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“As of last year there was 73% opposition to (a semi-autmatic firearm) ban, and 63% said that a home was safer if there was a gun in the house. Those numbers don’t shift when there is a mass shooting. They never do in any significant way. So with all that in mind, I think we need to encourage Hillary to pick up this flag and run with it. In fact, I’m going to go on record as supporting Hillary to be the nominee for the Democrats next year. This is just what the Democrats need and I look forward to her explaining her gun confiscation plans to the public when she debates the eventual GOP nominee.” – Jazz Shaw in Hillary’s gun confiscation proposal is going to backfire in a big way [at]

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  1. I, for one, am glad she came out anti-gun, to the point of admitting she wants confiscation. Puts her out of the race entirely. Bullet dodged.

    Meanwhile, if only we were able to jail people or ban from office anyone that is in direct opposition to our constitution after they explicitly took an oath (or a few) to support the constitution in the position they have or are pursuing. That will be the day.

    • We shouldn’t allow this opportunity to go under-exploited. We ought to ask our Progressive acquaintances how they REALLY feel about which Democrat they want to back as their nominee.
      Hillary seems to be emerging as the hard-liner on gun-control and eventual confiscation.
      Sanders, while he might seem too Socialist to be true, could be read as soft on gun-control. He might not be the one to count on if the opportunity comes to get-tough on guns in the hands of those who shouldn’t have them (i.e., civilians).
      How about the other minor candidates; how do they REALLY stand on gun-control?
      Where does the gun issue REALLY stand in your personal list of Progressive priorities Mr./Ms Democrat? Are you a one-issue voter on guns? Or, do Socialist economics trump? Women’s Rights? Isolationism? Establishment of Sharia-law?
      This election is probably IT! The one last opportunity to appoint another anti-gun Justice to SCOTUS to reverse Heller and McDonald. Any further delay and the OFWGs will brain-wash enough voters to get them to apply for CWPs. Gun-control will be lost for another generation.
      The polls on Gun-Rights vs. Gun-Control are trending toward Rights. In another 8 years it will probably be too late. Congress will pass National-Reciprocity and a Republican president will sign it. There will be Carry in NYC! In DC! In Baltimore and Trenton!
      Choose your nominee well and with these thoughts in mind; then get out your Progressive, Black and Hispanic base to vote early and often.

      If the Democrats play this Gun issue strongly enough maybe the PotG will get-out-the-vote and the politicians will finally hear our voices.

      • Bernie Sanders has a record of being soft on gun control, because he is a Senator from a state that is very pro-gun, not because he personally is soft on gun control. He said in the debate last week that he will become more aggressive on gun control as President, because he will not need the votes from his home state anymore.

        • Yes, of course. Nevertheless, it’s the rhetoric that counts not the probable politics of power.

          If Hillary can manage to set herself apart from her competitors by being strong on gun-control then she will create an ethical dilemma for the Anti + Socialists. Do they vote for Hillary because she is strongest on gun-control but cozies up to the big banks on Wall Street? Or, vote for Bernie because he is strong on Socialism but doubtful on gun-control?

          Which do they want more? To ruin capitalism? Or, to take guns out of the hands of counter-revolutionaries?

    • It’s called the impeachment process. However, it requires a House and Senate full of people who have integrity and courage. Sadly, there are very few people like that in positions of power today.

  2. She looks like the Cryptkeeper!

    With that mug, no wonder Slick Willy was chasing cute, chubby interns and anything else, that was fine, other than this ghoul around the executive office.

    Makes you wonder why Billy married this chick.

    • I thought the same thing. I met Monica Lewinsky at the airport once. They lied. All black is not slimming. . . . but at least she had a cute face and a much better attitude than this ugly witch. . . .

      Word on the street is Slick D!ick, I mean Wllie has a new girlfriend and her Secret Service call sign is “Energizer”. . . . .Wonder what Hitlery’s is?? Evil B!tch? no, too obvious

  3. “confiscation plans to the public when she debates the eventual GOP nominee.”
    As if any revered journalist is going to ask any gun related questions between commercials during the general election debates.

