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“A lot of us in the gun violence prevention camp did not like this. It expanded that exemption for law enforcement to too many people, and for government employees who were really nor primarily police officers.” Griffin Dix, co-chairman of the Oakland chapter of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence quoted in California law that lets cops buy ‘off-roster’ guns expanded to include more in law enforcement [via]

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  1. Since there’s a roster, should I be doing a starting line up before I tool up?

    “Starting at Inside Waistband, number nine, Smith & Wesson!”

    Maybe not necessariy since I live in a mostly gun friendly state, but might be fun just the same…

  2. I read the article. I quickly captured the essence of the overreaching nanny anti-gun state of California. Kind of how I envisioned America after another couple of Democrat party presidencies.

    You will hear no Trump-whining out of me.

  3. I’m really tired of anti’s who think police are so special. His problem doesnt seem to be the carve-outs in general but that not everyone included is a pure and holy cop.

    Run one of these morons through a typical LEO qual then send him off to a week long 3-gun camp and ask him who’s better trained.

    Hell, just pile up a few boxes of ammo that represent how much range time a cop gets and a pallet of ammo that represents how much range time a typical gun owner gets and ask him “which pile is bigger?”

    • A pallet of ammo for an “average gun owner?” I’d like to see some verification of that. In my experience, as an instructor and CRSO for our gun club range, the “average” gun owner never gets much practice at all. A few dozen, mostly men, show up for sight in at the start of hunting season, but the range is seriously empty most of the time. The 4H club shoots .22 rifle once a week, but I doubt the whole club uses a pallet worth of ammo in many years. We have other shooting events and contests, but the turnout is usually low – even though almost everyone here owns guns.

      Just where are all these people shooting their pallet loads of ammo? Not around here, even though they easily could.

        • Wow, must be a much larger club than ours. We only have a population of around 5,000 in the entire county, so I’m sure that’s a big difference. The club members provide their own ammunition, at least most of them, so I have no idea how many rounds they go through, but I could guarantee it isn’t that much… Some of them have taken to using pellet guns, actually, but I don’t have a clue how many.

    • That’s nice. Two problems:
      1) No one cares how much an anecdotal ‘gun owner’ plinks. Without standards and mandatory quals, it’s meaningless.
      2) The ‘carveouts’ they’re talking about have little or nothing to do with whether someone can hit a bullseye on the range.

  4. Gun violence prevention camp, that’s very generous and a little sad you believe that’s what you’re doing

    Please point me to where any of your efforts have reduced or prevented violence. Last I saw the strictest counties had as much or more violence than the least strict

    • Yep. What they’re really after is gun owner prevention. I wonder what they’ll do when ordinary Americans can no longer own or carry and yet “gun violence” still exists.

      • God forbid they ever get their wish, they will blame gun violence in illegal guns and some BS about nearby states (or a new country by then) allowing legal guns and those flowing across the border. They would place the fault on someone else being wrong and claim the (previously) legal guns would have just increased the violence against everyone and made some bogus claim about everyone being safer now.

        Oh wait the People’s Republic of California and England and a few other countries already do nearly that everyday. See we know exactly what they would say

  5. After Trump passes watered down Obamacare (bleh, but still miles better for the states that opt out) and tax cuts, if he splits up the 9th circuit to just cover Cali and Hawaii and free the other states trapped its pretty much a successful presidency for me. It would be Space Christmas for me if he also replaced a couple more “justices” before 2018 to strike down a couple of the 9th’s unconstitutional en banc rulings. We are so far ahead right now its absolutely terrifying, and its still the first year. With the economy roaring he’s gonna have so much political capital to push the 2nd.

    • “With the economy roaring he’s gonna have so much political capital to push the 2nd.”

      Eh, the economy is not as ‘roaring’ as you seem to believe.

      Case in point, the annual Detroit automaker plant shutdowns are being extended, by *weeks*, due to weak auto sales:

      Oh, and those low unemployment numbers being touted? Mostly minimum wage crap jobs:

      The economy is far more precarious than many realize. If loan defaults start to stack up, it’s a repeat of the ’08 crash…

      • It’s odd….when W was in office and unemployment was near record lows, all Pelosi and company could talk about is how those were all MW McJobs, and basically worthless to the economy at large.

