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This afternoon, terrorists drove a van into pedestrians on London Bridge at a reported 50 miles per hour. Five persons then jumped out and began stabbing bystanders. At around the same time, there was another stabbing incident at Borough Market that appears to be related. At least two people were killed (The Sun reports that there are seven fatalities).

Police apparently dropped several of the terrorists with gunfire, but at least two are still on the loose. Soldiers of the SAS have been deployed from their base at Hereford to join the search for the remaining attackers.

Concerning a motive, eyewitnesses report that, to the surprise of virtually no one, the gang of murderers were shouting “This is for Allah!” according to The Sun, and that they may have had explosives which were not triggered due to a timely response from the security services.

Witness Erick Siguenza told BBC News that one of the gang screamed “This is for Allah” as he went on his stabbing rampage.

Staff at a packed pub in London Bridge locked the doors as the gang tried to smash their way in. Witnesses saw one man stabbed in the chest five times.

The gang had metal canisters strapped to their chests and at least two were gunned down – believe killed – by armed police, witnesses said.

There were also reports of multiple explosions around the Borough Market, but these were apparently controlled explosions done by the security services (presumably of some of the explosives referenced above.)

The gun control crowd in this country always likes to pretend that, somehow, attacks that don’t involve firearms are somehow cleaner. Less violent. That’s the voice of people who’ve never seen a knife attack victim up close. According to the Telegraph:

Redmond Shannon, journalist, [says] that the violence was so extreme that witnesses he has spoken to are too traumatised to explain it.

One young man, he said, “told me that he saw a knife. He saw something happen which he said he couldn’t articulate. He was extremely traumatised. He said if it had been two minutes later it would have been him.”

That’s to be expected. Gunshot wounds seem positively clinical and sterile compared to the results of a knife attack in a way that belies any survival statistics between the two. I refer the interested reader to close quarters combat expert Steve Tarani’s book, Contact Weapons(I shan’t reproduce any of his rather graphic pictures here, just be warned that this book is not exactly pleasant dinnertime reading.)

The Telegraph also reports that people are being evacuated from hotels, and that some tourists have been left scrambling trying to find accomodations now.

Look at that picture from The Sun: disoriented civilians being herded away from the scene of the attack. It’s the portrait of a disarmed people being slaughtered by terrorists while their government insists that they stay disarmed because it can protect them best.

And there’s this:

No mention of fighting. Just sit back and let us worry about your safety for you.

Have they no shame? Will people continue, still, to pretend in London that everything’s normal? Will some still do so in America?


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  1. I emailed you guys about the Run. Hide. Tell. probably as Mr. Paulsen was typing… although I thought it warranted it’s own “This Is What Happens To A Disarmed Populace”

    So much for my h/t!

    • Disarm your people, open your arms to the 3rd world, flood your street with 82 IQ violent savages and this is what you get.

      Secure the borders
      Deport the invaders
      Limit legal immigration along the 1924 immigration act
      Repeal every firearm since 1934
      Vote out anyone who opposes such measures.

        • I believe he meant “repeal every firearm act since 1934.” At least that’s what I understood from following his logic.

        • If they repeal every firearm since 1934… god, they will have to pry it from my cold dead hands!

        • Firearm Law…? Y E S

          Bowman forgot ‘drugged’, ’cause satans toilet paper race can’t do 72 virgin retirement planning sober.

          SAS on the job? Let’s hope they leave a lasting impression.

      • Allow me to quote yoou sir on post you on social media. this is what everybody needs to know.

      • This incident and all the ones to follow should surprise exactly no one given the current state of that once great country.

        No immigration policy with careful screening and “free stuff for all” is a recipe for the destruction of your civilization.

    • For the soundtrack in a particularly apropos scene in the movie Heavy Metal, Black Sabbath penned their most prescient work…

      Close the city and tell the people that something’s coming to call
      Death and darkness are rushing forward to take a bite from the wall, oh
      You’ve nothing to say
      They’re breaking away
      If you listen to fools
      The Mob Rules
      The Mob Rules
      Kill the spirit and you’ll be blinded, the end is always the same
      Play with fire, you burn your fingers and lose your hold of the flame, oh
      It’s over, it’s done
      The end is begun
      If you listen to fools
      The Mob Rules
      You’ve nothing to say
      Oh, they’re breaking away
      If you listen to fools
      Break the circle and stop the movement, the wheel is thrown to the ground
      Just remember it might start rolling and take you right back around
      You’re all fools!
      The Mob Rules!

      Sadly, there will be no sword-wielding buxom white-blonde on a flying dragon to avenge the death of Western Civilization.

      • Well, on that note….Why don’t they put SHIRTS out underneath fire extinguishers and other emergence notification system’s that have BIG BULLSEYE TARGET on the front and back, that way the mudslime trash knows EXACTLY WHOM to hurt and mangle. What a smart plan to save the innocent…….mmmmmm


        For any ankle grabbers, cause your government wants to do ya first.

