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“But much of the gun-policy commentary that has come in the wake of the tragic Newtown massacre is misdirected. Stringent gun-control measures are unlikely to turn the United States into a peaceful gun-free society like Japan. In addition, much of the hysteria over “rising gun deaths” is badly misplaced, since the violent-crime rate and the murder rate have both been declining since the early 1990s. If we really, truly want to reduce gun deaths, there is a much better way to do it than the gun-control measures.” – Noah Smith in The Single Best Anti-Gun-Death Policy? Ending the Drug War [via]

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  1. “A peaceful gun free society like Japan ”

    Can I call BS on this? Let ‘s not repeat or believe nonsense like this. Anyone who knows Japan is aware of the very sick and perverse undercurrent of Japanese society. There is a reason they have a sky high suicide rate.

    • Let’s also remember that the reason the Japanese have such strict gun laws is so that the samurai would be disarmed (the laws were originally gun and sword laws) and the people would have no way to stop the Emperor.

  2. No thanks, I’ll keep my guns. Legalization of drugs works IF people who don’t have insurance are thrown out of a hospital & left to die on the curb. The libs would have no problem doing that to this old white guy, they would never do that to a minority though. A heart operation from coke use was $5,000,000 many years ago, Randy

    • Yeah the same people who want to legalize drugs don’t want to spend a dime on the problems that result. Can’t have it both ways.

    • I always find it strange that there are people in the pro-gun community who are pro-drug war.

      We’re constantly making the argument that a prohibition wouldn’t keep guns out of the wrong hands. Then some of us turn around and support a prohibition that has failed and asserts that the government does in fact have the right to tell us what we can and cannot have for our own benefit.

      • I agree; It’s the same irrational belief system; how people can argue that the war on guns won’t work because criminals won’t obey the the gun laws and then turn around and say the the war on drugs WILL work when it obviously has not is absolutely incomprehensible to me.

        It comes down to the need to control other people, liberal or conservative, they both want to control people, but only for thier own good, of course.

        Robert Heilein said it best, all belief systems boil down to two types of people, those who want to control others for thier own good and those who simply want to be left alone.

        Unfortunately, those who want to control others out number those who want to be left alone,

  3. Lets not forget that this trend of “Rampage Violence” is like nothing else we have seen before, and has little, if anything to do with the types of rifles available to a would be spree killer. At this point, the media and our opponents need to delineate between the types of gun violence they are looking to purge. Because how they approach it will vary, though, again, neither solution will benefit by focusing on any gun bans. This is pointed out in a number of collegiate and mental health care related papers from reputable national health organizations. The same organizations the media, and most opponents of 2A cite for every other argument they make not related to gun violence.

    Additionally, their are a number of other variables more pertinent to the amount of violence witnessed, the type of violence, or the lack there of, in Europe or in Asia. A robust social health care program, less societal stress, varying cultural norms and courtesy etc. etc.

  4. Unless you live in the countryside, i would advise against walking alone at night in the cities in Germany. And Germany is all but gun free, we have about 20-40 million illegal guns.

  5. The Atlantic has had some really great coverage recently about guns and acceptance of gun culture. It’s been shocking from such an established left wing magazine.

    What all of us have to remember is that, for every group that seems to show a little understanding about gun rights, there are plenty of reporters sitting around making fun of us and the NRA; just like the ones caught on a camera they thought was off.

    If you’ve seen it you know how ingrained their anti-gun drama is and if you haven’t seen it take a few moments to read the story and watch the video.

  6. Smith still wants gun control, but he’s right on the War on Drugs. Think of all the violations of civil rights that have come out of that–driving while black, for example. Think of all the people put in prison and handed a criminal record for the mere possession of some marijuana. Think of violent criminals released early because we need more room for addicts, even though prison isn’t a good treatment program.

  7. The Atlantic (and CNN) have both been surprising me this year with more mature attitudes about guns and more accurate reporting.

    • Maybe they figure with that mature atitude the antis have a much better chance at winning? I mean lets face it, more than plenty of them are immature and cant back a damn thing they say, let alone know what they are trying to ban. Be it “#u@% you gun nuts” or “I honestly dont know what it is [that I want banned] I think its the shoulder thing that goes up,” they all sound like fools. And now speaking of fools, Biden leads the way.

      I will always be close minded to gun control but I will listen to a grown mature argument should it arise.

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