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Joline Gutierrez Krueger (courtesy

“This country is full of those nuts and loons who do not appear to take seriously the deadly potential of a gun. They’re the ones who strap on their assault rifles and stroll through big-box stores and coffee shops as if they were extras in an episode of ‘Longmire.’ Or the ones who wave their rifles in one hand and a pint of Jagermeister in the other. Or the ones who leave loaded weapons within easy reach of small children like shiny, deadly toys. Or the ones who settle their differences with a bullet in the brain. You can’t fix stupid. We know this. Brady couldn’t. The bullet-torn corpses of 20 children in their classrooms couldn’t. Maybe it’s time to admit that we’re just not sensible enough to figure it out.” – Joline Gutierrez Krueger, Some people are just too dumb to have a gun [via]

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    • After reading her stuff, I have to agree that she’s proven the concept “Some people are just too dumb to have a gun.”

    • Mind you that this is the woman who a few years ago decided she needed a gun to deal with a potential domestic abuser and then wrote that she was too scared of the gun she bought to actually load or use it.

      • sorry – I have to throw the BS flag here. . . . .there is not enough bourbon in this world for her to have had any guy interested enough in her to risk jail for domestic abuse. Sorry – I know Robert is gonna yank this, but I call ’em like I see ’em. unless the guy was deaf dumb and blind, I need to see pictures or it didn’t happen

        • So then I guess it turned out she didn’t need a gun after all. See, everything worked out for her and she can continue to live in her own little hoplophobic bubble without fear because…nobody cares.

        • I’m with DD, here. However, I plan to take his word on the pictures if they arrive, I don’t want to see them (shiver).

        • Speaks the guy who is all “WOW shiny thing” over Shannon but overlooks the blackness behind.

          This gal proves that some chicks can’t be trusted with a typewriter and an opinion.

        • eh… I dunno…

          We don’t know what she looked like 20 years ago (at least I don’t) and some guys are into freaky stuff.

          I mean, there are guys who get off on “2 girls 1 cup”… There’s no such thing as a woman who isn’t madly desirable to at least someone.

  1. Some people are just too dumb to have access to media outlets and the internet. We need a law to fix that…

    • Apparently she is too dumb to know anything about guns or alcohol. She looks old enough to have been part of the temperance movement so maybe it is a left over from when she wanted to ban booze.

  2. “Some people are just too dumb to have a gun”….Agree!!!! At least that statement is correct!

  3. I know every time I leave loaded guns around for my kids to play with it is only after I’ve shot someone for looking at me funny. That’s one of the four rules, I believe. /sarc

  4. And she repeats the same lies…
    “Sandy Hook in 2012 – or the 74 school shootings since then ”
    Thereby making the rest of anything she has to say, well,
    Not worthy of reading.

    • Some people are too dumb to stop using debunked “data” after it has been thoroughly debunked. And a lot of them are “leaders” in the gun control movement. And then they are too dumb to see why they aren’t getting anywhere, so they write dumb articles about how dumb everyone else is.

      • Where I come from, a fifth of Jäger is known as “a good start”. Whether or not that’s something to be proud of, I haven’t decided. Whatever the case, I love me some German black licorice booze! (No, I don’t handle my firearms while imbibing)

      • Should have been at Ozzfest with me about 6 years ago. Second stage host went through a full fifth on his own, on stage, by taking swigs between sets. By the end of the second stage, he had 1/3 of the bottle left, drained it in one chug.

  5. Some people are too dumb to have a gun. Unfortunately, they have guns (plural) anyway. Just look at Chicago. I will say they are trying to vary their approach at least, or maybe they figured out complaining about crime they can’t stop anyway didn’t help their cause so now it’s time to attack legal possession. Apply these comments to another social matter and you have a sexist, racist, or homophobe. Apply it to guns and you have no consequence. I think gun hate is the last protected hate speech.

    “We can’t medicate man to perfection again;
    We can’t legislate peace in our hearts.
    We can’t educate sin from our souls, it’s been there from the start.

