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“But for internet sales and gun show sales, we’ve gotta make sure that the congressman understand the vast bulk of Americans want them to vote for sensible gun regulation. Not control, not banning, just regulation. And this is true of gun owners as well as non-gun owners. Eighty percent of all gun owners think we should do this.”Michael Bloomberg on CBS’ Face the Nation

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  1. I thought they had a full 90% support for their agenda? Did someone revise that study without us knowing?


    • Gallup (multiple polls)
      31% (and falling) of Americans want additional gun control.
      41% Want no change
      15% want less gun control
      13% have no opinion or did not respond

      Bloomberg: 80%=31%

      • My how things turn in 2 years. Directly after the Connecticut mass shooting, support was much higher for stricter laws. The latest I can find for 2014, which mirrors your numbers show the majority of the US want less strict or be kept the same.

        Funny how a few states actually followed through in passing laws just drove opinion of those laws into the ground.

    • As used in the Constitution, the word “regulate” meant “to make regular”, such as the interstate commerce clause, where the intent was to prevent states from placing restrictions on commerce (i.e. make it consistent between the several states). The government perverted the word, and that clause, into giving them control to do almost anything, including the NFA and GCAs.

    • Telling lies should be painful.

      It would be very satisfying to see Bloomberg’s face contort every time he opened his mouth to speak.

  2. I agree.

    Fortunately, Bloomberg can rest easy. There’s already a regulation in the US Constitution.

    “For the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. ”

    It’s the one after the free speech regulation, if I recall right.

  3. When did the “90% of Americans” line become “80% of gun owners?”

    Did you guys get the memo?

    • Enough Metamucil and you may be able to produce the next great gun control advocate. What would you say Emperor Bloomberg is, 80, 90 Courics?

  4. My informal polling suggests that 80% of gun owners think Mr. Bloomberg might be pulling things out of his arse.

  5. Mikey thinks he’s being clever with his prodigious use of the word ‘reasonable’. Gun owners, who differ from non-gun owners by virtue of not being ignorant on the subject (or others), understand that firearms are the most over regulated product in the country (with the possible exception of alcohol). So the 80% he cites think it would be ‘reasonable’ to roll back the intrusive, corrupt and ineffective regulation regime that we have and he thinks he can convince people that means they support him. See, people who want to abolish the ATF support him! The trick only works on the willfully ignorant.

    This is also part of the left’s strategy of demonizing their opponents. It’s too difficult of a sale to convince people that 40% of the population are evil, so it’s not Joe Gunowner, it’s the evil old fat white guys at the NRA. They’re the evil ones.

      • Have you tried getting a liquor license? You can build your own home made firearm in your basement legally, but try making your own whiskey and they’ll put you away in a federal penitentiary.

  6. The chair Mikey is sitting in looks awful low to the ground…

    Probably didn’t want his legs to swing like kiddos at the grow up table.

  7. What’s with the antisemitism this early in the morning? Just getting coffee. Thanks for not censoring the doofus RF. You’re a stand-up guy.

  8. There’s a new Politico poll out that specifies 79% of likely voters in the US in districts that are highly competitive in the next election support more strict background checks. 😐 Overall, the survey has a 4+% margin of error. Less than 900 respondents. That weren’t random. Anyone going to do a real, scientific poll?

    • Most of those polls have been debunked. Most people don’t realize there is already a pretty extensive system conducting background checks on every gun that passes hands through a dealer.

      When asked specifics or told about what is already there, the same “majority” that thinks we need background checks don’t support any specific new regulation.

    • When voters are flooded with disinformation campaigns saying anyone can buy over the internet without a background check, when in fact it is felony to do without an FFL on one end of the transaction or that “40%” of gun sales are without a background check; what do you expect?

      Pew Research indicates over 85% of Democratic voters think gun murder is up.

      As far as that 79% from that tiny sample, I will go with more sober much wider polls done over time:

      Gallup (multiple polls)
      31% (and falling) of Americans want additional gun control.
      41% Want no change
      15% want less gun control
      13% have no opinion or did not respond

  9. I’m amazed! What an interesting coincidence that me and every gun owner I have ever talked to are all in the 20%. Oh wait… it is just pure BS, my bad.

