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“Reducing gun violence and strengthening NYPD equipment are top priorities for this administration. We are always looking into ways to encourage the use and development of new technology, and will review this proposal.” – DeBlasio administration spokesperson Monica Klein in Top pols urge mayor to invest in smart guns for the NYPD [at]

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      • Was going to say the same thing. Those 12lb triggers are nothing but trouble. Ironically the NYPD thinks they’re safe because the pull is so heavy, but those triggers are probably one of the key reasons why their accuracy is piss poor and why innocent bystanders get shot.

    • Yawn…NYC PBA will NEVER let this come to pass. When NJ passed its famous smart gun bill, the cops said “NO WAY Loretta”…and she carved them a cutout.

    • I bet his security detail will be non-existant at this rate. Well I think I smell some blue flu in the air coming! He may be the Mayor but he’s just a clawless pussy without his police force unless Fuhr Cuomo sends some Troopers down to help him but that would look “weak”. Shit NYPD arrests cops carrying under LEOSA until they get “official paperwork” from the arestee’s agency.

      • I’ve read up on some case law regarding the NYPD arresting other police officers while disregarding LEOSA. The out of town cop always gets his gun back and the case gets dismissed, but what a nightmare it has to be for the guy. Federal laws? Who needs em’! This is New Yawk City.

        • What a scenario. Blue flu for the security detail. Replaced with State troopers who are promptly arrested by the NYPD!

  1. ” Stringer said, but the department has refused to disclose exactly how much it spends on firearms for security reasons.”


  2. Notice the hedging. So much hedging, grass won’t grow. “We are always looking”. When they’re done looking, there maybe a small pilot project with some desk jockey or investigators that rarely are in the field or go after low risk perps. But don’t be fooled, department wide adoption of smart guns isn’t happening anytime soon.

  3. IDK guys, haven’t any of you seen Judge Dred? Eventual use of smart guns for execution is a probability.

    /sarc or maybe not.

    • Ya beat me to it! That’s just what Megacity 1 needs – Lawgivers – and the kicker – it EXPLODES if somebody else tries to use it!
      Each individual round fired is tagged with the DNA code of the Judge to whom the weapon belongs, thus making identification of the shooter possible with the recovery of the slugs from a victim.

      Selection Options:

      Full-Rapid Fire – automatic firing
      Armor Piercing – penetrating armor, doors, destroying enemy weapons
      Signal Flare – Fires miniature flare for external illumination
      Grenade – Demolition of soft targets (doors, vehicles, etc.)
      Double Whammy – Additional barrel; fires two rounds simultaneously at two separate targets

      If only Steve Jobs were still alive!

    • That, or Psycho-Pass. Silencerco already did their part with the Maxim, all that’s left is the tech for pre-crime evaluation.

    • Totally! I am really happy about this. We need a major PD to fully switch to “Smart” guns so we can actually see all of the troubles. Too bad cops will have to die so that we don’t.

      • And if it failed, no big harm. And it could be sold as officer safety, a way to automatically roll backup. Probably need to automatically disable it in the locker room.

  4. That sound you hear is the collective sigh of relief from all the innocent bystanders who have been hit or know someone who has been hit by errant gunfire from New York’s “finest”.

    The only problem I see with this, since it is New York, if a police officer gets into a life or death situation and the gun fails and they get killed it will likely be completely glossed over and spark a crusade against the evil “dumb” gun that killed the officer.

  5. The reason why the gun manufacturers have chosen not to adopt [smart guns] is because they’re not trying to simply do the right thing. They trade in the currency of blood money. They are merchants of death. And the only way to combat it is with forceful economic power,” Jeffries (D-Brooklyn) said.

    • Exactly- first you require they use a 12 lb DAO trigger; then you make it a smart gun which may not work. Great.

  6. Heh. They could sync the guns to their phones, so when it leaves the holster it tweets direct to #Something-something. Like a police scanner for the Internet of things world.

  7. Inside a democrats mind and the failure to comprehend economics 101.

    “The reason why the gun manufacturers have chosen not to adopt [smart guns] is because they’re not trying to simply do the right thing. They trade in the currency of blood money. They are merchants of death. And the only way to combat it is with forceful economic power,” Jeffries (D-Brooklyn) said.”

    And this gem.

