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“If people are just getting together to make a group to get guns with no training or knowledge of laws, that’s dangerous. [Getting guns for self-protection] just isn’t working. It doesn’t work anywhere.” – Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence founder Toby Hoover quoted in Grandmothers get robbed, start gun group [via]

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  1. “If people are just getting together to make a group to order the lives of their fellow citizens with no training or knowledge of laws, that’s dangerous. (Running other people’s lives) just isn’t working. It doesn’t work anywhere.”

    • Toby – heres a LAW

      “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    • Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, true enough, but no one is entitled to his own facts. Declaring that lawful armed self defense isn’t working anyone ignores the fact that it is working everywhere.

  2. First sentence OK…Setting the stage for her next grand statements? Good to know from an expert that self protection “isn’t working” and “isn’t working anywhere”

  3. Love the response from Women Armed and Ready (posted in the comments section of the article):

    We would like to invite Toby Hoover to attend a meeting or practice. His concern is lack of education. Then attend WAR and become educated. Our next meeting is Tuesday August 12th @7:00pm, Big Daddy’s Bar-B-Q & Lil’ Mama’s Fixins’ in Aurora. We are also hosting a seminar this Saturday that doesn’t involve firearms or martial arts. First Baptist Church (Aurora, Indiana) beginning at 10:00am. Open to the public. Send us an email to request a registration form @ [email protected].
    Thanks to Hannah Hanney and Liz Dufour from the Cincinnati Enquirer for your great article. And to all those who support all women of the US in defending ourselves and our loved one.

  4. The article at the link was shockingly neutral, even some what supportive of the gun group. It was a paragraph at the very end that had the gun control group person make the obligatory disclaimer.

  5. “(Getting guns for self-protection) just isn’t working. It doesn’t work anywhere.” – Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence founder Toby Hoover

    Really? It sure is working for the good people who live in Detroit and have defended themselves with their firearms. In fact the good people of Detroit have been so successful defending themselves with their firearms that Detroit’s Police Chief publicly endorsed those good people for being partly responsible for the approximately 30% drop in violent crime last year.

  6. Leave that sweet old lady alone. All she knows is the misinformation given to her by that meany liar Bloomberg, in the same envelope as her paycheck.

  7. 1. I’ve used a gun to protect myself, more than once, and it worked quite well actually.

    2. People organizing into groups for a common purpose or goal is how training is conducted, ideas are shared, and knowledge is obtained.

    So, yeah, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  8. Ah yes. There is no need for self protection. Resistance is a an offense. Just accept your rape because you asked for it anyway. That mugging you experienced is a tax deductable donation. You don’t have a right to your home anyway, in the future refrain from locking your doors. Consider the beatings as penance. Now do your duty and assume the position.

  9. Well Ms. Hoover, the good news is that you don’t get to make that determination because of our 2nd amendment protections (and those willing to defend these rights)….

  10. Hoover should take a hard look in the mirror; besides the wrinkles, she’s describing herself. She displays little to no knowledge about guns and the people she chooses to ridicule and condemn, and is relying on false rhetoric to make her claims.

    The defense minded grandmas have organized to educate themselves and go about understanding and learning what is all involved with arming oneself safely. Hoover is just an activist hack anti blowing off vulnerable older responsible individuals who are making the effort to protect themselves from being targeted by predators, and going about it the right way, with support of law enforcement too boot.

    Hoover should get a life – and a different hobby. She’s not very good at the one she’s chosen; hack puppet for the antis.

  11. The kind of person who hides behind their gated community and guards telling women to just take their rapings. Disgusting.

      • It doesn’t surprise me at all because it doesn’t follow the narrative they’ve created. The truth does NOT benefit their cause.

        • It was news for some 24 hours or so. Because gun/death/hospital/doctor. Man bites dog. Then crickets. It didn’t fit the narrative.

  12. “If people are just getting together to make a group to get guns with no training or knowledge of laws…”

    Hilariously, that is the exact opposite of what the group in the article is doing. It sounds like this WAR group is going out of its way to make sure their members are trained with their guns and educated about the law, quite in excess of what’s required simply to get their CC licenses. Toby Hoober is the one who’s suffering from a lack of knowledge here.

  13. “It doesn’t work anywhere.”

    -Except where it does. Why exactly do they think the areas with the strictest gun laws in the country seem to have the highest crime and vice versa?

    • shaun the gun grabbers will give you studies that say you are wrong.

      But what they do is fail to compare equal demographic same region states, as if comparing Alaska and Massachusetts is relevant.

      But you are right when you do the comparison correctly. If you compare similar demographic same regions states, like Virginia vs Maryland, those with less gun control and more guns owners do in fact have less murder and violent crime.

  14. Hoover’s statement sums up the Statist’s view on everything. That view is that people alone, or in a group, require an elite government oversight or they will harm themselves and others. The reality is nobody cares more about you than you.

  15. Another classic case of projection. Anti-gun hoplophobe lacks education and training, so he assumes everyone else does too.

  16. Excellent profile of a PRIVATE Citizen working to ending everyone’s right to lawful self defense. Good Job lady. She, along with police, work toward creating laws, policy and enforcement without any responsibility to protect citizens. PLEASE continue your work empowering criminal with the means and opportunity to rob, rape and murder fellow citizens.

  17. Having had to defend myself both with and without a firearm, I have to confess that I’m a big fan of having one. But, maybe I’m doing it wrong…

  18. Does anyone else see this article as TEOTWAWKI for the hoplophobes? Here is an article that was on the front page of a fairly major regional paper in the heartland, and it is actually positive toward the idea of women carrying guns for self-defense. I mean, that is a HUGE shift in the media’s approach to armed self-defense since the 1970s. Admittedly, you won’t see this in the navel-gazing NYC/WashDC talking head media aimed at the chattering classes, but it is more and more prevalent in the local news coverage in bedrock America. I think what is going on is that there are female reporters and editors who have seen the value of protecting themselves with a handgun, and they are not buying in to the Bloomberg Mommies propaganda. This is just like the reaction on The View the other day, and it has to be shocking and alarming to the anti-gun types. I suspect the last paragraph was the “token spokesidiot” for the other side, or maybe inserted by a male editor who didn’t really like his female reporter’s story but couldn’t kill it.

    I hate the term, but “paradigm shift” seems to describe what I am seeing since the GCA passed in 1968.

    • …inserted by a male editor who didn’t really like his female reporter’s story but couldn’t kill it.

      That’s the most likely explanation.

  19. Repeat after me: “there are more lives saved every year because someone had a gun than taken because someone else had a gun.”

    Ensuring that citizens retain access to firearms is more important than finding ways to keep them out of criminal hands.

  20. I have been reading TTAG for a while and have also seen many anecdotal stories of people defending themselves with a firearm, many of those backed up in news stories.

    Has anyone ever tried to hit them with an anti-disinformation twitter campaign? Such picking a hashtag like “#iamalivetoday” with a link to their story, and including the @gun grabbers that spread their lies? Even with just TTAG readers I would think it would generate enough tweets to have an impact.


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