Quote of the Day: Gatling Guns are Racist!

“I’m thinking, who in the hell needs a Gatling gun? For a second I thought maybe it was just for display, like a sword on the wall or old cannons as lawn decorations. ‘Nope, it’s real; it actually works’ the dealer said. I’m all in favor of gun ownership, but unless you’re planning on mowing down a group of attacking Zulu warriors, who in his or her right mind needs to drop $47,000 on a functioning Gatling gun? For that much money, I could just buy a nice car and run somebody down in the street . . .

“Moreover, do I really want that person as my neighbor? What if he or she confuses a group of brown kids at a pool party with burglars? Let’s not forget that for years the Gatling gun was used by British invaders in Africa because the weapon was deemed too terrifying and brutal to use against Europeans.

“Selling this weapon is like selling Zyklon B: Yes, it’s technically a pesticide, but we all know the racial history of how it was really used.” Jason Johnson, Black Guns Matter: My Day at the NRA Convention in the Age of Trump [via theroot.com]


  1. avatar Jeffy Dahmer says:

    WTF?? How can an inanimate object be considered racial this is the biggest bunch of crap I’ve ever heard come out of anybody’s mouth other than Hillary Clinton. Because Gatling guns were used by the British Empire during the invasion of a third world country it’s racist that is hogwash. And utterly retarded way of thinking. I’m Scotch-Irish when my people first came to this country they worked as indentured servants for 10 years Services each legal slavery. I’m not a big fan of the UK but I tell you I am a big fan of the freedom to keep and bear arms and to Dean a weapon racial because of a army using it quite some time ago to battle black people makes and an adamant object racist come on guys can’t we put up something better than this to talk about this is just stupid crap. This country needs a revolution and we need to get rid of these naysayers out of our country that don’t believe in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution we should get them an airline ticket to Zimbabwe or some kind of crazy place like that and let them go live in a third world country for a while and see what they missed.

    1. avatar James says:

      By this logic, if Gatling Guns are racist then Maxim Machine Guns must be anti racist. The butt hurt has turned into a mental disorder.

      1. avatar derfel cadarn says:

        Being Liberal or Progressive has always been a mental disorder.

        1. avatar sagebrushracer says:

          no arguments there.

    2. avatar Henry Bowman says:

      Want to know what is really bad? This man has the right to vote. More proof the Voting Rights Act is a POS and should be scrapped.

    3. avatar Evo Shift says:

      The word “racist” has lost all value due to the left constantly using it as a weapon via false accusations.
      Ironic, because they are the most racist people on the planet, and proudly proclaim their hate of whites and anything relating to white culture.

  2. avatar No one of consequence says:

    Wow. Someone really needs to turn down the histrionics.

    1. avatar CTstooge says:

      “Let’s see….what can I write about that checks the rayciss box? Dixie Gun Works, OK yeah…Gatling gun…colonialism…yeah I can work with this.”

      1. avatar Hank says:

        Jason Johnson’s outlook appears to be exclusively colored by his skin tone. Unable to find any hint of racism at the NRA convention, he had to fantasize it.

        1. avatar justin says:

          that website is an offshoot of the old Gawker family of websites. And every single article is either about how racist white people are or how evil republicans and trump are.

          It is kind of a shame that Gawker was shut down. At least when it was in operation the liberal cancer was gathered in 1 site and some of the others were semi-reasonable. Now the whole family of websites is riddled with cancerous pockets of Gawker leftovers.

        2. avatar Curtis in IL says:

          Hank, you nailed it. He went to the NRA convention, expecting to find hateful white people hurling racial epithets that he could write about. He found nothing of the sort, so revisionist history was his only backup plan.

    2. avatar Carrucan says:

      What else can he associate with racism? Parachute cord? After all, rope was used in many lynchings. Horses? The KKK rode around on horses. Cruise ships? Slaves were brought over from Africa on ships. The Ocean, beaches, wood, chains…Endless possibilities for this genius.

  3. avatar PeterC says:

    $47,000 is a bargain for a brand-new Gatling gun; an original could run five times that. I remember when Bannerman’s was still in business on lower Broadway, there were two original brass Gatling guns in the front window. Either one of them could be purchased for about $200!