    But the blind lead the blind into bottomless pits,
    Still we smile and deny that we’re cursed.
    But of all our iniquities ignorance may be the worst.”

    • I’ve never really thought about it that way: “the last protected hate speech”. It’s sad to think about, but very true.

      • That is the way that I’ve seen it. I’ve often thought if we could all just agree on an EXTREMELY generalized religion that gun owners should make that official. I mean a religion in the legal sense and nothing more. Someone could be a constitutional-atheist, a constitutional-Christian, or anything else. Just all agree on something as basic as the fact that human beings breath air and that there are things in this universe that we have yet to discover. Bam protected status!

    • “Hate speech” is of course a term made up by the Statist left, as a method of controlling what people say and as an avenue to regulate the First Amendment–as well as to silence their opposition. So you will understand why I am opposed to using that term.

      • Nah, I can dig it, especially since I was sitting here going “what about man hating, white-people hating, rich people hating and so on? All of those are legal, and you don’t even get funny racist jokes about white people!”

        I mentioned that once to a big black (Dark green?) Marine once. I said “So, there’s racist jokes about black people and chinese people and polish people and jews and everyone else right? So how come there aren’t any racist jokes about white people?”

        He put a hand on my shoulder and says, “Dude… white people just ain’t funny.”

        • That’s funny! But, the last I heard, ethnic Poles are in fact “white”. I also know of “racist” Swede jokes and “racist” Norwegian jokes, and you can’t get any whiter than that….

      • That’s interesting.

        As much as I’d like the game to make sense I know it won’t so the next best thing we can ask for is for everyone to at least play by the same rules. Different rules for objectively same people makes for the terrible system of discrimination we have now. That all relies on an assumption gun ownership is evil to begin with, and that needs to end.

      • Statist left….not sure about that, the ADL, or Anti-Defamation League, is an international Jewish non-governmental organization which has been the primary architect and pusher of US Hate Crime Laws.

  6. This article was written by someone very frustrated at not getting their way, and without the insight to realize why that’s a good outcome.

    • After reading that I need to go watch an episode of Longmire and gaze on Katie Sackhoff. Wash that lemon eating face out of my eyes.

    • Hell, she doesn’t even have the insight to see why she isn’t getting her way. Somehow they seem to think that telling transparent falsehoods, relying on disproven data, making “arguments” that fly in the face of ordinary, observable reality (eg the best way for a 90-lb girl to defend herself against a 250-lb hulk determined to do her harm and armed with a knife and a ball bat is to have a piece of paper sitting in some state house saying the hulk isn’t supposed to have a gun), all specifically to appeal to feckless, emotion-of-the-minute driven, intellectually disengaged sheep is the way to political victory.

  7. …or the ones who think that these “deadly assault weapons” just “go off” for no reason. Carrying a rifle without a round chambered is no more dangerous than carrying the same rifle empty, or just a fistful of cartridges.

  8. They’re finally getting it. Everyone, but her, give-up, give-in, buy a gun.

    + angry cross-dressers should smile more.

  9. Translation:

    You are not very smart so you should not have all the freedoms that I enjoy.

    • or

      You are crazy so you should not have all the freedoms that I enjoy …


      You are evil / corrupt so you should not have all the freedoms that I enjoy …

  10. In fairness to the nuts and loons who strap on rifles and stroll through stores and coffee shops, they’ve never hurt a single person… ever.

  11. Oh, and another thing: How many people would you say are too stupid to raise children? Tens of thousands, millions maybe? How many children do you suppose grow up in horrible households and go on to live terrible lives, in large part due to their incompetent, often entirely apathetic parents? Far, far too many. Do you see these same “for the children” activists and yellow journalists campaigning for limits on the number of children a couple are permitted to conceive, to insure that the parent-to-child ratio is more balanced? Do you see them pushing for strict controls one who may or may not have a child to begin with? Banning a “high capacity uterus” from producing too many delinquents? No. Why not? Because these measures would be a blatant and unacceptable violation of human rights. The right to bear arms is NOT less important than the right to bear children; in fact, it allows us to protect the innocent lives that we have brought into the world, not simply our own.

