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“But without that gun, am I not vulnerable to evil? Yes. And I am vulnerable with the gun. That’s where the gun-nuts have a point. Evil cannot be defeated by gun control. What they miss is that evil cannot be defeated by guns. Guns are merely an appurtenance to evil, an aid, a thing to make it easier and more efficient. We rely on guns because we give up, cede the fight to evil and join right in.” – Jim Schultze in The White Rock Trail Murder and Whether it Makes You Think of Carrying a Gun [at]

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  1. “Cede the fight to evil and join right in.” Says he. I carry to face evil, not join in.

    • I found his comments to be typical condescending crap . It is the drawing of gun advocates being knuckle dragging Neanderthals and people like himself drinking champagne with their pinky raised . I believe we all understand the psychology of evil and the implications of it in our discussions of violence . We are not willing to ablactate our safety to the hope of Godless mans foolhardy attempt to create utopia . These dreams we will leave to bespectacled professors of surrealism .

  2. What they miss is that evil cannot be defeated by guns.

    Oh really?

    Hitler and Tojo unavailable for comment.

  3. Carry a gun to be safe?…who’s on third, I don’t know, but a gun doesn’t make you safe. A gun gives you an option, provides a means to counter a threat and that’s about it.

  4. “I will only be more safe, my loved ones will only be more safe and the world more safe when virtue grows mighty and evil starves. Nothing else offers hope. How do we get there with guns on our hips?”

    Just how do these idiots think we got to where we are, where beta males like them can shamble around texting without getting eaten by bears? I suppose he thinks western civilization was carved out of whipped cream by poets and philosophers.

    • What happens when the logical fallacies are not beaten into your head in HS.

      We need guns to be safe, but we shouldn’t need them for some reason, so we do what exactly? Wish it better? Hope for change? Protest the bad guys, that’ll make ’em see the error of their ways?

      I know about 1MM Rwandans would see his views as a bit naive.

      • Most of them were murdered by roving gangs with machetes supplied by the government. Oops. The attempt at complete genocide didn’t stop until the minority tribe got military grade weapons and fought a rebel insurrection against the “legitimate” government military forces. Fought and won. Oops again.

  5. The victim should have moved in close to hug the machete wielding attacker. The situation would have been diffused instantly as rainbows and glittering unicorns sprang from both their asses.
    Don’t you shrinky dick gun-nuts get it? Hugs defeat evil every time.

    • Sadly, they often really believe pretty much that. They have had this “we’re all equal and good people” nonsense brainwashing since almost birth. Then they lead sheltered lives in the ‘burbs and have no idea what the rest of the world is really like. Then, when the actually encounter bad/evil people, they have no idea how to cope.

        • Optionally they can stick their heads up an ostrich’s b*tt, which will do about as much good and be more satisfying for the rest of us, if not the ostrich.

  6. “ favor of confiscation”. I have a question for all of us here. As it is looking more and more like we will be fighting a second Revolution in our time (and all the horror that this will bring)…after we win, what do we do with people like this?

      • With voter registration rolls, you could repeal the right to vote for the wrong 40% of the population. With genetic testing, you could ban their heirs from voting. If you eliminated welfare subsidies like Section 8 and EBT cards and hung all violent criminals in public, the rest would self-deport pretty fast. To where? Who cares.

      • “In our last revolution, we sent the royalists to Canada. We can do the same after the next one.”

        There are places they like to be, like NYC and San Fran.

        Stuff ’em in there and surround the internment cities with a 1 kilometer minefield.

        Call it the ‘Escape From New York’ solution.

    • The American Revolution took place under very unique conditions. After 1789 all Revolutions end up catastrophe. Best to do what the Eastern Europeans did under Soviet occupation. Pretend to go along. Give them a little of what they want and bury the rest in the back yard. Do not be too attached to your possessions that you lose sight of the objective.

      • So, you think that by chewing off a finger or two at a time, and throwing them to the wolves, that they will be appeased, or at least eat you last?

        Hell no. I’m keeping all my fingers. I’m firmly attached to them and intend to keep it so. This intentional poverty thing is a collectivist idea from the start.

