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    • Hah! No kidding. Great illustration of how ridiculous Biden’s whole ‘buy a shotgun’ theme is, especially for people with a smaller frame.

    • ashley judd might run in KY. i think you’ll get a chance to see her in full camo with an AR, if she intends to win that is.

        • “different stance on gun control”

          i have not seen anything and ive googled it. she seems to avoid the subject. i think its nuts that the progressives are running ads against McConnell on gun control, its probably gives him street cred and helps him.

          does she have a different stance on gun control? my only response is does she want to win? it wont shock me if her campaign crew doesnt try to force her to actually, umm, shoot a deer. if she wants to win it better be more credible than a picture of Obama skeet shooting.

        • I would strongly doubt it. She is to the left of Pelosi on most things. She is VERY liberal on EVERYTHING.

    • I agree. I have also seen girls in their teens using an AR with little issue. Otherwise the video was great

    • You best leave that one to me, lol. See, I live in Missouri (hence the user name) and….I ride a motorcycle. No car. Yep, you heard right. NO CAR. I’m down in the southern part of the state so nowhere near as much snow as up north, but still – it was damn slick and damn dangerous this morning. I’d buy a cage if I could, but only one little problem – Smokin’ Joe has kinda forced my hand!


      • Been there & done that Tom,many years ago my wheels were a Harley FXR, & I rode it all winter(in Wisconsin). Those were some white knuckle times, Randy

        • Oh yea!! Brand new Harley and riding year round in West Germany for 5 years!!! Definitely tested the pucker factor a few times!!! Especially on the autobahn!!

        • LOLing at the Pucker Factor. Haven’t heard that term in years. We used to use it all the time back when I was on a window washing crew. Looking 6 stories straight down to pavement and 1 story straight up to a pigeon’s pulsating little O-ring…that had a pretty fair pucker factor, but I’d take it over a motorcycle on a slick road or Biden for president any day.

    • Wonder what great advice Ol’ Joe with come up with next after seeing the last go sour. Oh yes, hear a noise in the night? Throw out a hand grenade, buy a hand grenade – buy a hand grenade.

  1. Well done. Exactly the simple kind of audio/video illustration that we need to get across to the general public. I’d like to see a video of Smokin’ Joe shooting a 12 G.

  2. I really don’t have a problem with the double barrel shotgun, in fact I gave my daughter one in 20 ga with extra buckshot in a buttstock carrier, I also taught her how to use it and there are other guns close by.

    The problem is with his advice to just go outside and shoot blindly to solve the problem, and his negative comments about the AR. We might be better off to concentrate that part of his advice rather than the double barrel.

  3. My wife’s response after seeing ol’ Joe spouting off about getting a shotgun:

    “That’s stupid, if you fire two warning shots with a double barrel shotgun, you are out of ammo. Also, if you are firing warning shots, your life must not be in danger and you are going to get charged with criminal threatening. I’d rather use a handgun.”

    My wife = awesome.

  4. To be fair the worst of those women were firing pistol grips with no stock… for some reason… that reason being they and their ‘gun boys’ are dumb assess.

    • Yes. Guys, the next time you get the idea to hand a high-recoil firearm to an unsuspecting novice as a practical joke, don’t do it. That’s not cool.

    • To be fair the worst of those women were firing pistol grips with no stock… for some reason… that reason being they and their ‘gun boys’ are dumb assess.

      This video does little but demonstrate that there are a good few guys and gals out there that are irresponsible with a gun.

      A 7 pound death stick hitting the ground is not something I laugh at, yet every clip showed exactly just that.

      One could easily state that none of the above mentioned (except AR lady) should even hold a weapon if they are going to use it dangerously – the way this video shows over and over.

      All I see is people who do not need guns. These folk are better off without them.

      Is the point of this post to prove Biden wrong? Congrats on proving many a gun grabbers point.

      ‘Gun folks are hicks who think it is fun to put themselves and loved ones in great danger.’ – Billy Guns-Are-Bad Johnson

  5. This video clip is a bit disingenuous, and quite insulting to women shooters.

    This clip shows a bunch of persons who were not taught to properly handle firearms, given firearms that were to large and uncomfortable for novices to shoot – and not properly taught how to handle the recoil.

    and chances are none of those women will ever shoot again due to the bad first experience – In other words – their husbands/Boyfriends have done us all a disservice.

