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“I don’t trust you with your guns. I don’t trust you to fire them safely. I don’t trust you to store them safely. I don’t trust your kids not to find them. I don’t trust you not to get them stolen. I don’t trust you not to issue a blanket blame of everyone with mental health issues every time there is a mass shooting, even though we all know that for the most part people with mental health issues are only dangerous to a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. And frankly, I don’t trust you not to shoot me with your guns for no reason. But that’s just me, and my friends and family. But it certainly isn’t President Obama. So stop pretending that it is.” – W. Kamau Bell in I want Obama to take away your guns [at]

[h/t Paul H.]

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    • from

      “You can tell the difference of hubris and just regular arrogance or pride by the fact that the character has seemed to allow reality slip away from them. The character portraying hubris, also commonly referred to as hybris, may have just gained a huge amount of power and the false belief that they are “untouchable”. This term hubris used to have a slightly different meaning and was a very negative subject back in ancient Greek. It used to be closely related to a crime in Athens. In writing and literature hubris is generally considered a “tragic flaw” and it is saved for the protagonist.”

      I can’t figure how he can open his eyes or go out the door in the morning. For fear someone will drop a piano on him, or leave a banana peel in his path, or poke him in the eye with their pencil.

      • More importantly, come and take ’em. No, YOU, personally, not some HEAVILY ARMED GOVERNMENT THUGS. How is it you aren’t afraid of them when you obviously don’t trust anything or anyone else?

        • Oh no……. He hates the cops and government too. Its just convenient for him to leave them out when he talks about taking YOUR guns. This guy sees you in the same light that he sees the “heavily armed government thigs”. In his twisted little brain we’re all the same thing. I.E. white, racist, armed, misogynistic, right-wing, and full of hate…… If you own a gun and are: a democrat, woman, gay, black, an immigrant, etc, then you are easily written off as an “Uncle Tom” or “House N****r” in his world.

        • To California Richard:
          To be a minority, and non-democrat, is the so-called greatest crime. I am black and conservative, so this makes me a race traitor in the eyes of black, liberal democrats.

    • One thing he should “trust in” is that when he starts up with his prejudiced speech, it is a reminder to people “like me” to get out and vote against anti civil rights zealots, and donate money to SAF, NRA and any other group that works for us to keep our rights intact.

    • No, he’s got lying about somebody else lying issues.

      Obama wants “Australian” gun control. That’s BANS AND CONFISCATION.

      Anybody who says different is liar.

    • Well Bell, why dont you get off the pot and do something…I said throw down boy. You leftist always want suppress us be you never want to bloody your hands as you can not fight worth a damn.

    • JWM in TN,

      Did you not get the memo? Victim blaming is totally fine if a Progressive is doing it. (The end justifies the means and all that.)


  1. “… even though we all know that for the most part people who own guns are only dangerous to a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. ”

    For me it’s Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip.

    I don’t get how these people think.

  2. I don’t like your unkept hair. I don’t like your fat frame, rectangular hipster glasses. I don’t like your smug, pretentious grin. I don’t like your poor attempt at, what I can only assume is, facial hair, but appears more like one of the mean kids rubbed your face in the dirt, again.

    Sooo… off with your head.

  3. People in Hell want ice water too.
    Not going to happen for them, confiscation not going to happen for you. Suck it up cupcake

    • Along the same lines, I have often said to people, “And I really, REALLY, DESPERATELY want a large home on the beach in Hawaii … does that mean it is okay if I take it from someone?”

      I think the Hell / ice water comparison is even better.

      • Actually, the Prez is looking at a nice multi-million dollar home on a bluff overlooking the Pacific ocean in Hawaii for his retirement.

        Probably a western view, all the better to see daily the sunset to remind him of the sunset he wants to condemn our American republic to…


  4. Mr Bell confirms that this fear of confiscation is well founded as long as radical leftists like Bell have a vote.

  5. Don’t bring your unresolved ghetto issues into my world. Just because your culture says education is less important than street cred; just because your culture says fathering six kids with six different sperm donors is normal; just because your culture embraces welfare dependency and perpetual victimhood, it’s not my problem. Furthermore, you’ve made it emphatically clear you only want my money, not any constructive help to fix your ghetto issues. If you want our guns, raise an army and start the next civil war.

    • As long as he is on the side of increasing government power, the Federal Gov is his army. He and the useful idiots like him don’t realize that their handouts will stop cold when the leftists achieve a 1984/soviet style society at last. The ones “lucky” enough to survive won’t see it coming until they are assigned shitty hovels in urban hell holes, subsistence rations, and 18-hour a day jobs doing whatever Big Brother wants them to do (until they drop dead in their 40s or 50s), along with everyone else. And when they finally do understand, they will find that complaining about their situation is no longer tolerated.