    1. avatar Chris says:

      That was when 40 bucks could get you a house, right?

      1. avatar Timmy! says:

        And you wore an onion on your belt, because that was the style at the time!

        1. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

          It was a yellow onion on account of the war.

  4. avatar TOP says:

    Yeah, what’s to stop someone from concealing a gatling gun under their shirt and pulling it out and quickly setting it up during a road rage or bar fight? At a mere $47,000 every punk on the street will be toting one! The Sky is Falling! DANGER, WILL ROBINSON! DANGER!

    1. avatar Patriot02 says:

      Laughed so hard at this comment.

  5. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

    There they go again with the Bill of Needs.

    1. avatar Chadwick says:

      Nobody NEEDS to say that, nobody NEEDS to be secure from unreasonable search, nobody NEEDS to be free from slavery, nobody NEEDS the right to an abortion…
      Yes the left is all about needs until it’s about killing babies and wanting health insurance for illegals. Pretty pathetic way to live a life if you ask me. Not to mention one hell of a slippery slope.

  6. avatar Slowermonkey76 says:

    Remind me that I really haven’t figured in defense against Zulu warriors into my home protection plan. Anyone have $47,000 that I can borrow?

    1. avatar 16V says:

      “Never de less, hello!”

    2. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

      Me, neither, but I figure I can just adapt my existing zombie apocalypse plan to the Zulu warrior invasion scenario.

    3. avatar Renner says:

      “Remind me that I really haven’t figured in defense against Zulu warriors into my home protection plan”

      I don’t have $47,000 either, so my home protection plan against Zulu Warriors involves bumpfire. It’s the psychological factor that matters being rushed by a gaggle of Zulus nowadays. They aren’t as battle hardened as they were in the old days.

      1. avatar Patriot02 says:

        No, no, the way to deal with zulus warriors is to run outside wearing a loincloth and holding a stick with a plastic skull on it. Then, you chant some nonsense and flick on a lighter. Believing you’re a witch doctor, they should be thoroughly cowed. If that doesn’t do it, play music on your iphone and dance around, that’ll terrify them.

  7. avatar Av Willis says:

    I mean if you want to focus on the colonialism, you can. On the other hand, one of the first uses of one in combat was by the New York Times during the racially charged draft riots.

  8. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    This guy. Wow. His imagination sure runs wild.
    I’ve always thought one of those would be fun chewing up a prairie dog town.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      I just got this Looney Toons style visual of a bunch of white flags on sticks popping out of burrows.

      1. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

        That’s pretty funny, JWM.

        In my mind, I went the other way with it. Picking up on the British colonial theme, I pictured prairie dogs tooling up Schoolhouse Rock “Shot Heard Round the World”-style with muskets to take on the British……and apparently the Oregonians.*

        *No prairie dogs were injured in the telling of these jokes.

  9. avatar Desertdug08 says:

    Fine. Don’t buy it. Buy a car. Give your money to charity. It is still a mostly free country! But don’t let your personal prejudices infer another’s intent.

    1. avatar Ing says:

      No, no!

      This dude needs to be kept away from nice cars. Didn’t you see the part where he said “I could just buy a nice car and run somebody down in the street”? (Because why else would anybody want a nice car?)

      They’re obviously vehicles of murder. Plus, black people were probably oppressed by government cars at some point, so clearly they’re too problematic to be allowed.

  10. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

    Everyone knows that ‘display’ swords are made of rubber so nobody could put their eye out with them.

  11. avatar Cicero Smith says:

    Budget Samuel L Jackson

  12. avatar Drew says:

    Can that guy not read? The sign says “PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH”.

    1. avatar Stoney Man says:

      Black Privilege.

      Now pay him some reparations.

  13. avatar Pwrserge says:

    I actually went and skimmed the article. Oh boy… the Afrocentric race baiting is on the “we wuz kangs” level. The Zulu “warrior” thing was a nice touch. Way to brush over what the Zulus did to other tribes or peaceful European settlers so that the brits had to go in and put them down.