    “Backers say that if the city tells gun manufacturers they’ll buy from whoever produces the technology, the industry will fall in line.”

    Just like that. A government entity snaps fingers…Science, engineering some electrons and all is well.

    • “The reason why the gun manufacturers have chosen not to adopt [smart guns] is because they’re not trying to simply do the right thing.”

      Socialism: Nobody does anything unless the government has decided it is desirable and mandates it.

      Capitalism: MANUFACTURERS discover that they have a product that the public wants to buy so they perfect it and manufacturer it at a price the public is willing to pay that still allows the MANUFACTURER to make a reasonable profit.

      Do these idiot Lib/Progs really think that companies would not produce a profitable smart gun just because they, as business entities, do not want to “do the right thing”?

  8. I love it when liberal moonbats put other liberal moonbats in a box…I wish those two “top pols” every success in their hare-brained endeavor. Pressure that mayor! You go, guys!

  9. Bloomberg kick-back in 3, 2, 1 . . .

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer city.

    Piano Cat, a little of Billy Joel’s Miami 2017 please

  10. LOL. I don’t think the rank and file will accept that Mr. Mayor particularly with your obvious dislike for Bloomberg’s personal army, aka the NYPD. Show some leadership and start with your own personal security detail.

    Common sense to me.

  11. They should just start making all guns have a Rubik’s cube you have to solve everytime you want to pull the trigger. . That’s a true smart gun.

  12. Maybe this is De Blasio getting revenge on the cops who turned their backs on him at that funeral last year. Bet those guys will be in the pilot program…

  13. I thought the only smart gun in production is chambered in .22LR? Bystanders will be much safer now.

    Question? How many rounds will it take for NYPD to kill a dog now?

  14. Did anyone notice the picture in the article with the caption “A supporter holds up a sign advertising the benefits of smart guns.” it is a GLOCK brand GLOCK sign and doesn’t appear to have anything to do with smart guns. It also looks photo-shopped. And very poorly photo-shopped.

  15. Better to let those that really depend on a firearm everyday test out “smart” arms, if that is really what they want. How hard might it be to “unsmart” the firearm? Lab and range work may be satisfactory, but, the everyday world could be a killer. Technology, like firearms, can be used for good or bad. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong, at the worse time. The best safety is the one carrying the firearm, we know how well that works among those that could care less about “safe”. Assuming smart firearms turn out to be the best things since duct tape and WD-40, there will have to be new firearm control laws, or “update” the old ones as socialist city states, or the federal government, sees fit. The “common sense” approach might be, lock up the firearm in one safe, and the transmitter (if that is what is used) in another safe. Neither safe will open until 10 minutes after 911 is called, and verified by text code sent to your cell phone, which you would then use to open the safes. Want to carry firearm with you? Best get portable safes.

  16. As often as body cams “miraculously” fail, I look forward to the test results.

    Actually, if they could tie the functionality of their guns to the cameras….

  17. Yes, so the LEOs in NYC stop shooting each other…

    NEW YORK — Police say a New York City officer who was shot in the ankle while responding to a large street fight in the Bronx was wounded by friendly fire.

    Officer Sherrod Stuart was hospitalized following the Saturday morning brawl that involved guns, bats and knives.

    Police say another officer shot Stuart while exchanging gunfire with Christopher Rice, who was struck four times and hospitalized in serious condition.

  18. Found this in the original article:
    “But the guns aren’t widely available in the United States.”

    Which implies that smart guns ARE widely available in other countries…can anyone tell me which other countries smart guns are widely available? …Or is the answer “none”?

  19. Nice announcement, no watch carefully as after a few years of “research”, this quietly goes away.

    NO police dept will go for this.

    • “NO police dept will go for this.”

      The New Orleans PD wants those guns?

      I figured ‘Nawlins cops would have been smarter than that…


  20. I think you are missing the point. They won’t make the police carry them. They want to use their leverage to make the manufacturers develop them.

    They will buy a few, which will not be used. Then they will mandate them Jersey style for us peasants (leo carveout).

  21. DO it! Maybe they’ll just shoot big fat guys for selling “loosies”-instead of choking ’em to death…

  22. Like a mob standing below watching the man deciding if he should jump off of a building, we should all be yelling “do it, do it, do it” As soon as the first cop is harmed due to malfunction of a smart gun, that will be the end of this non-sense once and for all and the crazies in NYC are just the ones to PD in harms way for the cause of political correctness.