  10. Bloomberg’s polls ask if background checks should be extended to cover private sales, but his proposed legislation would ban private sales altogether.

    There’s a simple reason that his legislation attracts so much less support than his polling questions – gun owners read the bills, talk to each other, and learn the truth.

  11. The irony of course is that nobody knows what they mean when they say “internet sales” or sales at a gun show.

    • They use a term that they believe the general public will relate to. Remember he is speaking to non-gun owners. What he means is places like armslist where people find guns and then do a private sale. He really wants private sales regulated. For the gun show, many gun shows require that you get a NICS check before the gun is sold to you, what Bloomberg wants is to stop the sales that go on in the parking lots of gun shows outside of the show.

      I bet if you polled people and asked them if they wanted the government to ban “private sales” most people would say no. Even if you said “private sales of guns” most people will say no because then a father or grandfather cannot give a gun to their son/daughter or grandson/granddaughter without the government getting in the way.

      He wants to ban all “private sales” but because those “optics” are bad for polls, they use the term “internet sales” and “gun show sales” instead. Dumbass voters and politicians who nothing of the difference can latch on to those words.

      Whenever the government wants to make you do something you normally would not voluntarily do, they simply lie! because they know most people will not bother to discover the truth

      It really is that simple

  12. Bloomturd is probably one of the most dangerous men in the country. His wealth allows him to fund advertisements attacking just about anything he wants. His arrogance rivals that of the current White House occupant. To make matters worse, he’s a darling of the propaganda machine formerly known as the media. He will continue to be a threat to liberty and freedom…

  13. “Not control, not banning, just regulation.”

    Uh, regulation IS control and HAS AND STILL DOES included banning. See the AWB of the 90’s into the early 2000’s. See multiple states’ AWB on the books currently.

    Political double speak at it’s finest. I detest this guy.

  14. I keep seeing these stats about 90 percent of gun owners want Mom and Dad to tell them what to do. Funny thing is no one I know who owns guns feels this way nor has been contacted by a pollster. So that brings the question as to who and where are they supposedly getting these opinions from?

    It’s a well known fact liberals own guns, even illegally, so if they ask each other should The Great Unwashed face more regulations I think 90% is about right.

    • I was polled once last year, I told them that I didn’t own any firearms. I am sure that many other TTAG readers would not tell a stranger on the phone that they own firearms either.

      • Could have some fun with anonymous pollsters:

        “No, I don’t own any guns nor will I ever, and I think gun owners are evil and should have all their guns confiscated and they should be sent to reeducation camps & their children placed in foster care with gay couples.”

        “President Obama is doing a wonderful job & I think all his critics are racists & they should lose their jobs & Hillary will finish the work that he started and America will finally become a just, fair, inclusive & multicultural society after all those nasty rightwingers are put in jail.”


        (Whew, I need a drink after that.)

  15. It is funny that Bloomberg makes this quote in the same segment when referring to the 9/11 memorial.

    And here was a chance to graphically with scale– tell the next generation and the generation after that and maybe tell our elected leaders today that we’ve got to protect ourselves from people who don’t like our freedoms.

  16. Peas logic… Not to be confused with Bloomy “logic,” but this one is funny.

    I eat my peas with honey
    I’ve done it all my life
    It makes the peas taste funny
    But it keeps them on my knife

    H/T Ogden Nash

  17. This gun owner has come to realize that the existing background check system accomplishes nothing (except diversion of valuable resources from more pressing needs) and this system should be abolished, not expanded.

  18. What he really should say is sales between private citizens. Gun show sales and internet sales dealer to citizen require a background check. Poll that question and see what kind of numbers you get.

    • No, what he really should say is “I have no right to attempt to impose my opinions on the nation at large through these well-funded campaigns of misinformation, outright lies, and the mischaracterization of those who disagree with me. My actions have been unAmerican and shameful, and I will now withdraw from public life to live out my retirement quietly once I’ve disbanded and ceased funding to the various political astroturf organizations including Everytown for Gun Safety and Mayors Against Illegal Guns that I’ve organized and bankrolled. I will also make large donations to the NRA and state-level gun rights organizations across the country.”

