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Sounds like an episode of CSI, right? Thousands of people dressed up as Zombies partying in downtown Fort Myers, Florida. Shots ring out. Most people assume it’s some kind of entertainment. When the crowds learn it isn’t, when they realize that real people have been shot by a real gun, they panic, assuming that someone very odd has taken the zombie thing a little too seriously. The cops evacuate downtown. reports that last night’s shooting during ZombieCon left one man dead and four others injured. The killer is still at large. What most of the mainstream media missed is that . . .

last night’s shooting follows another recent shooting in downtown Fort Myers. Which is no surprise to anyone familiar with the city’s gang scene. There were 25 gang-related, firearms-related homicides last year, as highlighted in the news report above. What’s the bet the anti-gunners will focus on the gun rather than the gangs?

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  1. Why focus on the root cause of violence instead of guns? Actually going after the root cause would be too much work and take too much money!

  2. If anyone dressed as a zombie was the shooter then I would say they are definitely guilty of a lack of dedication to character as well as perhaps murder.

  3. Call me old-fashioned, but I find all this zombie apocalypse crap annoying and another sign our society will tolerate just about anything. When the zombie theme is being used to sell guns, ammo, safes, alarms or any other type of product, I won’t buy it. Period.

  4. Hey, if it was gang members, keep one thing in mind: they were just keeping it real for all their dogs in the hood. I mean, it’s cultural, and that makes it cool or something.

  5. “Zombie Apocalypse” is just a socially acceptable guise for Charles Manson’s “Helter Skelter.” Gawd fabbid we should be racist or something.

  6. I live in Fort Myers, and it’s odd to see this make national news. Not that it’s not terrible or awful or any of that, but is just that we have gang related shootings here constantly. I teach at a school where we’ve lost several students in just the last year to gang violence (good kids, too, who will be greatly missed) and you don’t see any of that on CNN. 1 dead, four injured. Horrible. But no the worst we’ve seen. Not even the worst in the last few weeks.

  7. Ft. Myers now isn’t the old sleepy vacation at Sanibel Island it was 20 years ago. Its not as bad as Ft. Lauderdale has become but its well on its way in some sections. Things really started to slide after the housing crash. People need to lock up the guns though and stop them from roaming the streets and shooting innocent people. Where was the owner of these evil guns?

  8. Glad people have fun, too bad an idiot(s) spoiled the fun. The area has greater potential than most for trouble, and consider a psychotic person could easily believe such a gathering was real.

  9. *sigh*

    Yeah this was bound to happen. Just by raw numbers and probability. Sooner or later someone was going to pull something. Either a random killing or someone being an IDIOT and ruining it for everyone.

  10. I would love to see some folks team up and create a very secret organization to wipe out these gangs, one at a time.
    I guess that would be called “Vigilantism” and of course we can’t have that! Or can we?

    • If it was secret we wouldn’t know about it, would we. Just don’t let the .gov run it. Everybody would know about it then.

    • I believe that is what is going to happen. My little town is swimming in herion and all of the sudden out of town dealers are turning up in the ER, not jail.


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