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“You have been registering your handgun for decades and decades and decades. When has government ever come and knocked on your door and said, ‘I know that you have five handguns because they’re registered’? It hasn’t happened. So I never understood the fear in the first place because it hasn’t happened.” – New York Governor Cuomo quoted in Gun owners say they’re state’s target [at]

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  1. What else is he going to say?

    “Yeah, we’re coming for your guns”?

    The decades and decades thing just indicates patience, not final intent.

    • You can tell when a politician is lying: his mouth is moving.
      Just because “it hasn’t happened” is no indication that he’s not going to “make it happen”.

  2. “Well you could say, confiscation could be an option. Mandatory sale to the state could be an option. Permitting could be an option — keep your gun but permit it. So there are a number of options.”

    Gov. Cuomo Dec 2012

  3. General axiom:

    Trust Republican governors to support the Second Amendment and those who hold it dear.

    Trust Democrat governors to try to dismantle the Second Amendment and the Rights it protects.

    • You’re being really generous with that axiom…

      Reagan was a terrible anti during his time as CA Gov. As President? One of the worst gun grabbers ever. Romney? Horrible anti-gun record as Gov.

      Don’t get me wrong, there are a few here and there. But there’s pretty much only one major party left in the US – Repubocrats. Sometimes they tell different lies to get elected, but once in, they all perform about the same. Whatever statist move they think they can pull, they do.

      • Don’t get suckered into partisan cheerleading. It’s political branding designed to distract you from the real issues. Ex: “We’re southern, we’re rural, we’re apple-pie and NASCAR because that’s the word association that polling says will get us the votes…” Republicans play that game and so do Democrats.

        To hell with that. Vote on the issues. Pro-gun Republican, pro-gun Democrat, pro-gun Independent, whatever. These days with the internet, it is very easy to look up their voting history and statements. They can’t hide the facts but they sure as heck try to distract you. “Look, I’m waving a flag! At ground zero! And kissing a baby!”

        • OK, I’ll try it again here–got in early this time so I can check the thread for the rest of the day. Can you name me one real “pro-gun” Democrat at the national level? Or even a real pro-gun Dem state governor? One who will buck the rest of the party to vote pro-gun when it counts, or sign pro-gun legislation when the majority of his party is against it? And no, I don’t have to hold Republicans to the same standard, simply because the Republican “party line” is pro-gun. Whether it is sincere or just pandering to their voters is immaterial, the pro-gun votes/actions are there either way.

        • Manchin? :p. Wendy Davis? Bwahahahaaa. There’s none. Even actual pro gun national Repubs rare. Graham and McCain would have signed a new AWB and national registry as a “reasonable compromise.”. Most are just neglectfully benign, which I bet Californian, NY, and CT gun owners would metaphorically kill for.

        • There are plenty of truly pro-gun Dems in congress. I worked for one, because Remington was in our district. Could not be more pro-2A than we were. He had an (non-functioning) 870 on the wall in his office in Congress.

        • OK, maybe that’s one. To your knowledge, did he ever vote pro-gun when the vote was close and his vote really mattered? We had plenty of so-called “pro-gun” Dems in congress from Texas. When the matter wasn’t close, they would vote pro-gun, with permission from the Dem leadership. But when their vote counted, they could be counted on to line up with the Dem leadership, which means anti-2A. And that is the real difference, I fear.

        • Weren’t many gun votes between 2006 and 2010, but we had a 100% rating and never wavered in that time. They are rare, but truly pro-2A dems do exist. Unfortunately, the party won’t get off this gun control BS so for the most part you can’t be sure unless you can look at someone’s voting history over a long period and during controversial votes….

        • No.

          We don’t want Democrats to ever have majorities in state or the US legislatures. Majorities matter. They control what judges get confirmed and what bills make it to the floor.

          Yes, there are pro gun Dems and antigun Repubs, but it’s vital to keep the Dems as a group from having control.

        • @H-Dizzle: thanks for your answers. As you said, it’s kind of hard to tell without a long and detailed voting history, but as you recognize, to the extent they actually exist, real pro-gun Dems are rare. As Juliesa indicates, Dems who don’t really care default to the anti-gun side, which is the party line. Conversely, Repubs who don’t really care default to the pro-gun side, which is the party line. A truly pro-gun Dem would be a “maverick” who would be under pressure to re-join the fold and toe the anti-gun line. An anti-gun Repub is a “maverick, but Repubs are not as good at pressuring their guys to toe the pro-gun party line, IMO.

      • Reagan was a terrible anti during his time as CA Gov.

        You do know that he was elected in 1967, right? Were you even born then?