  4. Just wait. Once she gets the nomination, she will pretend to walk all this leftist stuff back. By the time she is actually running, she will sound like a centerist or a moderate. It will be up to the GOP to keep replaying what she is saying now and hold her accountable.

  5. Democrats never win nationally when they’re open and honest about their agenda. They always have to lie. That’s how we get “the era of big government is over”, then they try to ram Hillarycare down our throats. That’s how we get “if you like your plan, you can keep it”, then we get Obamacare rammed down our throats.

    Hillary knows all this. She’s just desperate because the leftists are coming out in force for Sanders. She’ll still beat him, but she needs to knock him out fast and seal up the nomination early. She doesn’t want to linger like Romney, bleeding cash, enduring attacks, sowing doubt, and delaying her campaign against the GOP.

    Some people emerge invigorated and sharpened from the crucible of the primaries. She’s more apt to come off broken and battered as she hobbles into the general election. So she’s going full leftist to wrap this up. She’s hoping the media will cover for her later on and not dwell on her inconsistencies when she subsequently pivots toward the center.

  6. Bill was way better at putting his finger in the wind and going that way. She must be ignoring his advice in favor of her coven.

  7. I see Hitlery has contracted the T-Cell virus which results in nearly brain dead zombies. On the other hand, she may have been incubating the virus as a young child from Saul Alinsky who was the carrier.

  8. She completely reversed her Trans-Pacific Partnership position with one statement and might get away with it. Her confiscation position will evolve after she gets the nomination, and the media will aid and abet her all the way.

    • That might be true, but she has given the NRA and GOA lots of lovely sound bites that she won’t be able to run away from. On top of that she has a near Medusa ability to turn all but the most die hard leftist to stone with her speeches. Hard to get elected if you can’t even excite your Demoncrat buddies enough to get them to the poles. You will see the left try all the scare tactics in their usual play book about this time next year.

  9. If she keeps spouting nonsense and the Republicans end up with a decent candidate AND a decent V.P. candidate they could win. They lost the last 2 Presidential elections with acceptable candidates but unacceptable V.P. partners. Hopefully that won’t happen this time. Right now Ben Carson or Carly Fiorina are the only 2 R-Candidates that look electable.

  10. What we need is someone like us regular people to get into office, get rid of everyone in Congress, Senate, House of Representatives, FBI, CIA, ATF, NSA, DEA, any government agency. We need a complete restart of this country

  11. I see no reason to dance with what Satan spawned. And for the record she did not say she was for confiscation. She said she would look into it. She did say SCOUS got the second admendment wrong and assume it was the Heller decision.

    The only question is will Hillary deny Americans lawful self protection with a firearm in both the home and in public. If she does then she’s done.

  12. I genuinely don’t feel as if we are anywhere near being out of the woods with Hillary. Unless she is behind bars, I fear she may be our next Commanderella in chief… Just have that feeling….

    • All our “normal” GOP candidates are trying their best to make themselves unelectable with their pro-jesus rhetoric, at the same time ignoring the concept of smaller government, less spending, no free stuff, lower taxes and regulations. It is easy, and they just don’t get it, they are pushing all the wrong things. So you’re right! The result just might be Hillary.

    • Agreed. Seems the MSM are trying to push Bernie out and declare Hillary the queen (allegedly, CNN swept the post-debate poll results under the rug and arbitrarily declared Hillary the winner–not sure if there’s truth to this or if a story was drawn up by the “Berned” for attention).
      The Republicans are spouting little more than irrelevant nonsense. They have for the past several election cycles. The only difference is, this time they literally have a troll in their ranks named Donald.
      Unless a third party suddenly is gaining and throwing so much money around they become relevant in this race and soon, I fear that whoever wins this quagmire will allow our country to degrade further.

  13. Yuck. Hildebeast on a Sunday morning. More coffee. Yeah republtards need to hammer this post-menopausal be-otch…

  14. The vast majority of Americans have the attention span of a flea. This must never be forgotten. Hillary is on the record, the NRA, the GOA, and other Pro-2a groups need just rewind and replay…….she will not waver…..neither should our side.

