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Leonard Embody (courtesy

Leonard Embody doesn’t play well with others. He’s one of the handful of people banned by TTAG. Note: I’ve got nothing against open carry in general and Leonard Embody open carrying in specific. Nothing legal. The practice is part of Lenny’s natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. I am, however, a bit vexed by his decision to carry near Hillsboro High School, Tennessee. And this: “”A school is a prime place to be able to hand out my leaflets and educate children that guns aren’t dangerous as people think they are. Certainly a man carrying a gun doesn’t mean they’re going to get shot.” And certainly there’s a better way to make that point, isn’t there?

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  1. I gotta say, although I am not a law enforcement officer, if I saw someone carrying in that position I would react much differently that someone carrying over their shoulder or back. It just seems more “active” a method to carry.

      • He wasn’t asking you whether you think it’s a good thing or not. He was speculating on how a LEO would probably view a person carrying a rifle in that manner. He’s probably correct as well.

    • I completely agree with you. A firearm is a responsibility as well as a right. That’s more of a combat style carry. Just search for some older pictures from history of the way people carried their rifles when it was the norm to see people with rifles every day, they didn’t carry them like this guy. I live in a place where open carry is legal, completely normal and no one even blinks when they see it, and the people don’t carry like him.

    • I have to agree with Canuck. Just because it’s legal, doesn’t mean it has to be done that way. Carrying the AR on his back will get him, as well as the rest of gun culture more respect.

    • Carrying a rifle in that position makes it no more and no less accessible than a holstered handgun. Arguments against it are purely emotional (OMGTHATGUYHASASCARYBLACKRIFLESLUNGACROSSHISCHEST!)

      I’d say it’s actually safer, because you can’t see a rifle slung across your back. You can’t ensure that nobody messes with the selector switch, or that nobody comes along and swipes your magazine. We hype situational awareness so much as part of carrying a gun, and yet we’re expected to sling our ARs across our BACK? That’s crazy talk!

      • I single point sling my AK, so guess I am scary, too. 😉

        This Lenard guy would pretty much drive people away from a free hamburger stand no matter what subject he was espousing. And yet he has the right to be a knucklehead, and he is working it like dog on a ham bone.

  2. Sigh……… there’s just no reaching some folks, Leonard’s all about himself and has no interest at all in how his actions will be viewed.

    • I came to TTAG at the tail end of the Embody Era, so I probably don’t have enough experience with the guy to agree with you. However, I think I did read enough to say that I cannot outright disagree with you on that point, either.

      In this day of easy communications and instant activism, if it’s just one guy going around doing his own thing and not attracting like minded others to his brand of protest, then there’s probably a reason why not and it’s probably not very flattering.

  3. Walking around wearing body armor and carrying your rifle like that in an attempt to “educate” the public about 2A is about as effective as those dipshits who wave signs with pictures of dead babies in front of abortion clinics. It just makes you an asshole and helps nobody.

    • Gee thanks for stating the obvious. That’s what abortions do. MURDER BABIES. And I believe showing the reality of infanticide has led to a sea change in laws and attitudes. It’s the same with guns. How many CC laws existed 30 years ago? A handful of states. No open carry in Illinois-yet. I think making an activity NORMAL is the key( see Gay rights/marriage) I’d love to open carry.

        • Yep…no apology. I’ve never actually held up signs but I support people who do. And I believe in gun rights,Jesus Christ,heaven,hell and eternal life. There are millions of us too.

      • But how much of the expansion of concealed carry over the past 30 years can be credited to guys open-carrying AR-15s while wearing body armor? Not very much, I’d guess.

      • No it doesn’t. Your warped view stems from a misreading of what early scientists thought they saw with their (then new fangled but woefully inadequate by today’s standards) microscopes: when the first of the saw sperm, they thought that they were itty bitty humans that they called “homunculus”

        It was written at the time that since the bits at the start of the process were tiny humans, everything involved in the process was also human from the get go and forever more.

        We now know, of course, that those early guys were wrong and there is no such thing as homunculi, yet among some of the more extreme wings of certain reliogens, the myth persists.

        And those people use that easily cleared up misunderstanding to scream at woman going through one of the hardest times of their lives and publicly display snuff porn.

        What heroes.

        Also, Leonard Embody truly doesn’t understand why everybody wishes he would hush up. He’s fighting the good fight and all is gun owners who wish he’d stop creeping out the regular folk are just not being true to the 2nd.

        • Gee slick some of us actuallywalk the talk. I married my pregnant girlfriend so she wouldn’t kill my son. Do I recommend that? Nope. Did it work out? He’s about to turn 40 and I have 3 beautiful grandkids. And that has to be one of the most bizarre statements I have ever read. Gettin’ high a bit tonight swarf? Everyone in the world starts out as a collection of cells. Whatever-since I know it will annoy you I’m signing off as an OFWG married to a beautiful black woman. BTW spellcheck is your friend.

