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“While you were spewing your (anti-gun) venom, I sat quietly next to you with my National Rifle Association membership card in my wallet and my 9mm pistol in its holster. You were only 12 inches away from my legally owned semiautomatic pistol. I suppose I didn’t look like the “bloodthirsty gun nut” you thought I should be. It apparently didn’t register to you that I could so cleverly disguise myself by wearing a fleece coat, Patriots hat, and khakis.” – A. Linden in letter to the Boston Globe [at]

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  1. Oh come on. Every Progressive knows that gun owners are white, wear mesh hats and wife beaters, have tobacco stained teeth (if they have any left), speak with a Southern accent, and are poorly educated. You can spot them a mile away.

    • I have a sister that actually lives in Dighton, MA (where the writer says he is from), That town definitely has white trash roots; the B-I-L is VERY anti-gun (except for me, he says….LOL). Must be his “Southie”/Irish roots. She’s lived in that state for over 20 yrs; still can’t get her to move back north to a free state. But, if ever in Dighton; eat breakfast at Alice’s Last Stop restaurant. They have the best corned beef hash and eggs I’ve ever eaten. Try the Irish eggs bennie

    • “Mr. Linden – I don’t know you. But I know your kind. I’ll take my chances without you or your gun. No thanks. I don’t need it. **You are just as likely to shoot an innocent bystander as the “bad guy”. You are just as likely to be the first one to run away, gun or not – because you’re a paranoid and fearful guy** who lives in some kind of Clint Eastwood fantasy world.”

      This comment to Mr. Linden’s letter pretty much sums up the cultural divide between People Of The Gun and Sheeple. More than a divide, we’re talking about a yawning gulf. Hell, this could have been in Austin.

      The condescension, hubris, and absolutely stunning ignorance of the writer is pretty typical of people who live in progressiveland. With beliefs like this, of course they view us as their cultural enemies. And they’re right, we are.

      • I’ve always wondered: where do they get the idea that a concealed carrier is “just as likely” to shoot a bystander as a bad guy? Any statistics to back that up? Oh wait–there are no such thing as DGUs, right? So there must not be any one being shot by gun owners, of course, that is the only logical conclusion…but it is simply not true. We’ve read about many DGUs here and in (local) news, and not one of them I can recall involved an innocent bystander getting shot. [Maybe because they duck and run when the BG pulls out his gat? Or because BGs wait i=until their target is more or less isolated before attacking. I wonder.]

        • Anti-gunners appear to be childish, immature, and socially inept adults that enjoy projecting their feelings and insecurities on others. You know, the behavior that is usually associated with young children that aren’t emotionally secure or socially inept.

          Yet, for some reason, this behavior coming from an adult seems socially acceptable and tolerable in today’s society… along with living with your parents or not “growing up”.

          Most of us develop past this at an early age, with the help of responsible adults (ie. parents) but alas, some do not develop the skill set of moral values, character, personal responsibility, etc.

          Maturity and personal responsibility is typically the divide that seperates gun owners and anti-gunners. Gun owners accept responsibility that owning a firearm entails. Anti-gunners want to be babied by the state, police, govt. and military.

        • “Yet, for some reason, this behavior coming from an adult seems socially acceptable and tolerable in today’s society…”

          That’s because the majority of society isn’t made-up of OFGs (and their wives), anymore. Childish behavior is learned at the lap of adult children acting like children, so their children will continue to be children. It isn’t getting any better.

      • Good job on posting your best Moms Demand Actions, Hillary Clinton and Mayors Against Illegal Guns sanctioned talking points that are at best cherry picked half truths and at worst out right lies pushed by people with an inannane fear of an inanimate object.

  2. I am stunned that the Glob [sic] would even publish that. I would have thought they would just turn the man’s information of to the MBTA police, MA DHS, Fed DHS for addition to the terror watch list.

    • Same here. I got about twenty comments in before concluding these people have such a vastly different and deviant worldview, that we probably couldn’t even agree that water is wet. So why bother?

