Quote of the Day: Stickers Apparently Make You Safe in Kansas

“Nothing to be scared of, there’s at least 25 guns on the floor of the House right now! #StickersMakeYouSafe” – Kansas Rep. John Whitmer in Kansas lawmaker’s gun comment provoking backlash [via kansas.com]


  1. avatar surlycmd says:

    Just STFU and go away.

  2. avatar Chip Bennett says:

    Aww, RINO Stephanie Clayton, the poor dear, was triggered by the truth.

  3. avatar MikeJH121 says:

    She is just another “Ohhh I am so afraid there is guns” hoplophobe, Got news for ya Babe, there might be a gun concealed right next to you. But then we have London and not all cops on the streets carry. Yet it was not one of those scary guns that killed 7 and injured 48. It was guns that stopped them.

  4. avatar PK says:

    So when Ms. Clayton is terrified of an actual criminal, does she call for special UK-style unarmed police officers? Or do the armed police make her feel safe?

    1. avatar Bruce says:

      In fairness to U.K. Police, apparently, last night they had shot and killed the terrorists within maybe eight minutes of getting the first call. Compare this to how our probably more heavily armed police seem to respond a lot of times to active shooter situations.

      1. avatar Aaron M. Walker says:

        Unfortunately, in the US the rapid Law Enforcement response would be in the form of a ” wrong address, no-knock warrant with the family pet being shot to death and the family thoroughly intimidated, Or an aggressive traffic stop gone bad—for the civilian driver…Or, Aggressive LE/Citizen OPEN CARRY incident gone sideways…etc,etc…See on the local, national, inter-Web news, or YouTube….Seams to be a thing now days…

      2. avatar Five says:

        One of the first UK cops to confront the terrorists was one of the unarmed variety. He went at them with his barton, ended up stabbed several times but alive and in the hospital. Just image how last night would have unfolded differently if he’d had the proper tools and one or two of the civilians had been armed.

  5. avatar Lyle Caudill says:

    Rep. Whitmer is a friend of mine and Rep. Clayton is as anti 2A as they get. Note the snowflakes on her Twitter profile. I would also bring attention to the link above. Thank you.

  6. avatar No one of consequence says:

    SMH how can you misunderstand his tweet without deliberately looking for the worst possible interpretation?

    1. avatar strych9 says:

      You can’t.

      This is what happens when professional victims get elected.

  7. avatar Anon says:

    I don’t use Twitter and I’m not from Kansas. Anyone mind explaining what I’m looking at? Thanks

    1. avatar No one of consequence says:

      Follow the link at the end of the posts, to the source article at Kansas.com

      1. avatar Anon says:

        Thanks! I thought I was dumb for missing the link. Then I followed the link, read what the Democrats were saying, and felt smart again. Imagine that.

        1. avatar No one of consequence says:

          TTAG is usually pretty good about embedding links to the source stories. But they often use a hyperlinked piece of text as opposed to the “bare” address. It can be easy to miss the blue coloration of the link, especially if you read it on a small screen.

  8. avatar Doktor says:

    Better be careful making cops and armed citizens equal. That logic will comeback back to bite you.

  9. avatar Libertarian says:

    Kansas turn Anti Gun !!

    House Bill 2278


    No Opt out for any taxed payed place !!

    1. avatar Hank says:

      Yeah I don’t get it. Didn’t Kansas recently become constitutional carry? Seems they’re reverting back now. The fight for the second amendment is never over.

    2. avatar mrmom7837 says:

      I lived in Kansas and keep up with it closely. The reason the bill you described passed is simply because Kansas is broke. If they didn’t they would be forced to pay millions to install metal detectors in those facilities. I agree with the NRA but Brownback has cut Corporate taxes so much state is financially in trouble. Once that is addressed I hope they will consider coming back to this issue, if Brownback lets it pass. Brownback will probably veto it anyway…..

      1. avatar Kevin76 says:

        Except nobody would be forced to to spend a single red cent on anything they could just allow carry in those places…and the state wouldn’t be broke if the state supreme court didn’t love nixing spending cuts.

  10. avatar Bob Jones says:

    Overland Park Kansas must be a big Field of Pansies to elect a smuff to represent them.

    1. avatar Mosinfan says:

      I live in Johnson county, and yes, the pansies outnumber the humans.

  11. avatar Aaron M. Walker says:

    Well, it could be worse…These are the same type of politicians ,(Globalists/Fake Representatives/Anti-American, Anti-Freedom….) , that permeate the Eastern Bloc States, and the Left-Coast….All in a days ” caterwauling” in my state….

  12. avatar LHW says:

    Seriously, what is wrong in some people’s minds?

  13. avatar NorincoJay says:

    Some democrats are dumb as a box of rocks and publicity whores. The republican replied to the Dems comment saying don’t worry you’re safe their are 25 armed individuals to keep us safe. These people keep us safe not stickers. How anyone with half a brain can take that as a threat is beyond me. She didn’t take it as a threat she is a liar placating to her stupid constituents.

  14. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

    “This is happening to me at work.” What bs. I haven’t heard any threats that start with “nothing to be scared of.”

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