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Oregon Sheriff Pat Garret’s letter to his constituents [after the jump] indicates an unmistakeable trend throughout the United States: applications for concealed carry permits are soaring. This is not new; Americans’ desire for armed personal protection spikes after every high profile spree killing. But the scope and scale of the post-Sandy Hook surge is unprecedented. Although tiny in absolute terms, the number of concealed carry weapons (CCW) licence applications hitting Garrett’s desk are triple their normal volume. As with firearms sales, CCW licenses require an electronic inquiry to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) system. NICS has been sputtering under the weight of requests. Two nights ago, it crashed. Service has been restored but, in many important ways, America’s gun culture will never be the same. And I mean that in the nicest possible way . . . [h/t TG]

Dear Citizens,

The recent shootings in Clackamas and Connecticut are on everyone’s mind.  We normally receive 12 applications for new concealed handgun licenses per day; on Monday we received 45, plus stacks of renewals for permits that have been inactive for months.

We are also receiving questions about school safety and how citizens should react in a shooter situation.  It is clear that many feel a loss of security and control.  One way to cope is to take action to control variables within your reach.  Several ideas are offered in this issue, but I would like to ask you personally to take one action now.

Review gun safety in your home.  In the two recent shootings, guns were not secured in homes.  The shooter in Oregon used a semi-automatic AR-15 that he stole from a home where he spent the night.  The shooter from Conecticut took a semi-automatic AR-15, a Glock 10mm, and a Sig Sauer 9mm from his mother.  In March another tragedy occurred when young boy found his father’s handgun hidden under the driver’s seat.  Even people who are known to be careful should revisit habits that may have relaxed over time.

Ensure you have gunlocks for every gun you own or control.  Every gun purchased from a licensed gun dealer must be sold with a lock.  Trigger locks are model specific, whereas cable locks work on handguns or long guns.  The locks not only secure the weapon from children, but they cannot be operated unless unlocked by key.  At $3-5, they make great stocking stuffers!  Gun safes or locking racks also make thoughtful gifts.

My staff and I wish you the joy of time spent with loved ones and a heart filled with peace.  Our thoughts continue to be with all the families and loved ones affected by the recent tragedies.

Sheriff Pat Garrett

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  1. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because the anti’s are right and I want to return to the “Wild, Wild West,” but I think I would have an above average amount of faith in any sheriff named Garrett. That name is almost synonymous with “gets stuff done.”

  2. If the antis were on the right side of this issue people would be bringing their guns in for destruction instead of buying new ones and applying for permits.

  3. “Review gun safety in your home. In the two recent shootings, guns were not secured in homes”.

    Can’t be said enough. Many people scoff at and some even grow angry at the suggestion to keep their guns locked-up even those guns they don’t need for a home defense emergency. Guns are powerful tools that have the potential to be used to do great good as well as evil. With great power comes great responsibility. A mother who owned guns failed to secure her guns from her son who went on to commit a massacre. Gun owners nationwide, consisting of many millions of people, are now facing the possibility of losing their right to buy modern sporting rifles.

    • Agreed! I am a guy who lives alone and keeps to himself most of the time. Some might say reclusive. I keep my guns secured in a safe or locked with a security cable to the wall. All kept in a locked room in a house with an alarm. There is no way I want my guns stolen and used in a crime.


      I’ve had enough of those stories of loaded shot guns in the corner of the house no body ever messed with.

  4. I just touched upon this in another post. The horrific tragedy in Newtown Connecticut was a tipping point … and three of my friends are now scheduling their training so they can acquire their concealed carry licenses.

    Inquire with your family, friends, and neighbors. Take them to a shooting range. Be serious about safety and show them the ropes. I have yet to have a person walk away without an intense interest and respect for firearms.

    It is especially important to make it a point to try and reach out to the ladies that you know. Relatively few women are armed and yet they may stand to gain the most benefit from being armed. Even worse, many women support gun control simply because they lack exposure, experience, or knowledge of firearms. As far as I can tell, getting more women involved is the simplest, easiest, and fastest way to stop future draconian gun control policies.

  5. I’m thinking a new AWB, as per DiFi;s plan, will create a HUGE Black Market in guns and encourage criminals to become aggressive about stealing guns from law-abiding gun owners. So, securing your collections will be imperative, as a common sense measure.

    The huge increase in gun sales and CCW permit application/renewals I hope is giving DiFi, Bloomie, Rahm E , et al and the Brady bunch an acute case of indigestion.

  6. My fence sitter mother just the other day asked me about getting a revolver. I was proud of her for once. After the Aurora shooting she was all talk about banning pump action shotguns (?) and semi-automatic rifles. I showed her a picture of a revolver a few days ago and said she should get one. To my surprise it was a recent topic of discussion as well as Tennessee carry laws.

    Next step with her, safety breifing and a range trip.

    I converted someone lol

  7. I’ve had my permit for a whole 6 months now, and since all of these events my girlfriend and father are now in the process of getting theirs.

  8. Well now that was awful polite of him. I am assuming he is going over every one of his CCW requests and will get back to folks in short order. I have kids so locking up any firearm is sort of a DUH!

  9. The Sheriff is a progun Sheriff so dont attack him. I think this shows in the general US public we have won the game of numbers many many people want to keep there 2A rights. And it helps make a ban even harder.

    I do agree with Sheriff if you do have guns make sure no unauthorized people can take them or even look at them w/o you with them.


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