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“Being a rural-area Democrat, if you don’t vote for any gun bill, it will kill you.” – Missouri State Rep. Ben Harris in Democrats to aid Republicans on MO gun bill [at]

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  1. That’s a MUCH better answer than “I was elected to represent the people, and the people believe in the 2nd Amendment”

    • That would have been a much better response, but Ill take what I can get. At the very least, he still fears his electorate and their response to him voting against freedom. On the other hand, you have places like Kommiefornia where it seems like several of the representatives have their electorate begging for them to take their freedoms away…

  2. I’d just like to say- this is the reason NOT to vote straight Republican. If Democrats think they have no chance of getting rural and/or gun owning votes anyway, what’s their incentive to ever vote for gun rights?

    Look at what happened to Democratic-only interest groups: teachers, unions, African-Americans. They get regularly screwed over by their chosen party- because those groups went from being issue voters to Democratic voters. And forget all that “we’ll get ’em in the primary” bs. If we become single-party voters, we’ll do more damage to our own cause than the civilian disarmament fools ever could.

    • If you vote dem in 2014, and they keep the senate, and maybe take the house, we will lose our second amendment rights. just sayin… Manchin is from a rural state and a dem..

      • You have to separate Federal, State and local politicians.

        The article that goes with post is about a state level issue.

        You should vote for the person and not necessarily a party. The problem is you have to follow the money. If the person was bought and paid for mostly from “party” money as was done time and time again in CO, that person through pressure will vote whatever the party tell them. If you are raising money mostly from a grassroots or state level you are going to do more likely what the people want.

        If you believe that money does not play a huge part on how these people vote, you are foolish. When Biden went on to the floor of the CO House and Senate and told them to vote a certain way and he would have their backs, he meant we will give you money to vote a certain way.

        Bloomberg with MAIG as his hammer, basically paid for the recent Chicago seat and other seats. Many of the crooked mayors he has recruited signed on with the hope of getting money they could care less about the actual issue.

        • Assuming you wish to vote on gun rights as your single issue:

          If you vote a straight party line for everyone with an (R) next to their name, you’ll be voting correctly at least 90% of the time.

          If you vote a straight party line for everyone with a (D) next to their name, you’ll be voting incorrectly at least 90% of the time.

          This is a national average, of course. Granted, the numbers are somewhat different in California than in Missouri…

        • Nonetheless, Pascal stated the essence of the issue.

          A real dilemma is – as you implied Hal J. – when there is no option other than choosing between a RINO pandering to a largely Democratic urban constituency, and a Dem who will ultimately follow the party money line no matter what.

          Take a peek at CA politics. There is often no choice at all!

      • Toomey is a “conservative” Republican- and he co-sponsored the bill. As is McCain- who I happen to like on everything except guns.

        For that matter, while we can (legitimately) complain about Manchin-Toomey, we have to count our blessings and remember that the SAF actually endorsed the bill. In terms of what might have happened, can you imagine what that bill could have been like if Schumer or Durbin led the charge? For that matter- Reid (a Dem) killed the Assault Weapons ban before it even came to the floor!

        If you vote straight Republican- would McCain, Toomey, or Mark Kirk care about you? Would Begich or Pryor? Would their (possible) opponents? You’re either not going to vote for his opponent or not vote for him no matter what!

        • Not trying to argue, but to be correct Reid killed the AWB because he knew it wasn’t going to pass, not because he was against it.

        • Reid is a sell out. He will have the grade of F from the NRA during the next election. Bank on it. So will Manchin. In fact, Manchin’s will likely be an F-. I consider these to punks far more dangerous than Diane Feinstink. If you compare Reid’s photos with Saul Alinsky’s at similar ages, it is remarkable.

        • I was disappointed with Toomey. I had a great deal of trust in him on a broad range of issues previously. Still better than Bob Casey, who was previously a decent 2A advocate but would have happily voted for some gun control bills brought before the senate after Sandy Hook.

          And I have to agree with other responses about Reid. I think the main concern of the Senate was not to be seen as blocking gun control legislation. That “evil” was to be pinned on the GOP controlled house coming up to 2014. Obama’s tears after Manchin-Toomey failed were genuine I think, though not shed for the reason he claimed 🙂

        • McCain is as Progressive as the Crypto-Commies he runs with, his daughter is a member of a Progressive Cacus and worked for MSNBC

      • Yeah, I would support the Dems that voted against the Manchin-Toomey BS and make sure they know why, and fvck the rest. If the Dems have a majority in the Senate again, and take the House, you can kiss some of your freedom goodbye.

    • I agree with the principle but not the implementation. Here’s a simple improvement:

      For democrats, if you want something from them, pretend you’re almost ready to vote for them. For republicans, pretend you are almost ready to vote for their next primary challenger.

      Around election time, when the local republican’s staff calls and asks: “Can Representative Kline count on your vote?” I answer flatly: “No. He can’t”

  3. Written to Mr. Harris:

    Gee Mr. Harris. That is what happens when you have to pick between doing the right thing vs. whoring out to the DNC platform. More of the repukes have figured this out. The problem is that guys like you, Mr. Harris, want to follow along with the Dingbat Caucus out of San Francisco (Nancy “We avow the 1st Amendment” Pelosi and Diane Feinstink, Chuckie Schmucky et al. However, they are in those mega-urban centers and have a voter base paid off in food stamps and another group dogmatically following a flawed concept of they they think the world should be.

    The remainder of you rural Democrats really need to take a look at Sen Richard Shelby who started out in The House as a Dem in North Al but switched to the GOP soon after. Alabama used to be a Blue state. The people didn’t shift ideologically, the DNC shifted. It was a shift that started dramatically following the death of JFK and Bobby Kennedy. Teddy wasn’t Bobby or JFK. Unlike Teddy, they despised communists.

    • Holy crap! A non-Progressive Democrat. I don’t come across many of those these days.

  4. Vote for the person and not the party? Excuse me, but I think that the person’s choice of party tell me a lot about their true beliefs.

    There are no “good Democrats” any more than there were “good Communists” or “good Nazis.” There are only Democrat gungrabbers that haven’t yet come out of the closet or fed at the Bloomberg trough.

    • On the flip side Ralph, we have the GOP leadership wanting to poke the NSA’s sniffers into our nether electronic regions.

      It’s seems these days as if the two political parties have divided up various chunks of the Bill of Rights they’re going to assault. They decided that they’ll both share the job on the First Amendment, the Democrats will go after the Second, the GOP after the Fourth, both of them will go after the Fifth, etc.

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