        • I think it’s pretty clear there is a difference between a fetus and a sperm. At least the sperm had a partner to tango with.

          Not really a big let’s argue about abortion person, but years ago when I was actually talking to a rather liberal colleague about it, he came up the idea of judging life with the presence of a heartbeat, which he argues is how we determine if someone is deceased or not.

        • Please keep repeating “Abortion isn’t infanticide” into as many microphones as you can. I suggest using ultrasound pictures of sharp objects penetrating fetuses as visual aids and working up long-winded explanations about why what Kermit Gosnell was convicted of is materially different than what the abortion-on-demand industry does every single day in this country. Make sure to spell Gosnell’s name correctly so everyone can Google him. Thanks!

    • No, it’s really very different:
      A: “Look people! This is what’s happening here!”
      B: “Look people! This should be normal!”

  4. I don’t have anything against OC, but lets be real. It’s political speech and we need to treat it as such. If there was a Nazi rally outside of a high school, the cops would drag them a few blocks away and keep a close watch.
    My advice? Save OC for without rule of law. Natural disasters and such. If you are trying to change local/state legislation, try not to aggravate people intentionally. It’s counter productive.

    • How does that square with the classic social activist mantra of comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable?

    • Basic normal open carry – carrying a pistol secured in a holster on one’s hip – is in no way political. It’s done for the same reason that people carry concealed … for self-defense.

      It does give people the opportunity to educate others, because of the gun’s visibility, but it is not a political act.

      • It’s also a lot about how you present yourself. If are dressed like you just got back from a militia meetup with a plate carrier or a load bearing vest while open carrying, you might scare the fence sitters who just aren’t used to seeing that.

        In no way is that a qualitative judgement against people who like to tacticool it up. I think most mean well, but there is a stereotypical narrative associated with dressing that way and carrying that way. If you are dressed professionally it is harder to criticize and it doesn’t fit the stereotype.

  5. Leonard is original the poster child for OCTards.
    You can be right about the right, and all wrong about how you go about protesting for it.
    The bottomline is how it worked out in court.

    I’m with Jerry Miculek and Dean Weingarten on OC long carry, and how-to, and the “optics”, who along with the NRA statement, speaks to the issue much better than I ever could, and have the long creds to go with it.

    That is all. Carry on and Keep Calm, POTG…

  6. Leonard is as harmless as the open carrier in Starbucks. Hopefully, his fellow citizens are getting wind (the good kind) of who he is and what his message is.

  7. Most people with mental health problems are nonviolent, even those with narcissistic personality disorder, and they do have rights. That said this guy is just about the least effective activist ever, given that he’s not even remotely likeable from the standpoint of people who AGREE with his position. If you have a talent for winning people over, please be an activist for our cause… if you have a talent for the opposite… don’t try.

    • That’s a good point. When even people who 100% agree with your position just want you to shut the hell up, you’re not a very good spokesperson for your cause…

    • That is the key point.

      If he is doing this in the name of political activism in order to attempt to persuade others, he’snot only doing it wrong but doing it amazingly stupidly wrong.

      Caring a handgun is pretty normal. Openly or concealed, plenty of people are aware that people carry handguns for self-defense, even if some do not agree with that.

      Carrying a long gun is less normal, although more normal in certain areas (generally places with hunters and wild animal issues). It’s also known as a firm of political protest where handgun OC is banned, or also in those cases as a method of carry for self-defense. YMMV.

      Caring a long gun AND wearing body armor is NOT NORMAL. it is normally only done by cops or military persons who are prepared to go into battle. As a form of political protest it is not only ineffective but counterproductive. There is no way that people will consider his actions in any way “normal.”

      The way you promote a political cause is by persuasion. Attempting to convince others that your position is correct. Scaring then by behaving in a way that gives them a logical reason to be scared of you will achieve the opposite.

    • If Leonard Embody was truly so dangerous and frightening, then please explain why an unarmed reporter casually walked up to him and talked with him. Please explain why police did not shoot him on sight when they encountered him.

      The cold hard truth of the matter is that Leonard Embody has never threatened or endangered anyone. Rather, lots of people have really INTENSE FEELINGS about his choice of personal property (ballistic vest and rifle) that he displays in public. And because their FEELINGS are very INTENSE, they want … no, make that they DEMAND that Leonard Embody change his behavior.

      This is the problem with gun grabbers and gun rights supporters alike who vehemently condemn people like Leonard. Rather than attack people like Leonard, let us attack the people who think that INTENSE FEELINGS are sufficient cause to force people — through threat of violence and imprisonment — to conform to some nebulous notion of “normal”.