    • Quote: “How many children do you suppose grow up in horrible households and go on to live terrible lives, in large part due to their incompetent, often entirely apathetic parents?”

      Just figure out how many anti-gun people are there in the world, and you’ll have your answer.

    • Don’t give them “thought” ammunition. It’s not like these same pro-regressive fools applaud Communist China’s one child policy only to see years later the boy to girl ration was unhealthily skewed because families preferred sons and aborted/abandoned daughters. Of course it was “against” the law to do so, but surprise it didn’t seem to work…

    • It’s a TV show. Pretty good. About an old-school Wyoming Sheriff in a small county, averse to modern tech. Not a lot of “black guns” on the show though, not sure what point she’s trying to make. The titular character, Walt Longmire, carries an old stag-handled Colt Gov’t 1911 as his service pistol, and a Winchester ’94 in his Ford Bronco.

    • Yeah why she didn’t go with NCIS or something like surprises me. Unless she’s finally admitting to thinking that ALL guns are bad, even the iconic Winchester 94 which is not your typical “scary assault rifle.”

      • In a world of muzzle loaders, that 94 was as “assault” as you could get at the time, should have implemented magazine clip limits to make it fair.

        • Very true. I love mine. Plus could you imagine if the antis had lived back then?

          “Nobody needs more than one shot. The gunslinging idiots with their “15 rounds assault tubes” and “hand thingies that go down” and “.45 calibre per clip levers” are all a bunch of Indians (the terrorists of the settler days i think.) If it saves just one life then we should ban these evil assault guns.”

    • THAT’S the part that offended me. I like Longmire. It’s kinda like Justified, but in my backyard. I dig it.

      But Justified is the best damn show on TV.

  12. Well sure, some people are too dumb to have a gun. Some people are too dumb to be having children too. But no one has to go through a criminal background check to get pregnant or pass a proficiency test in order to carry their child in public. And either way, if you abuse your kids or your gun rights you will have them taken away by the all benevolent state, so it’s all copacetic.

  13. This lady thinks she is so smart. So, let’s turn the scenario around. What if we make it illegal for any Democrat to own or possess a firearm? If we were the people she thinks we are, the debate would be over. If we were that kind of people, Jolene would then be free to live the remainder of her life in close proximity to her unarmed followers protected by fences and police while housed in a government run “utopia” where her basic physical needs will be taken care of – three meals, a cot, and a set of orange coveralls. Lucky for her this will never happen, for we prefer freedom for all people even for those like her who despise it.

  14. ROFLMAO! Class 5 temper tantrum indeed! She proved herself! EXCELLENT title for this blog post, RF!

  15. The sad thing is, she almost seems to genuinely get it. There is nothing we can do to stop stupid or evil people from doing stupid or evil things. Where she loses it is that she is lamenting that attempts to regulate have failed, where she should, if she truly understands that we can’t fix stupid, also understand that regulation only keeps things from the reasonable and lawful. There’s a serious tonal dissonance between “we can’t fix stupid” and “we can’t get people to agree on how to fix stupid”. If she could realize that, she might not leap to pro-gun, but she could see the nonsense of increased gun regulation.

  16. I wonder what she is proposing be “done…”

    Hmmmm, I do wonder.

    Well, whatever it is, surely it will be sensible, common, reasonable, vastly supported, not an infringement, some form of safety, and for the women and children… Did I miss any buzz words or phrases?

    • You missed “If it saves just one life.” Or its alternate pair of “no more” or “never again”.

  17. Some people are too dumb to own a gun. Unfortunately, we usually end up giving these people a badge and a license to break the law with impunity. These people then use their incompetence as a reason to prevent others from owning guns.

    • premium bourbon. . . . Buffalo Trace, Woodford Reserve, Eagle Rare, Black Maple Sugar,

      • I’ve been quite impressed by Buffalo Trace. It tastes far better than the price would seem to predict.