        • STAY





          There, I fixed it for me.. I don’t know how I missed that. It was kind of early in the morning.

    • The cowardice on display in all of Europe has been laid bare for all that have the intelligence to see it. The willingness of the politicians, even on the right, to allow wholesale rape in the interest of not offending the Islamic rapists, and the fact that they still refuse to label mass murder as Islamic terrorism, coupled with not barring immigration from Islamic countries, means they will become the Islamic States of Europe, and will become part of the New Caliphate within the next twenty years. Only the few countries who have barred “refugees” will have any hope of surviving.

      Keep your powder dry, because the next Democrat president will open the flood gates in an attempt to destroy us all.

  2. Thank goodness they banned guns. Everyone knows you are 100x more deader when you’re killed with a gun rather than with a car or knife.

    • And if you are armed, the bad people are likely to take it away from you and hurt you and others with it. Everyone knows that. . .

  3. This big pile of dead people bought to you by The Religion of Peace™ and the political left and it’s pathological altruism.

  4. They’ve been letting this happen for a long time, it’s hard to find sympathy for a person who decides to cut his own flesh.

    Still tragic for the innocent people who had no control over the situation.

    • Perfect. Perfectly concise.

      That Pythonese needs to be on a tshirt sitting above a pic of the London times front page, covering this tragic event.

  5. I guess those “youths” paid no mind to Britain’s “Save a Life: Bin a Knife” campaign. Think of the lives that would be saved. /sarc

    • Save your puddin’
      Bin Aladdin

      Hey isn’t Bin Aladdin’s son starting to whip up some hate? Plenty of ocean out there.

  6. “Have they no shame? Will people continue, still, to pretend in London that everything’s normal? Will some still do so in America?”

    No, yes and yes. What did I win?

  7. According to the cisco kid it’s easier to escape a knife attack than a gun attack. Apparently the terrorists have been reading his comments. They added a chase vehicle to their plans.

    And watch some retard say how much worse it would have been if some of the potential victims had been armed.

    • On another site some Liberal whack job did just that claiming that in a terrorist ambush attack even if you had a concealed weapon you would not be able to do anything and if you tried you would most likely shoot innocent bystanders.

      I gently pointed out that the Bobbies, with firearms, managed to shoot quite dead three of the knife-wielding terrorists with no collateral damage. Crickets.

      Probably a result we could not even expect from NYPD.

  8. So the police responded quickly and stopped the terrorists before they could finish their plan of attack. That’s good…but not good enough. Seven completely helpless people still died before the bobbies got there.

    EVERYONE at the point of attack is ALWAYS on their own. Your government won’t save you. Only you can save you. It boggles my mind that so many people refuse to see it.

    Government has a necessary role in keeping peace and safety at the national and international level, but ensuring your individual safety is something it can NOT do, and never will. Any claims to the contrary are lies. A bait-and-switch. A power grab.

    As our own Joe R. says, “If your government tells you that it can’t protect you unless you do some particular thing, then only the first part of its statement is true.”

    • Yeah you know what, I don’t depend on ANYONE to save my sorry ass in a critical moment. I will do that myself, thank you very much.

    • 7 people died… i say only 7 people died. They were lucky this happened in down town London near the government area where there are a LOT of armed cops. If this happened at an elementary school in the suburbs it would be hours before there was an armed good guy on scene. By then they would have slaughtered everyone in the school and been on their way.

    • The police didn’t respond too quickly. The first two cops to witness the stabbing were unarmed and ran away leaving people to defend themselves with chairs. Armed police had to be called in. The rampage lasted 8 minutes!

      • The Metropolitan has 3000 firearms officers total in their force for a city of 8-9 million. A number of those 3000 were just recently authorized so no telling what the actual number is to date. Only a fraction are on duty at any time, although with the recent goings on I suspect the duty rosters were heavier. I think they might still have armed soldiers on the street after the last attack at Manchester.

  9. Run. Hide. Tell.

    Tell who, Britain? Father Christmas? You might as well, because he can’t possibly do any less to protect you than the government you’ve foolishly trusted with the job.

    • Run…….tell that true friend you know that has kept a “weapon” regardless of local statute…..

  10. Like I’ve been saying. The next big war is already happening. Europe will soon look like Iraq circa 2007. The US will deploy across Western Europe, battling insurgents in similar style of combat we saw Iraq. Mainly IEDs, snipers, indirect fire, occasional fire fights, with larger swells of conflict taking over key cities during pivotal political moments. Clashes between rival Muslim factions making it all the more confusing. The question is, is it a war the west can win, or is Western Europe already gone.

    • I for one oppose any military aid or intervention to England or Europe. Let Putin “rescue” them.

      • Yeah, but we COULD win.