      • I argue with these people every day face to face, Chip…… You’re right, they do not. In the end, if they stubbornly cling on to their ideology, then I can argue them in to saying, “No, then I guess I would just die if someone did that to me,” or my favorite, “I would rather die then use a gun to protect myself/my family/my children.” And, oh dear Lord, does that open the eyes of the people spectating the debate. Those statements plant a seed, so that when they hear someone else arguing gun control they can’t help but hear, “I would rather die, than use a gun.”

    • The comment section is similar to my wife’s family commenting on DerpBook. I don’t know how she deals with that kind of stupid going straight to her phone.

    • I enjoy reading the anti-fun vitriol.

      Reminds me that we are in a constant fight and that we must always watch the opposition.

      Know your enemy like you know yourself. (Paraphrasing)

      SunTzu “The Art of War”

  3. Actually, I found many of the comments on that article to be humorous. The hoplophobic left was successfully called out, and it sent them into a frothing rage. The liberal fury was nearly palpable. Love it!

  4. News Flash – Boston Globe garners more readers than any one weekday in the last 12 years. And they do it while crapping on one of their own.

    FUMA, you are a worthless piss ant small state, WRECKED WITH BLUE (D).

  5. The problem is if the person this friendly letter was directed at ever reads it and realizes it was him/her, they are going to get about as far as “you were only 12 inches away from my legally owned 9mm” before they collapse in a panic attack before getting on the phone to be like “hey Jenkins, you know that conversation we were having on my ride in to Boston yesterday? Yeah well you will never believe this but I came 12 INCHES away from DYING that day. Luckily the train stopped in Boston or I am sure that nutcase would have started shooting people, am I right?” As is evidenced by the comments section over where this was posted, they might even try to go after the writer claiming he is threatening them.

      • Then you would have abolished the Nuremberg trials. You would eliminate the death penalty. You would agree with Obama that guns make it too easy to take life.

        Fact is, some people SHOULD die. Or to paraphrase, “Theres nothing wrong with shooting, as long as the right people get shot.” Dirty Harry

        • Thats a bit of a stretch dont you think? How do you jump from the belief that a fellow law abiding citizen deserves to continue living (even if they are sorely misguided), to infer that those of us who would defend anyone we see in trouble that we also believe the death penalty for those who have violated the rights of other law abiding citizens should be abolished? Thats liberal logic if I have ever seen it.

        • If you pledge to defend only your life and that of your family (“tribe”), you will not inadvertently end up saving someone who despises you and your gun, and has earned the right to reap the benefits of their anti-gun politics.

        • “All men have the right to live.” Yes but not all men deserve to live. And don’t construe me with a liberal, because you cannot fathom my arguments.

        • Mass murderers, certainly the majority who are not truly repentant, do not have a right to live and do not deserve to have their life respected. They have forfeited their personhood by their actions and should be struck down mercilessly without second-guessing, like rabid wolves. That’s what they are, evil humans whose existence is a danger to good people. They no longer deserve the dignity and respect afforded to any person, their evil acts have forfeited any respect due to them.

        • That’s some impressive mind-reading, Fred! Your ability to know with absolute certainty what a total stranger would think about a variety of topics, based on one sentence he wrote, is nothing short of miraculous. I hope you’re using this incredible gift for constructive purposes, and not just wasting it trying to try to sound smart on the internet.

        • You must allow people to make the choice to forfeit their right through their irresponsible decisions, politics and lifestyle. If a person willingly surrenders their right to self-defense, we have no moral obligation to protect them from the result. But I do thank them for their contribution toward cleansing the gene pool; evolution, and all that.

      • Because I believe all men have the right to live. Even the leftist liberal moonbats.

        How can we have this right? We are all going to die anyways – there is no stopping that.

        I would agree with you however. My moral conclusion is to defend his life. It puts your life at risk and there are certainly pros and cons to doing so. I might not like his opinion of gun owners, but if his life can be saved I think it is morally correct to do so. Furthermore saving his life may change his opinion.

        Good article you wrote for the globe by the way!