      Today, it is attacking Leonard’s choice of carry; tomorrow it is attacking someone else when we have INTENSE FEELINGS about their religion, occupation, 401K balance, political party, or who knows what else. This is the CANCER that we should be attacking.

      • “If Leonard Embody was truly so dangerous and frightening, then please explain why an unarmed reporter casually walked up to him and talked with him.”

        A rather shaky standard considering that unarmed reporters walk unarmed into all kinds of dangerous situations to get a good story. I’m just sayin’.

        • whatever,

          Yes, reporters walk into some questionable situations. That said, I have yet to see an unarmed reporter walk into a venue where an active spree killer is on the loose.

      • I think a lot of the people here have INTENSE FEELINGS about him conducting himself like a raging asshole, not so much about what or how he chooses to carry.

        He hasn’t managed to get himself banned from nearly every message board, forum, and blog on the internet because he likes to wear a plate carrier around.

    • From the standpoint of activist strategy, his is kind of like how the Westboro Baptist Church represents Christianity. I think the underlying intents are similar too. Not trying to be inclusive, rather rubbing defiance in people’s faces.

      • Do you agree with WBC’s message but your gripe is how they dispense it? Rather than draw analogies to the methods, why don’t you focus on the message? Any person with two brain cells can figure out what the purpose of the demonstration is and they can choose to agree with the point or disagree.

        • Oh, the method is very important. I obviously have no gripe with any pro-gun message and obviously don’t agree with the WBC’s notion of a hateful and angry God. You can easily be on the right side of a war and lose because of stupid tactics. You can as easily be on the wrong side of a war and win because of smart tactics. The person who is right doesn’t win, the person who has the best tactics wins. WBC isn’t winning any hearts and minds using these tactics. Neither is Leonard, furthermore his tactics have divided and alienated those on the right side of this war. That’s moving backwards. The WBC is at least honest about what they are doing. They admit to relishing being provocative and defiant for the sake of it, they admit they like to rub it in other people’s faces and show everyone that they can get away with it.

          This format of Leonard et al’s gun rights protest ends up repeating the same cycle over and over and no one learns a thing. People demonstrate using their guns as props, then the media gangs up on them and spreads unflattering stories and pictures around. Then other pro gun people say “thanks for the help moron, you’re giving them ammo.” Then the people who can’t conceive of why this tactic is stupid make excuses “well of course they made us look bad! Liberal media! Bought and paid for!, blah blah”.

          Well if you know that ahead of time, why do you keep falling for the same trap over and over again? In fact you are setting your own trap and putting the cord in the hand of your enemy, then dancing around inside it daring them to pull the cord, over and over. Then you’re surprised when they spring it on you. The cycle repeats, people on your side of the war call you an idiot for offering yourself up on a silver platter to be exploited by the enemy, and then you blame the liberal media for exploiting you. I don’t blame the enemy for exploiting you, they’d have to be really dumb not to. Why not choose a tactic that doesn’t offer yourself up for exploitation?

        • No. That’s not it at all. You are making an argument about a hyperbolic version of what I was trying to explain which doesn’t have any bearing or the real-world versions of these things being debated.

          Let’s just agree that either I’m not transmitting or you’re not receiving well enough for this discussion to be productive.

  8. So, lets not post on any gun blogs, or 2nd amend. right site, as we don’t want to up set the lefties. It is either legal and ethical or it’s not. We have been kissing the progressive asses for way to long . Either grow a set or go home.

    • I could stand on the corner shouting profanities and insults. That oughta het people to support free speech.

      This guy is just your tun of the mill attention seeking narcissist.

      • Again a poor analogy. Shouting profanities is abuse. Don’t believe it? I could say something to you right now that would get me banned from this site. To use your, and a few others I have read, analogy, verbal abuse is to free speech as shooting innocent people is to OCing.

  9. Do those guys try to make some kind of useful point? I think he should say something like, “Are you afraid I’m going to shoot You? Because I’m not. I’m not going to shoot anybody, so why do you fear me?”

  10. I’m more pissed at the guy about when he built several 5.45×39 AK and AR pistols, talked about putting them into production and selling them, then when warned not to, made a big stink about how he didn’t care if they put 5.45 surplus import in danger of an AP determination by the ATF.

    feel free to google his hijinks under the name “kwikrnu” on various forums.

    of course he is also the guy who infamously carried a Draco AK pistol with a muzzle nut that was painted blaze orange so that it would look like a toy. he was stopped, and officers did not appreciate his joke.

  11. This guy was, is, and will always be a gigantic pain in the arse. Can’t begin to tell you how many online forums he has gotten booted out of. I think one of them was dedicated to puppies…no joke.