        Mattis quote ~ “…people will write about what we did here for 10,000 years.”

  11. “We need to defend ourselves against the Germans so we can disarm ourselves and then flood our nation with millions of hostile Aliens”-The government of England.

    I will call it, defending Western Europe in WW2 was pointless, First they softly surrender to the marxist, then they open their arms via the “blank slate”, “we are all the same”, cultural marxist poison to the Muhammadans.

    Let them fight, we have our battles to wage over here.

    • The one issue there is that western Europe has nukes.

      Letting Muslims get command control of nuclear weapons will turn out badly. We’ve already been surprised by the clandestine proliferation of AQ Khan’s design out of Pakistan to Libya – which caught the CIA completely off-guard in 2003/2004 when Ol’ Mo gave up his nuke program.

      Khan’s design is entry-level compared to the French/German/UK designs.

      If we’re going to leave the EU to the hordes of Saracens, then we’d better make sure that we’re ready to respond to attacks from the EU countries at a moment’s notice. This will mean that we need to make it quite clear that we have target packages on major EU cities, ready to go, from sub-launched and land-based ICBM’s.

      Then there’s the issue of abandoning people who are, and always have been, of serious use in rolling back the Muslims and other totalitarians – particularly the Poles. If it were not for the Poles, western Europe would might already been dominated by Muslims for 300+ years by now. Because the Poles showed up to the siege of Vienna in 1683, they effectively saved western Europe. The men who did it were the Winged Hussars, and their king, Jan Sobieski. I highly recommend people read up on the Siege of Vienna in 1683 – and how the Poles showed up in the nick of time, and then had a jolly good time making a savage, greasy mess of the invading Muslims.

      The Poles had (and have) the balls of lions, took no prisoners and slaughtered the Islamic host in numbers so great that they were peeling bodies off their lances two at a time. In their day, the Winged Hussars were the pinnacle of heavy cavalry. We cannot abandon friends and allies like that – or the Hungarians, or several of the Slavic nations.

      The Brits, French, Germans, Swedes, Dutch, et al? They’ve made their choices. History will show that they chose poorly. Secure their nukes or tell them that their cities now have target packages, and then leave them to suffer the consequences of their own stupidity.

      • Nicely put DG. Is JWT aware of this? Or is he still on the #NotAllMuslims apologist bandwagon?

      • If people want to appreciate the siege of Vienna being lifted by the Polish Winged Hussars, they should watch The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King and see the Rohirrim calvary lift the siege of Minas Tirith at the end of the movie. Tolkien based the story there from the siege of Vienna. You can even see it in the costumes, equipment, and war elephants.

    • You may have a point. After WWII, the people of Europe became the Eloi to us Morlocks across the pond. After giving them back their continent, we rebuilt their economies, restored their cities, fed their people, protected them from the other, REAL Morlocks coming from the East, and all of this without demanding repayment in full. We trained and conditioned the EuroEloi to expect the US to always come to the rescue at the last minute, to do it with humility while keeping quiet about it, and to not expect anything in return; The EuroEloi, in exchange, see us as the brutish Morlocks best viewed from a distance, keeping the wheels of world-wide industry and commerce running while they indulge themselves in the Arts (weaving raffia baskets and dancing, I think), building cuckoo clocks, producing chocolate bars and making postage stamps. OK, and a couple of very nice cars plus some interesting firearms, granted. Oh, how they loathe and disdain us. . . until another horde of Morlocks shows up on the doorstep. Then, they want our help–on their terms, of course.
      Maybe it is time for us Morlocks to give up on our little Eloi friends. You’d think that they’d be just a little grateful that we’ve never used them for food.

    • Chuchill was half American, fought in five wars before WW1, invented the tank, was a battalion commander in WW1, and killed Muslim nut jobs with sword and pistol from the back of his horse before it was cool to kill Muslim nut jobs…. Winston “set Europe on fire” Churchill is rolling over in his grave.

  12. Run, hide and tell.

    In my day it was search and destroy.

    James Yeager. Your responsibility to be ready for the fight never ends. I don’t care if you like him or not. He’s right on this.

  13. In the land of Sir Winston Churchill, only the Chamberlains are evident……


    Very sad….

  14. One of these days people will start to wise up to the fact that terror isn’t fucking hard.

    I’m not going to post a manual here but go into ANY grocery store, Walgreens, CVS etc buy two OTC liquids and given some patience and care you have TATP (used in Manchester). Add in another chemical you can get from most home improvement stores and you can make it much faster.

    As long as you understand how to handle this stuff all you now need is a detonator and you’ve got a bomb. Add some shrapnel of your choice and you have an anti-personnel weapon.

    That’s all it takes to cause some much more serious damage.

    • Most of the political leadership won’t wake up – because they believe their educated, yet all they have are some silly and entirely useless liberal art/humanities degrees from the “correct” schools. They’re really very ignorant people.