  15. Quite troubling and at the same time telling a person who campaigns for president can attack the foundational structure of the Nation and be supported by anyone. In this election cycle it is imperative the DNC must be shut down. Their propaganda to support a swing to Socialism/Communism must be sent to the gallows. Is there any other choice?

    • Unfortunately, yes, there is another choice. Do NOTHING.

      Kindly reflect on the last 2 Presidential elections. Lots of Republicans and independents decided that the GOP’s nominee was not “good-enough” to deserve their votes; not even under a rationale of the lesser of 2 evils.

      We need not re-hash all the very real reasons why these two candidates were NOT good-enough. Nevertheless, we can now reflect on the past 7 years and ask whether the nation – to say nothing of the world – is better off for having Obama in the oval office.

      Perhaps there is an argument that had Obama not been elected the GOP would not have learned its lesson. It would have remained unresponsive to its base. It would have crowned Jeb Bush as its candidate for 2016.

      We don’t yet know who the GOP will nominate. Bush? Trump? Carson? Cruz? . . . Irrespective of who is nominated, many of us will be disappointed. So, let’s suppose it’s Jeb Bush. In that scenario, clearly the GOP would not have learned its lesson. So, shall we stay home and let the Democrats elect their candidate?

      Third time just “must be a charm!” Surely, it will only take 3 consecutive defeats and the GOP will have learned its lesson. Then, in the following election we the Conservatives and Libertarians will have our way. Yet, it ain’t necessarily so. It may take 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 consecutive defeats of the GOP’s elite candidate. In fact, the GOP might prefer to control the Congress and leave the White House in Democrat hands. That way they can’t take the blame for accomplishing nothing in their platform.

      I don’t think it will be Bush. Perhaps it will be Trump – or Carson – or Cruz or someone else. Still enough of us will be disappointed and stay home. Perhaps enough to allow the Democrats to vote early and often and prevail yet again. We the PotG, the Conservatives, the Libertarians, the Evangelicals, the Christians and a few Jews who plan to survive, can once again hand victory to the Democrats. All we have to do is stand squarely on our most deeply held principles and refuse to vote for anyone who falls short in any material degree.

      Among any of these Republican candidates we can find something serious to complain about. I suggest we all pull-up our long pants and go to the polls – holding our noses if necessary – and vote for whomever the GOP nominates. It can’t possibly be worse than the Democrat’s candidate.

      • I am very close to “will not vote for” Jeb Bush, a few others. OTOH, I could see myself voting for Webb, or even Sanders, who has a lot of positions I agree with. I don’t think either has a chance at the nomination, but I am listening to everybody, as we all should. Hillary attacked Sanders for being “soft” on gun grabbing, and Webb’s comments were pretty mild, too, especially for a Dem. I want to hear FISCAL CONSERVATIVE from Republicans, and other than Trump and Carson, I am not hearing it. Instead, most candidates wish to tell me what I should pray for, who and how to worship like an unthinking moron, how to close my eyes to truth. No, thank you, I’ll take Hillary. If she tells me to surrender my guns, I will ignore her just as tens of millions ignore drug laws today.

  16. If you’re a dem, your choices are:

    A. A multiple felon.
    B. An avowed socialist.
    C. Joe Biden.

    Good luck with that. Here’s hoping the Republicans don’t have an epic meltdown to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  17. EFF this harpy. She and Bill were deeply involved in the importation of cocaine into the Mena, AR airport, guns to the Nicaraguan right-wing Contras, in exchange for guns.

    Two children, at least, who wandered in on bikes, were ordered murdered.

    Soulless killers both.

  18. …and then what happens when she wins and says that her victory is a mandate for gun control (as opposed to the truth, which would be that it is the result of a poor republican nominee)?

  19. Is this the part where Darth Vader throws her down the pit?

    I’d also be cautious with this. Remember, the majority of Dem voters just want their free stuff and government power levied against conservatives. They don’t care about being free or armed.

  20. Hillary Clinton: Because the people don’t support it, legislators don’t supporting, and facts don’t support it, only she can make it happen!


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