    He is not our friend, he is not helping, and I honestly believe with all my existence that he is an off kilter nut. He doesn’t mean to do anyone harm…he is just crazy in the same veil of psycho, upper/middle level management in the corporate world. Meglo-maniac I believe is the term.

    He went for years as the handle Kwikrnu
    The most unlikable character I can think of right off hand

  12. Do what you will, Mr. Embody. You’re doing nothing illegal and it is you right to do what is within Constitutional limits, and I would 110% defend to the death your right to do those things.

    It really shouldn’t matter where, when, with what, or how we exercise our rights. Period.

    Personally, though, I would not have carried near a fucking high school of all places, for one thing. For another, I wouldn’t carry my rifle (or shotgun) slung across my chest but over my back, and muzzle-down at that. I wouldn’t even be wearing a vest, and that’s mostly because they’re hot and heavy and I just don’t feel like carrying the weight or dealing with the heat — and we get plenty of that down here in the Southeast as it is anyway.

    But, that’s just me.

    Yes, there are better ways to do it.

  13. Leonard would be a lot more effective if he wasn’t such a pain in the @ss. I wanted to support him, but his douchebaggery toward POTG made that impossible. Still, I’m glad he got off. I’d hate to think of him and Adam Kokesh sharing a cell.

  14. Larry is an example that public OC is like public nudity. It may be legal but most of the people who practice it shouldn’t.

    • You do realize that most people who OC do so with a pistol in a retention holster attached to the hip, right?

      Don’t smear all open carry because of a few idiots.

  15. Practicality and sanity aside, after seeing this guy in the local news over and over again, even the gun averse in our office tend to recognize the guy with the off color plate carrier and AR…. It sort of straddles the line between annoyance and normalization.

  16. If I saw a man geared like that approaching me or loved ones I’d draw my pistol and take defensive action, the forward sling is an agressive posturing, vest indicates he expects resistance, and the guys a wacko, all the characteristics of a mass shooter. This guy is probably only insult or argumeg away from getting even with the world, so to speak,

    • If by defensive action, you mean shoot, I hope you have your affairs in order, because you will be doing time. Unless he points the rifle at you, he is not a reasonably verified threat. My lawyer would have a field day with that case.

      As annoying as he may be to many people, he is well within his rights. Also, deny it all you want, with the press coverage he is garnering, he is actually normalizing the sight of firearms. He is dressed conservatively, non-threatening, approachable when the initial “shock” of seeing a guy with a rifle on him wears off. He may not live up to your standard of a 2a activist, but he is doing more than you are to get the public to realize that a gun in plain view does not mean everyone is going to die.

      Carrying near a school, that is where I see an issue. Unless you coordinate with the local revenue collectors, you are going to cause some panic.

    “A holstered hand-gun in no manner violates the actual ‘Rights’ of any other person.
    That said;- in highly-notable contrast, a person carrying a rifle in said ‘common social environments’ — such as coffee shops, diners, grocery stores or, for that matter uncased anywhere in a city — immediately signals DANGER. Period.
    Such actions are, simply put — “A REALLY BAD IDEA” for more reasons than anyone should have to explain in detail.”
    As noted from antiquity, “Intelligence becomes measurable in part as — the ability to accurately predict the outcome of any given action or series of actions.”
    Also noted from antiquity, “With but few possible exceptions, the vast majority of all Human activity is directly attributable to ‘Response’…and all which that implies.”
    With the aforementioned in Mind and given the circumstances as provided, no quantum leap in intelligence would be necessary to expect there to now be numerous individuals actively engaged in Responding to the actions of openly carrying ’long guns’ by writing legislation making it illegal / unlawful to do so.
    [ At this juncture in American history, if given the opportunity to vote on such a measure — providing of course, it contained certain critically-necessary exemptions…I’d vote “Yes”. ]

    • “…but I don’t think that marching around in front of a high school wearing body armor and a rifle is the best way to normalize open carry.”

      Like that?

      Hey, if he gets arrested and I’m on the jury, I will gladly vote to acquit (or nullify). But if you think he is doing open carry or RKBA in general any favors, think again.

  18. He seems just as wacked out as the gun haters. Not a good thing. He is doing more harm that good for the cause.

  19. Always hesitant to offer advice, equally open to correction, but seldom without at least one opinion…
    In the interview of Mr. Embody, his rifle is not only in an unsafe condition for anywhere other than a live combat zone ( never mind keeping the muzzle up over rocks or concrete ); about the only way he could make it more useless for defense would be to stick the can end in his pants, As it is, If he fell forward and didn’t end up needing dental work, he could quite easily poke his eye out with that stock thingy that goes ouch.
    ( Personally, unless he removed the mag, locked the action open and demonstrated a cleared chamber, I wouldn’t stand anywhere near the guy. )

  20. Hypothetical: If you were a nut-job active shooter wanting to shoot up Hillsboro High School, would you be deterred by this guy standing outside, or would you just walk up to him as if you wanted to hear what he has to say, pull a pistol and shoot him in the head? Then you’d have an AR to help in your “mission.”