      As for TATP: It’s highly dubious stuff. It’s only barely meta-stable. For those who don’t know what TATP is – it isn’t a conventional explosive. There isn’t really any rapid oxidation of a fuel component. How TATP explodes is more like a very rapid “molecular disassembly.” The advantage of TATP is that, not being a conventional explosive and lacking a nitrogen-based oxidizer, it is missed by most mechanized and canine explosives detection units.

      The downside of TATP is that is is unstable enough that “work accidents” are fairly common.

      • All peroxides are, in high concentration, sensitive as they don’t much care for to be what they are and would prefer to be something else (I’d have to look up the specifics on the reactions). Their changing to something else is a rather “exciting” reaction.

        However, this stuff isn’t as unstable as some would lead you to believe. It’s not something you just look at sideways and it goes off. It’s shock, friction and heat sensitive, yes. But most of the comparisons you see speaking of how dangerous the stuff is are in relation to modern explosives rather than something like nitroglycerine. I mean, regular old reagent grade ethers are VERY friction sensitive, much more so than TATP in fact to the point that they can’t safely be stored in a ground glass stopper bottle, but you don’t often hear it described the same way.

        Again, not to post a manual here but most of the issues with this stuff, in terms of the dangers of making it, come from a contaminated work area where the product can come into contact with other substances with which it will react. This is where you get most “work accidents” with the stuff. If you understand how to properly clean your equipment then most of the risk in making this explosive is negated.

        The point is: This shit ain’t hard to make. The process has been known and understood since the 1890’s. Anyone with the equivalent of AP chemistry (or really basic high school chemistry if they had a good teacher) and some basic understanding of peroxide safety (which is easily looked up with the right book, which anyone can buy) can do it. The Palestinians have been making this stuff for years and employing it effectively. They get it right more often than they prematurely send themselves to Allah.

        Even if the stuff was super difficult to deal with, which it really isn’t, regulating the precursors would be effectively impossible, which puts the lie to a whole lot of “control” arguments.

        It is MHO, that the vast majority of the official statements you get about an incident like Manchester are complete bullshit designed to manage public fear and prevent. If the general public knew the truth, that the government has very limited abilities to stop this kind of manufacturing, the panic among the sheep would probably be unmanageable. But then… if people knew what my mom used to do in her lab every day they’d probably have wanted the entire chemistry department shut down and my mom clapped in irons because safety.

        • The peroxide in home-brew TAPT is far more ‘energetic’ the more concentrated it is via distillation.

          That isn’t especially difficult with fairly easily obtained lab glassware, *provided* proper technique is always used.

          Screwing up concentrated peroxides risks explosions and *nasty* steam burns. Google the adventures of those building homemade jet-packs.

          You are quite correct *meticulous* cleanliness is required, what may look spotless to the eye often isn’t where it counts (and I’m not announcing where that is.).

          Invisible to the eye glassware contamination has had nasty effects in clandestine synthetic opiate synthesis, leading to contaminates that left people with permanent symptoms of Parkinson’s disease…

          Adventures in ‘bucket chemistry’…

        • Oh, all agreed and such. I should have put those details into context vs. modern plastic explosives, such as semtex and C4, which are designed to withstand the sort of abuse and mis-handling that comes with giving low-time recruits access to same.

          To me, the most important detail is that TATP can be moved past explosives checkpoints – the sort that have snagged me when I’ve worn a jacket to an airport that I wore in my shop while reloading a couple weeks earlier. The new automated nitrate sniffers are very good in some cases. Utterly useless around peroxides.

        • Not to give anyone ideas but your mention of distillation is basically required for buying OTC stuff.

          Technically the peroxide is always energetic but distilling/concentrating it makes the reaction you would want to make the TATP happen more quickly and makes more of what the person making it wants (TATP) per unit of solution mixed.

          You need a concentration of at least [redacted] to really do anything useful in a reasonable amount of time. Significantly higher concentrations would be preferable but [redacted] is manageable in terms of the precipitant reaction if you have the time. Or, again, you could add a third ingredient to this witch’s brew to speed things up.

          Buying from a Walgreens or some such will get you 3% but you can buy “food grade” 35% solutions if you know where to look. Either way, totally unregulated in terms of purchase and while it has risks, a reasonably intelligent person can pick up a couple textbooks, buy some glassware online and be off to the races if they care enough.

          The dangers involved, once understood are manageable. Really it’s kind comparable to freebasing cocaine. If you’re not an idiot you don’t end up like Richard Pryor (or in this case splattered all over the place as opposed to running down the street on fire).

    • But…… but….. its all the guns fault….. its the evil right wingers and their deplorable guns……


  15. Gee, why have British people, Germans, Swedes and and other Europeans gotten so violent towards one another? I mean, the mainstream media says that most of the perpetrators are citizens of these countries. So why all of a sudden have Europeans turned on one another?….sarcasm.