    1. avatar 16V says:

      I’ve always been thoroughly amused by the “we wuz kangs” myth. “Kings” in mud huts, without books, writing, government, or frankly any civilization beyond Lord of the Flies. Much as Africa basically remains to this day, The minute the evil “colonials” quit running things, economies crumble, violence ensues. I was reading a coupla years back where the current king of the Zulus said things were far better during apartheid.

      ( Yes, Egypt is technically on the continent. No, it wasn’t populated by the same people as the rest of Africa.)

      1. avatar Stoney Man says:

        South Africa. Once the most civilized country on the continent, reduced to 3rd world status. Soon to be the future home of massive white genocide.

      2. avatar Garrison Hall says:

        True enough, although Zulu’s did have the Impi which, combined with effective small-unit discipline, made for pretty effective fighting force. But, you’re right, what they lacked was technology. If Zulu’s had an industrial base and could make rifled cannon and steam-engines they would have happily colonized Europe.

        1. avatar neiowa says:

          Because the white man prevented Africa from developing ANY industry during the centuries before Eurp developed beyond rock/mud huts.

        2. avatar Pwrserge says:


          I’d really like to hear your theory on how 11th-15th century Europe projected sufficient power into sub-Saharan Africa to keep them from doing anything. It’s been a while since I read any historical fiction.

        3. avatar Scoutino says:

          Pwrserge, I strongly suspect sarcasm.

    2. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

      I read the whole article. This guy is nothing but a racist of the “all white people who own a gun for anything but hunting (and probably them to) will shoot any black person on sight” stripe. He thinks that all black people ever shot were shot by racist white people.

      That article was shockingly racist.

  14. avatar Shire-man says:

    The complete piece is an amazing example of why it’s so hard to take these SJW anything at all costs people seriously.
    Every experience he had is painfully wrenched and twisted or casually cast aside to make the parts fit the sum he came to before ever arriving at the convention.

  15. avatar YAR0892 says:

    What the actual fuhhhh????

  16. avatar James in MO says:

    Fulfilling someone’s “need” isn’t the only reason for making, selling or buying something. Next strawman rhetorical question please.

  17. avatar John Davies says:

    I read the entire article and while I agree that he is indeed pretty angry, I suspect that he intended a lot of to to be humor. Or maybe irony. He just didn’t succeed…. Maybe because most of us are OFWGs, we just don’t see it as funny, at all. I actually found his attacking Zulus comment slightly amusing.

    The shop I once worked for has a Gatling reproduction on display and we never had a single offer on it. And there were guys spending serious cash on expensive firearms … I remember thinking, often, “Who the hell would ever pay $47k for a gun?”

    Not once did I think, or did I hear, “Who the hell would need a $47K gun?” Not once.

    If I were recruiting friends, I would avoid this guy like the plague because of his intense anger – who wants to deal with confrontations like this entire article – but I sure do wish Colon lived close by….

    John Davies
    Spokane WA

    1. avatar JDS says:

      One of the big shops here had one on display for over a year. All of a sudden it’s gone and I asked if someone local bought it. Yep, some woman bought it for her BOYFRIEND because it was number 13 and that was his lucky number! Lucky bastard.

    2. avatar neiowa says:

      Why (why not) a Gatling?

      The National Firearms Act defines “machinegun” as “any weapon which shoots, is designed to shoot, or can be readily restored to shoot, automatically more than one shot, without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger.” 26 U.S.C. 5845(b). The term also includes “the frame or receiver of any such weapon, any part designed and intended solely and exclusively, or combination of parts designed and intended, for use in converting a weapon into a machinegun, and any combination of parts from which a machinegun can be assembled if such parts are in the possession or under the control of the person.” Id.; see 18 U.S.C. 921(a)(23); 27 CFR 478.11, 479.11.

      ATF and its predecessor agency, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), have historically held that the original, crank-operated Gatling Gun, and replicas thereof, are not automatic firearms or machineguns as defined. See Rev. Rul. 55-528, 1955-2 C.B. 482. The original Gatling Gun is a rapid-firing, hand-operated weapon. The rate of fire is regulated by the rapidity of the hand cranking movement, manually controlled by the operator. It is not a “machinegun” as that term is defined in 26 U.S.C. 5845(b) because it is not a weapon that fires automatically.