      • +1,000. Also, the useful idiot “progressives” will be the first ones up against the wall when the real psychos emerge from the woodwork to take control.

  6. I actually read the guy’s entire article. That’s some wasted time I won’t get back. So the essence of his entire argument is that the reason we don’t like and trust the president – in fact the entire reason we fight for gun rights at all in opposition to our betters in DC – is because the president is black. That’s it. Entire argument. RACISM!!!

    I don’t distrust the president because he is black, but because he is a congenital liar. He willingly, knowingly lies in order to advance himself and his agenda and has done so throughout his campaigns and his entire time in office. I do not trust him because he is NOT TRUSTWORTHY.

      • I loved watching Colion before he was an NRA spokesperson. We all did, that’s why when the NRA went out looking for a spokesperson, he was on their short list. And because he is so good at what he does, he became the spokesman.

    • I was going to read the whole thing, thanks for saving me the trouble. the whole “you just hate Obama because he’s black” thing has been going on since the day he got elected, just with different flavors.

      • That would be the one nice thing about an H. Clinton Administration. It would almost be a nice change to be called a sexist instead of a racist whenever I oppose implementation of failed leftist policies.

        • I find it funny too, that one of the candidates of the Republican Party is black, 2 are hispanic, one a woman, and one was even Indian(India Indian). On the Dem side… Old… Rich… White… Career… Politicians

        • Tommy, I have thought the exact same thing. So much for the Republicans being rich, old white men.

    • Without reading the article, because I won’t give them a pageview, I was going to say this is probably tied to the idea of “white gun patriarchy”, that being guns are tools of the white man to oppress all other groups.

      He brought it up, so we’re racist. Makes perfect sense. Almost as much sense as ending a foundation of the nation.

      • That is why we’re working so hard on “smart guns”. So that we can have a gun which will not fire if the finger pulling the trigger is black.

    • I’m tired of the whole “you only hate Obama because you are a racist” meme. Clarence Thomas is black, and he is a quality SC Justice.

    • I voted for Obama the first time around (sorry), so how could I be racist?

      When I tell progressives this, I most often just get called a liar. They assume that nobody who voted for Obama in 2008 could have done such a political 180 in only 8 years. A lot happens in 8 years, especially with Democrats in power.

  7. Don’t blame it all on mental issues? Weird, considering *every* mass shooting has been committed by someone with some form of mental problem. And the vast majority of them have been democrats, or at least left leaning. Odd, that.

    • So who would go on a mass shooting rampage other than someone with mental health issues? What would your reason be?

      Let’s see… Mob enforcer? Paid assassin?

      Sure, lots of “good guys with a gun” in those professions.

    • I don’t agree with fully blaming mental health either because it is a useless predictor. It may be one of the factors on the long list and getting help for those underlying issues may help that individual live a better life and not commit a terrible act, but classifying this as a mental health issue as a single root damages our cause. It makes people less likely to seek help for fear of being placed in the same category as mass shooters simply for owning a gun, giving physicians more power in removing guns from individuals based on the nebulous “mental health” category is giving credence and ammo to the “guns as a public health issue” argument, and everyone has some form of mental illness on the spectrum but most people don’t want to face their issues. Furthermore, of the millions that are diagnosed as having a more severe form of mental illness on the spectrum one or two will attempt to harm another individual. That makes it a statistically insignificant category with significant attention.

      The mental health card is a scapegoat for now. While increased mental health care would help the nation overall it isn’t the silver bullet. Mental health is tied to personal responsibility, as people that are not personally responsible for their safety or well-being also don’t feel they should handle their emotional well-being either, which may help explain why most have been of the democrat persuasion.

      The overall picture includes mental health, economic advancement, education, the personal debt trap, family values, the war on drugs, the corrections system, law enforcement, degradation of real community (and thus , and decline in personal responsibility. Basically millions of people choose all the wrong things in all the important areas of life and somehow it doesn’t work out well.

      I don’t believe these things could have really been avoided, though, or that they can be eliminated. It’s like suicide, even if someone gets help, is on a better path, there are things that cause people to still do something terrible.

      • If the NICS check, background checks of all types, were simply eliminated as a completely useless waste of taxpayer money, the mental health issue would have been adequately addressed. Has anyone ever been denied the right to purchase a firearm due to mental health issues? Even once? What a useless law, what a useless waste of tens of thousands of man-hours each year, when will we get rid of it? If a crazy person or a criminal buys a gun and comes for me, I will deal with it, or not.

