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“The platform should be focusing on monetizing quality better, but the exact opposite is the case. It’s now focused on monetizing generic, bland, white-washed garbage. The platform is actively steering you away from talking about or showing anything remotely interesting if that interesting subject could potentially be controversial.” – YouTuber SkillUp in YouTube Is Making It Almost Impossible To Monetize Video Game Content Involving Guns [via]

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  1. Well, that won’t last long. Do they know how many teens spend hours watching playthroughs on YT? The most popular channels are gamers. This is total hamburger progressivism and will send YT the way of Mizzou, ESPN, and Marvel.

    • It seems that’s the plan. Shooting games are hugely popular on Youtube and it brings in a lot of money. Now, if another company launches a site to compete with youtube and it monetizes shooting game videos and firearm related vidoes too, I can see youtube going under.

      Until that website exists, Youtube is here to stay unfortunately.

  2. Youtube setting to directly compete with the Hallmark channel?

    Demand drives content. It’d not the other way around. It’s never the other way around. If it were there’d be no black market for anything but there is for everything.

    • Not in socialist societies where censorship only allows state propaganda. Sure makes it clear where this is all headed.

      • “State propaganda” should be Republican/GOP leaning, no? I mean that’s who’s in the White House and Congress, right? So how does this reality square with you comment that YouTube is becoming “socialist”–shouldn’t it become Republican if it’s being manipulated by the state as you say?

        • It’s become pretty obvious both parties represent the state. They are more like good cop – bad cop kind of thing.

        • I highly encourage all leftist pacifists to take a look at the current state our country is in. If you could use your internet connection while still legal to take a look at side of the leftist media which is all owned by 4-5 people. Forget CNN or MSNBC or any garbage shown on prime time tv. If you are listening to them you will hear only the negative about trump. Use the World Wide Web to see the world for what it is. Check out daily defense news, Al Jazeera, RT, Rueters, Heck you will hear from another country’s media about a potential flashpoint situation months before American liberals post their version on the Liberal media.

  3. YouTube is a bunch of liberal Nazis. You can get on there and talk as much crap about President Trump as you want but God forbid you go on there and have a Firearms Channel and try to get advertising to help pay for the camera equipment ammunition new product and so on.

    • And has been ever since they were bought by google. Which has also been on a censorship binge ever since they were bought by certain entities at their first IPO. Before that google was THE site to go to in order to AVOID censorship.
      Since then they are just running on the inertia of what they used to be. They are dead already, they just don’t know it yet. Zombiefied. The walking dead.

    • And to prove what we’ve been saying here all along – If someone wants to suicide and there is no gun available, they will find a way.

      • To your point Japan has a higher suicide rate than the US and since they have no access to firearms to help them along their way, they jump off of cliffs, jump in front of trains or trucks and other creative ways. If they are that depressed, they will find a way

    • It’s not suicide it’s the new trend, the country if Liberals have their way, the history will be rainbow washed (white washed). It’s the new way of doing things Soros style.

  4. Isn’t it just lovely when our moral superiors determine what is best for us? It is so liberating to be freed from having to make difficult decisions. Because of their Greater Good guidance I now understand that instead of watching the play through of the next Call of Duty or Ghost Recon I should instead watch a cat play with a ball of yarn.

    Thank you Google and YouTube, I don’t know how I would function without you.

    And you, ESPN. I now appreciate the horrors of naming my child Robert’, ‘Jefferson’, or ‘Andrew’ (Jackson). Think of the trauma I could have visited on my child’s classmates if they had been forced to sit near such a monster.

  5. YouTube has been giving me fewer and fewer reasons to watch it. It’s become especially bad over the past year. Enjoyable content that I would normally watch in the evenings has become so sparse due to adpocalypse.

  6. Forgotten Weapons
    InRange TV
    Polenar Tactical
    Demolition Ranch

    etc etc etc has made YouTube irrelevant to every dedicated POTG I know.

    YT is just an extension for attention-whores, aspiring an heroes, SJWs, dramacows, spergs, and other alphabet exceptionals, for making feature-length premenarche BAWWWWs, shitty Minecraft Let’s Play ripoffs, videos of Rover indulging in interspecies-erotica, cam-whoring, post-retard rice racing (or “tuning”), lifehacks for limp & soggy snowflakes….. Lulzy stuff, but not worth the bandwidth or time.

