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I’m as devout as Maria Lyth is ugly. Even so, the Pope’s [non-buggery-or-Nazi-related] resignation got me thinking. And then it hit me: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If you’re willing to shoot someone trying to cause you or your peeps death or grievous bodily harm you have to be willing to have someone shoot you should you try and do the same to them. And that means we can’t “let” anyone have a gun. After all, “there but for the grace of God go I.” It’s self-preservation—on some strange level. Which is all very well and good until you stare into the cold dead eyes of someone about to take your or your child’s life. Heads-up stripey-shirted atheists of the world: at that point you’d pray for a gun. More misguided misegos after the jump . . .

President Obama's note to the parents of murder victim Hadiya Pendleton (courtesy

“Michelle and I just wanted you to know how heartbroken we are to hear about Hadiya’s passing. We know that no words from us can the stop the pain, but rest assured that we are praying for you, and that we will continue to exploit your daughter’s death for our political advantage work as hard as we can to end this senseless violence. God bless. Barack Obama.”

Debi Lombardi (courtesy

Gun Guys author Dan Baum reckons gun guys should be worried about whippersnappers who are Young, Liberal and Open to Big Government, forgetting as the New York Times doesCall of Duty.

Spree killers know that the spree killings that don’t happen don’t get the press. Pre-Teen Had Rifle, Guns, 3,000 Rounds Of Ammunition

Oh oh here she comes. Watch out boy she’ll chew you up. New Zealand Switches from 5.56mm to 7.62mm FN Herstal Minimi Light Machine Gun

Seems denial of conjugal rights is standard MO for the anti gunners. Switzerland guns: Living with firearms the Swiss way

I doubt that. Fugitive alleged LAPD-killer is first drone target on U.S. soil

Smith & Wesson call to action (courtesy smith -

Smith & Wesson follow in Ruger’s footsteps. I mean, exactly, contact your rep widget and all. Forgiven?

Don’t you just love it when they pay lip service to the Constitution? Neither do I. “If we can save the life of one single person, one child, without any impact on an individual’s constitutional right, then why in God’s name should we not do that?” Biden says laws needed to curb gun violence

The best article on gun control in the history of the Wall Street Journal, ever. Gun Control and the Constitution


January NICS checks down from December (not enough guns and gun stuff to buy) but WAY up on 2012.

Six bullets? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry or tell them to sell it in New York.

Call the Huffington Post! Concealed Handgun License (CHL) stats from the Texas Department of Public Safety:

Total convictions in Texas 2011: 63,679
Convictions of CHL holders: 120
CHL Percentage of Total Convictions: .1884%

Pray for his salvation. “It is only once we label the NRA and any of its supporters as an extreme fringe group, that represents the interests of gun manufactures, will we be able to achieve our goal of safer communities in America.” What I Learned About Guns Growing Up in North Dakota, and How the NRA Could Not Be More Out of Touch

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  1. Your logic is flawed. The default position is I won’t shoot you if you don’t me and not if you are willing to shoot someone then you should willing to be shot.

  2. That mag machine is 100% bad ass…and that guy signing that stupid song is too freaky, he set off my gadar…

    • The mag machine is pretty awesome. I want one in 9mm for if the Ammopocalypse ever ends and I can find ammo again.

    • The really scary thing is that this liberal putz really and truly believes not only that he is smarter than all of us, but that his superior intelligence gives him the right and authority to dictate to us how to act and how to live our lives. I believe that is the essential definition of FASCISM. And I’m quite sure he would be shocked and dismayed to hear anyone call him that, after all, only right wingers can be fascists, everybody knows THAT.
      By the way, if you have not read Jonah Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism”, you really should.

  3. I think the 6 round setting on the mag loading machine was just to make it fast. Watching it fill 10 mags with 30 rounds apiece would have gotten tedious. Is it just me or did that guy unload that magazine like someone who had never touched one before?

    That Minimi LMG is neat. Can I have one?

    “If we can save the life of one single person, one child, without any impact on an individual’s constitutional right, then why in God’s name should we not do that?”

    You can. Ban swimming pools and make bathtubs have a maximum depth of 1.25 inches. Neither of those things is a constitutional right.

    • If the AWB and magazine limits are so ineffective they will only “save the life of one person” maybe they should look at the real causes of violent death in the US such as preventing suicides and reducing crime which would save thousands of lives instead of just one….

      Whoever that “one person” is they must be really important to ignore so may other lives that could be saved.

      • It all started with that soapy teacher bit, “If I can only reach one student it will have been worth it.” Not to me, the f##g taxpayer. You’d better be reaching thousands of students over your career. Same with the gun bit. Agree.

    • “If we can save the life of one single person, one child, without any impact on an individual’s constitutional right, then why in God’s name should we not do that?” says Joe.
      Isn’t that what abortion does NOT do, Joe? Not to refocus anyone’s attention, but how in God’s name can he back one and deny the other?

      Not viewed from a religious perspective, but the most simpe premise: How is one child killing so bad and the other one has the VP’s blessing?