  8. The truth is Mr Bell, when the founders wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights it was to protect the citizens from people like you. Maybe we shouldn’t trust CNN with the 1st amendment?

  9. I don’t care if you don’t trust me.
    I don’t care if you don’t trust my kids (whenever I may have them).
    I don’t care you want my guns gone.

    I own them. I will not give them up. Your move.

  10. Just a year ago, weren’t they calling us paranoid, and telling us that no one is coming for our guns?

      • Sad because it’s true. Actually it was Thursday at the townhall when our president said we’re all conspiracy theorists.

        • He said it was a conspiracy. I watched it twice. He did not even say it was not true, I think the man is so stupid that he doesn’t understand that “conspiracy” does not mean it is a lie. Like, really, really stupid.

  11. Bell isn’t speaking for “inner city ghetto blacks.” He is a well educated individual who is not a gangbanger who has a hair style I don’t favor.

    Look at what he’s saying. Look at why he’s saying it. Obama never said he was coming for the guns. Feinstein, Bloomberg & Hillary did.
    American blacks could be people of the gun. Many are becoming so every day. They have been conditioned by “the Man” to retreat from any association with guns and violence. The media painted the Black Panther’s show of arms far differently than white people’s.
    American Blacks are trying to disassociate themselves from the 1% who do the gangbanging. Why? Because Whites associate the action of a single Black with all Blacks.
    Jeffrey Dalhmer ate people. But Whites think he was crazy. Yet politicians used the picture of Willy Horton to sway an election. Look it up.

    Let’s welcome Blacks into People of the Gun. Separate in your mind the gangbangers who are ill behaved poor Black trash from the larger Black population who wants out of life what you do. Do it like you separate in your mind the law abiding White population from the ill behaved poor White trash.

    • Look at what he’s saying. Look at why he’s saying it. Obama never said he was coming for the guns. Feinstein, Bloomberg & Hillary did.

      You’re badly mistaken.
      Obama on recent and multiple occasions has hyped the “Australian solution” which is outright confiscation.
      There is NO OTHER REASON to mention Australia unless you want confiscation.
      Let’s keep the facts clear.

    • No, no. Obama isn’t coming for our guns. He just wished that we had the same legislative framework as Australia with their mandatory government buy back of firearms….

    • H says:
      “Let’s welcome Blacks into People of the Gun. Separate in your mind the gangbangers who are ill behaved poor Black trash from the larger Black population

      Be careful what you wish for H.
      You are deluding yourself if you think that all groups have the same behaviors.
      Here are recent statistics on Black and White homicide/suicide rates,
      provided by Brookings, a premier left/liberal policy think-tank.
      You may wish these facts weren’t so, but wishing will not change reality.

      Guns and race: The different worlds of black and white Americans

      White suicides, Black homicides
      “Gun deaths also vary dramatically by type. The vast majority (77 percent) of white gun deaths are suicides; less than one in five (19 percent) is a homicide. These figures are nearly opposite in the black population, where only 14 percent of gun deaths are suicides but 82 percent are homicides.”

      “The firearm homicide rate among black men aged 20-29 is about 89 per 100,000.To put that fact in some international perspective, in Honduras—the country with the highest recorded homicide rate—there were 90.4 intentional murders per 100,000 people in 2012. That includes all means, not just firearm homicides.”

      From the comments:
      TheCogitator • 23 days ago
      “We have a black crime problem, but it is not politically correct to talk about it. We pretend we are all the same, and the liberal point of view, also put forth by the mainstream media, is that all black failings are the fault of whites. All this is of course, nonsense. Given how far the powers-that-be are willing to go to placate blacks, expect no change. But until we do face the truth, there is no chance to help blacks, if in fact that can be done.”

    • And no one has done more to fix this than the NRA. Their spokesman is an articulate, educated black man. Also Ken Blanchard…….things are slowly changing. BTW: I fully support the Black Panthers taking up arms (ie to protest the Mulford act etc)…… And I’m white. Just sayin’

    • “Obama never said he was coming for the guns.”

      So what? He on the board of the Joyce Foundation(1994 to 2002), and helped hand out tens of millions of dollars in support of gun control. As an Illinois state legislator and U.S. senator in voted for practically every piece of gun control legislation that came his way. When he became a lame duck president and was no longer in danger of losing re-election, he seized upon the first chance he could get grab guns(Sandy Hook) and has made a prime priority since then.

      He doesn’t need to say “I’m coming for your guns”; he does everything in his power to DO so.

