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DC Police Chief Lanier (courtesy

“Your options are run, hide, or fight. If you’re in a position to try and take the gunman down, to take the gunman out, it’s the best option for saving lives before police can get there.” – Washington, D.C., Police Chief Cathy Lanier [via CBS’ 60 Minutes]

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    • Perhaps she not really against conceal carry. Maybe the light went on and somebody’s home but she know if she speaks out directly she loses her job.

      I read her statement ad people tool up!

    • Time to start practicing my Magnum. No, not a firearm–the show-stopping look. It’s nowhere near ready. I shouldn’t even be talking about it!

    • Saw this interview. .

      While she spoke I was thinking: the gall of this disarmist police chief. She puts up every obstacle she can to personal carry, but expects the same citizens she would keep disarmed to step in without adequate tools to interrupt an armed shooter while her cops make their way to the scene.

      I could see by her facial expressions even Chief Lanier was having trouble with that logic.

      Lacking “common sense” is her statement? Absolutely, just like the rest of the anti-gunners, and other likeminded one size fits all big city police chiefs looking for an easy, quick non-existent solution to human violence.

    • She’s not talking about us the huddled masses waiting to be slaughtered. She be talking bout de PoLEECE.

      • No she’s not. She says to take them out before the police get there because the police can’t react fast enough to stop people being murdered.

        Yeah, no kidding. She’s brilliant.

        • If you throw enough unarmed bodies at the problem, maybe the bad guy will run out of ammo before the cops show up?

          Slow roll, for officer safety.

        • I guess she was talking to the powerful, wealthy, diplomaticslly immune and celibrated and maybe also thugs, gang members and professional oppressors of the vulnerable. . Those people who get dc permits or the ones who don’t need one. She sure wan’t talking to the huddled masses.

  1. Yes, I watched this too and she has got to be the biggest hypocrite I have ever seen on television, or one of the stupidest people if she can not draw the obvious parallels here. God helps us all.

  2. “What do you expect us to use man, harsh language?” – Marine Frost from Aliens.

    In an era of microagressions and safe spaces, it’s actually not laughable or over the top to believe this lefty would actually believe hurtful words would cause more harm to terrorists than a bullet.

    • “microagressions and safe spaces”
      I actually had to look up what those terms meant. I am not better for having done that.

      • Unless you’ve taken a gender studies course in college, there’s no way you could’ve known of them.

        That’s the only place they have any meaning.

        • Yes, but all those oatmeal-brained grads will be in the workforce soon. They’ll be offended over EVERYTHING, pi$$ing and moaning to HR on a daily basis about how everyone is offensive; racist, sexist homophobes; and they’ll need to be accommodated with their own “safe space”…….. Unless they all get jobs as baristas at Starbucks……. Lol

      • I’m sorry to be the one that brought these to your attention. Nobody is better off knowing these terms, but it will relate to 2A given what we’ve seen from movements like Black Lives Matter. The folks using these are loud, demanding, obnoxious, and good at prying on emotions of others. Consider the faculty’s freak out in Texas over campus carry, another round of emotion over logic.

        • Political correctness is imploding upon itself,look at what the communist lefties are doing to each other on college campuses and White students are being put in a position where they have to disagree with minorities instead of defending them.

        • I think Guest is on to something. All those universities dissolving into chaos are already bastions of PC run amok. With very few exceptions, got no sympathy at all for whoever is being forced to resign, crawfish, apologize, or sit there and be assaulted.

  3. Lanier is sure brave with other folks lives. Keeping her chargers disarmed. She is armed so what’s her problem? Honest law abiding folks are supposed to pull a flight 94 or whatever number it was Those brave people knew their odds of survival was near zero with no one to fly the plane. Odds on regular scared folks in a restaurant tackling a gunman is also near zero .

  4. I guess people should throw their I phones and I pads at them. Maybe a hot Starbucks coffee to face will work…..maybe a stern word or two….I swear these anti gun liberals are the dumbest creatures to walk this earth.

    • Eh, not since the local S’bucks turned down the temperature on its holiday beverages. Too many scalded tongues, I guess.

    • You forgot that between the DC police, FBI, Secret Service, etc., D.C. is the most secure place on the planet…until it’s not.

      • Yep. A Paris style attack would likely be for the most part over before all those agencies would be capable of responding. They might show up in time to take care of the few remaining suicide vests that failed to go off and establish martial law, I mean shelter in place.

      • What’s the response effort?

        How hard is it to obtain a permit in DC and what’s the denial ratio?

        If people think the effort is too great, with little chance of a favorable out come, then they would be less likely to even make an attempt.

  5. I hope someone in the MSM will do a followup interview and ask her how this may be possible since very, very few people in DC have been issued permits.

    Not holding my breath……

    • Considering that most of the inhabitants of D.C. are black, (convicted felons including the black politicians) is it any wonder?

