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“Make no mistake: Whether it’s guns on campus, lowering or eliminating permitting requirements for concealed carry, or pushing for open carry of handguns, it’s just an attempt by the gun lobby, and the lawmakers who carry out their wishes, to put more guns in more places, no questions asked. For decades, the gun lobby has pushed in state legislatures for laws that profit gun manufacturers, but now Moms Demand Action is pushing back in all 50 states, so that these attempts no longer go unchecked.” – Shannon Watts in GOP-Controlled State Legislatures Passing Wave Of Bills Expanding Gun Rights [at]

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  1. And as soon as bloomberg stops the checks to her she’ll drop the cause. If the NRA could out bid bloomberg she would be their new pro gun spokesperson tomorrow.

    • Moms Packing Firepower?

      Perhaps just as well … I can’t say I’m all that impressed – thankfully – with how effective her organization has been. Certainly she hasn’t provided the sponsor’s desired result.

      Being on the side of truth might help … But historically that’s not really slowed a good propagandist down.

    • ^^^Exactly. I’ve always gotten the idea that dear, sweet Shannon would shill for anything she was paid handsomely for, and that her heart really wasn’t in this deal.

    • Ya all should be thankful for her ineffective leadership. Any change will create backlash from someone, its better to oppose someone who is a mere token than a real threat. The weak opponent will suck up the anti-gun money and media coverage like a vacuum cleaner.

    • Yup! She is a professional PR flak through and through. She won’t engage in public debate, uses only prepared statements, touts the employer’s line…if there’s anything more fake than astroturf this is it…

      The standardized tactics among the mom’s providing testimony on the TX bills, is not the stuff of grassroots… They all use almost identical wording “I’m representing myself, but volunteer with MDA/Gunsense…” Then each will take a different tact. One will talk for instance, how campus carry will kill free debate in college. The next uses the increased costs for colleges and impact on research, and so on. That way they hit all the anti-points. Too polished.

      • Since when is MDA in favor of free debate? They block comments on their videos, delete even modest and fact-based pro-gun postings on their Facebook pages while allowing blatant calls for violence against lawful gun owners and their families, and ban anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

        • That’s the point. It’s a polished PR machine. It never was about “a common sense discussion on gun safety”. This is a very specific, targeted and well financed campaign, whose spokesperson is well versed on being on the other side…ie Monsanto.

    • Now that is some appropriate Machiavellian thinking right there! What would it take? $2M per year? $3M? Quite frankly, I think the NRA would be stupid not to outbid Bloomberg for her services. The transformation would actually be quite easy as well. She can have her come-to-god moment when she went for a jog alone, during the wee hours of the morning, and she was attacked by some random dark shadowy figure, and then she admits that she has carried for a while for her own protection. She can no longer be a hypocrite and must come clean. Victory sealed. Think of all of the women’s minds she could change instantly. I would be willing to chip in $20 for her salary.

  2. > “All 50 states”

    Right, sure. I barely heard a peep from them (no press releases covered here, no stories of demonstrations, nothing) in opposition to Ohio’s HB 234 which lowered the CCW class time requirement from 12 to 8 hours, and required CLEO signoff on NFA paperwork. They choose their battles, like we do.

    • Same thing in Wisconsin on the bill to eliminate our outdated 48 hour handgun waiting period. No Mommies Demanding Assassination of Gun Owners rallying, even in Madison.

      • As much as I abhor the 48 hour waiting period, it makes sense on first purchases, but if I have a CCW, it should be waved. I already have guns, and carry one, what benefit to society does it provide that I wait?

        It’s worth pointing out that the 48 hour law predates Wisconsin’s CCW legislation by decades.

    • Heck, the “president” of their Wyoming “chapter” lives in Denver, Colorado. How astroturfy is that?

    • MDA’s not even putting effort into fighting the bipartisan bill in Washington that would effectively neuter I-594 (anyone with a CPL or badge–i.e. legal gun owners–would be exempt).
      I don’t think they really exist, except when somebody writes a check to hire some agitators.

      It reminds me of the labor protests I used to see in Phoenix, where they’d hire undocumented day laborers to walk the picket line.

  3. Is it just me or do her eyes not look symmetrical? Has she had plastic surgery since she has become the face of Michael Bloomberg?

        • …or maybe there really IS a gun owner out there who finally succumbed to the antis’ relentless characterization of gun owners as demonic and eeevil causing him/her to create a voodoo doll in Watts’ likeness and stick some pins in her face.