      Then he needs to fulfill those promises. Until he does so, nothing he says or does is worthwhile.

  19. In a country of over 300 million, can the collective We please stop listening to ANY poll? Unless they polled 3 million, being just about 1% of the people in the US, then I really couldn’t give a rats a$$ what a poll says. Even then, what were the exact questions asked?
    “Do you think felons should be able to buy guns at gun shows without a background check?”
    “Do you think law abiding citizens should need a background check to buy a gun from a licensed dealer at a gun show?”
    Similar questions around background checks, but will definitely get a different answer.

  20. “But for internet sales and gun show sales, we’ve gotta make sure that the congressman understand the vast bulk of Americans want them to vote for sensible gun regulation. Not control, not banning, just regulation. And this is true of gun owners as well as non-gun owners. Eighty percent of all gun owners think we should do this.” – Michael Bloomberg on CBS’ Face the Nation

    These statistics are coming from the NYC region or ? Maybe they were made up – like that 90% poll. Lots of people say anything as quickly as they can to get those survey callers to leave them alone.

    Also, what is the difference between banning, control, and regulation? They all seem to be the same thing to me. Banning falls under either control or regulation and control and regulation are virtually synonyms. How about gun control repeals… lets talk about that. We need to start repealing laws not making new ones. Lets start with the NYC soft drink size laws. As if that is any of the government’s business.

  21. Not banning, not control…sounds a lot to me like…

    Listen, we just want part of Czechoslovakia and nothing else, well maybe Poland, but that’s… okay France, Holland and Belgium… but really….just a slice of the Soviet Union… but that’s just to keep the children safe, you know from the Communists…

    • Just the part that Napoleon won. Y’know, the part that gets really raw and muddy in the winter time!

  22. Did anybody in here spit on a women in a wheelchair at the Indianapolis Airport the other day?

  23. ‘Vast bulk of Americans’ + ‘80% of all gun owners’
    Asking MDA members and paid actors do not count as either of those Bloomberg.

    ‘Just regulating’ – for now that is. Then we will regerter them and confiscate them ALL!!!!!! *maniacal laugh*

    • You really should move here. You can get the same beer here, if that’s what you fancy.

  24. Internet gun sales already do go through background checks. You can’t have the gun shipped to your house. And regulation is a form of control.

  25. The Consitution spells out what is required, certinly we do not need government regulation/more regulation. I’m the 15% type person. The more regulation the more the anti-gun dip shits inject BS. No thanks. Be careful out there

  26. In the end it’s not about registration folks, it’s about castles. Another government program, to suck coin from our work. Create fear to build another bureaucracy, to overlap agencies creating more paperwork. To create a new language to obscure simple truths. They know we’ll do nothing, because we’re swamped, so busy hustling to survive, and when we poke back, a mountain of regulations to wade through.

    No folks it’s not about guns, it’s about crushing your initiative, defining your choices, and rolling you into a mold based on the bell curve…..why….to make them feel better because the closest they get to the arena, is the cheep seats. And they’re angry for it. Better to drag you down than rise above.

    Attacking 2A is a pastime for them, something to gen up the liberty tribe. Something to chat about. Time to shift gears and attack on an emotional gut wrench level called reality. Hammer in the courts, sue until their coffers a dry, and drill them into submission.

  27. Just wanted you all to know that I’ve decided to “subvert” the Everytown/MDA posters/graphics as much as I can, and I’ve posted about 5 pages of them (so far) here:

    Several anti-bloomberg posters among them…

    Seems to me that, since the antis don’t think twice about creating posters/graphics that are low information/high emotion, we should do the same.

  28. And as we all know, the majority is always right. Like the vast majority who was in favor of slavery a couple hundred years ago.

    Wait, what? We live in a Constitutional Republic where the majority can go suck eggs if its will goes against the document that was penned to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority? Well, you learn something new every day.

    The surest sign that your cause is righteous is if a leftist disagrees with you.

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