      And apparently there were 2 or 3 in every Wild West frontier cow town (and on most armored stage coaches.) That is some history to get behind.

      1. avatar Outwardhound says:

        Hmmm, I seem to recall a product that combined a couple of Ruger 10-22s with a crank, sounds like something I’ll have to look into.

  18. avatar jwtaylor says:

    Dd this guy just write that the reason to buy a car was to mow people down?

    1. avatar Badgerman says:

      Yes, but a $47,000.00 “Nice Car”.

      1. avatar N64456 says:

        With hoopties and rubber bands, of course….

    2. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

      We plan for some basic armed self defense scenarios, just as we maintain our first aid certification and conduct an annual fire drill including use of an extinguisher on a safely set fire.

      I consider that just prudent preparedness, but my goodness, this guy sure does go deep and detailed with his morbid horror fantasies, doesn’t he?

      Maybe he shouldn’t have a gun, or a car.

  19. avatar MyPrettyAr15 says:

    I guess that’s one person who doesn’t own an antique anything, not even fortunate enough to have a family heirloom. I’m guessing a house full of assembled Ikea junk.

  20. avatar Trollolol says:

    A greta book to read is Negros with Guns, it’s about black men and women defending themselves from Democrats (AKA the Klan). Guess who trained these men and women in how to use these firearms? The NRA

    1. avatar million says:

      i highly recommend that book.. although the title’s a little different.

      Negroes and the Gun: The Black Tradition of Arms

      1. avatar Chris T in KY says:

        Negroes and the gun: the black tradition of arms by Nicholas Johnson is one great book!!!
        It should be required reading as part of the training class. But that will never happen. Most gun classes are only two day long. Perhaps a reading suggestion from the instructor???

  21. avatar kap says:

    Oh my Goodness our white Ancestors did such and such back in the day so we are supposed too fall all over our selves
    making amends, I’m getting sick of this Kind of Crap!
    A lot of our Ancestors came over after the civil War so we don’t owe the Black race squat!

    1. avatar Nynemillameetah says:

      Our ancestors apparently didn’t do enough, because we missed this one.

  22. avatar Soylent Green says:

    This is why we will always be fighting with these people…they don’t understand us and don’t want to. Never doubt they would put you in a camp if they thought they could get away with it.

  23. avatar Hayabusa says:

    Gatling guns are racist?

    Kind of ironic, considering that they were first used in combat by Union forces against (white) Confederate troops, during the war that resulted in the abolition of slavery.

    But, you know, history is hard…

    1. avatar FedUp says:

      Exactly. It was developed in 1861 for the purpose of mowing down Confederates. But probably not in the way it was depicted in The Outlaw Josey Wales.

      But the racist shit (Jason Johnson) who wrote the foolishness quoted above can’t see past his own racism.

  24. avatar Joe R. says:

    Zulu? You know who’s on the wrong side of a Gatling gun? Dead people called “the Losers”.

    I don’t ask for equality. When you achieve that, grasshopper, you will be equal. Otherwise and until then, stop being something I refuse to equate myself with.

    1. avatar Stoney Man says:

      Equality and Individual Rights are mutually exclusive.

      They can not exist in the same dimensional plane, and if you think they can you are lying to yourself.

      1. avatar million says:

        Equality of opportunity.

        Equality under the law.

      2. avatar Joe R. says:

        Equality and Individual Rights are separate and distinct ideas.

        I don’t know what you mean by the rest.

        1. avatar Curtis in IL says:

          “Nature smiles at the union of freedom and equality in our utopias. For freedom and equality are sworn and everlasting enemies, and when one prevails the other dies.”
          – Will Durant

          As long as we have freedom, we will not have equality. Those who are smart, hard-working and physically fit will have more than those who are stupid, lazy or handicapped.

          The social justice warriors among us seek to create equality, but the only way to do that is to take away freedom.