      • Yep A. Linden. As a christian, and as an american, I refuse to accept the progressives attempt to Balkanize and fragment us into different tribal groups to where I only care about and will only defend my “own”.

        All Americans, and ultimately all human beings, are my “own”.

        And I will defend any of them as I would any blood relative or personal friend.

    • I wouldn’t. Not directly, I mean. I am going to defend myself. If defending myself ALSO defends a moonbat liberal leftists who is trying to destroy my life then good for them they don’t even have to thank me afterwards.

      • Me neither. I defend mine and mine own. In the process, if I defend you too, well, bonus. If you want the chance to be defended; bring your own gun. It’s called personal responsibility. Try it out sometime.

        • Yeah, my priority is saving myself and the first option I’m going to consider is fleeing. The others who may be trapped and shot chose not to be prepared to defend themselves. No guilt on my conscience.

    • I always find it useful when the anti-gun people have their photos published. Should I ever come across one (slim chance, but hey…), and they are being attacked, I will not render aid. They earn their reward.

  6. Best line from that piece:

    “Opinions and ideologies make a pretty thin shield against the bullets of a madman.”

    That about sums it up, I think.

  7. Here’s an interesting comment underneath the original post:

    “And did you have an extended magazine in your 9mm? If a gunman boarded the train and started shooting would you spray and pray that one of your rounds hit him? How many of your bullets would have added to the carnage? What if their were other passengers on the same train who started shooting at you thinking you were an additional terrorist? More guns, except in the hands of a policeman, would have simply added to the carnage.”

    Alternatively . . . die.

    • LOL only the cops should have high cap guns, because they never spray lead everywhere but their intended targets. They are so highly trained and all.

      Ask that neighborhood in CALI during the Chris Dorner manhunt how that worked out.

    • Or maybe, just maybe, I am a responsible gun owner who understands that both moral and legal liability are attached to every bullet that leaves the muzzle of my gun. Perhaps, and I know this is inconceivable, I have invested more range time and training in the handling of my firearm than our friends in blue. If we want to get really crazy we might magine that I understand the importance of knowing my target and what is beyond it, and that understanding might inform my decision of whether or not to fire, and in what manner.

    • Yep. Better to die while cowering from a fairly well aimed bullet from the gun of a mad man in the back of the head, rather than risk getting an accidental non-fatal injury to an extremity because of the return fire of an armed citizen.

      So I guess it’s better to die with the certainty that a mad man will face no resistance, than to risk a non-fatal injury from an armed citizen unwilling to go quietly into that good night.

      The level of cowardice this type of thinking represents is incomprehensible from any human being, let alone an American.

      • Maybe so Anonymous. But I don’t believe in blaming others for a person choices. There are no such things as victims. It is ultimately a persons choice to allow themselves to be manipulated by the media. But it still comes down the cowardice of saying it’s preferable to hide, run away or die cowering under the gun of a mad man, rather than stand and fight. No matter how ineffectual they might believe the effort to be.

        But even with a modicum of effort, with the power of the internet at their fingertips, with Web sites,such as this and the proof of daily examples of regular people effectively using guns to defend themselves, STILL, they embrace powerlessness over self authority.

        I say it is simple cowardice.

    • The comments on that site made me ill. It’s like those people read their propaganda handbooks every night before they fall asleep hugging their Hillary dolls.

  8. The gunlighters don’t seem to understand simple math. There are enough CHL’s in the USA for a potential of 1 out of every 30 people to be walking around legally armed without the paranoid gun grabbers knowledge. Guns are literally everywhere you look. Yet, there are no daily bloodbaths. Well, from the legal gun owners that is.

  9. Honestly, I would not defend that guy in an active shooter situation. I might even use him as a human shield if he was between the shooter, and me and my family> Why, you may ask? Because a doosh-bag like that would be the first to testify against you to a grand jury when the Masshole DA decides to jack YOU up for carrying. F-’em; I’m just saying….. Masswipes deserve the government they vote for

  10. You see, I would have assumed the guy was a blood thirsty nut because of the Pats hat, not because he may or may not be carrying a gun legally. I just wouldn’t go ranting about it, since it didn’t affect me in any way.