  12. This guy’s entire premise is we don’t trust Barry Hussein Obama Soetoro because he is black. Therefore, whenever he says “I won’t take your guns”, we don’t believe him because, well, he is black. Let me help you out cupcake

    1) I am Black.

    2) I voted for Obama the first time. Hell, I even gave $ to his campaign. I fell for his whole hope and trust crap. My bad. I apologize.

    3) Barry lies. That is why we don’t trust him. You can keep your doctor. The cost of insurance will go down. I want to work with Congress. I will have the most transparent administration ever. I am going to get to the bottom of Fast and Furious, IRS targeting, Clinton’s email issues, you name it and hold people accountable. The economy, war, why my DirecTv goes out every time it storms, well, it is all Bush’s fault. Seeing a pattern?

    4) Barry has never said he will take our guns. You are correct. He has just stated he admires what Australia did with confiscation. Hmmm. Ok, so if you want to play word association games, fine. I presume you should be cool with David Duke or some other avowed racist to say that he admires Bull Connor because he kept people in line. Never said he knew how to deal with coloreds. or that he would re-segregate society. Just admiration. then don’t complain and call Duke a racist (yeah, I know – he is. Just like we all know Barry would take our guns if he could).

    5) What happened to all of Barry’s promises about working with Congress? He passed his signature health bill with NO republican support and then did a happy dance and spit in their face when asked about it not being bi-partisan, which he promised it would be. So much for working together.

    6) I am a NRA life member. I say that to close because I joined AFTER Barry was in office 6 months. Yep, that’s how long it took for the hope and change sh!t to wear off. I saw he wanted to come for my gun (only had the one initially). I have bought an entire arsenal since. All because I don’t trust him. And this from a guy who was in his senate office a number of times with small groups for meetings with him. Hell, he knew me by name. I even told him his name was too funny to get elected. Made him laugh. But in 6 months, I saw thru his BS and his real desire to dismantle my rights. So I bought a lot of guns, tons of ammo, and I went all in to the NRA and got a life membership. It ain’t cheap. But it was part of the stand in defense of liberty. I also registered as a republican and started giving to them. So don’t mind me when I laugh as Barry says he wants a dialogue with the NRA. You cannot have a dialogue with someone you insult and publicly declare is evil and then condition any such discussion on their admission that they are evil. Nope. We can wait Barry out. And then I hope a republican administration investigates and prosecutes Barry.

    • oh, and PS – your show will get cancelled inside of 6 months. Having your mom’s church friends watch you does not sway the ratings. . . Melissa Perry at MSNBC will score higher than you. Yes, the chick wearing tampon earrings.

    • You’re Black!?!, I thought you were Mexican. You sound Mexican when I read your post. Is that racists?

      • I make a mean guacamole dip, but nope not Mexican. With that said, I had a teacher in HS call me a mutt. He meant it sincerely. I have family of all backgrounds, nationalities, races, etc. so this teacher commented that I looked like what America would in the next 300 yrs when all of the inter-marriages work thru the system. But when I get pulled over at 3 am for doing 85 in a 65, I am Black and that is what is on the driver’s license.

    • Posts like that cry out for an upvote button and candidacy for post of the year.
      Would love the ability to see the top 100 posts of the year.

    • Bravo Mr. Diggler!

      Look me up if you ever come to town — the first beverage is on me.

      (Note: I don’t care if someone is white, black, brown, yellow, red, purple, polka dotted, or plaid. All I care about is the quality of their character.)

    • ‘1) I am Black.’

      I think we may have just stumbled onto why Shannon hasn’t returned your affection.

      • yeah – I didn’t want to make that claim right off the bat and figured maybe she was religious and didn’t want to violate her wedding vows. . . . and then I remembered, this is Shannon, who STOLE her husband from his first wife so she could climb the corporate ladder at Monsanto. . . . (sigh). Shannon is racist. There, I said it.

        • Yea, the religious theory just doesn’t seem to work considering her lurid affair with that sawed off Mephistopheles. The only other possibility is she didn’t like your hiding out naked in her bushes, but I can’t see why she’d have a problem with that. Probably racism.

    • “And this from a guy who was in his senate office a number of times with small groups for meetings with him. Hell, he knew me by name. I even told him his name was too funny to get elected. Made him laugh.”

      Does Shannon know you and he are buds?