    • You are, of course, quite correct, lots of women are expert shotgunners regardless of size but the point is that – rather than a simple solution – a shotgun can be overwhelming for any novice and totally unsuitable as an emergency weapon for anybody unused to them.

    • Absolutely! It really makes me sick when I see these videos where the guy sets up the female for failure by giving her a firearm that kicks really hard, doesn’t show her even how to hold it and then puts the video on the net to show her weakness.

      I guess there are a lot of guys out there who feel more accomplished, more manly, more studly, whatever, when they make someone look bad because they can’t handle the same recoil they can. Look at me I’m a big strong manly stud of a man who can shoot guns and you can’t. They must feel very inadequate to do something like that. Scumbags who turn people against firearms.

  6. Hmmm; Ashley Judd with an AR…I won’t be holding my breath. If she wins; I feel anxiety for this country and for Kentucky.

  7. Two blasts.

    Then, while she’s reloading…

    As a card-carrying, dyed in the ’60s wool, stinkin’ liberal in the Hamiltonian mold, I’m aghast.

    I loved it when he tore Alberto Gonzalez a third orifice, but not this.

    A 20 gauge pump or semi-auto maybe, but a 12? Someone needs to adjust someone’s medication.

    The mind boggles.

    • Honestly, I don’t use a 12 gauge; I use a 16 gauge pump with buckshot for home defense. One hell of a lot less kick than most break action shotguns I’ve shot.

  8. The point is so well made. This should be the lead commercial in a campaign to end all the nonsense about gun control. Thank god Obama chose Biden to take the lead on this.

  9. I see this all the time with AR15. One women cracked her head off the wall from the recoil. Women should probably use bull-pups instead if their gonna use a rifle, more control.

  10. Someone cracked their head open from AR recoil? Never in my life have I ever seen anyone shoot an AR that couldnt handle the recoil.

  11. Kudo’s to the girl with the semi auto. She was taking a beating but she stood up to it and kept firing til her footing gave way. It looked like snowy ground under foot which probably added to her problems.

    And guys, don’t be that asshole that sets their girl up for a beating with a gun cause you think it’s funny. It ain’t. It’s a good way to go thru a well deserved dry spell.

  12. I find nothing in that video any less genuine (or accurate) than the stuffed shirts and hypocrites in the “Demand a Plan” videos.

    And I now plan to refer to lots of things as my “7-pound death stick.”

      • jwm: would be kind of funny if he were a dyslexic hairlip! Then he could show her his “7 pound steath dick”!!!! Talk about a dry spell!!!

  13. First off, all these jackwagons who thinks it’s a good idea to put a 12 ga shotgun in the hands of a first time shooter without properly showing them what to do to control the firearm are DUMBA$$ES.

    These videos on Youtube hurt the image of responsible firearms owner more than getting a good giggle out of seeing your GF get knocked to the group because your dumba$$ didn’t bother showing them how to hold and shoot the firearm.

    When I see these vids I think “What idiot redneck would film their female friend getting the crap knocked out of them and not show them how to use the firearm?” Brainless turds.

    • The guy who lost his pants didn’t make anyone look very good.

      And Joe, the Secret Service is aware that Mrs. Biden, (God only knows what that poor woman has to deal with) may unexpectedly appear on the balcony of you secluded fortress, detonate 2 12 gauge rounds and retreat back into the house like a ballistic coo coo clock?

  14. I’m with the critics on this one. This video proves nothing. I have a good friend from Texas who can handle a shotgun pretty well. She usually wins the group sporting clay outings. OK, she is an Army O-6 but she is far from the exception with women shooters.

    Before I first took my wife to the range I let her handle my 1911, showed her the proper stance and grip, told her to grip it hard the first time she shot it and adjust the strength of her grip as she got comfortable. At the range I handed her a magazine with a single round. When she got comfortable I gave her two rounds at a time and when she said she was ready I gave her full magazines. That is how you introduce someone to shooting a high powered firearm.

  15. Yeah, the awesome 12 Gauge. In the words of George Costanza – it makes an 11Gauge look like nothin’.

  16. You know this video while funny does help prove there point that gun owners are idiots… you know “just look what those idiots let their girlfriends do”…. Talk about playing right into their game plan.

  17. I think someone needs to train those hot women how to hold a use a shotgun, I’m available most weekends and evenings too.

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