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“The one thing I want to make clear is, this message of rational gun safety is a message that will be embraced by rural communities as well as urban communities simply because it makes sense.” – VP Joe Biden in Why is Joe Biden talking guns with Field & Stream? [via]

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  1. He’s right. What he doesn’t realize is the “the message of rational gun safety” was articulated by Jeff Cooper and has nothing to do with legislation.

    • Yep. The problem is that “this message” that he is talking about has nothing about “rational gun safety” in it.

      Why is he talking to Field And Stream magazine? He is trying to convince hunters that the AWB will not affect them, to separate them from the rest of the gun-rights supporters on this issue. It may work with a few, but not most of them.

  2. Good thing they’re working so hard on the govt fiscal crisis. Firearms, gay marriage, immigration; its all smoke and mirrors to discount the real issue.

  3. Two points of contention: Gun control is never rational. Making sense implies that it is easy to understand, one would assume it invokes the use of easily understood statistics/facts, which themselves support directly the opposite direction of gun control. But then again, Biden has never exactly been looked upon as a smart guy, so this does indeed make sense coming from him.

  4. Hey, remember what Chris Rock said, “you know, because Obama he is our boss”

    Biden, go play with you deluded self

    • Hey, remember what Chris Rock said, “you know, because Obama he is our boss”
      Funny, I don’t remember Rock saying that when Bush was Prez . . . . but he has it backwards anyway. We the people are Obama’s boss – he works for us . . . . . or more accurately, against us.

      • He DIDN’T say that about Bush? That he was the nation’s dad? I figured I’d just missed it because I was living in NM.
        So he thinks only SOME presidents are the “nation’s dad”???

  5. I’ve read several papers that argue that the sharpest division in the U.S. now isn’t party, race, socio-economics, or age, it’s Urban vs. Rural. There are stark differences between the experiences and subsequent mindsets of these two groups, and it becomes apparent in many different forum (politics, entertainment, religion, etc.).

    • I’ve heard the same thing. The progressives are pushing for urbanization and are trying to shun people who reside in suburbs into moving into the cities. And if you reside in the country then you’re just completely backwards and ignorant. Rush Limbaugh actually spoke at length about this last year.

    • The real divide is bedrock America vs. the chattering classes. You can find the chattering classes even in small towns, and you can find bedrock Americans in the largest cities (remember the construction workers and the volunteers at the WTC site on and after 9/11?)

      Support of “gun control” is a pretty good indicator of someone who wants powerful central government to take care of them, and is willing to surrender their liberty to get a promise of safety.

      By the way, I looked at one of my rifles that has a safety, and I couldn’t tell if it was rational or irrational. Do you suppose Joe Biteme’s safeties talk to him in the dark of the night?

  6. The advice we’re getting from Joe is every bit as valuable as the advice for pampered celebrities making action movies, and has the same amount of basis in reality.

  7. They are getting desperate. Despite the media onslaught the public is not being swayed to their side. Gallup released a poll today that shows Obama’s policies only have a 42% approval rating.

  8. Whats old joe sniffing glue? Just put the bag down joe & step away. When we need your worthless opinion we will let you know. Randy

  9. How far the pendulum has swung… we went from a VP that was practically running the show to a vapid, silly, moronic buffoon that probably throws his own feces when the cameras aren’t on him.

  10. And in other news N Korea just detonated a believed 5 MT miniaturized (for them) nuclear devise. But, let’s be sure to concentrate on semi automatic rifles.

    • You know, I’m as anti-war as anyone here, probably more so, but if it was moi in the White House, and they aimed a nuclear missile test in our direction, I’d have every bomber wing (however few remain) in the air in fifteen minutes, and get on the phone (if they have any) to that venal dwarf and tell him he had ONE HOUR to surrender, UNCONDITIONALLY. And then put it administratively under South Korea. That’s a nasty government, too, but joy would reign in Pyongyang that very day.

      This is no time for tinhorns.

      • The problem with that idea is that Seoul and its 20(+) million inhabitants are a 5 minute missle flight away from those crazy bast**ds. The City is, in a very real sense, a hostage of North Korea.

  11. Joe Biden is one scary human being. And he wants desperately to be President. Can you f^cking imagine? Compared to Obama, Biden is a Denebian slime devil.

  12. I guess we are not lagitement like he said yesterday only fascist like him are. Well we still have a IQ 1000000000000% higher than you Biden…… SO does a rock.

    PS Net flicks tonight more Bull crap coming from the Commie and Chief cant stand to see such sewage coming in my house…. Agree Dan?

  13. This buffoon missed his calling. Hey Joe, the circus is in town and you’re needed over at the freak show.

  14. There’s only one person I’ve ever known that had any impact with the phrase, “Because I said so!” And that would be my mom.

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