    I generally support OC laws, but actually doing OC is the ultimate “shoot me first” statement.

  21. He is also currently trying to build a PSL pistol with the intent to get surplus 7.62x54r banned

    He was trying to do so for 5.45 until his FFL got revoked. the ATF says the Beryl was the pistol that got 5.45 banned but I have an inkling it was this guy.

  22. Little Lenny sure gets a lot of hate for incorrectly exercising his RKBA. What is it we say about the Hysterical Mothers and others of their ilk? Ah yes, they resort to deception and invective because they are unable to refute our arguments with facts, reason or logic. I see lots of emotion based assumptions in the criticisms of little Lenny’s antics. Facts? Not so much.

    ” If I saw a man geared like that approaching me or loved ones I’d draw my pistol and take defensive action,”
    From a previous comment

    Death threats? Seriously? This is TTAG not MDA’s website. Hey Mr. Farago, has EveryClown for Gun Safety executed a hostile takeover of the greatest gun website in the history of ever?

    If you support the RKBA BUT, you draw the line when you get to little Lenny, and you mark the line with insults and other colorful language, then all you will accomplish is making the Hysterical Mother’s lady parts tingle.

      • Yes Benny, we know you’re here to troll. Now go back to the day room for your juice and meds. Seriously though, what part of his statement is trolling? I thought not.

        • What part ISNT trolling? If it isn’t his condescending tone, it’s his sarcastic questions. I almost formed an intelligent answer, but decided against it on the grounds that I’d be wasting my time with it. So I went a different route.
          As for the day juice and meds, been off those for years. Can’t get past the bad taste

  23. Leonard is after a paycheck. He has said as much in the past. When you dig up very old posts on websites pointing this out to him, his defense is, “How do you know I posted those? Maybe my account was hacked or the admins put that there”

    For those interested in doing some digging his online username everywhere is Kwikrnu

  24. Ok, so I lived in Nashville for 5 years, not far from Hillsboro High School.

    It’s right across from a mall, and an open-air maill with a Whole Foods, 5 Guys, and a lot of other stuff where people (adults) are walking around, who may have a mind to be talked to and listen about the RKBA. I’d say his “one-man-march” would be more effective a half mile down the road instead of in front of high-schoolers who can’t yet vote. Yeah, there’d be vegan yoga-moms who wouldn’t appreciate it, but at least he could have a conversation there.

    Plus the whole vest & front sling thing, but that got mentioned above enough.

  25. I understand folks in Texas OC’ing long guns, their goal is to get OC of hand guns.

    OC’ing a long gun slung in a ready position with armor to hand out pamphlets is ridiculous. I’m all for the normalization of firearms in this modern society we’ve crafted, however I disagree with his tactics. If he had it slung around the back, and if he was worried about being shot by LEO’s wearing the armor UNDER a concealment garment. I question his motives based upon the way he’s trying to go about obtaining them. I’m no 2A activist, not even close, but I do question the efficacy of a solitary dude armored up and strapped with gats trying to hand me a pamphlet.

    You want to normalize a long gun in public, for the time being I think you’d have better luck with some fanfare, some banners, lots of folks, and maybe pay an off duty LEO to be uniformed standing by observing. That sanitizes the presence a bit, but costs a LOT more time and money, but would vastly increase how approachable some 2A activists would be.

  26. “And certainly there’s a better way to make that point, isn’t there?” OK, so where is it? All I see happening anytime anyone open carries in any manner what so ever is the “people of the gun” crapping all over them and screeching like little girls seeing a spider. How about instead doing this “better way” and just ignore the “idiots” you hate so vociferously.

    • TTAG really needs an upvote function for replies. I agree completely with your sentiment. The POTG have been listening and responding to the emotional blather of the grabbers for so long, that they have adopted their tactic of screeching like harpies whenever someone makes them uncomfortable. Maybe it is a form of Stockholm syndrome, and they are sympathizing with their captors (2a infringements).

      • Maybe a shotgun or pistol on his side, maybe without the tactical gear, maybe somehow making the news team aware, or filing for a gather permit to get it on the radar of the school.

        Maybe not acting like a toolbag,

        Maybe having a wife, daughter, or son to help if you are going to be near a school…so you don’t look like the historical profile of a mass shooter.

        Maybe having prepared statements or mission statement to point people at.

        There are tons of things this guy could do differently if he was thinking properly. He does none of them.

