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It hasn’t been a good weekend for New Orleans. First a good Samaritan is shot and would have been killed but for a jammed gun. Now comes reports of as many as 16 people shot at a party in a park following a local parade in the city’s ninth ward. “The scene around 7 p.m. was chaotic, with several people lying around the park’s main building and hats and possessions scattered all around the playground. Several ambulances are at the scene. New Orleans Police have cordoned off the park and blocked all streets leading to it.” If this keeps up, they’ll soon be calling New Orleans the Chicago of the South.

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    • Black lives only matter when they are killed by some other demographic besides black.

      The continued refusal of the NAACP and other prominent black leadership to acknowledge that the greatest source of oppression and homicide within their community are other blacks, simply causes the mind to boggle.

      I’m sure the headlines will read, “White Privilege blamed in shooting of 16 in New Orleans”

      • And now, the punchline:

        “At the end of the day it’s really hard to police against a bunch of guys who decide to pull out guns and settle disputes with 300 people between them,” Mayor Mitch Landrieu told reporters on the scene.

        And *I’m* supposed to lose my gun rights???

  1. ” If this keeps up, they’ll soon be calling New Orleans the Chicago of the South.”

    Yeah, they might.

    But it’s for certain that the more crap like this happens, the more the anti’s will scream, “See get rid of the guns!”

    LA is shall issue. No one at that party was carrying? Does NO have ordinances against it? State Pre-emption?

    • And they will scream not just ‘get rid of the guns’ they will also blame all the surrounding areas for not being tough like NO because the bangers have to go all the way over to Texas or Mississippi to get their guns to then drive all the way back to NO to go banging.

    • There are barely any restrictions for carrying a gun legally in Louisiana. It is also an open carry state as well, and I’ve never had any issues with law enforcement when I’ve open carried in NO.

  2. I bet you $100 that this shooting occurred over turf wars and gang violence I bet you any amount of money that’s what this was every time you get a large group of people together in a city That is congested as Louisiana Is You always get Some people that get drunk or on drugs and get in a fight that leads to gunfire it’s just the way it is with these mental midget gang banger. You know they’ve only been arrested a half a dozen to a dozen times with a rap sheet as long as your arm and keeps we dealing out because the district attorney or state’s attorney wants a high conviction rate so he lets these kinds of people Please some ridiculously easy deal and then while I return them to the streets where the police know I’m on a first name basis it happens all the time in every city and cosmopolitan area in the United States something has to be done about this district attorneys and these prosecuting attorneys about their conviction rates By seeing their sentencing recommendations. Put these pieces of garbage where they belong behind bars forever in end of story there’s only in every large community there’s only 100 to 200 repeat offenders that couldn’t be eliminated off the streets indefinitely and make society a safer place along with armed citizens. A skinny beat cop any patrol men they know the guys That need to be taken off the streets They deal with them on a weekly sometimes nightly basis its absolutely ridiculous our justice system and how it works Letting these delinquents Be severe raps Just because the state’s attorney or district attorney wants to have a conviction completion.

  3. What’s funny is this doesn’t surprise me. We expect mass “spray and pray” shootings from some segments of the population. Thankfully their aim sucks.

  4. You know, two years ago, not even the media would give three craps about this. It’s more or less New Orleans being goddamn New Orleans as it always is. It’s got high crime and resultant shootings.

    I goddamn hate election season nowadays with “gun control” being on the media’s mind left and right.
    I bet even the Democrats hate it, as they know it’s a losing (and painful to touch) issue that even they (outside from essentially invulnerable party leadership like the Clintons and Obama) keep getting forced into my media momentum.

  5. New Orleans is described as being at the mouth of the Mississippi River. If a river were an alimentary tract then the orifice where stuff goes out is at the other end.

    • “If a river were an alimentary tract then the orifice where stuff goes out is at the other end.”

      The only problem with that analogy is that where the river goes out is called the mouth (of the river)…

  6. My mother was from NO, she was born there 1918. I remember as a kid when people would say things like, “Well, New Orleans is bad now.” My mom would reply, “It’s always been bad, that’s why pirates hungout there.” I’m from Memphis, nothing surprises me anymore.

  7. I just hope when they figure out what happened, they report it. If it was gang-bangers with illegal weapons, report it!
    Or does that not meet the agenda of big media, Obama, Bloombag and the rest?

  8. If this was black on black violence than I doubt Obama or the mainstream media will be very excited about.

  9. Nice place to visit. Had some really good food there on the last trip there.
    Sounds like a place to stay away from now.

    • Stay away from now? When did you go? Because NO’s crime rate is lower now than it has been since 2000(and maybe longer, those are the only stats I can quickly find). It’s been a long time since it has been safer to go there. That place has always been a violent shithole.

  10. Gun free zone in the middle or a democrat ghetto…

    Golly, must be the Old Fat White Guys (who weren’t there) and their Guns (which also weren’t there) again…

    If Black Lives Matter so much, why do they keep killing each other?

    Black people kill black people waaaayyyyy more than white cops do. Seems if they actually gave a damn, they’d be focusing on something that actually matters instead… But, same goes for the whole gun control argument… Stepping over dollars to pick up imaginary dimes…

  11. This was Black on Black violence in an area where it is common. If you search the TTAG archive you may even find other stories of this particular area and the 9th ward in general.

