • Bingo. No one will be held in contempt, but the criminal laws banning carry will become unenforceable. The only restrictions that will survive are the FOID. Maybe someone from Illinois can shime in as to why that would be a good or a bad thing. I don’t know anything about FOID, other than that you cannot possess a firearm without one. What are the reqwuirements to get one?

        • Mark,
          Since I just renewed mine I can tell you. You need to get the Illinois State Police FOID form, fill it out, get a passport photo (~$10.00) and send everything in to the State Police processing center in Springfield along with a check for another $10.00. The ISP is required by law to process your application and send you your FOID within 6 weeks as long as you pass their background check. Or notify you that you are ineligible if you do not. In practice however, the process can take up to 12 weeks. I sent my form and picture in 9/25/12 and just received my shiny new FOID on 12/12/12. Roughly 11 – 12 weeks. If you do not have a valid FOID, then you are a criminal and all of your formerly legal firearms are now illegal, subject to confiscation. Without a valid FOID, you are not allowed to buy, own, process or even touch a firearm or ammunition. The good news is they are now valid for 10 years instead of 4. If you are moving here from another State, you have a 90 day grace period to procure a FOID.

  9. Good Lord, look at the choppers on that woman. How do you reason with a face like that? Not a chance in the world.

  10. Control. Three times in a single, short quote. That about sums it up what law-makers are about. First priority is not curbing violence and it’s not public safety. First priority is CONTROL.

  11. It’s 6:01AM PST, I have not yet sipped my coffee, and this beast of a monster’s ugly face jumps out towards me. Thanks Dan! Calling upon willpower I will not go back to bed and pull the covers over my head. She is so yukin ugly. I was going to go out for breakfast to the Cameo Coffee Shop, take a walk through Portland’s beautiful Catholic Grotto, and then go buy ammo. Now I’m not so hungry and feeling motivated. Gggrrrr

    • LOL!! I hear ya Brother!!! I spit coffee all the way across the Mill Room which is about 20′ long. Just glad none of it went into any electrical boxes!!!
      And after reading her diatribe I have determined that this woman is as dumb as she is ugly!!! And that is a lot of ugly on that face!!!!
      Someone should get her some heavy duty bags before she goes out in public and scars numerous children for life!!!

        • Yea after some thought I think the only way to save the public and the children especially would be to put an iron mask over her head.
          At least that would give others time toget away before she gnaws her way out!!
          She could make a hell of a living as a lumberjack!!

  12. I don’t want elected officials out of control walking the streets flapping their jaws out of control! Sheesh…”elected official”, speaks volumes about who elected her et al.

  13. I don’t even know what this poor, homely woman said. And, I doubt she knows what she is saying. My first question whenever I hear “Out of Control” is: Who’s control?
    That’s the real question isn’t it? Who gets to be the one in control. What she is really saying is “Out of OUR control”. Control has been taken from these scary people and they can’t stand it.

  14. I recognize that unexamined arrogance is a prerequisite for political office.

    I get that in order for a person to believe they can solve complex social problems for millions of people they’ve never meet, they need to distance themselves from humility, logic, and critical thinking.

    But is it too much to ask that they be articulate?

    At least sophistry is a skill.

    If this woman is representative of the people of Illinois, then I have no interest in the people of Illinois. Please keep them away form sharp objects and political power.

  15. Living in Illinois, I have watched this issue quite closely. The state was only a few votes away from a veto proof CC law last spring, and with the courts ruling on their side now, they have a much stronger position to bargain from. I see this working out well for gun enthusiasts in the Land of Lincoln. Hope I am right.

    • I am an Illinois resident too. Madigan does not have the votes for a REALLY bad CCW Bill.

      He has two options and two options only: Sign whatever law WE offer him and hope to “fix” it later.
      They let the clock run out and we have constitutional carry.

      There is not enough time for Madigan to appeal to the SCOTUS; not enough time to work the kind of back room deals needed. Illinois has too much on its plate and next year is an election year so nothing is getting done. Honestly I hope they just pass something like Illinois HB148 BEFORE all of the “compromises” that were added and move on to more pressing matters, like the states imploding financial situation.

  16. I…just…I don’t even know what that means. This is who gets selected as majority leader in IL? Is a nominal ability to speak cogently too much to ask?

    • Though I do care, it’s tough to feel sympathy for the the good people of Illinois when they elect people like this woman to office.

  17. If you can’t form coherent sentences, you should be banned from formulating legislation. Maybe I’m weird but I prefer my legislators to be intelligent and well spoken, this woman is neither which makes me wonder who was stupid enough to elect her majority leader?

  18. What this (ahem) woman and the rest of hte grabbers never seem to realize is that:

    1. People who are going to go through the process of getting a CCW are not a threat to law & order
    2. There are already people running out of control with guns on the streets – they’re called criminals, and for htem nothing has changed

    I should be shocked but am instead merely sad that the opposition is convinced, CONVINCED I tell you! that legislation is the answer. Making guns illegal will stop murder. Except it won’t. Cause murder has been illegal since, I don’t know, forever. Buns are not the problem, people are the problem, so let’s focus on the problem. Since it’s people violence, we can easily stop it by outlawing people.

    • I think buns are the problem though. Along with the people. Too many of them eat too many buns and we get fat people! 🙂

  19. The only thing out of control here is the f’n government and hysterical anti gun paranoids. BTW Fasten your seat belt for the shock wave generated by another fishy mass (2) shooting.

  20. How many times are you going to use word “control?” You make me sick. Finally your citizens are liberated and you’re already jumping to do all that you can to snuff them out. Get f*cked you bag of bones. Take your wooden teeth and jump off a cliff. For once you would at least be doing the right thing for your constituents.

  21. That fugly beyotch needs a little somethin’ somethin’ to straighten her head out, if y’all get my drift.

    Any volunteers? Bueller?… Bueller?… Bueller?

      • Ewwwww!!!!! Not me man!!! I would resort to paper towels, hand lotion and blisters before I would even think about hitting that. That is too scary!!!
        @sanchanim…Amen!! Not enough and there is no known form of takillya made that would help that be any better at any hour of the day or night!!!
        The old saying of a 2 at 10 becomes a 10 at 2 does not apply here!!

  22. So really if things get, oh I don’t know filibustered in the legislature for 180, then the states goes constitutional carry??? That would be to cool!
    We could watch all the progressives, and brain aneurisms right there.. hahahah

  23. Out of control guns? Like with a broken sear on an semi-auto? I’m sure that’s what she’s talking about. She’s just reminding everyone to take your guns to the smithy for their annual checkup.

  24. you’d think she could have fit at least two more uses of the word “control” in there somewhere.

    yet more evidence that gun control isn’t about guns, it’s about control.

  25. Its crazy to me that our state (I’m from IL) is run by Chicago and yet those from Chicago are blind to the violence that plagues their city. “I don’t want people out of control wandering the streets with guns that are out of control.” Does she not realize that this is already happening and the out of control people are criminals and will always be out of control. Those who want to legally CC will go through a rigorous process to do and not gonna run out and be out of control. Such a joke. Knowing IL, even thought the support is better, they still wont be able to meet the 180 day deadline due to a few Chicago Dems holding out and we will get constitutional carry.

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