        You might as well say “don’t trust Republicans” because of Lincoln.

        As for Romney, he was no friend of 2A, but you totally overestimate his anti-ness.

    • “You have been registering your religion for decades and decades and decades. When has government ever come and knocked on your door and said, ‘I know that you are Jewish now get on the train”? It hasn’t happened. So I never understood the fear in the first place because it hasn’t happened.” – Said everyone in 1935

      • You actually buy into that whole crazy holocaust conspiracy? Socialists would never do something like that. /sarcasm

  4. Well I have personally seen a letter from new York State after SAFE act saying (I paraphrase) “we know you have guns a b and c with formerly grandfathered magazines x y and z. Prove you got rid of them or turn them in to the police”

    I would say that’s using registration for confiscation

    • Scary threats and actual action are two different things. Every state that has these bans has also sent out scary letters (see CT, NJ, CA).

      Cuomo is a Lawyer and a Politician. From lawyer speak, nobody is busting down doors (yet) from politician speak, we are noting going to do anything until 2016 because we have this mid-term election thing and then we want to get Hillary elected. This is like NJ Gov all of sudden being nice to gun owners because he wants to be the GOP nominee

      Talk is cheap

  5. … What the f*** does he call the Cali confiscation teams? Or the threat letters in NYC for people with rifles that hold more than 5 rounds?

    So basically as long as people turn in and submit, there will be no need for confiscation. So sayeth the Cuomo.

    • Exactly – Cuomo is such a liar. Politicians of his deceptive nature would never actually use the word “confiscate” in any law or media statement.

      Instead they issue a letter stating the person needs to “permanently remove their firearm from within NYC”. Confiscation door to door? Of course not – the police will do it for them if they don’t provide proof the firearm is no longer located at that residence.

      Ridiculous liars.

  6. STRAWMAN ALERT! The UnSAFE Act is about registering long guns not hand guns. I challenge Herr Cuomo to come up with one example in the world where long gun registration hasn’t eventually lead to confiscation. It has happened already in New York State. Even the Fuerer himself said confiscation is an option. There is no way any thinking person would believe this moron. All the downstate coalition talks about on the floor is confiscation and that is an eyewitness account from an honorable man to me personally. You register your long gun and the next time a mentally deficient person goes on a rampage they’ll be coming for it “for the children”.

  7. Only the naive and deceitful state that governments do not keep gun-purchase records for the long-term intent to confiscate. Perhaps not all politicians and government employees want to confiscate but enough do. Government goons have already confiscated guns so what the hexx is he talking about?

  8. So those letters we keep seeing ordering NYC residents to surrender their .22s are pure fiction?

  9. Oh, but it has happened.

    Some time ago, I was a NYC resident. both my wife and I obtained pistol permits and rifle/shotgun permits. My wife never bought a rifle or shotgun and subsequently let her Rifle/Shotgun permit expire. A couple of weeks after it expired, 2 officers showed up at our apartment to retrieve her permit. They also had a list of everything on my permit and asked to see my valid permit or they would have confiscated the lot.

    So I don’t buy the “it has never happened” talk.

  10. Well there it’s settled. Gov. Cuomo says confiscation hasn’t happened before and won’t happen in the future. The gun owners of New York can now breath a big sigh of relief.

  11. If you don’t intend for confiscation to happen, then don’t put it in the goddamn law! Problem solved.

  12. Today is the day before the registration deadline.

    I suspect the governor’s minions just reported to him that less than 10% of the “assault weapons” in the Empire State are currently accounted for under the unSAFE registration scheme.

    The governor and his group never expected this level of “civil disobedience” and I suspect it has given them pause.

    Of course the actual numbers will never be made public because it would embarrass the current administration.

  13. They’ve confiscated lots of pistols in New York. If the person cannot renew their permit for whatever reason the person becomes ‘ineligible’ and the guns are confiscated.

  14. The gubnor must be a total idiot. He claims that he hasn’t seen any confiscation? He must be deaf and blind as well as an idiot. It is happening RIGHT NOW! It’s bee happening for a while. It’s happening in his own state as well as CA and other places. Didn’t anyone tell him about the internet and how folks like us can get the news from other sources than the NY Times, or CBS tv news? Don’t these politicians get info from sources other than their “yes men”? When he makes a comment like this, I feel like I’m reading a new version of “The emperor’s new clothes”. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!

      • Cuomo projects pure evil from those eyes. He is permanently enraged that his daddy was diselected as Gov and never got to be President. That said, Cuomo makes Malloy of CT look like a wimp who has a linebacker bodyguard. Malloy has already blinked about door to door confiscation.

