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SHARK drone courtesy
A small Colorado town is considering selling permits to hunt… drones? Deer Trail, CO is going to put the right to hunt drones to a vote next month, after a local resident pitched the idea as a form of protest. Already the number of applications for the $25 permits is nearly double the town’s population of 546. “I stopped counting when it hit 985,” said town clerk Kim Oldfield. The FAA, however, is not amused: “Shooting at an unmanned aircraft could result in criminal or civil liability, just as would firing at a manned airplane.” [h/t: David K.]

In response to the Civilian Disarmament Movement constantly blaming the NRA, I’ve said they’re right. It was “the NRA.” Because I am the NRA, and so are you. It’s not about the money, it’s about the people. The Yankee Marshal seems to agree with me in this quick video, where he compares the spending of the “Evil NRA” against that of a few other lobbying groups:

Chicago Police said in a press release on Friday that the number of illegal guns seized so far this year has passed 5000. Just like last year, they’re on a pace to exceed 7000 by year’s end. Superintendent Garry McCarthy and Mayor Rahm Emanuel say if there were longer sentences for illegal gun possession crimes it would keep some criminals responsible for many gun crimes off the streets. Or, y’know, if they’d stop using the gun possession charge as the “throwaway” in plea deals.

A Texas man’s pregnant wife was adamant that she didn’t want a gun in the house. He disagreed, and insisted she learn the basics just in case, and now she’s glad he did. Two upstanding citizens attempted to break into her house recently, but when they saw she was armed, they turned tail and ran. She later said in an interview, “I was against him buying a gun maybe 7-8 months ago, but I told him, ‘I don’t know if I told you, thank you for doing that’ because it changed the situation completely.” [h/t: DrVino/Steve S.]

Signs of sanity from our benighted former colonial masters, with a story in The Telegraph of a state-funded (what we would call “public”) school that is believed to be the first in the country to take primary-age pupils on a shooting trip. Children ages 8-11 are given the experience of knocking down clay pigeons with shotguns as well as target shooting with air rifles. A representative of the local wet blanket brigade was aghast: “Guns are dangerous weapons which are frequently misused. No child should be taught to shoot until the age of 18 when they assume adult rights and responsibilities.” Mike Fairclough, the headteacher, had a different view: “We had lovely sweet little eight-year-old girls shooting massive shotguns but they didn’t then go around killing everyone afterwards; they just saw it as an activity that they enjoyed.” Here’s hoping this is the beginning of a trend. [h/t: Harter]


Urge California Governor Jerry Brown to VETO gun control bills here:

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  1. What would you use to hunt drones? Would it be a shotgun a rifle could you bow hunt drones????honestly i wanna know so I know what to take when i go pick up my permit.

    • Depends on how low they fly. I would hedge a guess if you can see it and it’s at duck distances I would pick a heavy bird shot or some of the heavier tungsten BB (or equivalent) turkey loads in 12 Gauge 3-3.5 or just go 10 Gauge. A drone doesn’t have conventional vitals so I would rather scope a shotgun than a 30 something caliber rifle for it also just to be safe.

    • FCC unapproved signal jamming devices are 1st choice

      Newer drones are getting sophisticated enough to where a broken communication channel kicks off a hover or fly home based upon gps.

      2nd choice would be to design some type of anti-drone drone. could be built pretty quickly/cheaply

      • There’s a few videos where PETA drones have been taken out with shotguns. These are, of course, just fancy RC helicopters. Real, military drones fly high and silent. One would need to destroy the command post or communication relay to disrupt it. The latter can also be done with shotguns if need be. Two blasts in the air – just like JB prescribed.

    • TTAG posted a video recently of a “nearly” indestructible drone the was knocked down with a shotgun but put back in operation quickly. Nothing else seemed to stop the thing for long. Since firing a rifle of any caliber up into the air would present an unconscionable hazard to unknown folks downrange I think that would not be advisable. IMO, go with a shotgun and OO or OOO Buck. /s

  2. Thanks for all the suggestions and i have a couple more questions are old german 88mm flak guns legal? If so where can i get one? Also does anyone know if a pumpkin firing air cannon or tater gun would pose less risk to those down range on the ground?

  3. “illegal gun possession crimes”

    Because John Doe next door with his firearm automatically is victimizing his neighbors, his city, and his government, even though they didn’t even know about it until he was busted. The face of gun control – Making victims out of victimless crime.

  4. Wayne LaPierre and Kayne Robinson’s salaries are 2 million dollars a year? For what?
    At 1.5 million just for lobbying, which at times seems more than less than effective on many levels, the NRA sounds like a 1% club for a couple of chair polishing asses. With an economy struggling to remain above water, and people having a hard time finding 2 cents to rub together, how does the NRA leadership justify such outrageous salaries? I see by Mr. Robinson’s profile, trips to Africa to bag cape buffalo are a tad out of reach for the millions of NRA members hoping to have enough to buy ammo, if they can find it at a reasonable price. Are we getting our 1.5 million bang for our hard earned membership bucks, when it could easily be 2.5 million for lobbying on an important issue as gun rights? The NRA seems to have been caught flat-footed regarding the NFA trusts that Obama want to do away with as they stand. Did Lil’ Wayne or Big Game Kayne even see that one coming? Can’t these two million dollar men do their jobs for $500k a year, and send that extra million towards lobbying? For a non-profit organization, these two seem to be profiting handsomely.

    • This is why I am no longer an NRA member. My limited 2A donation dollars (I’m not at all wealthy) go to GOA and NAGR. I always make sure to say no at the LGS when they ask if I want to donate a dollar to the NRA.

  5. its hard to find an organisation that is actually worth supporting….
    the NRA has next to no credibility thanks to whats mentioned above.
    alot of people refuse to to join the SAF thanks to their endorsement of Manchin-toomey
    GRAA is nothing but a spam group now, sharing every single gun related story thats typed, regardless of how credible or true it is.

    grass roots is all thats left….

  6. [quote]We had lovely sweet little eight-year-old girls shooting massive shotguns but they didn’t then go around killing everyone afterwards[/quote]

    But….but….THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!

  7. Great idea to drum up revenue and awareness. I don’t live in CO but I would still buy a drone hunter permit just to display it. The only remains is if the NSA will consider me a ‘person of interest’ due to my permit?

      • ——————/´ ¯/)
        ——–(‘(———- ¯~/’–‘)

        How’s that?

  8. The biggest problem with the drone discussion is that the politicians and media are trying to make it about private RC craft (as pictured at the top of the article), where as the problem is actually about government drones.


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