    • ““And certainly there’s a better way to make that point, isn’t there?” OK, so where is it?”

      Not that I disagree with your larger point, but *plenty* of people have made concrete solutions of what is a better way to make the point that still use open carrying (e.g., ditch the body armor and sling the gun over your back).

      That having been said, there are plenty of people who seem to have a problem with ANY open carry whatsoever. I suspect SOME of the time those replies are just people incensed with the douchey types, but being uncareful with their phrasing (e.g., using “OC” when their issue is with LGOC stupidly/unsafely done), but I am sure there are also people who have the Fudd-like mentality, where carry is only a right if you do it THEIR way.

      (For the relative noobs, a “Fudd” typically refers to those who aren’t concerned with efforts to ban various semi-automatic rifles similar to military models, or handguns, so long as his duck gun and hunting rifle aren’t under threat. Not to be confused with FUD, an acronym for “Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.”)

      • +1 Steve! You eloquently expressed what I clumsily try to convey. And I see this post spilling over well into day 2. Have a good day 🙂

    • Yes, exactly, what is that “better way” ? At least he has made a demonstration and it was covered in the news where he had the opportunity to express a reasonable point of view (though not necessarily one everyone here would agree with).

    • Aye. I think that the most vicious rhetoric about Leonard “ruining it for the rest of us” speaks more to just how much heavy lifting remains to be done and less about one individual’s choices and actions. People who push the very edge will always be with us. Protections of our individual rights ought to be strong enough against government onslaught for these activities to not raise much of an alarm. If protection of our rights is so tenuous these days then that, IMHO, ought to be the real focus instead of scape-goating individuals or groups for exercising their right to keep and bear arms in unusual or repugnant ways.

  27. I cannot help but think Leonard is going to catch a bullet one day. Sure he is within his rights but open carry, perceived assault weapon, body armor, affixed suppressor and always showing up at the most inappropriate places to make his point just seems like the perfect mix to get shot. The video of him in downtown Nashville in July 2013 blowing off a police officers questions and refusal to talk with them is a good illustration of reasonable suspicion escalating to probable cause.

    • He might be wearing the vest because of a fear of trigger happy LEOs and the various threats we hear, mostly from CC’ers, that they will feel threatened by OC and blow the carrier away.

  28. OC is a great victory for 2A supporters and judging by the comments here most of us know that doing so in a non offensive manner is important to prevent it from becoming a curse. I would like to encourage those who understand the difference but have been silent to speak up! It is very important that we become the face of gun ownership in America if guns are going to have this high of a profile. Hearts and minds, let the nuts lead the antis.

  29. Leonard Embody, aka “Kwikrnu”, might as well be working for Bloomberg given the obnoxious, offensive and inflammatory nature of his “advocacy”.

    He’s not an embarrassment… he’s a traitor to our noble cause.

    The sooner he steps over the line and earns himself felon status, the sooner we’ll be safe from his irresponsible, infantile antics.


    • At this point there are two likely outcomes for Leonard.

      He keeps pulling his stupid shit, and someone — cop or private citizen — blows several holes through important parts of Leonard’s anatomy, then walks free because Leonard’s actions were such as to cause a reasonable person to be in fear of eminent harm.

      Or — and this is the more likely scenario — Leonard’s infantile narcissistic personality finally snaps and he puts a bullet through his head. We can only hope that he doesn’t decide to take any innocent people with him.

  30. I wouldn’t have OC’d a long gun near a school as an activist move. As an above poster pointed out, the kids can’t vote, and the few adults around are liable to lean anti and freak the f–k out and call law enforcement. Go to the public street near a mall and set up a stand/booth/gathering.

    Also, an above poster mentioned hiring an off-duty LEO to stand watch and legitimatize the event. Great idea actually. And with regards to cost, it’s not a lot if you all pool money for it. All in, in some jurisdictions for a few hours, it’s less than a grand. If you can afford ammo, the gun, the accessories, and so on, you can afford to pitch in and hire a cop for the afternoon to stand watch.

    And yes, to “gradual OC”. From my quick scan of, it appears OC is legal in Tennessee if you have your concealed weapons permit. Leonard could have dressed nicer and had a pistol on his belt. Heck, for showmanship make it a 1911 with ivory handgrips. The antis and the current generation of kids are impressed by showmanship and marketing, exploit it. Why do you think Noir is so popular? He covers the same gun topics that 5000 other Youtube gun guys do, he just does it with a slick urban sophistication that appeals to the younger set.

  31. I like OC, and I want handgun OC in TX, BUT(see what I did there) there is a wrong way to do everything. Kitting up like you’re going for a stroll through Tikrit is one of them.

