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Quote of the Day: A Right Delayed is a Right Denied Edition


“During the years in which the Legislature has failed to pass campus carry legislation, high-profile shootings have occurred at the University of Texas at Austin and several blocks from the Texas A&M campus in College Station, and a stabbing incident in which more than a dozen people were wounded took place at Lone Star College’s Cy-Fair campus. These locations are currently classified as ‘gun-free zones,’ but in reality, they are simply places where [concealed handgun license holders] are rendered defenseless against criminals under current law.” – NRA-ILA statement in Texas college students may soon be able to carry their guns to class [at]


  1. avatar David B. says:

    A more pithy way to say it is “A right delayed is a right spayed.”

  2. avatar Sixpack70 says:

    It’s such a simple concept that people who are supposedly intelligent can’t or won’t grasp.

    1. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:


  3. avatar the ruester says:

    The last paragraph of that article quotes a representative of TX mawms demand, but fails to acknowledge that she also teaches at one of these universities.

  4. avatar C.S. says:

    Of course the WP readers don’t get it… I want laws, but I want fewer laws. I don’t seem to be so smart as they are to be able to read, memorize, and follow the Encyclopedia Britannica of each state, city, and the federal government just so I can get about my daily life. Capital murder and their associated penalties are good enough for me.

  5. avatar TX Gungal says:

    “It’s disturbing to see some of our lawmakers ignoring the majority of Texans and college stakeholders who oppose guns on campus and instead bowing to the gun lobby and extremist interests,” Sandy Chasse of the Texas chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America”

    Says who?, outside of touchy feely Austin, gated, home alarm systems subdivisions in Dallas Houston and San Antonio, over priced dens of liberal indoctrination ? Texas Politicians tend to dance with the one who bung em, if they want to get re-elected.

    1. avatar MarkPA says:

      Sounds like not enough Texans who valued their gun rights have gone to the polls in earlier elections. Apparently, they only made their voices heard – by voting – in the last election.
      As disgusted as we all are about the political system, boycotting the polls leaves them in control of the Anti’s and those most hostile to conservatives and libertarians. We need to learn to hold our noses and vote – albeit ineffectually – for the least bad candidate. More importantly, we need to contribute to the campaigns of good candidates whether they are running in our district/State.

  6. avatar JWM says:

    Rights delayed/denied? *SIGH* Alameda County CA resident. I know all about rights denied.

  7. avatar Mediocrates says:

    and the very definition of Karma would indicate they get what they deserve…

  8. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    We should start a campaign

  9. avatar ThomasR says:

    Unuversities, Institutions of Higher Learning?

    More like Institutions for the mentally handicapped.

    Handicapped by delusion, denial, and wishful thinking that ignores all fact, history and practical experience.

    On top of which the students coming out will have hundreds of thousands in debt for the privilege of being indoctrinated in a freedom destroying belief system.

    1. avatar juliesa says:

      Plus they fail to protect the students and staff while denying them the right to protect themselves. I have come to loathe the academic world.

  10. avatar Gatha58 says:

    What is so special about colleges and universities anyway ? Adults make up the population, right? If someone has a concealed carry permit why shouldn’t it be respected on any campus ? I don’t get it. In fact, what is so special about many places where guns are not permitted ? Why are certain places deemed to be “gun free zones” while others are not ? Can anyone explain this to me ? Why are hospitals gun free zones in most cases? Why theaters ? Why Federal Buildings ? Is there really a logical reason that someone that has been vetted and determined to be able to carry a weapon legally should have to leave it in their car or at home when going into one of these places ? Seems like most of these laws are for criminals but they only seem to affect law abiding citizens. Makes NO sense to me.

  11. avatar MN Nice says:

    If it weren’t for the Clery Act (1990), public institutions of higher learning would not only continue to deny american’s right of self defense on campus, they would continue to avoid collecting crime statistics needed to determine levels of student risk.

    To expect higher education leadership to change viewpoints on campus carry after they had to be dragged kicking and screaming into open dialog about campus security by force of law is a pipe dream.

    Students and the general public need to empower themselves to enact change – as they have done recently in numerous states.

  12. avatar Tam says:

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