      Might give you a better shot of getting inside her, er, defenses… 🙂

      You just might be the only TTAGer to actually have met the dude…

  13. I don’t trust you to stop your smug incremental obstruction to the free exercising of our 2nd Amendment rights, I don’t trust you to keep the tiny percentage of fatherless young men of your community from stealing my firearm regardless of what precautions I take to secure them, I don’t trust you to issue a blanket blame of your favorite bs buzzwords of, “gun violence”, “assault weapons”, “too easy to get a gun” and other terms of fear to frighten the sheep who follow your political sheytshow, even though we all know that for the most part it is the very youth who men like you have abandoned that grow up without the strong moral hand of good men to guide them away from instant gratification that are responsible for so much violence, not all but a few just like every other group of people, and I don’t trust you not to blame me for telling you the truth that you refuse to see or stop from continuing when you decided to champion individual greatness over collective empowerment. F you, you blind fool.

    so tired of lectures from people who refuse to acknowledge that you can’t simply opt out of the protections of any of the Constitutional Amendments simply because you don’t like them, for if you do, then the rest follow

  14. I like this guy. I mean he’s weird as F, but a couple visits to a professional for his trust issues and a few visits to the range with me and his friends and they could be one of us.

    As for Obama not wanting to take our guns – Obama has stated “I don’t believe people should be able to own guns.” And his support for an assault weapons ban clearly shows he wants to take our guns (even if those guns are our future purchases).

  15. The irony is, in trying to be funny, this “sociopolitocal comedian” inadvertently stumbled upon the core reason that our right to keep and bear arms is constitutionally protected:

    We could use a President who was, like, “OK. Everybody turn in all your guns tomorrow by 5 p.m. After that, if I catch you with a gun then I’m sending SEAL Team Six to your house with a recent Facebook picture of you and those tanks that shoot fire that we haven’t used since Waco — Ummm — I mean since World War II.”

    Even he, somewhere in his BLM-addled brain, gets it: we reserved to ourselves the right to keep and bear arms in order to ensure we can keep the government in check. You know: so they think twice about using tanks to torch a building full of citizens.

    As for the rest of his screed: I couldn’t care less what he does and doesn’t trust.

  16. The true humor of Mr. Bell’s opinion is only apparent if one knows the demographics of crime in the US. He seems pretty excited to strip the rights of other people in the interest of public safety. I wonder how he’d feel about restricting the 4th amendment rights of black men to achieve the same aim?

  17. I don’t trust the police can ever be there to save me from crime
    I don’t trust the government and its agents have my best interest in mind when they make laws
    I don’t trust that taking guns away makes us safer, but it does give government overwhelming power
    I don’t trust that socioeconomic issues that cause violence can be solved by creating new gun laws
    I don’t foolishly believe that there will ever be a time where there is no violence
    I don’t believe that Obama cares for anything but his own legacy and this is nothing more than an election year stunt because he could have done this anytime in his last 7 yrs but did nothing.

  18. What a complete twatwaffle.

    So what he doesn’t trust me. That sounds like his problem, not mine.

  19. “even though we all know that for the most part people with mental health issues are only dangerous to a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.”

    That’s if a girl broke-up with her boyfriend, not if your really nuts.

  20. “even though we all know that for the most part people with mental health issues are only dangerous to a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.”

    That’s if a girl broke-up with her boyfriend, not if your really nuts.

  21. Do these people even read what they write? Can they read? I mean, this clown is complaining about “issuing blanket blame” while blanketing all gun owners with blame. Ridiculous.

  22. First he does trust all with guns than he does trust all with cars than comes next oh are freedom be country we are right now. I agree ever one else say that guy has issues.

  23. This guy needs to seek therapy for his irrational fears. I think that’s called a phobia, hoplophobia.

    I bet this guy is ridiculously conflicted. Taking guns from the people just consolidates guns in the hands of the state. Which, I am sure he would not like as a BLM supporter.

  24. Here’s the really bright side….

    ….he’ll still be flapping his piehole at the end of the year and in the meantime we will have bought another probable 30M+ guns. We’re winning….big.

  25. I do not trust Obama or any other tyrannical leader to follow the Constitution. I do not trust that Obama or the nutcase in this article would not murder me or my family to further their hard leftist ideology.

  26. Lets see how that might apply to another right;

    “I don’t trust you with your free speech. I don’t trust you to exercise your right responsibly. I don’t trust you to speak responsibly. I don’t trust your kids with free speech. I don’t trust you not to defame someone. I don’t trust you not to issue a blanket statement devoid of facts every time there is a mass shooting, even though we all know that for the most part people issuing blanket statements are just projecting. And frankly, I don’t trust you not to verbally abuse me for no reason. But that’s just me, and my friends and family. But it certainly isn’t President Obama. So stop pretending that it is.”

    • He is projecting, ignorant and unable and unwilling to think critically. He is emotionally wedded to his position and would never dare look at the issues objectively because if he did with true critical thinking and a true open mind he would lose all of his (liberal) friends.