  32. The 2nd amendment, as well as our other rights are quantified as “individual rights” !!!!!!! Stop the group think mindset! Leonard can utilize and express “his right” anyway he likes…….he has not violated any constitutional laws!!!!!! The only thing he is guilty of is upsetting the apple cart rolling around in your head………..

    Most of his detractors get there panties in a wad because they disagree with his methods and actions due to bigoted ignorance… Your opinion is only valid in your mind and has no force of law or power to dissuade any individuals rights…you cannot prevent or stop his right…tuff petooty, Stand up for individual rights, embrace the power of individualism!!!!!!! Focus on yourself, MYODB (mind your own damn business) !!!!!!

    • Minding your own business includes not telling other people to mind their own business.

      It’s funny how the pro-flamboyant open carry crowd is so quick to say others have no business telling people how to exercise their second amendment rights, while at the same time telling people how to exercise their first amendment rights.

      This is a discussion forum. It’s whole purpose is to post a topic and then allow the readers to discuss it among themselves and share their opinions. Telling people not to discuss it or to discuss it only one way is missing the point.

      • No, you missed the point…..the much larger point!!! What an individual does with his rights is none of your business!!!!!

        P.S. MYODB has nothing to do with the 1st amendment.

    • What don’t you understand about the politics of the situation? The next president is likely to appoint to the supreme court enough justices to shape this country for the next quarter century. Irresponsible OC will only push votes to the side of the antis in the 2016 elections. Public opinion is also the best defence against judicial activism. The biggest 2A threat is the interpretation of what militias mean to the right to keep and bear. If that goes bad you have no rights to arms! Politics matter, anything can be taken away.

        • +1 to the BAAAAAAHHH BAAAHAHHAHA

          I always find it funny that the response to judicial activism to prevent the court from leaning left is to stack it to the right and of course preventing judicial activism to the right is to stack the court to the left. Really?!? There is no other argument.

          As far as the militia goes, clearly someone has not heard of DC vs. Heller that ownership of firearms is not necessarily reliant upon membership in the militia.

        • Arod that’s one of the lamest arguments yet. Of course SCOTUS can reverse itsself. Why would that be hard to understand? Who appoints the next justices is huge. Ignoring facts will not make them go away. BTW why do you think there are nine justices? There were origionally five! The number was increased by two TWICE in order to lean the court. Which way would you like it to lean?

        • Mike, I do not want it to lean at all. I want it to be apolitical. I do not want some justice’s personal opinion dictated the laws of the land. Intentionally trying to stack the deck to the left or the right is not justice. We all want to believe in the concept that Justice Is Blind but appointing a judge based on definitive knowledge on how they will uphold or overturn a law is ridiculous.

        • +1 to you for your sense of fairness and honesty. The world needs more people like you. The meaning of the2A is clear, the antis know that but won’t admit it and play public opinion games. Unfortunately- at least in my estimation – these games matter and historically court packing is part of it. I’m sure Hilary is aware. Anyway activist judges will generally not cross public opinion so positive image can only help us. I really hope I’m wrong about some of this stuff but I have to call it what I see.

        • Open carry of long guns, unless done very, very carefully (hint: not like this) scares the sheep. The sheep vote and therefore have power over your life and mine. Reason and logic have nothing to do with it.

          Gay pride parades are not what led to gay “marriage” garnering over 50% support in nationwide polls. People might not like it (“because rights!”) but the optics matter to those of us who would like to see fewer gun laws rather than more.

      • Correct the usurpation of Marbury v. Madison and that all goes away. One big fix to stave off death by a thousand cuts.

        If that goes bad you have no rights to arms! Politics matter, anything can be taken away.


    • Oh, he already did.

      Basically any thread that pertained to 2A in the slightest saw Mr. Embody throw in accusations of RF working for the other side. No matter how tangential and off topic it was, there Mr. Embody was.

      He had and still has the right to his guns. But he was still someone I’d not want to spend any time with.

    • Kinda dickish to build a pistol in 5.45×39 *specifically* to have the ATF ban all milsurp in that caliber (almost all of it is steel-core, ATF considers something a “pistol round” if there is even only a single pistol available in that caliber).

      I’d like to see Mr. Embody run out of town on a rail.

  33. A little tact goes a long way when it comes to OC. If you are trying to sway public opinion, “the In your face” manner in which you are making your Statement will have the opposite affect. If you are just doing it for shock value, then you shouldn’t gripe when you have succeeded…. If you are doing it Just because you can.. then don’t expect silent consent, because NOTHING gets by without an opinion. least of all the issue of guns… so you can expect opinions from both sides.

  34. Aw I sorta’ miss the rev. McCain. I can’t see how this guy is any different than the Chipotle Ninjas. Would I carry a rifle around? Nope. I can’t legally in Illinois carry any gun openly. Is he a jerk? Beats me. I don’t know anything about him. And is this the same crowd who vilified the woman who wrote the open letter to the guy in Starbucks? Hanging out in a coffee shop geared up is a lot weirder to ME than walking around in the open LEGALLY.