        • I only brought it up because it looked like she had had some bad plastic surgery. I know that when certain people get there 15 minutes of fame they like to go and get cosmetic surgery done to enhance their looks. Because she is the face of the anti gun movement I thought maybe Bloomberg had paid for her plastic surgery and maybe it did not go as well as one would like. Anti gunners are very narcissistic.

    • Could be from Bell’s palsy.

      I had it as a child and now one side of my face is slightly paralyzed from the facial nerve damage.

      It’s difficult to notice that one side of my face slightly droops in person, but in pictures it’s noticeable.

  4. Collectively, we need to push back. Twice as hard, so to speak.

    We keep winning small here and there, and that’s a good thing. We can’t let up.
    Funny thing is, for them, it’s all about the money. If we gun owners and “guns” we’re so evil, space cadet kelly with his puppet, shannon, et al would all join forces. But they won’t. Because it’s all about the money.

    • Interesting point about the multiple Anti-organizations. Even so, they seem to be more cohesive about their issues: against every aspect of guns; for every possible infringement. It does seem clear that their sources of funding are more concentrated.
      Our sources of funding are quite diverse; almost entirely coming from dues and modest contributions from individual voters. We on the 2A side are also quite divisive. I suppose that is understandable. The Anti’s can get the donors of 90% of their funding in one small room; the Pro-2A side can’t get 20% of their donors in a football stadium. Even so, this diversity of opinion prevents us from concentrating our efforts on the most important issues.
      To illustrate, consider Constitutional Carry and National Reciprocity. Which of these two is more important to the long-term game; which the more tactical? Will enough Congressmen vote for National Reciprocity to overcome a Presidential veto? How important is it to free the last 10 Won’t Issue States? We seem to gathering momentum within the confines of each State’s local politics? Will it be better to deeply entrench 2A rights in Free-States before expecting Congressmen to pass our reforms?

      • “Even so, this diversity of opinion prevents us from concentrating our efforts on the most important issues.”

        Truth. This is why I’m shocked that the battle for M855 hasn’t been lost already. I was pretty certain that we didn’t have a chance.

        The pro-gun side is such a diverse group that it’s not possible to have a concentrated effort for gun rights. I would love nothing more than to see the N.Y. SAFE Act repealed, as well as drop the 10 round magazine limits in all states that have it. Other people are more worried about open/constitutional carry, and others still are worried about suppressors, fully automatic rifles, and other NFA goodies.

      • Interesting points. The pro-2A side is also made up of a range from absolutists to gun owners that support “reasonable gun control” and “support the 2A but…”. There is a wide enough difference to expect a divisive result.

        While I think some of the same can be said about the anti-2A individuals they seem more likely to jump on board with gun control that doesn’t exactly mesh with their views just because they are “doing something”. There is not a significant percentage saying “I support gun control but…” Anti-gun blogs with an Idiot Gun Grabber of the Day award? Never.

        The anti-2A groups are another story and do not appear to ever see proposed gun control they don’t love. They might sometimes wait to acknowledge it until a law is passed and then take credit but even that is rare.

    • I always find it funny how they always say the gun lobby is just a shill for the gun manufacturer’s to sell more guns. When are they going to realize that the threat of gun control sells more guns than the gun lobby ever can. It’s not much different than the Hostess situation. When people heard that they might not be able to get Twinkies any longer, there was a massive run on them.

      • It’s also pure projection because they literally do the bidding of the anti-gun lobby, the difference is Shannon is directly paid by one of the largest single lobbyists while we pay to support our way of life with our time and money. What’s sad is some actually buy into the doublespeak when it’s literally the opposite of the truth.

      • Maybe she and Mayor Mike the Mental Midget are the real shills for the gun industry.

        Think about it:
        * They’re trying to get school endowments, pension plans, hedge funds, and other large investors to dump their firearms stocks
        * That sort of well timed, massive dumping of stocks would decrease stock price of every manufacturer
        * They’re pushing for the kinds of laws that increase gun sales

        Clearly they’re involved in a secret plot to depress the market price of gun manufacturers so they Mike can buy them at a fraction of their true value and become even richer.

  5. Right on. Make them pushback against our pushback. Otherwise, we get pushed all the way back into the corner. I don’t mind a little shoving match when it comes to our god given rights.