    • I took a moment to scan her retorts. It’s clear she’s just a pretentious prat who views herself as the ultimate arbiter in life. It’s truly sad that she picks out three “examples” to support opinion (it is a news and opinion column, particularly how condescending it is and sprinkles with adjectives such as “stupid”) out of a population of 300 million people. She can have her opinion, but just like she views other’s opinions, some have more value than others. I wouldn’t fertilize my garden with her toxic opinion.

      • Yeah, its nasty alright. This is everything that is wrong with gun controllers wrapped into one article. Some people are to stupid to own guns. And cars. And children. And the right to vote. Or to write newspaper articles.

        Americans love to be told what to do, what to own and how to live by some sour faced mean old cooze. Which of course is why ‘gun control’ is such a winner…

  18. I agree with her on one point, “Some people are just too dumb to have a gun”. Fortunately for us many of them are anti-gun liberals who are too ignorant to be able to see that more guns doesn’t actually more crime. Quite the opposite actually.

  19. “This country is full of those nuts and loons who do not appear to take seriously the deadly potential of a gun. “

    I could not get past this first sentence. This just really is….stupid. It’s stupid on many levels. I mean, one really has to try hard to fit this much “fail” into a single sentence of only 22 words.

    Country is full – so EVERYONE in this country is who this next statement is about? She does not say, “there are those” or “some in this country,” she says the country is full of nuts and loons that are stupid, murderous thugs.

    She must have lots of friends.

    nuts and loons – How come “they” get to constantly classify people they don’t know, have never met, certainly never psychoanalyzed as “nuts” and “loons” and all the other worse adjectives they use?

    Where’s the outcry against their gross, lazy generalizations like this?

    So, the country is FULL of nuts and loons. What a worldview. America, those of you that might actually read this piece…she’s talking about YOU.

    don’t appear – because appearances are everything, right? How does she know what every gun owner in the country takes seriously?

    The beauty of this statement from her perspective is that it requires no justification. She defines what DOES appear to take seriously, and all else fails. So, if I keep one hunting rifle triple locked in a safe, she can (conveniently) still define that has me not appearing to take seriously how dangerous guns are.

    One day, it might be OC in a restaurant, the next it’s CC, the day after…well, any gun ownership at all.

    And, this progression is based on APPEARANCE. Not actual behavior, but subjective, defined-by-her appearance.

    deadly potential of a gun – Two things come immediately to mind.

    First, I think gun owners on the whole DO take it VERY seriously how dangerous guns are. That’s why we want a return to things like teaching GUN SAFETY IN SCHOOLS, and parents teaching children about guns.

    Second, I’m reminded of something I read in a novel about the Vietnam War (“The Thirteenth Valley” by John M. Del Vecchio). One soldier character in that book got very frustrated when his wife asked him if he ever killed anyone. He said, “Why don’t you ask me if I ever saved a man’s life?”

    So, this deadly potential of guns is a bit of a bait-n-switch red herring. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of “deadly potential,” why don’t we shift the narrative to the positive aspects of “deadly potential?”

    It is precisely that “deadly potential” that means a gun can be used by a woman against an assailant.

    It is precisely that “deadly potential” that means a gun can be used by a child in a home invasion.


  20. If only we were dumb enough to believe you. We would just hang on your every word. But in the U.S. it takes more than a phone and a pen no matter who you are.

    If you want to ban guns start the process to amend the Constitution and strike the second amendment.

    That’s what is required. Best of luck!

    And I’ll stick to tequila after the shooting is over.

  21. “Ones who settle their differences with a bullet to the brain”

    The ONLY people who do this on a regular basis are the inner city gangbangers who commit probably 80% of the homicides in this country. The same ones a leftist progressive like this will make excuses for 24/7. I am so sick of being blamed for the actions of these thugs. If gun owners acted like she thinks we do, the homicide rate would dwarf Honduras. But in actuality, that only occurs in gang controlled areas. Outside of those, even in the same city, the crime and homicide rates are extremely low. In Boston, you could sleep on the street in the Back Bay,boston common, or the North end, and nothing would happen, try that in parts of Dorchester or Roxbury.