    I feel sorry for the victims, but this was straight up gang shootings but the national media will never report that fact.

    • Few points:

      #1: Inner cities, like NO or Chicago or Providence/Pawtucket/CF are run by Dems. Dems “work” with many, many “anti-violence” groups that range from church groups from various denominations to straight up anti-gun groups to “anti-violence” groups (I put that in quotes because you can’t make a human response go away). These groups very often show up at legislative hearings for gun rights/control bills with usually the same mouthpieces every time. One particular mouthpieces named Teny Gross in Providence was publicly accused by a GOP legislator of financial irregularities and hiring felons who were continuing their lives of crime while in Gross’s employ.

      In a nutshell – they got groups for that purpose, i.e. preventing gang violence, but they’re just political operatives for the Dems. Keeping the cities run down and poor keeps the constituents voting for Dems.

      #2: Why is the Internet the only place where I hear “gang banger?” Never hear it in the real world and it sounds like an angry, old white person complaining about something they never see or know anything about.

      #3: Commenters on this article are pushing the racist envelope.

      • The observation that black people shoot black people – a lot – is not racist. The inner cities are known for that. Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke, a black man and gun rights advocate, is fully aware of this fact while simultaneously acknowledging the pitfalls of gun control. Clarke has even advocated for citizens to arm themselves in impoverished and violent urban areas.

        We’re too savvy to be shocked by your racism accusation. The truth is not racist – unless you are a liberal progressive.

        • Accura81, your post is nothing but the truth, and factual. However, if your white, you opinion doesn’t matter in Obama’s version of America….

      • “… it sounds like an angry, old white person complaining about something they never see or know anything about.”

        DING DING DING DING DING!!!! We have a winner!

        Now for the bonus question; if these old white people know so little about this way of life, why do insufferable liberal twits feel the need to blame them for it? How must they feel when they wake up, get their kids to school, put in a hard days work, and come back tired as a dog only to turn on the TV and hear how their centuries old traditions are somehow responsible for all of the gang violence that happened that day? “Angry,” maybe?

        Speaking as a non-old, non-white guy I can tell you that the blatant RACISM of the entire PC movement, and their despicable identity politics, are being exposed and rejected for the vile horsecrap it has always been.

      • Get your head out of your azz craig-plenty of folks use the word”gangbanger” in Chicago. Yeah I’m an OFWG but I got a black wife and 2 sons who are considered “black” by most(but not all). The dumbocrats are the scourge of black folks-that and everyone who blames the evil white man for their problems…

        • Thanks for that Royal Tony…there is an estimated 200000 gangbangers in Chiraq. The PC po-leece at it agin’…

  12. It’s the ninth ward of New Orleans. Doesn’t surprise me at all.

    I was there for hurricane Katrina relief, and got shot at more there than in Iraq or Bosnia.

    New Oreleans should be nuked.

  13. Don’t worry-Chicago still had a mass shooting (at least 4). Despite a record November snow, ice and cold. I have to dissent on a few comments. Black guys splatter does care when Blacks shoot blacks-when it’s a black cop. I had a lady friend at the gym(ex-military) who’s tiny black female cop buddy shot and killed a brown gal holding a cell phone. Her family got $18000000 even though she was with an idiot eluding the PO-leece. She thought it was a gun…and they’re about to release a video of a cop shooting a 17year old(16 times) caught slashing tires while high on PCP. THIS may turn into some bad shite. (The family already got 5.5 million)…stay tuned.

  14. “Several people shot at Bunny Friend Park in 9th Ward”

    Logically, I would guess it may have been Elmer Fudd.

  15. Hmmm, let’s see, good neighborhood? What was the ethnic group involved? Oh, I see. Gee, ya think this had anything to do with drugs?

  16. Thank god no actual human beings were hurt.

    I agree with everyone who noticed just how bad their aim was.

    It is a safe bet than none of these animals would be able to legally acquire a weapon and certainly lack any sort of formal training.

    Sixteen survivors is sixteen too many.

  17. Yeah…so, news as of this morning shows that this was GANG violence. Gathering of two groups of local thuglife representatives to “make a video,” police were already rolling to break up an unlawful gathering when the shooting started. So lets not give the anti-constitutionalists any more reason to pretend this was a mass shooting of ‘children at a park.’ It wasnt.

  18. Listened to NPR this morning, not one mention of this. Wonder why? You would think they would at least have interviewed some community organizer blaming the NRA.

  19. Enough! When will steps be taken to stop this scourge of white on white Amish killing? No, wait……

  20. I wanna see the Black Lies Matter assholes show up at this park and start burning shit down. If they don’t, it just proves their group is racist pack of sub human filth.

  21. Oh boy, there goes that demographic whose violence we have to blame on liberals again! Better fire up a long essay about slavery or how they aren’t reading enough John Stuart Mill.

  22. Two groups open fire on each other while one was filming a “music video.”

    In other words, a bunch of “aspiring rap artists” were flashing their (legal, I’m sure!) guns and making gang signs when someone decided to take offense.

    Blame guns.

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