    • Like you said, it’s push back or get pushed out. Same with free speech, or 4th amendment rights, or 5th amendment rights. Same with sane foreign policy toward protecting the USA. Or freeing up the economy toward increased prosperity. Fight or die. It’s just such a shame that so much time and money is wasted just trying to keep the enemies of America at bay when we could be putting those resources toward increased prosperity and strength. Imagine what we could be now if we didn’t have the 5th column left pulling us as hard as they can toward poverty and weakness.

  6. What’s she “pushing back” with again? A marshmallow, a piece of rope, an ice bicycle? Whatever it is, I haven’t felt it.

  7. “…for laws that profit gun manufacturers…”

    More like laws that protect gun rights. Also, what is wrong with gun manufacturers profiting? Every companies’ goal is to profit.

    Sounds like nothing but gun hate.

    • All part of the spin. If they admitted they were opposing private citizens who wish to exercise their rights, they would sound like the totalitarians they are. But by claiming they’re going after the “gun lobby” and “gun manufacturers”, why they’re just sticking up for the little guy against these big, evil corporate interests.

      You know, like that evil corporation Shannon used to be a PR shill for…Monsanto.

    • It’s easier to demonize a company or companies than a large group of people … especially if your hope is to convert some of those people.

      For instance, bank charges … Do you try to educate the idiots who don’t bother to track their spending and always hit overdraft limits, or do you demonize the bank who charges them for violating their service agreement?

      Banks don’t vote.

    • We’re missing an opportunity guys!
      We ought to acknowledge that large publicly-traded corporations have a majority of the gun manufacturing dollar volume. We ought to respond by our own advocacy campaign to promote small, entrepreneurial, manufacturers and – above all – our beloved 80% receiver manufacturers.
      Uncommitted voters should understand that heavy regulation of the legitimate market for guns (licensing manufacturers, distributors and dealers, making them account – by serial number – for every unit of merchandise) enhances the influence of profit. We PotG ought to promote hobbyist gun-smithing to displace the profit motive with the love of craftsmanship and independent spirit of gun ownership.
      I’d go so far as to promote Federal legislation to reel-in ATF constraints on hobbyists’ self-help “build parties” and use of commercial machine-shops’ tooling for hand-crafted components.
      I’m confident in the salutary impact on the uncommitted voter once they realize that we Dads-of-the-Gun are eager to make common cause with the Moms in democratizing gun-making, keeping and using.

  8. She says we’re just, “trying to get more guns in more places,” as if this is a revelation of some sort. As long as you exclude criminals from that statement, it’s like, well, DUH! Where’d you park your squad car, Dick Tracy? Did any of ya’ll attend the meeting where we all said we were gonna keep that agenda on the downlow? I musta missed it.

    • More guns (in the hands of the law-abiding), less crime. It has worked everywhere it’s been tried.

      Let’s compare that to the track record of restricting the ability of the law-abiding to exercise their constitutionally protected rights to keep and bear arms, shall we?

      Yes: more guns in the hands of the law-abiding, in as many places as possible.

  9. I’d like to thank Shannon Watts for bringing Gun-Sense™ to all 50 states. Without the specter of her threat looming over our rights, I doubt the push to reclaim the rights that have been infringed over the last 80 years would be quite so strong. Thank you, Shannon, for getting us up off our complacent butts to fight and to kick your astroturfed ass.

    • I’m struggling with how to spell this notion of “Gun-Sense™”. I can’t decide whether to prefer:
      – “Gnu-Sense” vs.
      – “Gnon-Sense”

      The former would seem to be complemented nicely by a graphic image of the gnu species of antelope. (Entomology: Taken from Nama, likely onomatopoeic of the grunt-type noise of the gnu.)

  10. “Whether it’s guns on campus, lowering or eliminating permitting requirements for concealed carry, or pushing for open carry of handguns, it’s just an attempt by the gun lobby, and the lawmakers who carry out their wishes, to put more guns in more places, no questions asked. For decades, the gun lobby has pushed in state legislatures for laws that profit gun manufacturers”

    Well, thank you Captain Obvious! 🙂

  11. “Make no mistake: Whether it’s opposing guns on campus, refusing to lower or eliminate permitting requirements for concealed carry, or banning the open carry of handguns, it’s just an attempt by the anti-gun lobby, and the lawmakers who carry out their wishes, to disarm the people, no questions asked. For decades, the gun control lobby has pushed in state legislatures for laws that infringe upon the natural rights of the people, but now we the people are pushing back in all 50 states, so that these attempts no longer go unchecked.”
    Two can play that game, and you can quote me on that…

  12. The day I get my news from Huffandpuffingtonpost is the day I get my Comerade ring and start marching funny. The one good thing about Shannon Watts being up front is that she is so blatantly false that anyone with a single synapse left in their cranium can see right through her.

