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Oscar Aguilar

A 21 year old veterinarian from Mexico City got tired of posting pictures of himself with fast cars and loose women and thought it would be fun to post a selfie with a gun on facebook for a change. Unfortunately the late Dogfather ignored all of the firearms safety rules by assuming the gun was unloaded, pointing it at something he did not intend to shoot (his head), putting his finger on the trigger before he was ready to fire, and not keeping the weapon on safe (assuming it had a safety). His neighbor heard the gunshot and the screams that followed. He called an ambulance, but Senor Aguilar died on the way to the hospital. The lesson here should be obvious. Mr. Aguilar’s Darwin Award is pending.

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  1. If a veterinarian dies in Mexico, does that mean there is one less doctor to stitch up a Drug Lord’s bullet wounds?

    • What are you talking about?
      In the regions controlled by the drug lords, they control the hospitals and get the best care possible.

      • Whenever the US calls off Nixon’s insane racist War on (some) Drugs, the “Drug Lords” will all go broke. It’s been successfully demonstrated already. Decrim an WA and CO made a signifiicant dip in their profits.

        • Don’t blame Nixon as the sole culprit; Try looking up the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act of 1914, and check up on Harry Anslinger for the true beginning of the War on Drugs. Compared to Anslinger, Nixon was a libertine.

  2. 21 year old vet? must have finished high school at 14, BS by 17, and blew through the 4 years of Dr. of Vet. Med. in an easy 4 – and with no residency or internship – wow. Guy must have been really really really smart.
    This is really tragic, and really really really stupid.

      • Yeah, I figure he decided to be a vet and hung out a shingle. Finished in 20 minutes, how smart is THAT?! He sure doesn’t look like he finished high school, and the text of the story doesn’t sound like it, either.

    • He done got a sixth grade education! It was being a veterinarian, a brain surgeon, or a double knot spy.

    • I was just wondering about this, does anyone know what the appeal would be to put a gun to your head? Loaded or not, I don’t think I have every thought…”Hey you know what would be funny?”

      Or is it supposed to be a cool thing? Not really sure what the though process is on this besides being extremely stupid. Furthermore do people put up selflies with nooses around their neck as well?

      • Kinda like the dumb ass kids that are putting flammable liquids on themselves and lighting up to be cool on space book, tweeter and whatever else (social media) they do nowadays… Natural selection at work I say…

  3. The one the other day I figured was a suicide, but this one appears accidental, so I’ll just jump on the bandwagon…. Natural selection at work folks, carry on.

  4. Should have taken an NRA course. I’m pretty sure “don’t point the gun at your head and pull the trigger” would have been covered in there.

    • The safety rules are scattered all over the provided books, shown on posters in the classroom, and preached endlessly in the course.

    • I’d have hoped “Don’t point guns at one’s own head and pull the trigger” wasn’t the sort of lesson one needed to take a class to understand. It’s right up there with “Don’t accept rides in a panel van from strange men wearing bloody jumpsuits” and “Never dress yourself as a salmon and hop into the mouth of any starving bears” on the list of ways to avoid getting a Darwin Award.

      At least now Terry Kath will have someone to talk to in the afterlife.

    • This song pops into my head whenever a dumb thing like this pops up.
      I played it for my daughter when the stick shift knob with the shift pattern went diagonal and she tried shifting that way.
      “I’m a freshman in my fourth year at UCLA, and I’m studying to be a veterinarian because I really like children”…

      Good for a laugh.

  5. Thanks
    I come in a tiny bit late and all the usual smart allec remarks have already been used-up!

  6. AWESOME…another one bites the dust. Did you feel that? The genetic mutation evolution line tilted ever so slightly knowing Oscar checked out of the humanity pool. Clean up aisle 3 and pass the collection plate. And for all you sad “gee he was a man, lover, boyfriend, dog walker, gardener…..I truely don’t care this guy offed himself, but do in a weird way, wonder what went through his melon (pund intended) that self actualization OOPS moment.

    • With any luck, thoughtless, heartless people who think it’s AWESOME when a human being needlessly dies also will leave the gene pool.

  7. I thought the purpose of the selfie was self-aggrandizement: Why are they putting guns to their heads?

  8. I can’t even fathom pressing an empty handgun with the slide locked back against my head, let alone fresh from the safe.

    The rules are simple enough, folks.

    • I suppose I could remove a barrel from a Kimber and push it against my head, but I still couldn’t imagine why.

  9. Sadly, this will be one more “gun death” statistic to be used against the right to keep and bear arms.

    18 year olds shooting each other do not count as children, and idiots killing themselves do not count as gun violence.

    Damn lies and statistics.

    • This is my question exactly! People, stuff like this only make gun owners look bad. Everyone quit it!
      The next time you get the idea to make a Facebook gun selfie, just stop it. No.

  10. The problem is sometimes these stupid gun owners accidently shoot through there wall, floor, or ceiling into the house next door.

  11. Ummmmm. Is it just me or is this happening more and more? I feel like there is another ‘guy shoots himself in the head trying to prove guns are safe’ story on TTAG every day. WHAT IS GOING ON? Everyone stop trying to prove guns are safe. They are weapons. Treat them with respect, it will keep you safe.

    Also. Facebook gun selfies. NO. Just stop it.

    • Surprisingly, no. It’s VERY hard to get one, as there is only one gun store (in Mexico City, and run by the military) but it is CONSTITUTIONALLY legal for Mexican citizens to own firearms–they just cannot take them outside of their own homes and/or property (in the case of landowners) without a specific and limited government permit in hand, they cannot be of ‘military’ calibre, and an individual is limited to a total of ten firearms: 9 long guns and one handgun.

      • I wonder if a .38 revolver counts as a ‘military’ calibre, and if so where he got this one.

  12. That red jacket from the picture demonstrates poor decision making skills… Is anyone really surprised?

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