        Then, when Obama was in office, and unemployment was at record highs, all Pelosi and company could talk about is how MW workers and their McJobs were the backbone of the economy, and how they all needed far more pay to go with all the labor they provided.

        Now that Trump is in office, we’re back to how McJobs aren’t worth McHaving.

        • Geoff, not sure what you’re insinuating, so forgive me if I misconstrued your intent, but maybe if ones only paycheck is from a line job at McDonald’s one shouldn’t be given a mortgage?

        • If you can qualify for (read – afford) a typical home mortgage and can make the payments on a near minimum wage job, you rock!

          I’m referring to the people who had a modest 50 K-year job pre-’08 crash who now are trying to survive on 20 K at ‘Burger Hut’.

          A *MAJOR* part of the ’08 collapse was people getting mortgages for homes they simply couldn’t afford.

          A big chunk of that was Clinton-era housing policies biting people in the ass big-time…

  6. California land of nuts and Fruitcakes, basically been Dictated over by the (Demonic-Party} for Years, so nothing these types of Party people do is surprising especially when it comes to being Anti American Just like the Last Administration which had a great chance to build America but failed, another Demonic Party member

  7. Something the antis and gun rights advocates agree on? Hardly.

    The Brady morons despair that too many mere mundanes are being treated like Praetorians.

    We lament that Praetorians are treated better that the people who they are supposed to Protect and Serve.

    The gulf between the two positions is enormous.

    • “The gulf between the two positions is enormous.”

      That is an understatement. (No snark intended.)

      I don’t see how we can reconcile our differences when one group advocates for soft slavery and the other advocates for liberty. Those two mindsets are mutually exclusive.

      • Bingo.

        I was dead-serious the other day when I opined we will likely have Civil War part 2 unless the country is split.

        Let them have their Progressive utopia nanny-state and let us have the free states.

        There is no reconciliation in the cards. We hate them, and they hate us. That will never change.

        An amicable divorce is far better than the alternative…

  8. So, the roster is designed to make sure that each handgun on it “has passed firing, safety, and drop tests,” presumably to ensure safety. Is the state of California willing to allow its agents to acquire and use “unsafe” firearms? Doesn’t California care about its law enforcement as much as the general populace?


    • I think they’re assuming these “unsafe” firearms will only kill people like you and me when they’re in the hands of the Only Ones, so they’re fine with it.

  9. The end-game of the antis is to disarm everyone. They absolutely want to disarm police and the military too, but they can’t quite make that argument work. So they’ll attack the edges, like they are here.

    I’d like to see the exemptions widened. Let’s include EMTs, volunteer firemen, municipal garbage collectors. Pretty soon so many people will be legally carrying guns into places like NYC that the laws will have to fall, if on nothing but equality grounds.

    • Actually, the “roster” is only one small symptom of the real problem: Far, far too many people running around, hysterically minding everyone else’s business. The desire to control and limit other people is the disease, and individual liberty/ self responsibility is the cure.

  10. I was born and raised in Sacramento. I’m not sorry for the people of California just like I’m not sorry for the people of France. Since the 1970’s the Left promised people legal public marijuana intoxication. Legal and socially acceptable homosexual sex and homosexual acceptable activities in public, and in general, “free stuff” from the government, with someone else who will pay for your free stuff.

    The Battles of Berkeley in April have shown the police will not be there for you at all in California. Period. A police carve out??? So what! The entire Bill of Rights is dying in California. The carve out is a distraction. The Anti’s want only the police to have guns. A police carve out is a very minor issue to them.

    A mob just took over a BART train robbing the passengers. The police did nothing. When they try to rob an entire neighborhood, then what will you do when the police take an hour or more to respond??? The business districts of Oakland and Berkeley were attacked and no police came to stop it because they were given a stand down order by the elected mayors and city councils.

    The LA riots were 30 years ago and the police did nothing back then. If you in California think history won’t repeat itself, you are really enjoying that legal marijuana. The Korean immigrants were smarter. They don’t smoke marijuana.

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