    • oh boy. are ya’ll not able to understand yankee speech? what she means is for private citizens to arm themselves with sticks, stones, kitchen knives (probably not steak knives), bats, hammers, ropes (fer ropin” and tyin’), potatoes (stuff ’em in automobile tail pipes and aim the rear end of the car), flashlights (fer pointin’ ’em out to angry crowds), old auto tires (fer necklaces), gasoline (fer roastin’), shoes (fer stompin”). stuff like that. ya’ don’t need no guns if’n you are hero material.

      or jes cuss ’em with some of those really impressive and inventive words only people from jersey city can come up with. do whatever ya’ kin to keep ’em occupied/detained until the real heroes can arrive and control the crime scene.

      jes sayin’

  6. Don’t the police and terrorists know that having a gun is greatly increasing their risk of suicide, homicide, and accidents?

  7. “Oh crap, a terrorist! I’d better draw my trusty…”
    A) rape whistle
    B) pocket knife with blade under 4″
    C) cell phone
    D) car keys
    E) none of the above

    It appears that DC laws have limited me to no good options.

    • Maybe you could throw bacon at them? And hope the current odds hold up and they are the kind of terrorists you think they are? OTOH, you would probably run afoul of some kind of hate-crime law if you did that…

  8. When another attack happens in this country it will happen in DC, or New York, or one of the other gun free Utopias. You can bet it won’t happen in a free place where there is likely to be a dozen people with a concealed handgun. These elitists don’t care and the fools who believe them can’t put that together.

  9. As Ron White says, ‘you can’t fix stupid’, and there’s a lot of stupid in DC.

    • That’s correct. Basically – Take the shooter out! No, you can’t have any guns. We know the shooter has guns, but you can’t have any. Good Luck.

  10. I agree that her statements are illogical. Or she is just talking about armed police who could be on or off duty. However, we have to remember that she is appointed by the Mayor. So what she says is influenced by politics if she wants to keep her job. The Mayor and those who elected him are the real problem in Washington D.C..

  11. OK, I know coming from her those words are insanely ironic and hypocritical. But I say, take ’em and use ’em. Publicize that last few words–…”Take the gunman out, it’s the best option to save lives until the police get there”, and add what people with more than two brain cells can understand– “and the best way to take them out is the same way the police would–with a gun”.

    • At least Chief Lanier is batting .500 with this recommendation, unlike her predecessor Chief Moose, who was certain the Beltway Sniper would be apprehended by pulling over every white van under the sun.

  12. Or…perhaps cracks are forming bulwark of anti-gun rhetoric. Our strength as a nation is individual self reliance. Whenever a real threat exists, anti’s and infringers will insist citizens move forward from their well protected rear position, while restricting citizens the tool needed for success, then claim they’re winning when they finally arrive.

    People know when they’re being lied to. Time and again jihadist kill for no other purpose than to satisfy their lust for imposing their twisted Bronze Age idealogy on the world. Against drug this reality anti’s may realize the only way to survive this is the individual weapon carrier.

    Soon the word from local, state, and federal government will be…if you have a gun, carry it and use it when appropriate.

  13. This is just standard corporate speak. We had an active shooter training at work a few weeks ago. Same policies – no guns, you get fired; same guidance – run, hide, fight (if you use a fire extinguisher or scissors, you’re ok: use a gun, and you’re fired)

    • I would go with that, except for that little addendum: “it’s the best option for saving lives…” That seems like something the corporate-speakers wouldn’t want to say.

      • You’d think, but I think they are spooked. We got the new-reality, “the police aren’t here to protect you. They are here to stop the threat. You are responsible for your own safety.”

        I think there was a comment about how fighting may be the best option for saving lives, but it was probably prefaced with something about being better to run or hide.

        • Anti-Bear pepper spray may be an option in-office.

          Shoots 30 feet. Then bash his skull in with a fire extinguisher.

          Hey, it’s not a gun, you can argue you had a dog attack you once…

  14. A bit off topic, but WTF is it with these Chiefs of Police and their uniform epaulets sporting enough stars to give the impression of General Officer status? Now this copchick is even sporting a chest full of campaign and medal ribbons. Slow your roll – you aren’t military, so stop acting as if you are.

    BTW – back on topic, I like the previous response referencing Aliens – “What do you expect us to use man, harsh language?

  15. If she won’t allow ordinary Citizens to conceal carry, but meant her words to encourage those that carry illegally anyway to “take out terrorists” should the situation present itself, then she’s either making a meaningless statement or setting a trap to kill or arrest the “Illegal carriers” who take her statement to heart and act accordingly. The woman is truly evil.

  16. Nothing to add-just don’t go there or spend $(yeah I’m not including gubmint “legal” tax confiscation)…

  17. ” If you’re in a position to try and take the gunman down, to take the gunman out, it’s the best option for saving lives before police can get there.”

    Interesting words coming from somebody who thinks it’s her duty to make sure nobody in her city ever has access to tools which would make it possible to take a gunman out.

  18. I live in the DC area and heard the head of the DC police union on the radio today. He reported that DC has issued only 45 concealed carry permits.

    • i think she means take them out to a pub or restaurant, and keep them there until the police arrive.

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