  4. 4.5 million members is an extreme fringe group?
    more than Amnesty International. more than PETA. Half as many as worldwide Jehovah’s witness. More than (leftover) American Indians. Twice more than Lutherans or US Muslims.

    Extreme fringe group my rear end.

  5. The Golden Rules:

    The Perp’s –”If I can steal this turkey’s gold I rule!”
    Mine –”I’ll spend some gold at the range so the perps can’t rule.”
    Biden’s –”The guy who’s giving me the gold can make the rules, OK?”
    MacAnti’s –”What gold? Some bastard stole all my gold. Help me!”
    O’s – “If the dead kids have gold hair maybe then I can get my rules?”

    Nice daily roundup.

  6. In a half sane world, it would be laughable to lable the NRA as fringe. The Founding Fathers make the NRA look like a boys choir. At the time of the Revolution, the rifles the colonials hunted with and used to defend their homes were the same rifles they took into battle. They were militia, that means light infantry military, weapons.

    In case someone asks, nukes aren’t light infantry weapons, but full auto are. Ask the Swiss who do just fine with them. And if I could afford it, I’d have a P-51 Mustang in my garage.

    • From 1865 through the eve of WWII citizens had access to superior weapons than the military:
      1865-72 The Army continued to use the Springfield 1861Minie rifle while citizens had a variaty of single shot breech loading and Henry lever guns to choose from.
      In 1873 the Army finally got the trapdoor Springfield while citizens got the Winchester ’73. Unfortunately for Custer so did the Souix.
      When the Army switched to the Krag, citizens got the Winchester ’94 in 30-30. Finally, the Army caught up with the ’03 Springfield just in time for Winchester and Remington to introduce autoloading rifles to the public. It wasn’t until 1941 that M-1 became the standard issue rifle.

      Here is fun fact for gun grabbers. Semiautomatic rifles are the product of civilian technology. It is the “approved” bolt action hunting rifles that are based on weapons of war.

  7. “Smith & Wesson follow in Ruger’s footsteps. I mean, exactly, contact your rep widget and all. Forgiven?”

    Nothing to forgive. The British company that bought S&W and betrayed us are out of the gun business. None of the current leadership at S&W have anything to do with the former owners and do not need to apologize for the foolishness of another company.

    • Any gun company that once found its CEO was a twice-convicted armed bank-robber deserves a second chance.

  8. I’m not a regular church-goer either, but the Maria Lyth photos did elicit something about “Sweet Jesus.”

  9. As a life long North Dakotan I can say this guy is so out of touch with ND that he’s east of the Mississippi. We have oodles of AR/AK lovers here, a lot of pro 2a vets, pro 2a tribe members, and some very nice FFL’s who will gladly help you get your first tax stamp for that suppressor to slap on your new AR. Even my vegan, liberal, pacifist, gunless friends don’t want my RKBA taken away (possibly because all their other friends have guns). Invoking ND as a sort of sportsmen cred talisman to divide hunters from other gun owners is foolish at best and dishonest regardless.

    It also makes Theodore Roosevelt scowl. Because he can’t cry.

    • This is the new make believe…..I will pretend I am one of them so I can say bad things because then it is cool to say bad things, because I am one of them. So many gun grabbers claiming to be gun owners it is laughable these days

      • It’s an effective tactic – look how the proggies on TV at CNN, MSNBC, et. al. have “kept” or “house” conservative* commentators on staff who consistently advocate an abandonment of principles in the name of compromise. David Frum is but one example.

        *In name only. They’re all NYC and DC-based rent-seekers, useful idiots.

  10. WOW, that article in the WSJ is awesome! If only all papers and the MSM were this honest and fair. I truly believe the media is the reason why we are in this mess and why America is in the shape it’s in.

    • Note the authors

      “Messrs. Rivkin and Grossman practice law in the Washington, D.C., office of BakerHostetler. Mr. Rivkin served in the Justice Department and the White House Counsel’s Office in the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations. “

  11. This atheist is hurt, hurt to the quick I say. Well, that & fact that there aren’t a lot of Maria’s at the night club, not that they would actually talk to me anyways./// pope piel’s resignation was a personal tragedy, first the guns & now the Pocket Fisherman? when will it end./// michelle should be reading a copy of the constitution to her husband because he seems to have lost the ability to read & comprehend at the same time, Randy

  12. I’m one more pro-gun non-Christian (agnostic, in fact), so I would like to make one request.

    Dear Christians, especially those of you eager to metaphorically give the heathens a kick, could you PLEASE leave religion OUT of the gun control debate? You don’t see us non-Christians attacking your faith here, try to extend the same courtesy to us.

  13. Pre-Teen Had Rifle, Guns, 3,000 Rounds Of Ammunition

    He had a rifle and guns? Good thing they caught him before he was able to get a bracket on the school…

  14. I have drones watching my patio disguised as dragonflies. One actually hovered in front of me and performed a retina scan.

  15. Hey R.F: Is the site really slow today or is it just because I am being monitored for writing F&S to Biden? Tinfoil alert, condition silver!

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