        Cuomo won’t hesitate to send in the Gestapo. He wants violent takedowns & seizures carried out against people he personally hates, i.e., defiant gun owners. Any protests will be answered by Cuomo with his upraised middle finger.

  15. Illinois doesn’t look so bad. God bless New Yorkers. There’s a STORM coming.

  16. Well, he did say one true thing, and I paraphrase. “If you like God, guns, or freedom get the f*@# out of New York, and take your tax dollars with you!”

  17. He is telegraphing that he cannot raise any $$$ to run against Hilary for POTUS so this is his way of saving face and blaming us gun owners

  18. He doesnt want to confiscate your guns, he wants to register them THEN confiscate them. Saves time and trouble from just going door to door.

    • There’s no confiscation if the serfs turn in their weapons to the police. Typical lawyer speak.

  19. What the hell is he talking about? It happens all the time! What dream world do these critters live in? NY is unique in that all modern handguns must be licensed – even if kept strictly at home – mere possession without this is illegal. Doesn’t he know this?
    While it’s true that the Pataki laws of the 1990’s provided for “grandfathering”, the “Safe Act” did not. Maybe the backlash from this ill-conceived abomination is finally dawning on these guys and they’re trying to wiggle out of the consequences. OK, how about repeal?

  20. I view a demand that one dispose of their property, move it out of state, or turn it into the state as confiscation. For “lawful” firearms owners, the state can confiscate our firearms by edict and without physically knocking on our door. It doesn’t make the state’s action any less confiscatory. They have still effectively taken my property from me. The irony, of course, is that when the state does eventually decide to knock on doors and physically confiscate firearms, they’ll justify it on the basis that the firearm was unlawfully owned so no one should complain.

  21. It hasn’t happened….YET. They are just waiting for the right time, or the next mass shooting with death rates over at least 10. It’s hard to sell gun control/confiscation when only “afew” people died. It’s gonna take another Sandy Hook like incident or worse to really get the confiscation wheels turning. And even then I doubt they will go very far. Lets be honest we all thought there was gonna be another AWB after Sandy Hook, and the anti gun folks certainly tried, but failed.

    • It is already happening in CA right now as you read this. They have confiscation teams out on the streets, knocking doors of anyone that has a record of ever being a firearm owner and is now possibly ineligible to own for whatever reason (sought mental health counseling, misdemeanor drug arrest, restraining order, etc)

  22. That’s a crock of crap. I had my house broken into 11 yrs ago while I lived in Seattle. The very first think the cop’s said was did you assault weapon get taken as well and then they proceed to list off every gun I had purchased to date. They hadn’t even said hello yet and I felt like a criminal because they had all that information on hand.

    That included the rifle I bought in Tennessee 23 yrs ago and the 2 shotguns I bought in Nebraska 3 yrs before the break in. Let my tell you, all fire are purchases are recorded, kept on file with the persons name, address, and phone # already…

    BTW, the only information I gave the displace when I call about the break in was my house and been broken into and the address, then ask’d if they could send out someone to investigate and file a report of the break in… I was more surprised and horrified to learn that the Seattle PD had complete access to my name, address, and phone #’s, employer, etc… For every gun that I have bought in my life…

    When I moved to Omaha, NE. I was again horrified to learn I was required by city law to register all hand gun I own or purchase, again I was given a piece of paper with all of the firearms I’ve ever owned with my personal info at the time of purchase of those guns to verify as to which ones I still owned. So, they could keep the list up to date.

    Now really, does anyone believe that they are not already on a list with all personal info. that any and all PD’s can call up at will then track you down. Remember ladies and gents, the BATFE, FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security are all above the laws of this land. For they have been breaking the laws for as long as I have been alive and before.

    Just remember that.. YOU ARE ALREADY REGISTERED WITH the GOV/BATFE if you have purchased a firearm legally. Us pro- 2A people are worried about stuff that has already happened. But aren’t worried about stuff that is going to happen. Mostly because we don’t know what it is yet.

    Yes, their is over 300 million firearms in the public hands but if the Gov. Ordered us to turn them in on penalty of breaking the law I’d bet that 295 million fire are would be turned in because of morons who still trust the Gov. The five million left to us hard core 2A people would be rounded up in less then 3 months and arrested, demonized by the press as crazies and un-patriotic people and no one would care after 1 or 2 yrs… Then we would be completely police state, we live at the sufferance of the rich and the Gov., All of the Gov.

    • Really doubt 295M would get turned in. Instead there would be a spike in sales of 6″ PVC pipe & shovels and then closely followed by numerous canoe mishaps.