  35. Take some marketing classes.
    If you really want to take the moment to educate the uneducated, make sure the lessons focus on the education and not the instructors ego. There’s a reason Eddie Eagle is the NRA safety mascot, and not Rambo.

  36. This would lead to an immediate and tense confrontation. What happens next could go a lot of ways…
    Take the mag out, have a badge displayed, we will talk, but more relaxed…

    • You have the right to make a braying jackass fool of yourself in public.

      As you are doing here.

      That doesn’t make it a wise course of action. Maybe when you grow up a little you will be able to understand that.

  37. Sounds like he might be achieving some degree of normalization of open carry of long guns. Isn’t that what many in this community want? Good for him.

  38. …oh my god…
    Listen to the comments and story here.
    “He looks dangerous.”
    “That’s “combat carry”.”
    “I’d be afraid if I were a LEO”

    Did you all forget to compare your thoughts and statements to MDA today?

    How many people were harmed in this incident? 0. How many were threatened physically? 0.

    No threats, no harm, just irrational fear and distrust. Somedays I seriously believe the III% rule is the god’s honest truth.

  39. Like I asked, where is this “better way”? All I see and hear is supposed “potg” screeching about how they hate anyone they see with a weapon of any sort in public.

    • I dunno, 2hotel9. I’ve seen a number of posts in this thread saying it’d be better if he were to ditch the body armor and/or sling it over his back. (Some of them phrased in the imperative, but still suggestions that involve him continuing to carry a rifle.)

      Maybe you’re just blind.

      As I’ve said before not all of the hatred directed at Embody is because of the simple fact he’s carrying a rifle of the “scary looking” variety, though some of it certainly is. We OCers need to learn to differentiate between the two; not every single instance of somone OCing is doing us any favors (though as far as I am concerned, none of them is a violation of anyone’s rights unless they go against the wishes of the property owner). We OCers need to be able to tell that difference too, instead of reflexively defending the few real idiots/assholes in our ranks.

      CCers need to be able to tell the difference between an OCer who’s just going about his business and people being douchebags while armed, and stop with the (possibly unintentional) blanket condemnations. Unless they really mean them as blanket condemnations of ALL open carry, in which case they need to fire away so we can see who the fvcking enemy is.

      • I don’t just mean Lenard, I see this being done any time anyone carries any weapon openly in public anywhere and in any manner. From people who supposedly support the right to keep and bear arms. Lenard’s problem is his personality, not guns. I am still waiting for this “better way” that keeps being tossed out there.

        • Ah.

          If you mean a way of open carry that will make every absolutist anti OCer shut up, by definition, there isn’t one! (And if you mean this, then I misunderstood you.)

          You can get some of the complainers–the ones who IMHO have a point–to shut up by slinging the rifle over the back with a sling that doesn’t have the rifle flop around so much it muzzles people (or some sort of rig that reduces the necessity of actually handling the gun), or carrying a holstered pistol (which I know isn’t possible in some locales). Secondarily I’d ditch anything that looks like the carrier wants to pretend it’s a warzone. (Camo.)

          • Oh, I know! Been working in remodeling/construction and landscape design long enough to know there are people you CAN NOT satisfy, no matter what you do. Just been hearing this “must be a better way” mantra for years and yet no one produces one, they just keep complaining about everyone else.

            And from all indications this Lenard is a professional instigator/agitator, no matter the subject. Even if he got what he claims to want he would still be pissed off. Much like the majority of progressives/leftists. It is about controlling other people. Once they achieve their stated objective they get even angrier and move on to something else. They do not actually want to succeed, the doing is all they crave. Once they accomplish anything they immediately get pissed off about something else. A locked and self destructive cycle.

  40. Just curious…….I wonder how many of you that disagree with Embody’s choice would actually have the balls to express your keyboard bigotry to him face to face? I suspect, most if not damn near all of you would just wilt and mutter under your breath, then kick some dirt around as your opportunity slips away like ships that pass in the night. Does your conviction measure up to his????? Nah, talk is cheap!!!!

    • I have been known to tell people in public they are acting like an a$$. From Lenard’s track record it would do little to no good, he revels in acting like an a$$.

        • Ahhh, you gonna cry for us now?!?! Squeeze out some tears, sweety, we love laughing at leftarded America haters like you.

        • And speaking of acting like an a$$, there is you, Lenard! AIn’t it a beeatch, having everyone using the intratubes thingy hating you? And tracking where you spew your sh*t. What a sad a$$ed piece of sh*t you have made yourself into.

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