  13. I get cold chills when I see those eyes looking out at me.

    The eyes if a tyrant that has utter and complete contempt for me, for my life and my freedon.

    The eyes of a person that desires all women to be helpless and defenseless to the superior strength of a male rapist.

    The eyes of a person that can can look upon mass murder of men, women and children that have been disarmed by a government with it’s monopoly of force and call it just, right anf good.

    When I see those eyes, I see the embodiment of evil.

    • “When I see those eyes, I see the embodiment of evil.”

      Dirk sees a new pic for his ‘Shannon’ folder…

  14. Exactly correct, so what is their point? MDA, OTOH, wishes to infringe on natural rights in order to profit MDA, and increase their salaries paid by a single madman with an irrational agenda. Meanwhile, all those decades they mention have been accompanied by falling crime rates, what is their complaint?

  15. It’s not the F%^&^*-ing Gun Lobby that’s creating heartburn. It’s the voters in all 50 states that are demanding their elected representatives earn their money for a change. If it really was just the “Gun Lobby” then Moms demanding satisfaction might have a chance. Instead they are trying to fight the will of the people and the simple fact is that time and numbers are not on their side. They will win the occasional victory with the infusion of massive amounts of money and outright lies in some places, but over time, the ground is shifting.

    Here’s a message to gun rights haters and fear mongers – take a good look at the states where gun control is strong. Move to them now. Eventually they will be the only places where your looney control freak ideas will be respected. Get out of the those states where you are losing ground because you are not going to get it back and eventually the people in those states will see you for the loony control freaks that you are. I’m sorry to my gun loving colleagues in states like California, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, but those ships are sinking. No amount of patching is going to keep them afloat. Either prepare to live with increasing restrictions or find a way to relocate.

    • “…No amount of patching is going to keep them afloat.”


      But if we can just wait long enough the ship will go under and we can rescue the survivors.

  16. That’s right, Shannon, keep beating that drum…

    Everytime anti’s folks push harder, guns sales increase, which makes their failures a lose, lose proposition.

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  18. Nobody is expanding gun rights. At best, they are restoring the protections of rights that have been infringed.

  19. I have a small-ish dog that will try and kill anything on the other side of the fence. Anything no matter how big or small or dangerous, it is on the other side of the fence it has to die. And that dog is going to bark it to death through the fence just you watch!

    However…. if you open the gate and let her come face to face with whatever it is and she is suddenly very submissive and quiet.

    Mrs Watts seems to me to be just like my dog. She talks all big and bad when she can control the message and the medium, when she has a fence between her and the world. But! Open the gate and let her get face to face and suddenly she has to be behind armed guards for her own safety.

  20. And the expansion of right-to-carry is a bad thing because…?

    I’ve not heard one valid, logical, moral, and coherent argument yet as to why it would be. Still waiting, Watts.

  21. Sabre-Rattling! Unfortunately for Needs A Nose Job Shannon Watts, she and her group are of no consequence. Most of their rallies only have 5 or six adults and are failures in terms of their objective.
    They are desperate to keep the issue of guns on the forefront. What do they consider an achievement? Getting some private company to cave in to their demands. Whoopty Doo.
    Kroger told them to kick rocks.

    Gun control lost. Bloombags Billions can only do so much, no matter how much he spends, there comes a point that it becomes counter productive. Well, we have reached that point.
    Gun laws are being relaxed all over the country. Just in here in Washington State, Washington House Bill 1857, would have allowed judges to issue temporary “extreme risk” protective orders against people deemed dangerous to themselves and others, including requiring them to temporarily surrender their guns, died, with too little support to make it out of committee for a full vote.

    The writing is on the wall, read it. You lost.

  22. “Make no mistake: Whether it’s guns on campus, lowering or eliminating permitting requirements for concealed carry, or pushing for open carry of handguns, it’s just an attempt by the gun lobby, and the lawmakers who carry out their wishes, to put more guns in more places, no questions asked.”

    You’re absolutely right. Where’s the problem?


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