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TTAG’s dedicated readership — our Armed Intelligentsia — are a demanding bunch. When we introduced the TTAG Pro Shop the AI said “Great, but where’s the Armed Intelligentsia stuff?” Good point. TTAG is Inside Baseball. Wearing our moniker makes Edward Snowdon’s pre-flight downloads seem like a Times Square billboard. Yeah, it’s that subtle. So we’ve created a line of AI gear. Rest assured that we plan on pimping the AI brand like Huggy Bear. Seriously: the AI logo will only adorn the best of the best. Royalty-wise. That said, we couldn’t let crass commercialism totally discombobulate our moral compass. So . . . fund raising for firearms freedom! . . .

To kick off the new line and hit the state thing hard, we’ve created a series of hats and shirts for those who want to help the less fortunate: i.e. gun owners living in California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey or, God forbid, New York. Of course, if you reside in one of those benighted anti-ballistic bastions and wear our gear and send us an image you’ll inspire us all!

For every state-supporting AI-branded product you buy—and you will buy lots—we’ll donate 50 percent of the profit to a local state gun rights group. No, we won’t be flying NetJets to Hawaii for corporate conferences on your dime. TTAG’s overhead is so low professional limbo dancers shake their heads in disbelief. We’ll be publishing the amount donated and the org so blessed here on the site. Transparency. Truth. That’s how we roll.


Again, for every ‘FREE (the state of your choice)’ item we sell, we’ll share half the profits with a gun rights org in that state (to be named sooner rather than later). It’s our way of sticking it to those who jumped hard and fast on the post-Newtown civilian disarmament bandwagon.


While the donations won’t rival Michael “Corporate Spy” Bloomberg’s countervailing spending, every little bit helps. Click on any of these items to go to the AI Gear Store and see all the new stuff. Your patronage is most appreciated.

And any manufacturer who wants to put our new AI logo on their products—I’m looking at you Cabot Guns—should contact Dan at [email protected]. Remembering that we reserve the right to to decide if your product makes the grade. In fact, we’ll put it to our readers from time to time. How great is that?

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  1. Not great op sec, but I had a cool idea that you are welcome to if you can put them together: We have all seen those stickers in car (or more commonly suv) windows of the family, usually mom, dad, a couple of kids and often the pets too. Sometimes they are sports themed or star wars characters. How about guns? Not the family holding guns but actual outlines of the guns like your AI shirt has. Dad could be an FN, Mom could be an AR (or M14 if she is a bigger woman), the kids could be .45 and a hi-power or something (or glock if you have ugly kids).

  2. How about some patches or even water bottles?

    I’d also like some options that don’t depict a gun, as I know many others would as well.

  3. I still do not see why I need to help Californians, of all people. Everyone gets the government they deserve. Californians have consistently voted for Statist politicians and now cry that they have no freedoms? Maybe vote a dem out of office first so I at least know you are trying. Every job-killing, fun-killing, freedom-killing trend in America has originated from California. I would happily support something that isolates California from the rest of America. Keep your vegetarians, ammo permits, waiting periods, illegals, statist politicians, and hybrid cars to yourselves. I’ll keep my freedoms.

    • Last time I checked, California was still part of the union. Support your brothers in arms behind enemy lines. Some of my best friends live in Cali, they aren’t hippies, vegans or liberals. Some of the most relavent commenters here are from Cali (JWM and his scooter come to mind). IMO we should support the downtrodden or STFU. If you think you’re immune from the antis wherever you are, you’re wrong. They’re commin for you and I next.

      I was holding off on buying some AI stuff but I’ll bite now.

    • And those of us stuck behind state lines, with family, jobs, underwater mortgages, or school, can just go fvck ourselves? Those of us who have never voted for the statists deserve the same treatment simply because of geography?

      The last I checked, we were IN FAVOR of protecting the rights of minorities on here. CA gun owners are the only minority in CA who are routinely persecuted as a matter of state policy. But you’re happy just sitting back, saying to yourself that we deserve it, because we all must be just as bad as the rest of the idiots living here.

      Well you can take your attitude and shove it up the ass that your words came out of. Gun owners in CA fight harder for their rights than you ever will, because we have an active, lethal threat to us sitting in plush chairs in Sacramento. California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois, and other deep-blue states are the front lines right now, and if you don’t fight these gun grabbers at the front line now, then you’ll wake up one day and be the one who finally has to fight the good fight. At the national level if not the state one.

      If you haven’t noticed, ALL of the court cases ever won in our favor have come out of states like CA. If we just abandon these states, then their laws will go unchallenged, and we will never have our day in court. We need to keep fighting here, to get bad laws overturned, and to prevent them from spreading to different states (Colorado?) without resistance.

      And by the way, we JUST worked the HELL out of a special election to replace the democrat Leticia Perez with our republican, Andy Vidak. So yes, we are fighting, and no, I don’t appreciate the smugness with which you simply shrug off the rights of 30 million people.

    • You’re thinking of LA, the Bay Area and Sacramento. The rest of the state is as sane as anywhere else…or maybe you’re one of those who think that Chicago is all of Illinois, and NYC makes up all of New York State…

  4. I’m a Texan on a year long TDY in the Bay Area. When I moved here in January, I thought I would have put shooting on hiatus but I was wrong. California has a strong shooting community with lots of really great, welcoming and helpful people.

    In the Bay Area, there’s two IPSC practices with a new stage every week. For 10 bucks I can spend 5 hours on Saturday shooting and working on my skills. I live in the heart of Texas and I can’t think of a dedicated action range within 50 miles of my house. I’ve received top notch instruction as well as gun smithing help. There’s a match to shoot every weekend, if that’s your thing.

    I’ve seen families pack a picnic lunch and spend the afternoon at the range. Dad is showing the kids how to shoot, mom is blasting away with a revolver and grandma is sweeping up brass. Definitely not the vegan hippies of stereotypical California.

    Before you start writing off California, know that there are people of the gun here, just like you. Remember, nobody likes a buddy f**ker.


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