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“I would hate to have something happen to any employee and think, ‘Gee, if I’d told them about gun ownership and given them the training (for) defending themselves…’ We’ve never had a problem in the office or anything but, just, the world’s a dangerous place.” – Attorney Eric Puryear in Davenport attorney gives employees bonuses to carry guns [at]

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  1. Can…can I work for you? Do I get multiple bonuses for carrying multiple guns?

    • As an unemployed paralegal certified by the ABA and currently misplaced as a lab rat this sounds like nirvana!!!


  2. Winner. Hats off to Eric for seeing reason and giving his employees the freedom to choose.

  3. My boss paid for the CHL class for anyone who wanted to take it. About 40 people.. I think I’m the only one who carries though.

  4. A laywer? A black man? Women carrying?
    I can just see all the anti pinheads running into walls and screaming in confusion.

  5. My boss added a ’94 winchester to my collection last xmas. Had it engraved with our company logo. I’m pretty good at my job.

  6. Yeah, I get to carry at work. I’m in the timber industry; driving a Kenworth in the Minnesota forests. Black bear can be cranky, I heard.

  7. My boss carries, I carry, and at least 2-3 others do as well that I know of, in a business with 10 employees. He’s a gun guy, and always brings in his newest acquisitions to show off. One small perk of living in Alabama.

  8. My bosses (at a medical courier company) encourage carry and pay for CHL expenses. In return, when I saw that one of them had ball in their Shield I explained the problem and bought them HSTs for Christmas.

  9. I work for a large company.

    You can guess what that means. No firearms, no weapons, no ammo. I can’t even have ammo purchases shipped to work should I have no one at home to sign for them.

    (That works out for a buddy of mine, who can order some and then claim it’s actually for me when his wife (pro gun) is worried about the finances.)

  10. Gaak. The comments on that story. Can someone with an account please fill in the obvious hole in F4XTRAFN’s “logic” (he claims we never see people shoot back at spree shooters because we are cowards, missing the fact that they happen in Gun Free Zooes).

      • It was astounding how fast the spree at that one mall in Oregon went down the memory hole. It did splash all over the nationwide news services until they realized they’d forgotten to check on why/how it ended.

  11. I applaud his openness to his employee’s choice to carry, but think the bonus incentives to carry are misguided. The last thing you want is somebody carrying who is uncomfortable doing so, but feels like they need the money.

  12. My sister works for a financial advisor who is a .45 fan (Kimber), and likes .22 target pistols. A few years back, the folks in her office were wondering what to get him for a group Christmas present (he always gives out really nice gifts to his employees). I suggested a few bricks of .22LR (this was back before the 2012/13 panic and empty shelves). They got him 3 bricks of .22s – he thought it was one of the best presents he had ever received …

  13. Well, our policy says we must carry the departmental primary weapon, fully loaded, while in uniform and driving any departmental vehicle while on-duty. Secondary weapons of .38 Special – .45 ACP are authorized. Secondary weapons, without a primary duty weapon, are authorized only when driving a personally-owned vehicle to and from court. All that seems somewhat reasonable, except we don’t have a choice in our primary duty pistol. If we did, I’m thinking I would carry a Sig 226 Tac Ops 9mm or a Sig X Five All Around 9mm.

    Conversely, non-uniformed personnel with CCW permits are prohibited from carrying while on duty on specified state property pursuant to PC 171(b). I may have the PC section or subsection incorrect. However, we don’t have metal detectors. And concealed means concealed.

  14. So … people responsible enough to use their initative on behalf of your company, doing the work, creating an image, and yes, exposing you to liability if they mess up, may also be responsible enough to protect themselves at need – er – responsibly.

    Huh. Who’d have thought it.

    /End Sarc

  15. I was surprised when I started a new job this year and saw they don’t allow guns in the building. It’s a small, family owned business and the family members who own / run it are very conservative. Maybe after I’ve got at least a year under my belt, I’ll ask my boss what’s up with that.

  16. It warms my heart to hear of so many bosses/companies that allow/encourage carry among their employees. I have never heard of this, outside of the handful of gun shops I’ve worked at (usually part time) over the last several decades.

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