      And that would be unbearable.

  27. That smug grin betrays any real fear of you with your guns. Wouldn’t be surprised if he actually owns one or two himself. Fear simply promotes his agenda. If you’re a gun owner and you oppose Obama fiddle farting with your rights, you’re the demographic he loves to hate.

  28. Sounds like he’s skeptical of his fellow man’s intentions. Hmmm, kinda seems like he should buy a gun, you know, to protect against all the evils he listed. Fire with fire and what not.

  29. Oh I agree Barry lies! The Wash Post gives him “Pinnochios” regularly for lying. I agree I have heard him refer to Australia. My bad!
    People who aren’t aware of gun issues outside of what the press tells them don’t know about the confiscation talk.

    Bell was telling his story from a different angle making more of a case for the obstructionist congressional behavior. Does it matter it was for race or ideology?

    I’m not defending Bell. This little step that on the face of it looks innocuous is the slippery slope.

    I spoke to a person, non gun owner, who did not know that there is NCIS check at all. So of course, “Universal Background Checks” sound reasonable.

  30. So pretty much you aren’t man enough to take my guns away? Rhetorical right? So who’s going to knock down my door and take my guns? Who is going to do the same to damn near every house on this block? How many houses would it take before people came out and met these thugs on the front lawn? How many lamp poles would we need to display our message? How big would the sign on each body be to get the “come and take” message across? Are you finally starting to realize that is the reality the left faces with their confiscation dreams? I didn’t think you’d understand. Well understand this when the time comes and YOU need to come take our guns away… I’m your huckleberry(not an advance fyi I know how lefties like the d on d).

    • Especially when the government in question has gray uniforms with funny little stars and bars flags. Of course, sometimes things did not go so well when the government wore navy blue uniforms either.

  31. I want barry to keep coming for our guns. Next election cycle is on the horizon and I want him to rally our base for us.

    I wish he could run for a third term.

  32. I don’t care that you don’t trust me with my guns. I don’t care that you don’t trust me to fire them safely. I don’t care that you don’t trust me to store them safely. I don’t care that you don’t trust my kids not to find them. I don’t care that you don’t trust me not to get them stolen. I don’t care that you don’t trust me not to issue a blanket blame of everyone with mental health issues every time there is a mass shooting. And frankly, I don’t care that you don’t trust me not to shoot you with my guns for no reason. I don’t care because it’s my God given inalienable right. You cannot take that right away from me. So stop pretending that you can!

  33. Let’s see, here. An unkempt black man who relies on stereotypes to make his decisions, is that right? I’m thinking that, alone, would give me an idea of your intelligence.

  34. Good thing its not the Bill of Trust, and that our framers foresaw scumbags destroying everything they built from the works of the greatest political minds in history. Come and take them.

  35. Sounds like someone has a problem with decriminating people based his opinion of them. Huh. Maybe you should try that “breaking the cycle” thing?

    Does he know this kind of stuff can go both ways?

  36. “I don’t trust you with your guns.
    That is OK as I do not trust you with a toy battleship in a bathtub.
    Now go back to your crack house and OD.

  37. W. Kamau Bell in I want Obama to take away your guns,
    The totalitarian government can swing both ways, so do not count too heavily on your 1st Amendment rights; as a matter of fact prestigious universities are already trying to repeal the 1st Amendment.

  38. I don’t trust him not to use his popularity to have disproportionate political influence and corrupt the democracy.

  39. So, first, why does whatever he wants have to be federal, executive, and done “by” the president?

    Fearful-guy is free to create a gun-free zone with like-minded people. All he then needs is for the gunny folks not to invade his safe space. We lawful folk will leave him alone i think. Any problem he may have with gunned-up gang bangers, thieves, or mentally ill … that aint us.

    “I dont trust you to leave me alone.” Is … kind of obnoxious. Really, who’s that rude? Criminals, crazies, n boors.

    Trust-issue-guy may trust President Obama to confiscate guns reasonably, but the Pres wont do tbe collecting any more that hell be treating every new patient under ACA.

    So, does he trust the folks who.will be hands-on?

  40. I blame plant based protein for the fall of Americanism. It has created a nation of wimps and sissy’s. This guy is so noodle wristed he couldn’t pull the safety on a fire extinguisher.