  25. avatar Nynemillameetah says:

    “For that much money, I could just buy a nice car and run somebody down in the street . . .”

    Yes, but a gatling gun depreciates much slower than a car does.

  26. avatar RussP says:

    Home carry, bro.

    1. avatar Hayabusa says:

      Would love to have a home carry Gatling gun…

  27. avatar K Maiden says:

    This fool must have a history of lefty progressive (failed) education. Nothing worse than a brain washed brain stem. Likely votes too..

  28. avatar million says:

    Did he just say there is nothing for him at the convention because none of the stock photos used in the marketing materials include black models?

  29. avatar Brassporkchop says:

    I wonder if he thinks wearing cotton is racist too. I mean it’s the same reasoning he’s using.

  30. avatar Harry Flashman says:

    Is the writer of this article truly that much of a fool?

  31. avatar former water walker says:

    I wonder if the NRA is going to start vetting who can enter their convention?!? No SJW loons allowed… I don’t need a gatling gun. I want a MODERN machine gun!:)

  32. avatar DaveL says:

    I’m thinking, who in the hell needs a Gatling gun?

    The NY Times, circa 1863.

    Moreover, do I really want that person as my neighbor?

    A guy who collects $50K working replicas of historical machineguns? Hell yes! What, were you actually being serious about him gunning down random brown people? Here’s a hint – how many well-heeled collectors of historical artifacts do you think there are in prison?

  33. avatar Cloudbuster says:

    Here’s his opening paragraphs. He and his friends sound like a bunch of racist bigots:

    “You know that’s just a Klan rally without the hoods, right?”

    “Bring Kevlar.”


    None of my friends was all that hot about me going to the National Rifle Association’s convention in Atlanta this year. No one. Not even my friends who owned guns. And definitely not those who hunt, and none who otherwise support the Second Amendment. But who could blame them? It didn’t exactly sound welcoming or even remotely wise to go to an NRA convention full of mostly white, conservative, gun-brandishing folks, and where Donald Trump is the keynote speaker.

    It goes on like that, one racist paragraph after another, all the way through the article.

    Will anyone at “The Root” pay attention to the takeaway: he was welcomed, wasn’t threatened or harmed in anyway and the only racism was in his mind?

    1. avatar Ing says:

      80,000+ NRA members in the same place at the same time, most of them armed, and nobody got hurt. Guns everywhere, and not a single one was fired. Not in anger, not for “hold my beer and watch this,” not even by accident.

      Meanwhile, at leftist May Day marches around the country… http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/may-day-protests-turn-violent-portland-police-cancel-permits-n753611

      We should be glad this guy and his friends hate guns so much. Can you imagine the 360-degree carnage that would result if these lunatics were armed?

  34. avatar Domestic Hearse says:

    The CEO at a company a buddy works for has one of these. I assure you he doesn’t need it. He wants it. He also has a fully functional reproduction of a civil war cannon. He doesn’t need that either. He wants it.

    He has a walk-in safe room in his office with walls lined with drool-worthy modern weapons as well. Pretty much, one of everything. Most have never been fired. He doesn’t need any of those either. He wants them.

    I guess that makes him the most racist private collector of historic and modern arms I’ve ever heard of.

  35. avatar PeterK says:

    “This is some NAZI crap right here. Quick take a pic of me with it, though.”


  36. avatar Wiregrass says:

    I don’t know if owning a Gatling Gun is racist, but assuming a person that has spent that much money just to own one is going to snap with genocidal rage certainly is.

  37. avatar Oliver says:

    “I could just buy a nice car and run somebody down in the street . . .”

    How come it’s always the left these days that fantasizes about using a tool to kill innocent people. I mean, if I see an original Gatling gun my first thought is that it’s a cool piece of history. For for a car it’s more along the lines of its off road capability maybe. Last time I looked at a car in a lot I don’t think my first thought was gee how many people can I mow down before it’s totaled. Call me crazy, but that’s just me.

  38. avatar John E> says:

    did anyone else read that article in Samuel L. Jackson’s voice?

  39. avatar David says:

    DGW has a .22LR version in half size for 15K, if money is an issue.