  23. Smart guns will do nothing to stem the tide of stolen guns making their way into the black market and used in crime. I don’t think it would take much to neutralize the “smart” system and make it useful to anyone. Bypass the electronic and it jsut becomes a regular old mechanica ldevice. If man can make it, man can break it.

  24. I don’t care if so-called smart guns become commonly used by law enforcement or not, do not make them mandatory for everyone else.

    • “…do not make them mandatory for everyone else.”

      Strongly impress on your lawmakers to make sure that doesn’t happen…

  25. The NYPD uses a list of authorized guns from which officers can choose.

    It’s possible that, at some point, a ‘smart gun’ might end up on that list (.22s need not apply).

    That doesn’t mean anyone will actually carry one, though.

  26. Haven’t read the previous posts. I am standing by for the report of the first officer fatality when his sidearm fails or is too slow to respond.

  27. I suspect they may equip the thousands of badged NYPD desk jockeys with a “smart” gun and after a period claim success that not a single citizen or officer was harmed because of a malfunctioning “smart” gun. The fact that front-line, elite cops that are more likely in the line of fire did not use them will be conveniently ignored by the MSM.

  28. I think that this is great news. I fully support using New York’s Finest as guinea pigs to test this technology. Pun intended.

  29. I have a very simple way to test the veracity of the claim that higher trigger pull = less accuracy.
    My FNX45 is DA/SA. I can say that without a doubt I am more accurate firing from SA than DA. Somewhere in the specs is the precise difference in pull.
    I’m glad we left MA. That state mandates a 10# minimum trigger pull. Most buyers then take the pistols to a New Hampshire gun smith to get a normal 4 to 6# trigger.

  30. “’The mayor has been non-responsive on the issue, and when we met with Commissioner Bratton, he said it will never work. But the President thinks it will work,’ he said.”

    Yeah, because Obama and all his do something, do gooder progressive leftist anti-gun extremists friends know all there is to know about the subject of guns, self-defense, and real life experience vis-a-vis self-defense gun use in either the police world or the personal protection non-police self-defense environment. They’re actually all a bunch of freaking lame brain ‘know it all’ nincompoops with no skin in the game.

    None of these antis give a wit if an officer or armed law abiding citizen ends up injured or whacked because their functionally sensitive, extra defeat-able firearm doesn’t work because some additional super-duper electronically based safety feature that could, or may function properly ‘this time’, doesn’t when it is truly needed.

    Perspiration, dirt, heat, cold, rain, snow, impact, and I’m sure other factors are all enemies of this wanna-be ”safety” technology. But hey, as long as the gun is prevented from firing if all their fanciful restrictive parameters are not met…that’s all that matters to these morons!

    These elitist know-nothings find everyone else’s life to be cheap fodder for their utopian experiments, and they won’t take NO for an answer even when people having real life experience challenge the antis’ lack of logic when it is incongruous with their “feelings” of how things should be.

  31. Personally, I hope they do go forward with this technology. That will make my guns worth a FORTUNE! I will make out better than I did with those cheap AR’s that I tripled my money with when obummer got elected!

    • A fortune huh? With 350 million guns? Good luck-unless we get a Katrina confiscation(good luck with that .gov).

      • When obummer got elected there were a lot or ar15’s out there, but I managed to get around triple what I paid for them because people really thought the gubment could outlaw them. I only kept my favorite one, because I didn’t know how long the madness would last, and I wish now that I would have sold it too. Not much later people came to their senses, realized black rifles weren’t going anywhere and prices are now lower than ever. I made a bunch of money on 9mm handguns and 9mm ammo and 223. Just look at the 22 ammo shortage, I know its a little better but some people still can’t find it years later. So yeah, I really think that if the anti-gun politicians start screaming for mandatory smart guns, people who don’t know any better will freak and I’ll make a lot of money before people realize it’ll never pass.

  32. Totally fine with this. Let the world’s largest police force (and, what, fourth or fifth largest standing army?) really run the kinks out of this tech. Or prove it non-viable. Either way, we will be better off. Unless we are forced to ditch or dumb guns for smart ones (extremely doubtful).

  33. If they ever make a smart gun that works, I think there are people that can unsmart it very quickly and make a dumb gun that will fool the government dummies.


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