  16. I have ceased referring to Islam as a religion. It is rather a totalitarian theocratic ideology.

    • It is.

      I highly recommend that all US citizens start studying Islam in their copious free time. Then study the history of Islam – how it expanded across southern Asia, from the middle east across northern Africa to the Atlantic, from the middle east eastwards to Indonesia.

      Once one studies Islam and its history, one finds out that the current tactics in the “war on terror” are useless, much as sticking one’s fingers into a collapsing water dam is a futile gesture. If you want to prevent flooding and drownings downstream, you need to drain the dam and then re-build it.

      We’re just seeking more fingers to stuff into holes in the face of the dam just now.

      • It doesn’t even take much study. Just set aside what you’ve always been told and look at the other side of the argument with an open mind (but that’s much harder than it seems).

      • Maybe slightly more peaceful if you submit, subjugate women, have sex with animals, throw homosexuals off of rooftops, behead infidels, and…oh, wait, that doesn’t sound so peaceful.

        • You forgot “conversion or slavery” when they fail to realize that our abandonment of Christianity would be their ass, and they’d be praying for JESUS to come back sooner than planned.

          Either way, the meek seem poised to inherit the earth through a lot of requested violence. muslims are doing satan’s work in steadily working to convert the Christian message to: “When JESUS comes back, reach HIS bosom before we reach you.”

  17. Straight up?

    Fuck Islam and fuck these leftist scumbags and their multicult that opened the door for them to come to OUR nations.

  18. We are all first responders. Well, except for anti-gunners and the Left, they’re just professional victims.

  19. Not sure it is the sole fault of the government; if at all. The populous obviously agrees with their governments decision to disarm. In any instance where a civilian does not agree, why have they not simply grabbed some clothes, packed the kids and relocated?

    It is simple math.

    The same can be said for people is the U.S.A. who live in CA, NJ, NY and the like; simply ‘Move away’ or continue to be a victim. Please enlighten me; am I incorrect on any of the above?

    • This isn’t any government’s fault. There is no fail safe minority report style screening for future extremist behavior.

      However, the elephant in the room is there is a pretty simple test for would-be Islamic extremists. Use their religious ideology against them.

      Their religion forbids them from rejecting or lying about their religious convictions, especially in front of other members of Islam. So… interview all current Islamist’s with a live video record available online to the public (thereby accessible to other Islamist’s) with their name and ask them the following questions:

      “Would you attack or kill a person that insults Mohammed, Allah, or Islam?”
      If the answer is yes, deport their ass.

      “Would you attack or kill someone that openly rejects Mohammed, Allah, or Islam?”
      If the answer is yes, deport their ass.

      “What do you think of the Jews in Israel? Should they be removed or killed?”
      If the answer is yes, deport their ass.

      “What do you think of gays? Should they be removed or killed?”
      If the answer is yes, deport their ass.

      “What do you think of women? Should they be forced to dress or behave a certain way?”
      If the answer is yes, deport their ass.

      • “Their religion forbids them from rejecting or lying about their religious convictions…”

        That simply isn’t true. There is no prohibition against lying to infidels at all and there is no prohibition on lying if it furthers a religious goal, protects a military [or jihad] mission or “keeps the peace” amongst other Muslims. In short, lying is totally acceptable in Jihadi communities if it’s part of “opsec”.

        A guy can come over, flat out tell you that he’s not a Muslim, that he would never attack anyone over Mohammad and can even eat a bacon sandwich, slam some beers in front of you and then go blow himself up and get his virgins because he was a good Muslim. At least in the twisted views of Islamist terrorists.

        Islam doesn’t contain prohibitions on doing what is necessary in pursuit of “protecting an operation”.

        • Exactly. People really need to read the Quran and Haddith. Learn the concept of taqqiyah.

          Islam is the contravention of all western values.

        • You want to know how I know that deep down I have an inner fat kid?

          Every time I see the word “taqqiyah” I read it as “tzatziki” and think “Mmmmmmmm lamb gyros”.

        • It’s especially good at cutting out the bitter flavor of bond downgrades due to crushing debt…

        • Not entirely true. This interview and public record testimony would only serve to weed out those Muslims who would out themselves rather than appear weak in their belief system and thus exposing the hypocrisy in their ideology and incompatibility to Western culture. This exposed hypocrisy happens quite often when Muslims are asked direct ideological questions that require a straight yes or no answer. This will not stop Jihadists obviously, but that’s not the point.

          There are tons of videos out there where Muslims (typically in politically charged college lectures or protests) inadvertently expose their extremist views because they don’t want appear weak or contrary to their beliefs on Youtube. Just look up any debate or lecture with reference to Islam or Muslims. There’s always the Muslim that says they love America in one breath, then when asked a direct question about gays for example, they admit they would kill all the homosexuals if they could.