    1. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

      I’m not spending $32,000 on a historic replica if money is an issue. I’m probably not even if money is not an issue.

    2. avatar jwm says:

      The full size model is in .45-70. It might be cheaper and easier to find that ammo instead of .22.

  40. avatar Norincojay says:

    If your neighbor can afford that gun you live in a nice neighborhood. If you’re nice to him or her maybe he or she will take you out on the yacht or private plane.

  41. avatar CentralIL says:

    Robert want to make the NRA more appealing to this guy.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      That’s one theory.

  42. avatar Gaston's love child says:

    I hate it when guns are bigoted. Just the other day I was walking down the street and a Hi Point C9 called me a “Cracker”!

    1. avatar jwm says:

      That’s actually funny.

    2. avatar Chris T in KY says:

      I like that!!!

  43. avatar Chris says:

    That article is full of “Quotes for the Day”

    The first line is this gem about the NRA convention, “You know that’s just a Klan rally without the hoods, right?” The 1st paragraph ends with “It didn’t exactly sound welcoming or even remotely wise to go to an NRA convention full of mostly white, conservative, gun-brandishing folks, and where Donald Trump is the keynote speaker. ” It goes down hill from there. It’s actually worth the read just for the laughs, it nonsense but it’s funny nonsense.

  44. avatar Didymus says:

    I think he is correct. The Gatling Gun was used to mowed down my relatives during the War of Northern Oppression. Guns such as these have been mowing down people of color since they were invented. This just shows how racially insensitive they are, mowing down people of color, brown, black, red, yellow, and those awful white people also.

    Those awful inanimate objects have mowed down Christians, Catholics, Hindi, Buddhist, and even Muslim. Terrible weapons.

    Before anyone tries to lynch me, this is all true and sarcastic.

    1. avatar Brad Goodwin says:

      “The Gatling Gun was used to mowed down my relatives during the War of Northern Oppression” What? So your relatives were Confederate soldiers? “the War of Northern Oppression” is the way the Southern Democrats, that were protecting slavery, called the Civil War. The idea that somehow the Union was mowing down black slaves is beyond absurd; today it would be called Fake News. Also as mentioned earlier, the reason the Gatling guns were used on the Zulus was multifaceted. First the Zulus defeated the British in a battle that was the greatest defeat of the British army by a tribal army. Second the British were still caught up in the glory of Calvary charges. Since there was no glory against a tribal army, they used a Gatling gun, not because it was “too terrifying and brutal to use against Europeans”, but because it was a different form of warfare. Later the Gatling gun was used by the British army to mow down Germans during the trench warfare of WWl; apparently they got over using a Gatling gun on Europeans.

  45. avatar Von says:

    I DO NOT buy guns for the purpose of murdering people. Is this what he would buy one for?

    1. avatar PDW says:

      Statistically speaking the answer is “yes”.

      1. avatar Brad Goodwin says:

        So statistically, how many civilian owned Gatling guns have been used to kill people?

        1. avatar PDW says:

          My reply to Von referenced “guns”…. which was his choice of words….and not Gatling guns.

  46. avatar samuraichatter says:

    Cuz you know gatling guns pose a greater risk to black people than other black people. How many white men have killed brown or black people with a gatling gun? How many black males have killed other black males with a glock, hi point, sigma, etc.?

  47. avatar PDW says:

    The Gatling wasn’t used against Europeans because it was too “terrifiying and brutal”.

    …..that’s why in WW 1 the Europeans decided that poison gas and flamethrowers was the way to go.

  48. avatar MGodwin says:

    Racist, no. That gun is classist, looking down upon the poor like that. Mocking the middle class, I feel slighted. Lol.

  49. avatar Aaron says:

    Waah waah raycissisms!

  50. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    This moron Jason Johnson, might be surprised to learn the Negro 9th and 10 Calvary had Gatling Guns as part of there issued equipment. Normally kept at their Forts. It seems educated black people seem to go out of their way to look foolish. And I’m a black gun owner who is sick and tired of these fools.

    I wonder how much white socialist pay him to say this dumb stuff.

  51. avatar LHW says:

    What a moron.

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