        • It’s mama anarchist.

          The American Revolution was made by men who believed in a divine being and that put limitations on their behavior. When the French Revolution happened that went out the window. Now revolutions are made by people like you who think it’s ok to liquidate all those that oppose them whether in thought, word or deed. That is why there has not been a successful Democrat Revolution since 1776. The end result of revolutions made by the less than god fearing has been tyranny. The only successful Democratic Revolutions were those made in Eastern Europe which were effectively backed by an outside military force. They really were self liberations and not an actual revolution.

          I have no doubt that all you paper revolutionaries would act no differently than the Red and Brown shirts of the 20th Century.

          • My, some fanciful projection there. You have no idea who I am or what I believe… and thank goodness, no control over either one.

            My supreme law is the law of non-aggression. No human being has the authority to initiate force against another human being, under any circumstance, nor to delegate such initiation of force. Every human being has the absolute authority to defend themselves from all initiation of force.

            Two sides to the same coin.

            The American revolution was no exception to your own rule… Some individuals simply transferred the power (not legitimate authority) of “government” from the king to themselves, and began to dictate, steal from and abuse the rest of the people with hardly a pause. The French were simply much more passionate about all of it.

            Any “revolution” that merely transfers power, by some people over others without their consent, simply continues the tyranny by other names and with fresh new tyrants.

            And no, I do not consent to the “constitution,” or any other level of government anywhere. I do not consent to be controlled, robbed, intimidated or killed by anyone. Power to harm me through that government does not confer consent on my part. Staying alive under that load is a seriously difficult proposition, I can assure you.

            “Anarchy” is a much abused and misunderstood word, so I don’t use it much, but the truth of it is that it doesn’t at all mean no rules, just no rulers and no slaves. Those who associate voluntarily, agreeing to rules they make for themselves – and NOBODY ELSE – can build their communities in peace and prosperity. Those who don’t agree will have to find compatible associates on their own.

            And yes, that is the heart of my non-aggressive “revolution.” I will never initiate violence, but I train long and hard to be able to meet aggression with all the skill and strength left in this 70 year old body.

  7. And when evil invades his home and he is down on his knees with his hands tied behind his back and a gun pointed at his head right before the bullet enters his brain he can take comfort in the idea that he stuck to his principles and didn’t have a gun and fought the good fight against evil by being a victim. Sometimes I feel the need for a run on sentence.

  8. If guns help evil, how do progressives think armed government employees resist the evil urges? /Prog’s head explodes/

  9. “We rely on feelings because we give up, cede the fight to evil and join right in.”

    Fixed that for him. All you non-judgmentalism has led to evil flourishing because you don’t want to feel bad by saying some things you like may be harmful and some things you hate my be useful tools to confront evil in the right place at the right time

  10. No, evil cannot be defeated by a gun. All a gun can do is send evil straight to hell where it belongs. If Mr. Schultze would prefer not to fight evil but rather join evil in hell then that is his prerogative.

  11. I think what he and most here are failing to realize is that good and evil are both man-made concepts. Man is capable of both great good and terrible evil depending on that which no man can control, his circumstances. I know I have done terrible things and at the same time done great works of good. We all like to think that we are either good or evil, but it is never that simple. While Hitler was an evil man bent on the destruction of the Jewish race, we mustn’t forget that he also helped rebuild Germany from nothing to one of the greatest military superpowers in history. As far as Tojo was concerned, the U.S. basically backed them into a corner and they saw no other way out. Even though they were committing massive atrocities they did what they thought was best for their nation. So, as you can see, circumstances always will dictate; which is how an entire nation finds itself doing horrible things that almost no individual citizen would ever condone. Hopefully it never happens here…

    • Well Chance I usually have an open mind about words, however saying no man controls his circumstances is disingenuous.

      Hitter rose to power not because of circumstances but by men supporting him and a majority that couldn’t be bothered to have an opinion or take action to change the circumstances.

      One always has s choice

      • Thanks for pointing out what should be the obvious but unfortunately is so misunderstood by young people and liberal thinkers all over . Character and choice is what determines whether someone chooses to be good or do evil . Circumstances are only the obstacles or blessings one encounters along the way . Character can be instructed and choices can be molded but the evil doer is ultimately the owner of their behavior .