        • “This will not stop Jihadists obviously, but that’s not the point.”

          Then what is the point? Having an “extremist” viewpoint isn’t illegal. If it was many people who regularly comment on TTAG or even the DailyKos would be in jail.

          The point is to get the folks that do violence and right here you’re openly admitting that asking these questions can’t do that.

          I’d rob banks to finance my gun and other habits “if I could” but I don’t and I won’t so it’s not worth considering me a bank robber.

      • “interview all current Islamist’s”

        If we have gathered a group of all current islamists, why don’t we just murder them? Since we already know they are islamists, wouldn’t a bullet in the head be more effective than a microphone in the face?

  20. This is going to come to a head sooner or later. Open war is upon England and the free world. Politicians can answer this with platitudes but at some point the regular citizen will have had enough.

  21. It was reported(happily) on FOX that “police showed up in 8 minutes-that’s great!” I screamed that no one is “allowed” a gun…Britain sucks?

  22. Not to nitpick, this is super tragic in many many ways. Was it actually on the Tower Bridge? The London Bridge is in Havasu Az. Been on both.

  23. I’m about done getting worked up about the U.K. They whine and cry about being victimized, but then do nothing to fix the problem. I’ll save my sympathy for countries like the Philippines who actually give a shit about their citizens and actively resist Muslim terror.

  24. “The gun control crowd in this country always likes to pretend that, somehow, attacks that don’t involve firearms are somehow cleaner. Less violent. That’s the voice of people who’ve never seen a knife attack victim up close.”

    The reality is that guns just make things easier. If someone is intent and trained enough, they can do a great deal with a knife. A lot more with explosives, though bombs are not as easy to make as one might suspect.

    That doesn’t mean they couldn’t do more, easier/cheaper, quicker with a gun though. Let’s not fall into that trap. Guns are effectively for the bad guys just like they’re effective for the good guys.

    • I understand where you are coming from, but strictly speaking, the easiest to use and most successful murder weapon is matches and a can of gasoline. The worst mass-murder in the US (other than 9/11) was the Happyland arson. The Daegu subway fire in South Korea was an arson that killed 192 people. 15 people were murdered in Australia in the Childers Palace Backpackers Hostel fire.

      When you examine the facts closely, guns are actually more useful as a self-defense tool than they are as a murder weapon. It’s also important not to overlook the horror of the face-to-face knife or machete attack, whether it is fatal or not.

  25. Hitler looks across the deep cold English channel in 1940 and over the it to the unarmed UK—“we can invade that, lets plan!”
    plans made–
    the lucky they did not…invade

    1941 Japan looks across the deep cold pacific and then to ARMED USA..”F—that we can’t fight ALL of them, heck Texas alone would murder us all!”
    No plans made

    what was the difference citizens of UK and luck was not it!!!?

  26. Dude they killed 6 people. Today we killed 500 droping bombs on iraq afganistan syria yemen and who knows were. Everyone calls for closing the borders but what about the internets. Werent the last two u.s. attack san bernido and orlando internet radicalization?

    I think this is the begining too, but not like others who blame religion, i think the middle east is unlivable. Cant produce food, no water, corrupt govts that were propped up by the price of oil. Its easy to die for a cause, any cause, if u got nothing to live for. And in the middle east the west is the boggie man, as they teach them in school, not the corrupt govts that run the show

  27. “Run, hide, tell.” This simple phrase epitomizes the difference between us and them. Are you a sheep or a wolf? Decide now to be the wolf, and remind yourself every day of your decision. Gun or no gun… put up a fight, or get out the way.

    • I don’t see why. He’s clearly an intelligent enough writer that he has to be a propogandist. Only blind delusional fools actually believe the police will protect them when criminal statistics obviously say otherwise.

    • I can say with reasonable certainty that “The Resistance” is a pro gun troll, repeating talking points to perhaps help other pro gun people keep their chops in shape for arguing with lefties. If you look at what he/she says, it’s remarkably similar to a few other accounts that have posted here in the past. I think another one was “Concerned Citizen Against 2ATyranny” or something like that. The claims are usually just a little too over the top to be believed, and the screen name always links back to Yahoo, as in only a complete Yahoo could believe what is being typed.

    • I don’t know why people keep engaging the obvious trolls. They’re never going to change their stance, because they are not here to actually debate, discuss, or argue. They are just here to instigate. Ignore them and there will be less drivel in the comments.

      The only positive their propaganda posts serve is you will get a little insight on how the Left is currently twisting facts and reality. It’ll provide you with time to think of a punchy response in the event the antis in your life try to debate with you later with their newfound “common sense”….

  28. Demographics is destiny, we are not all the same, multiculturalism will never create stability, human beings in general absolutely suck.

  29. I saw video of the local constables telling people in a bar to get down, and folks were huddling under tables and such. I thought…”Terrorist attack, or tornado?”