    Side note: went to see the new Star Wars: The Farce Awakens (or was it the Force Forsaken?). Crap movie. But I did see a plain clothes cop open carrying a gun, working security in the theater. Did anybody freak out at the first sight of his pistol? Nope. Nobody cared. And I was glad a good guy was armed.

  11. I admire A. Linden. I’m more cynical.

    I’ve decided that my best chance of survival and remaining out of jail in this climate is to only use my firearm to protect ME and MINE. I’d be content to lay on the floor in the back of the train or theater on top of MINE, gun drawn and ready for when I have the best opportunity to protect MINE. In places like MA at least, where I am despised and politically scapegoated for every scrap of gang violence derivative of illegal markets which I do not support or participate in.

  12. I’m not intervening to save that loud mouthed dbag…

    His gun hate notwithstanding; being loud and obnoxious in a close quarters public enviroment is enough to leave Darwin to handle his bidding.

    I’m not going to hurt the loud mouth, but I’m not going to stop someone from hurting him, either.

  13. As much as the left quickly accuses anyone and everyone of stereotyping and “othering,” they are very quick to do so when it fits their needs even if those stereotypes don’t have all that much truth to them anymore at least in terms of what I see at the average gun range in Dallas.

    I for one have a few hipster tendencies, but I am also well dressed, I take piano lessons, ballroom dancing, I love art and cooking. I also have a post grad degree. All things that make me acceptable to the liberal cosmopolitan types at the cocktail party, until it comes out that I also lift heavy 3 times a week, I love big gas guzzling V8 muscle cars, and my biggest weekend dilemma is whether I should carry my sig 229 or my glock 26 after hitting the range.

    • I had great fun shooting my SKS in full business dress at the only indoor range around here that allows rifles. Great thing is — no-one cared how any of us were dressed or looked; all of us were courteous to each other. Young guys in camo shooting AR’s. Black people shooting an AK 47(!). White people. Everyone and everything from .22 bolt action rifles to the evil black ones. We all spent our money and no-one got hurt.

      • “I had great fun shooting my SKS in full business dress at the only indoor range around here that allows rifles.”

        What would have been really funny is if you decided to go back to your office and used the elevator in the building to get there.

        You step into the elevator in your tailored business suit and the door closes.

        Those in the elevator suddenly smell the gunsmoke. They look around for an inbred hick redneck in a wifebeater t-shirt and the only people they see are dressed in fashionable business attire.

        Their little Progressive heads start to explode like a string of firecrackers…


      • I think most gun ranges, at least closer to urban centers are getting fairly diverse. The last couple times I’ve gone, it fairly well mimicked the demographics of the population as a whole. Which is great! The more the merrier.

  14. When TSHTF I will use my weapon to protect all the people I can. They are all people whom needs protection. Good ,bad Liberal, whatever. When the need is there I will be there with my weapon.

    • Yep. As a christian, I see all people as my spiritual brothers and sisters. Even when they don’t see me in that way. So I’ll defend them just as I would any family member.

      Knowing full well the family members of the mass murderer might sue me and win a decision against me in civil court.

      It is just another example of the dark times as prophesized in the bible as to what happens when people reject the laws of the universe. Where what was right is now wrong, what was wrong is now right, and Christians are persecuted for living by the laws of the universe, also known as the Laws Of G-d.

  15. I wonder if any of the responders would jump on the active shooter, or would they prefer the addition of more “carnage”

  16. Boston Strong? From the liberal perspective it appears that this only means mentally strong while awaiting for the police to arrive or while dragging yourself from the carnage of an attack. The Brit propaganda “Keep calm and carry on” seems like a better slogan for them.

  17. “I sat quietly next to you with my National Rifle Association membership card in my wallet…”

    Lost me at that line. So few gun owners are members that this turned the piece into a cliche.

    Those of us in the know refuse to support the organization that helped craft all of our current federal gun restrictions.


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