      • Mr. Chance obviously has never heard of the Rape of Nanjing. That happened several years before we “backed Tojo into a corner.”

  12. This is why the word “violence” is always used. It conflates what the attacker does with what is done in defending against the attack, making them the same evil thing in the mind. He is just being clearer about what the thought process is.

  13. Concede the point that evil cannot be defeated by guns. Fine, okay, evil is a concept. (As a side note, this acknowledgement is interesting and unusual in ita own right.)

    However, human beings that act in evil ways most assuredly can be stopped by guns. Or rather, bullets, which generally require a gun as a launching mechanism.

  14. You should be carrying while jogging for the same reason you carry while watching your TV at home, or mowing your lawn. That is, because you carry everywhere! People have been attacked by crazed killers literally everywhere imaginable, this article seems to be asking if you should tool up specifically to go jogging, and the answer is “of course not”. Neither should you leave your EDC all alone while you go jogging without it.

    • I imagine a lot of folks don’t carry as much as they should, because it’s an inconvenience. This can be overcome by simply purchasing a NAA mini revolver in 22 magnum. They are quite small, and can fit in any article of clothing, even underware, in case you are inclined to limit yourself to that type of wear.
      I carry mine in my front pocket 24/7, and very seldom notice that it’s there. Even when I “tool up” the little magnum is still in my pocket!

  15. The Ojibwe tradition tells us that two wolves live within each person. One is good and the other evil. A young man asked a wise elder which one wins in the end. The old man said, “the one you feed.”

    Every good person has the seeds of evil within them. Every person who does evil has seeds of good in them as well. It all depends on which seeds sprout and are nurtured.

  16. Twisted logic from a Liberal that contains NO common sense. This is not a surprise. In his mind it is evidently much better to be a victim and let “evil” win. Sorry Buddy, not this guy.

  17. Evil cannot be defeated by guns, only cops (With guns) and soldiers (with guns).
    At least that’s what I’d assume he would say, since he wouldn’t be happy if we sent a cop without a gun to help him fight evil.

  18. Logic like this guy states is one reason why violent offenders walk among us instead of being locked up in prison. He seems unable to put the blame were it belongs, on the Perp. He thinks that “evil” is the cause of people being attacked and killed. And that is how the Liberal Thought Process works to harm the rest of us. It is exactly because of the Liberal Policies on Criminals that we have more of a need for guns to protect ourselves.

  19. I he analogizing the carrying of firearms for lawful, moral purposes with evil?

    Because as I always understood it, evil was the domain of Malum In Se:

    In other words an act, whether legal or prohibited, that is in and of itself wrong. So please, Mr. Schultze, how is it evil when I do it and not when the police or military do it? I’d love to hear the logic – if any – used to reach this conclusion.

  20. I just read through that drivel at the articles source and vomited a little bit in my mouth.

    Since when is self defense “evil.”

    The cultural divide between us grows amazingly wide.

  21. We rely on guns because we give up, cede the fight to evil and join right in.

    So, what? You propose we fight evil with marshmallows?

  22. Next time your among anti’s and half through the conversation ask them if they walk to school or bring a lunch?

    Their brain stops and tries to process what you said. At that moment I usually say, notice how your mind went blank for a moment. My mind does that when you say I can not lawfully protect myself with the most cost effective tool made.

  23. I can help end little Jimmy’s confusion. The word he is looking for is denial and it ain’t just a river in Egypt.

  24. “If ye love wealth better than liberty,
    the tranquility of servitude
    better than the animating contest of freedom,
    go home from us in peace.
    We ask not your counsels or your arms.
    Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.
    May your chains set lightly upon you,
    and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”
    Sam Adams

    • I love Sam and Tom and Ben and John and most of those guys , I would have had their back then and I’ll have their back now .
      Mike Lee , Daniel Webster , Gohmert , Jim Jordan , Mr. Bridenstine , Mulvaney , Justin Amash and the rest of the guys that are fighting the devil himself to restore American Constitutional government .