    Maybe some think that a terrorist attack is just another natural disaster…

  30. “A timely response from security services” prevented bomb explosions? I’m still laughing. It took them 8 minutes to bring a police officer with a gun to the scene. That is what happens if you not only disarm your people but even most of the police.
    A unarmed officer got cuts in the face and stomach. And i can’t even feel empathy, this wasn’t a police officer but a joke of a man in a warning vest pretending he could do something about armed terrorists. If you know that you are not a police officer but a clown without any defensive weapons be smart about it and run the other way, just like every other unarmed person.

    • If you though 8 minutes is a joke, try 90 minutes for the police to board a plane after the plane had landed AND the perpetrator was restrained. Melbourne airport 1/2 June last week. The perpetrator who claimed he was going to blow up the plane was NOT restrained by cabin crew or sky marshals, but was given a beating and incapacitated by the passengers.

      It should be noted the Australian Federal Police did NOT advise the Victoria State Police of the incident until 10 minutes AFTER the plane had landed and Melbourne Airport is 40+ minutes from the Melbourne CBD on a good day.

      Again our police were shocked into inaction. If this makes Australia safer than the US, I think I would prefer to take my chances with my own protection.

      A message to “The_Resistance”. I for one do not like the idea of being considered as “collateral damage” and the criminal’s life is worth more than mine. This is sentiment that is starting gain ground in the community.

  31. 8 minutes is much better than the time it took for the florida nighclub killer to be taken out.

  32. Surprised it took that long for someone to mention TR. Wonder why he/she hasn’t chimed in yet (not really).

  33. Sad but the people of Great Britain have no one to blame but themselves. When you allow the enemy into your gates you pay the price for your folly. Knowledgeable people have been warning western society for years about this danger. Unfortunately people have been brow beat and coerced by the politically correct factions who say we must accept these people into our countries in the name of being a caring society.

  34. Ninny Government wants to be safe by taking your freedoms away, oh wait this is England where the right of self defense and guns has been taken away. Watch England boil over pretty soon! will be interesting, look what happens over a football game. probably make the crusades look bad,
    who needs a gun when you got cars, trucks and knives, knives are already outlawed in Britain, cars and trucks next!

  35. Because of its insatiable demand for cheap labor, Europe imported millions of savages, and now Europe is getting its comeuppance.

    While part of me feels bad for London, Manchester, Berlin, Paris, Nice, Brussels, etc., another part of me thinks that Europe deserves to die for importing murderous scumbags so that rich people won’t have to clean their own toilets

  36. Europe with its open borders for so many years is now paying the price for them
    Close ours and do it now, not tomorrow.
    This could be happening right now in say Detroit and alot of other now bastions of large Muslim communities.
    It just take a few to spoil it for all the good ones.
    On another note.
    Ive always been more afraid of being stabbed in a fight then being shot.
    Most dont realize the damage a blade does compared to a bullet. While both of course lethal.
    Knives can be much more messy. And Id imagine painful though that I dont know.
    Nor do I wish to ever find out.

  37. I can’t wait to see how the new Left buzzword “Cultural Appropriation” is going to be used and inserted into the political discussions and media to address all the Islamist and Muslim backlash that is currently going on.

  38. When the terrorists figure out they can hit and run to hit again a disarmed populace will be in big trouble. Not to diminish these recent tragedies.

    • Sadly true. Terrorism is like a weed growing in a garden.

      The seeds (Islam) have been planted because of an inattentive homeowner (Obama) in Office that doesn’t want to take care of the lawn. Meanwhile, the lawn care service (the Right) offers their services but the homeowner isn’t interested because doesn’t think the cost is worth it. Instead the homeowner relies on ignorant neighborhood children (the Left) to take care of his lawn and they think they are doing a dandy job by watering all of it and ignoring the weeds.

      Time passes and the weeds continue to grow and spread until one day the weeds have taken over the lawn and are killing off the good plants. Gee, what happened? The kids can’t figure it out — I mean they watered the lawn, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?

      Weeds are weeds. Take them out.

      This is my surprised face.

  39. My heart goes out to the poor people of the UK who have to suffer for this tragedy.

    A tragedy that is RARE versus there various gun incidents that happen here EVERYDAY.

    The whole “libruls wan to ban everything or control us” is a trope. It’s pablum, hogwash, pure manure that has no fact in reality.

    “Good guys with guns” would not have been able ever to stop an attack and statistically never will because the same “good guy with a gun” belief was DEBUNKED many times.

    There have been more incidents in this country caused by nutbars with ties to right-wing extremists and right-wing doomsday survivalist militia nuts than some religious radical.

    Funny how you have a better chance to defend yourself or even run away from a knife wielder though. Good luck with someone attacking you with a gun.