    • Full30 is great.


      1. It is invite only, new smaller channels don’t get invites and even semi larger channels, don’t get invites from MAC. Even some channels he’s friends with.

      2. YT brings in a larger audience. Only people going to Full30 are likely POTG.

  7. If they wanted to maximize profits, they should split their advertisers into pablum and edgy classes. Pablum could be shown on channels that appeal to 80-year-old socialist grandmas, and edgy ads go to the more interesting content. The fact that there are ads on this site shows that some companies not only tolerate firearms content, but they actively seek it out.

    • It’s Google, they should do demographics and content type for advertisers. If I was and advertiser, that is exactly what I would want. But I have a funny feeling that when they find out who exactly is watching pewdiepie, they would rather spend the money on the per hit with Forgotten Weapons

  8. Well, I’d love to read the article over at Forbes, but I won’t turn off my ad blocker for anyone. Soon I won’t be able the internet I suppose unless I allow myself to be flooded with ads for some simple trick etc..

    • Copy the link address from the hotlink, paste into search engine, select “cached view”.
      I just stumbled upon this trick myself. Pretty sweet.

      • Noice! Script blocker extension will kill these anti-adblock overlays, but it also tends to kill a whole bunch of stuff I actually don’t want it to.

  9. I agree with all of the above
    Full 30 and Vimeo are alternatives
    Both of these platforms make the search function extremely difficult cumbersome and time-consuming
    When you type a search into YouTube you see on the side a whole selection of videos to choose from and I can scroll up and down through hundreds of videos
    It’s effortless to find one that looks interesting
    Vimeo and full 30 make me click on page after page and wait for them to load

    • I can’t speak on Vimeo but you are right about Full30, it is not as user-friendly as YT. Typically if I want to watch a video, I click on it and let it load for a while before clicking Play. It is annoying but at least I know I’m not giving clicks to YT.

  10. This has actually been going on for some time. A couple of the gamer channels I watch brought it up weeks ago. They’re going to be shooting themselves in the foot if they do this. Literally tens or hundreds of millions of people watch those types of gamer channels alone.

  11. Rip Youtube. Talk about doubling down on insanity. You can demonetize the political talking heads I watch, you can demonetize the gun tubers but my god once you hit videogames that’s game over man…game over.

  12. First, state and local governments create a new class of weapons “assault rifles” from thin air and ban/overregulate them. Then they go after toy weapons. Then they attempt to ban airguns. Then YouTube marginalizes gun channels, followed by the same to wargame channels because guns. Gun owners/enthusiasts have been called despicable by a presidential nominee, yet the press never called her on it, because her view aligns with the fourth estate. America-we support the Second Amendment~BUT…………..

    • When they specifically target one group over their political adversaries, it very much IS censorship. When they start blocking the SJWs (the Young Turks, Brady Bunch, Moms, etc), you can say it’s not censorship. Just because a private company is doing, doesn’t make it less sinister.

      • It is more than sinister, but unfortunately legal as long as we deem it private property and not a public forum. If it is found to be a public forum, then the rules change.

  13. its a matter of time, probably less now, until someone starts a youtube killer site. it happens to every media site that has ever existed.

  14. Demonization of gun and political channels is bad for business. Hitting gaming channels convinces me that YouTube is run by a bunch of “progressive” lemmings engaged in a big circlejerk as they head for the cliff.

  15. Since gender is a social construct, can we declare gun-owner to be our gender and force Youtube to bake us a cake?

  16. I started to shy away from YouTube when I started getting 3 minute long ads when signed in but only got 15 second ads when signed out.

  17. Oh, jeez, what will happen to all those Mowdern Warthfare trailers and walkthroughs?

    Truly, YT hires genius-grade suits.

    I do hope that they won’t chicken out and stop. Scrubbing all that tacticoolish, rails-and-seal-beards stuff is just a beginning. Hell, they may want to go all out. I’ll pay to see Blizzard reaction when, say, ALL Overwatch content on YT goes down the drain.

  18. They don’t care about profit, only propaganda. If you want to make money on YouTube you have to be a lgbtqiia anti 2a ISIS supporter.

  19. It’s not just firearms content that is causing videos to be demonetized but weapons in general. There have been Skyrim videos that were demonetized.


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