  22. Wow, this sockpuppet has all of the talking points down:

    The Bradys continued to campaign for additional sensible gun laws – restoring the federal ban on assault weapons that had expired in 2004…

    Which was allowed to expire because the so-called “assault weapons” are used to kill fewer people per year than hammers.

    …and a 2013 effort to expand background checks to gun shows and online sales, for instance.

    Background checks already apply to FFLs selling at gun shows, and to all internet sales of firearms.

    But their efforts, and the efforts of many others, have largely gone nowhere. Not even the deaths of 20 children at Sandy Hook in 2012 – or the 74 school shootings since then – have moved the needle very far toward sensible gun control.

    And there’s the soundly debunked claim of “74 school shootings since Newtown”. Nevermind that “sensible” gun control failed to stop any of those shootings.

    She then cites three examples of potential recipients of the Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day award, and then says:

    Thankfully, no one died in those incidents. But I think a pretty good case can be made that these folks, if found guilty, are representative of the types of nuts who shouldn’t have such easy access to weapons.

    Nevermind that 11 million law-abiding Americans carry concealed – not to mention the number who open carry – all without incident. Nevermind the hundreds of millions of firearms in the homes of law-abiding citizens – all without incident.

    No, according to her, we should set policy on the anecdotal evidence of three idiots.

    She does appear to be getting shredded in the article comments, too.

    • While jamming everything in there, she apparently just forgot to mention exactly what “sensible gun control” would have prevented Sandy Hook. Because there is only one “sensible” change which could have prevented it, and that is arming teachers.

  23. While I wasn’t a fan of OCT’s tactics I don’t like her calling out the “big box” retail demonstrations. Maybe she can enlighten many people were injured during the demos? I must have missed the part where all of the rifles jumped up and just starting firing.

  24. OH MY. Some people are too dumb to type out a decent commentary. Too dumb to realize that writing drivel like this is only counterintuive.

  25. If the gun-grabbers want to give up, I’m perfectly okay with it, and I don’t particularly care about what their ‘reasoning’ is.

  26. What the hell is “Longmire?” I know who Rambo is and I know what Jagermeister is. So I get those slurs. Beyond those, I never seem even to have heard of, let alone live by, whatever it is the antis claim I’m supposed to be obsessed with.

    The antis always seem to be way out in front of me with their deep and intimate knowledge of sexual deviance, gruesome violent media, and alcohol selections. Curious, that.

    • Ya know, I actually reached that conclusion once, when the New Mexico Supreme Court decided it was the state’s proper prerogative to tell sole-proprietor bakers who they had to bake for. And it only got worse when the SCOTUS upheld the Obamacare individual mandate. Actually, the fact that gun rights seem to be resisting contraction for the most part, and even being more expansively recognized in some parts, seems to be kind of running against the tide. Surely part of that is due to the staggering incompetence of people like our heroine here.

  27. Well some people are too dumb to vote too. But we protect their rights to do so with the constitution as well.

  28. “But this is what the American people want, they chose “security over freedom” starting over 100 years ago.

    At first it was only limited to basic financial security through a larger central government, but it has grown into welfare, housing, disability, food, now healthcare and privacy.

    Only an independant people capable of taking care of themselves can truly be free from government and deserve it, this independance from a feudal king or socialist government is what makes a people exceptional.

    The American people neither are capable nor deserving today. This spying is just the latest in a long list of freedoms lost.”

    One of the most succinct statements I’ve seen in a long while on the internet, by a poster at in response to the public accepting the NSA’s spying. It certainly sums up quite a bit, like it or not.

  29. Yeah, some people are too stupid. Those who think that because they aren’t responsible, no one else should be allowed to.

  30. “Maybe it’s time to admit that we’re just not sensible enough to figure it out.” – Joline Gutierrez Krueger

    That is the first correct statement that I have heard from Ms. Joline Gutierrez Krueger … that “we” referring to gun grabbers such as herself.