    The gun related mortality rate in the USA is massively higher than that in other advanced economies – 0.23 deaths per 1000 in UK to 10.54 in the USA. Even in other Western European nations were gun laws are more relaxed than the UK but tighter than the US, you get rates that are more like 2-3 deaths per 1000. You have to look to nations with serious economic issues and histories of political instability before you start getting comparable or higher rates than the US.

    And how would general gun ownership have stopped that?? This argument that if everyone has guns the good guys can shoot the bad guys is total bollocks. There is no evidence for that. There is however evidence that since banning handguns there have been no mass shootings in the Uk.

    There have been 25 mass shootings in America since the 29th of April. There’s been 0 in the UK alone Keep your guns ya lunatics.

    This will not change the minds of UK citizens about guns. There’s zero demand from the British public for less gun control, shooting guns is just not a part of mainstream British culture.

    Amazingly you people don’t seem to have picked the most reliable source on gun crime, lets try the federal government instead…. 2012: Justifiable homicides involving a firearm (i.e. self defence) 259 Criminal homicides involving a firearm 8,342 (+500 odd fatal accidental shootings) Crimes prevented by the presence of a firearm ~68,000 (5 year average figure) Crimes where the perpetrator used a firearm ~ 428,000 Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics So you’re 34 times more likely to be fatally shot than to kill someone in self defence with a firearm and 6 times more likely to be the victim of a gun crime than you are to prevent one (actually any crime but lets be really generous) due to you or anyone else having a firearm. And yes you’re quite right guns (being inanimate objects) don’t cause crime (except for the 232,000 gun thefts in the same year obviously). Their presence does however make any crime far more likely to result in serious injuries or fatalities. As for where the twice as many figure comes from I wasn’t able to track it down, however the most likely reason for its justification (going on similar arguments) is simply looking at where concealed carry has been legalized, taking any decrease in violent crime (which is dropping sharply everywhere anyhow) and ascribing all of that decrease to firearm presence. Oh and then cherry picking the hell out of the data anyhow. We can get a two for one figure out of this data however, you’re twice as likely to shoot yourself or have someone else shoot you accidentally than you are to shoot someone while preventing a crime – I for one find that a less than reassuring statistic.

    • “Their presence does however make any crime far more likely to result in serious injuries or fatalities. ”

      Not when those guns are present in the would-be victims hands. On the contrary….

      “Studies that directly assessed the effect of actual defensive uses of guns (i.e., incidents in which a gun was ‘used’ by the crime victim in the sense of attacking or threatening an offender) have found consistently lower injury rates among gun-using crime victims compared with victims who used other self-protective strategies,” the CDC study, entitled “Priorities For Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-Related Violence,” states.

    • Can you list the 25 mass shootings from the end of April?
      When you say “mass shootings”, are you referring to an incident where 3 or more people were killed or a looney taking out a school, church or something like that?
      I’ve always gone by the the, “Lies, damn lies and statistics” rule for information.
      I don’t care what anyone quotes for or against gun ownership or concealed carry. As a “lunatic”, I’ll keep my guns until such time as they’re illegal and even then, I won’t give them up without a fight.

    • The only way a human being can be as stupid as the resistance is if they are trying to be that way. Or being paid to be that stupid.

      I submit that the resistance is a whore like shannon watts. Bought and paid for by bloomberg or soros money.

  40. Sooner or later, we’re going to have to start killing the fanatics faster than they kill us. The handwringing and praying is only delaying the inevitable. The longer it takes, the more numbers they rack up. We can do it now or do it a hundred years from now, it’s never going to get easier or cleaner. just a larger body count on our side. when? when they kill a hundred innocent people? a thousand? ten thousand? a million?

  41. One account I read or heard said the terrorists “didn’t have a clue what they were doing”, “were scared and so were the police”. Great! Just what the f#ck you need in a country where citizens cannot own a gun (for the most part) is cops running scared from knife wielding terrorist wannabees.

  42. I remember a picture of a father with his son. They were standing near a open grave and his child says to his father. Daddy am I standing up straight enough just before they were shot by the Nazi’s. I guess that fits what happened in that restaurant. Daddy, am I low enough in my bow just in front of the blades. Brits time to get up and fight those pricks. They are the scum of this earth. Take your country back and step on anyone that tells you to run and hide. all be safe out there.

  43. I have lost all sympathy for the Europeans and the English. And I’m rapidly losing sympathy for the west coast and north east. There are consequences to putting legal marijuana intoxication, “Piss Christ”, and every other Bread and Circus distraction over the human right of armed self defense.

  44. It’s rather ironic that we (Czech republic) are a very safe country and our law allows me to CCW by default almost anything I can hide well enough. However, when I travel abroad, I must leave everything at home and go absolutely defenseless into any other country, especially those west countries that are now becoming really dangerous.

    Strange, when I think 30 years back we saw the West as the paradise on Earth looking at it from behind the Iron Curtain. Now I am not so sure anymore.

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