  25. I guarantee he carries a cell phone to feel safe. Because he thinks calling 911 will save his life in the worst case scenario.

    • Aside from being a VERY slow way to return fire, how is dialing 911 on a cell phone any different from carrying a gun? The point either way is to have a gun fight your battle for you.

  26. The linked opinion piece is illiterate drivel. The author apparently knows nothing of social history. He relies repeatedly on variations of “need I even explain this?” to drag his reader on to his next fact-bereft paragraph. I can only wonder who buys that Dallas newspaper.

    • I may be wrong, it has happened before, but I believe someone above said it was the dallas Observer. I also believe said paper is one of those free rags you find in the unlocked racks next to “legitimate” newspapers. Wait, is “legitimate” the word I wanted? Well, y’all know what I mean.

  27. “We rely on guns because we give up, cede the fight to evil and join right in.” – Jim Schultze

    And there you have it. Gun-grabbers see you as evil if you use a firearm. Whether or not you are a good person using a firearm for righteous self-defense or a violent criminal looking to attack your fellow man doesn’t matter. This is why our words do not matter to gun-grabbers. No amount of data, logic, justification, or social utility matters because our very act of possessing and using firearms is, by their definition, evil.

  28. This kind of thinking comes from moral primitivtism. The exact same action is evil in one set of circumstances, and so good it’s a moral imperative in another. It’s bad to lie to enrich yourself; it’s good to lie so the family hiding from the genocidal death squads aren’t discover. It’s evil to kill innocents; it would have been a great good for someone to kill Adam Lanza as he entered the school.

    People who write articles like the above are so morally primitive they can’t distinguish the difference. They see the act, which can be unpleasant, and shrink away.

  29. This is fairly typical unctuous treacle that comes from various quarters in American politics – going back for the entire history of our nation.

    There have always been people who have thought themselves sophisticated and advanced by proclaiming their passive and pacific nature. The brutal truth of these self-appointed and preening pecksniffs is, however, that they’re allowed to engage in such farcical thinking and actions by the exertions of better men than they, men who know that acquiescence in the face of aggression and evil leads to only more of the same.

  30. Guns and violence are not only means to perpetrate evil but also the necessary means to destroy evil. How does this guy think murderers are stopped? With bullets or the threat of bullets.

    “It is missing the point to think that the martial art is solely in cutting a man down. It is not in cutting people down; it is in killing evil. It is the stratagem of killing the evil of one man and giving life to ten thousand.”
    —Yagyu Munenori, The Life-Giving Sword (William Scott Wilson translation)

  31. So…. evil cannot be defeated, right? I guess I’ll go jump off a bridge. But it’s cold as hell, and five miles away.

    I’ll wait until spring.

  32. Another idiot who glorifies victimhood, and considers allowing yourself to be maimed, raped or murdered is somehow morally superior to fighting back against evil.

    He deserves no consideration or respect whatsoever.

  33. Yeah it’s this same ignorant drivel over and over. Guns are evil, you are evil if you like them, you are stupid if you think they can be used for good, blah blah blah.

    Never mind the thousands and maybe millions of defensive gun uses. Never mind that we can, do, and must arm cops and security. Never mind that we wouldn’t even be here if not for successfully winning any number of very important national and global conflicts. Especially those were in which we were compelled to take up arms for defense or be eradicated.

  34. He started off with a clue, then went off the rails…

    Gun Control will never have even the tiniest impact on bad people who want to do bad things.

    No. Having a gun doesn’t make me bullet proof. It gives me a fighting chance. A maybe. A maybe is better than a definitely not even if it’s not a guaranteed win.

    Then he started talking about ceding evil… What? Where? How? Huh? I think he’s off his meds… WTF? I can jam totally unrelated sentences and concepts together, too!

    Fish breathe water! I woke up with a boner this morning!

    Now, what does one have to do with the other? Is my seed evil? He’s about to find out as he chokes on my…

  35. Let’s ask the anti gun crowd to take an oath that they will never call the police, since the police will be carrying a gun.

  36. What kind of utter moron attaches a mental and emotional state to a piece of metal and polymer? Might as well say cars are evil too since people kill with them.

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