  41. Legal Gun owners are actually trustworthy people. It is the people who steel guns from you that are not trustworthy people. Gun theft can be prevented by educating trustworthy people. Store your non defense guns in a safe that is bolted to your house and have your carry gun on you at all times so it doesn’t get stolen either. You simultaneously have it for defense and it stops the theft problem. If you don’t have the right to carry, fight for it. If you have the right to carry, continue to support it. It is essential to reducing the theft problem. The NRA reduced accidents with guns both fatal and non fatal so the idea that we can’t be educated and trusted is false.

  42. Mr. Bell,
    I don’t trust you with a voter registration card. I don’t trust that you won’t use it in a way that will hurt me, my family and my country.

    Turn it in.

    • I’ll admit I wondered for a moment if it was sarcasm, or satire, or the like. But having read the entirety of his screed, I have decided he is perfectly, deadly serious.

      See Poe’s Law (link), which states that, without a clear indicator of the author’s intent, parodies of extreme views are nearly indistinguishable from actual extreme views.

  43. Lets take the phrase “gun owner” and sub it in for an ethnicity. Say African American. Doesn’t sound flattering in terms of prejudice and stereotyping does it? To this end, I propose we start referring to these people as “Guncists” and what they’re doing as “guncism.” Don’t forget, black rifles matter.

  44. Not only do I not trust you, but have never found you funny, humorous, or relevant. I do not trust you with a pen, a voter ID (no doubt you have several like a good Marxist) or your delusional fashion sense that resembles Spike lee’s. Live out your paranoid life in your fantasy world Bell, while I keep my firearms with or without your phony and unwanted “trust”.

  45. ‘Tis alrite, Mr. Bell. You being a card carrying member of the extreme left assault media, you cannot be trusted to tell the truth, cannot be trusted to report the news without your liberal bias, cannot be trusted to be a dependable person when evil rears its head, cannot be trusted to watch over or defend kids, cannot be trusted by your fellow citizens, cannot be trusted not to be a leech to society, etc, etc.

    In short, you and those of your mental persuasion cannot be trusted with anything at all.

    You dont trust me? The feeling is more than mutual.

  46. Eventually, the Leftists/Statists/Fascists/Dictatorial/Crazies become unhinged and drop their masks; happens every time (Kristallnacht/Night of the Long Knives/Red Guards Revolution/Stalin purges, you name it). We are seeing more and more instances where people of major or minor note admit they want control over the populace, crave absolute security, want to hasten the day we are once again subjects of the central government. Encourage these people at every opportunity. Make them say stupid stuff, in public, as often as you can.

  47. Hey Buckwheat – I’ll make this real simple. I don’t trust you either. You’re obviously unhinged and fortunately your incoherent rantings do not yet carry the force of law. So FO.

  48. What Mr bell wants is completely irrelevant to my right to keep and bear arms.

    That being the case I really do.’t give a fig about what this jerk has to say.

  49. I don’t trust other people not to shoot me either, that’s why I own guns and encourage my friends and family to practice (armed) self-defense.

  50. This guy cries racism at every opportunity, yet he and others like him absolutely refuse to do anything about the culture among young black men and women that leads to violence.

  51. I don’t trust people to do a lot of things, namely driving. Do I want to ban driving? Of course not because the idea is absurd. I’m growing tired of these idiots. No wonder his tv show got canceled. He’s not insightful or funny in any way.

  52. “I don’t trust you not to issue a blanket blame of everyone with mental health issues every time there is a mass shooting, even though we all know that for the most part people with mental health issues are only dangerous to a pint of Ben & Jerry’s”

    Yeah, come work in a jail and say that dumbass. I’ve been assaulted twice by people with psych issues and threatened by countless others. This guy needs to step out of his bubble and experience the real world.

  53. Described on the link as a “sociopolitical stand up comic” and soon to be host of a CNN show that will have his stupid attitude masquerade as newsworthy. To paraphrase Rhett Butler, frankly you twerp, I don’t give a damn.

  54. W. Kamau Bell
    And frankly, I don’t trust you either. That’s why I’m a gun owner, a CCW holder and go about my daily life armed. I don’t trust you, your friends or your family. But I will NOT shoot you for no reason. But that’s just me. But if you threaten me with deadly force or assault me or my family I WILL SHOOT YOU. And I don’t give a damn about your California 10 round mag limits. I routinely chamber several more rounds than that with at least one additional “high capacity mag on top of that. Threaten me or mine and you WILL BE SHOT center of mass, double tap followed by as many shots as it takes to render you no longer a threat.

    If you or Obama want my firearms than I say Molon Labe. And if you don’t understand greek, it means “come and take them”. I’ll voluntarily surrender one hot round at a time to you or Obama.