  31. Well, since this nasty woman decided to avail herself on the subject, let’s unpack some of her nonsense.

    1. The TV show Longmire is supposedly set here in Wyoming, in the area we broadly call “Absoraka.” Ironically enough, we had “Longmire Days” in Buffalo, WY only a couple weeks back, where folks could meet members of the cast of said show. The actual production takes place in northern New Mexico, which anyone who has travelled the west could tell you from mere glances at the scenery shot in the show. The reason why I don’t watch the show is that the plots are often just outlandish. They just wouldn’t happen here in Wyoming.

    But back to the setting: Guns are literally everywhere here in Wyoming. We’re positively awash with guns. Almost every estate sale here has guns – sometimes lots of them, and nice ones at that.

    So how is our rate of gun crime? Almost non-existent. And in Wyoming, unlike New Mexico, I can buy a gun, buy the ammo, load the gun, put it into my pocket and walk down the street in the time it takes the instant check to clear. No permit. No waiting period. No magazine limit. Nothing other than the “Brady Check” and you’re strapped and going down the street.

    Gun crime? As I said – almost non-existent.

    Why? White Protestant culture is law abiding. Waving guns around without a real need to do so is considered quite impolite in this area. Owning and carrying guns? Knock yourself out. Trying to rob someone with a gun here? Well, as young vets these days are fond of saying: “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

    2. There’s plenty of stupid people in the world. And nice, upscale liberal op-ed writers are all for making sure that the stupid people of the world are fed generously (often on the taxpayer’s dime) and allowed to breed indiscriminately (and often with great fecundity, again, taxpayer funded). If she really wants to reduce the number of stupid people in the world today, she’d favor the elimination of welfare and other various social payment schemes which allow stupid people to continue existing and increasing their numbers.

  32. “In order that the masses may not guess what they are about we further distract them with amusements, games, pastimes, passions, peoples palaces. Soon we shall begin through the press to propose competitions in art, in sport of all kinds.” (Protocol 13:3)

    For those who insist on referencing mass media and pop culture

  33. “Or the ones who leave loaded weapons within easy reach of small children like shiny, deadly toys.”

    How about you worry first about the parents leaving their children in shiny, deadly cars this summer, and leave responsible firearms owners, whether parents or not, alone?

  34. People like her are as or even more immature than kindergartners. They lie, cry and exaggerate to try and make their point and when they don’t get their way they lie, cry and exaggerate while calling everyone else meanie stupidheads. There is little integrity and little self respect left in our society.

  35. I’m tired of people who know nothing about guns outside of what they see in films, television and video games trying to tell me what is “common sense” or “sensible” about firearms.

  36. It bears repeating that some people are also too dumb to vote, but somehow I doubt Ms. Krueger believes such people should be prevented by law from voting, even though the practice can do much more damage in the wrong hands than a gun ever could.

  37. Wow. Some writers are too stupid to be allowed to have a pencil. Might poke herself in the eye, given the complete lack of common-sense displayed in this supercilious, silly insult flinging, stalk off and sulk, and “taking my football too”, hissy fit.

    Sure this is not a wannabe “Real Housewives of Albuquerque” spoof?

    My only real question is how did this formulaic foolishness even get past the editor at abqjournal?

    She is listed as News-investigative, but this fails the laugh test even for the opinion section for the loopy, liberal Santa Fe artsy fartsy set that needs a pc progressive/village idiot token-hire to tell them what the Kool Kids are saying these days.

    Oh, duh. I forgot…SHE GOT THE MEMO. GUNS!!! War on Women!

  38. Or the ones who leave loaded weapons within easy reach of small children like shiny, deadly toys. Yeah, I always mixed in some loaded handguns with the toy dinosaurs, plastic horsies, and Barbie dolls to spice up the kids play time. The smile on their faces was just priceless.

  39. “Some people are just too dumb to have a gun ” and some people are just too dumb to be allowed to write op-eds.

  40. She is right, there are a lot of stupid people in the world. People to stupid to vote, to raise children, and to govern. When we fix that, maybe we can get around to gun owners. I want to be the one to pick, not her.

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