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“Guns don’t need insurance. Guns are insurance.” – Blammo in a comment under Madigan’s Illinois Concealed Carry Bill Revealed

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  1. would it be legal to require insurance for a right protected by the constitution?

    similar to requiring insurance to protect your goods from unreasonable search and seizure?

    • Or, requiring you to insurance for posting online.

      NO it would not. On the face of it, it would be unconstitutional. But then again, that’s what I though about Obamacare and look how that got passed and later calrified by the USSC as a tax.

      • yeah, i have a feeling that the supreme court statement ‘it’s not a penalty, its a tax’ will be used as THE precedent for curtailing freedoms in the future.

  2. Insurance for a gun, & brady criminal safe zones? Around here they know they can be sued if you are hurt in one so they have LLC’s with crappy insurance. A “safe” zone needs 30 million dollars liability ins. per customer to be sure they can pay for their stupidity, Randy

  3. Blammo and a T shirt business!!!
    Bet he could sell a ton of them, especially with the 1911 in the pic on the short!!!

  4. Indeed. I carry a gun for the same reason I keep a fire extinguisher in my car and house, for the same reason I have a first aid kit in the car and the house, for the same reason I keep emergency radios (ham and FRS) in our collection of stuff.

    Prior planning prevents poor performance.

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