    Have a nice day.
    Lawful Gun Owner & CCW holder
    [email protected]

  55. I don’t trust anyone who voted for Obama. I don’t trust this guy to vote wisely.
    I don’t trust anyone who adds up body counts by government and body counts by individual killers and finds the former more trustworthy with firearms.

  56. this would only make sense if he were speaking directly to a gangster disciple recruiter. like his cousin. or his mom.

  57. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Obama the same guy who told us we could keep our doctors? Keep our insurance? That we would save about $2500 per family per year on health insurance costs? Forgive me if I think he’s a lying POS. At least for now, I can still express that opinion.
    If he wants to use his line of thinking, he should start with the criminal thugs that populate all of the Liberal controlled cesspools that they’ve created with their other brilliant ideas. I’m done reasoning, as are millions of other Americans. Tanks that shoot fire? Seal team 6? Molon Labe…

  58. Anybody who is against the 2nd Amendment lacks any true fundamental understanding of history , and it is particularly true for Jewish people as well as black people. Each time I meet a black Obama supporter, I ask:”do you know what a slave with a gun is?”…. and after a long blank stare, I gave them the answer:” he is not a slave”.

  59. “even though we all know that for the most part people with mental health issues are only dangerous to a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.”

    If your talking about a girl that broke-up with her boyfriend, not if someone is really nuts.
    There is a difference.

  60. C’mon guys-HomeBell is the former host of “Totally Biased”. He KNOWS he is full of shite. An attempt at “comedy”. And he is far from the worst. Ya’ wonder why he gets any publicity(WHY TTAG?).

  61. Now just extend “you” to government entities w/ guns. I have to date never shot anybody. How many gov entities can claim that? But yeah trust them and not me.

  62. I would love to see him try! Maybe you’re familiar with the term revolution, maybe not but you will understand it fully if he tries!

  63. Dear Mr. Black guy with a perm from 1992,
    Go fornicate yourself in whatever manner you find most objectionable.
    Everyone who is tired of being lectured about racism by bigots with black skin.

  64. Is it just me? I am getting sick of all this crap coming out of lib-jackass folks and our f’ed up government. This shit is gone on long enough now. I’m getting to the age where I am ready for a Revolution. I don’t mean some pansy libtard Revolution but an all out guns a blazing Revolution. One where the good guys defeat jerkoff’s like obutthole and his ilk. This crap just pisses me off more an more each day.

  65. Of course most people with mental illness aren’t potential mass murderers. We have a handful of mass murder shootings every year, but million of people with mental illness. Mr. Bell is the terror of straw men.

    People like Mr. Bell wouldn’t trust me to carry a pocketknife or drive a car, despite my squeaky-clean record. These paranoid maniacs live in fear of their fellow citizens. I don’t live in fear. We take reasonable steps to prepare and protect ourselves, which is as much as we can reasonably do, and go about our lives without worrying if everyone we meet is a potential mass murderer ready to blow at any moment. A reasonable person sees the preponderance of evidence that most people are rather disciplined and not inclined to murder and doesn’t try to micromanage other people’s private business.

  66. FYI, Bell posted this on his Facebook and besides a few dumb comments agreeing with him, he’s getting ripped to shreds. Last I checked anyways.

    So, if you have Facebook, post on his.

  67. But every time he’s out driving, he trusts every driver around him to stay in their own lane and not flatten him to death.

  68. If that’s how you want to play it, Mr. Bell…

    I don’t trust black people because they commit the overwhelming majority of violent crimes. I don’t like that anyone who points this fact out is called a “racist”. I especially despise that blacks, such as yourself, use the thousands of murders committed by blacks each year as a justification to violate the rights of non-violent white men. I think we should make all blacks register with the government and wear GPS trackers at all times, as well as report into “crime prevention officers” every eight hours to ensure that they’re not committing any crimes.

    Obviously, I don’t want to do those things – but if we use Mr. Bell’s “rights don’t mean anything” philosophy, that would assuredly be the best way to significantly reduce crime.

  69. Another low intelligent quotient, Running his mouth and proving it as he chooses to be a Puppet for the Democrats, he’s a want to be! pretty tough living off the Government just stick your hand out, but only if you become a Parrot for the Party cause!
    Enough said, Semper Paratus

  70. Well I don’t trust you with the ability to procreate, but I’m not trying to ban that or take it from you.

    I also don’t trust your conclusion or anything you say at all really, so I’ll just keep operating under the assumption that if Obama could take my gat away he would. Thanks anyway, though.

  71. The white left have used blacks very well to advance their welfare slavery agenda. He is an excellent example.

    But with the Internet you can find many pro second amendment black people who would never be allowed on CNN. This guy only speaks for his white socialist employers.

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