      • 5 dead confiscators and the program would come to a halt. “You want that door kicked in, YOU do it!”

        • Nope. The groups would go to overwhelming force with even less reluctance to shoot first–“This is another dirtbag just like the one that shot Joe Bleau the other day.”

  23. Owners of “assault weapons” in NYC were promised they could keep them if only the owners would register them. They did. Then Dinkins came into office and ordered the guns’ confiscation. Cuomo is a lying control freak. Don’t ever trust him.

  24. This is the man who believes the 2nd Amendment is about hunting deer.

    This is the man who passed a law limiting magazine capacity to 7, even though few guns have a 7 round magazine available. Then altered it to allow 10 round mags but only loaded with 7, then got slapped down in court.

    This is the man who believes that a 5 dollar pistol grip transforms a benign sporting rifle into a deadly “assault weapon.”

    This is the man who said “confiscation is an option” and told gun-rights advocates that they don’t belong in New York.

    And now we’re supposed to trust him?

  25. I’m a former NYC resident who had NYPD come looking to confiscate my long guns when they weren’t registered one year.

    They probably thought I’d forgotten and that they’d get to arrest me and confiscate, but the guns had been moved upstate, hence the reason for no longer registering.

    • Well, don’t quit there! Did they take your word for it, or insist on a search? If they searched, did they have a warrant? If they had a warrant, what did they claim as probable cause?

      I’d just LOVE to hear those answers.

      • This happened roughly 15 years ago, mind you. They wanted to come in and I refused to let them in. They asked if I had X,Y and Z shotguns still, and I said I did, and they asked where they were and if they could see them, and I explained they were at my house in upstate. I believe they did ask me exactly where they went and I gave them the address of the house and explained that was why I didn’t reregister them. This seemed sufficient to remove any probable cause they may have been looking for.

        I’m sure if I answered the door and was like, “oh darn, completely forgot this year” I would have left in the back of a squad car never to see my shotguns again. I was a little surprised that I was visited by two of NY’s finest at all.

        Frankly, this is the only reason they want people to register.

  26. When has government ever come and knocked on your door and said

    This is how they define confiscation, someone actually knocking on your door and taking your firearm.

    Making that firearm illegal, and then demanding that it be turned in to the State by X date or face jail time, in their minds that isn’t confiscation, because the firearm is illegal, and nobody knocked on your door.

    It’s why you constantly hear them slip limiters in, such as “Nobody is taking your LEGAL firearms” because they intend to make them all illegal, then somehow it isn’t confiscation to their limited minds.

  27. California AWB in 1991 – “just register the ones you have, we won’t take them away.”

    I understand that confiscation has now started in the PRCa.

    “Hey, you can trust your government.”

  28. Register nothing.

    When they come, give them nothing

    …And take from them everything.

    Cuomo is in fact on record as saying that confiscation could be an option. Other posters beat me to the punch in not only finding news articles that quote him as saying as much, but even the sound-bites themselves of him physically saying it himself. He’s a lying piece of dog shit not fit for the garbage can.

  29. Confiscation is already here in Cuomostan. It’s just a generation removed. Register an “assualt rifle” or “assault pistol” and when you die it goes to the state to be destroyed. Not to your heirs. Of course, I am looking to relocate…

  30. Why hasn’t it (handgun confiscation) happened?

    Perhaps, maybe because you didn’t know where all the long guns were?

  31. So, given all this experience, name one thing that registration has accomplished. Or ever could conceivably accomplish.

  32. Registering a gun, either rifle or pistol, hasn’t prevented a crime. So registering assault weapons to stop mass killings is UNFOUNDED. using his own logic.

  33. John at had police come to his old New York address to confiscate his “assault weapons” after his weapon’s were banned. Luckily he had moved to Montana before that happened. He talks about it in his April 3rd blog post, and a few other posts that can be found with his blog’s search feature.

  34. cuomo. We know assholes when we see one. And we can spot them from a mile away sharper than the sensors on an Apache gunship. So do yourself a favor and quit lying already.

  35. Hey Cuomo, if you don’t want people thinking their rifles are going to be confiscated, then perhaps you should not have said that “confiscation could be an option”.

  36. Has registration ever lead to significant (or any) reduction in gun related crimes? Has registration ever prevented a gun related crime? No. So gun registration will not make anyone safer.

  37. Because the news services have never written a publish article of it happening doesn’t mean it hasn’t plus. We try to be prepared for all of the stupid stuff that others and our trusty government WILL do…
    It’s not a matter of the lack of past knowledge of ny’s wrong doings, it’s about when it will happen again and to whom it will happen….

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