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 Frazier Glenn Cross (courtesy kctv)

Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America released the following statement from Reverend Michelle Reed, a member of the Kansas chapter of Moms Demand Action in response to the shootings at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City and Village Shalom where at least 3 people were killed today . . .

Kansans are still reeling from the breaking news that, on the eve of Passover, a gunman has killed at least three people at the JCC and Village Shalom – our thoughts and prayers are with them and their loved ones,” said Reverend Reed. “We don’t know all of the details yet, but we know that events like this remind us how none of us is immune– gun violence knows no boundaries of religion, race, class or age. We won’t wait until our families or communities are affected by gun violence.

“We demand – right now – to be safe from gun violence in our places of worship, in our community centers, and wherever we may go. It’s time for our political leaders to take immediate action to end this public health epidemic.

Reading Moms Demand Action’s post-shooting press releases is like looking at an M.C. Escher staircase. Their arguments for civilian disarmament are also a call for armed self-defense. Because it’s absolutely true: “none of us is immune– gun violence knows no boundaries of religion, race, class or age” (although I’d drop the word “gun” from “gun violence”). So . . . guns.

Yes, well, MDA can’t make that leap, obviously. They prefer to promote magical thinking: laws stop bad guys! Gun control laws in particular. Only they don’t, do they? As they didn’t here. In his recent TTAG essay, Mike McDaniel pointed-out that MDA and its ilk are blind to gun control’s consistently obvious failure. In fact, they view it as rationale to continue their quixotic crusade.

While we’re on the subject of delusional myopia mixed with OCD, Shannon Watts’ decision to change her organization’s name from One Million Moms for Gun Control to Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is wonderfully instructive. It highlights her followers’ emotional and intellectual immaturity. Think of it this way . . .

When a child reaches a certain age and “demands” a drink (or something equally accessible) the logical answer is “get it yourself.” Taking responsibility for your own needs is an important part of growing-up. Continuing to demand a result from someone else when you can make it happen more quickly and effectively yourself is childish.

More than that, it’s dangerous.

When you rely on someone else to satisfy your demands – like, say the police – you’re at their mercy. They can extort or coerce you into doing their bidding in exchange for their services. You demand safety? The Fraternal Order of Police demands a generous Cadillac health plan for their members with gold-plated pension benefits, full-auto patrol rifles and a free pass if they rough-up or shoot the wrong person.

When it comes to defending, never mind encouraging individual liberty, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is a deeply subversive organization. I’m not sure they know it. But if they do, I’m sure they don’t care.

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  1. “We demand – right now – to be safe from gun violence in our places of worship,”

    Well then, Arm up!

  2. Assuming the Kaped Krusader who perpetrated these killings has no prior convictions, the weapon he bought was purchased legally. Universal background checks wouldn’t have prevented this shooting. Because the weapon was a shotgun, assault weapons bans or handgun bans wouldn’t have prevented this shooting. This man has owned weapons for decades, so waiting periods wouldn’t have prevented (or delayed) this shooting.

    Everything MDA pushes for is not applicable in this case. Not that those measures work anyways, but even if they did, we’d still have three dead innocents at the hand of a bigot. So what was their point again?

    • This is a good thought here.
      He might be a bigot. It might have shown up in his KKK garb when he picked up his gun. He was not as far as we know mentally ill. So no law, even if MDA got all that they asked for, would have stopped this.
      But this illustrates the point that until we are disarmed there will always be some sort of reason, somewhere to make another law, etc.

    • Exactly, but you are missing the point of why they push so hard for new legislation. It isnt to stop another violent crime, it isnt even to outright confiscate the guns, although they wouldnt mind if it led to that.

      What they want is to deprive the fire of oxygen (the next generation of firearms enthusiasts). Make people affraid of guns, make it nearly impossible of financially prohibitive for people to buy guns, decrease the amount of new guns put into circulation… etc etc etc. Eventually generations of gun owners will die off and their guns will be sold for scrap either because they have made it illegal to inherit guns, or because the fear mongering leaves the deceased’s relative feeling as though they have inherited the plague or something.

      Bear that in mind next time you hear a new gun law that you think doesnt apply to you. If you constantly live with that attitude pretty soon you will be the only one standing up for your rights. This applies to forum warriors who are condescending and rude to new members, this applies to dbag boyfriends who try and get their girfriend to shoot 3″ magnum shells out of their 12gauge or tries to get their gun newbie friend to saddle up on their 44magnum snub-nose so you can laugh as they cant handle the beast like you can, instead of taking them to shoot something they can control and learn to love. This applies to anyone who behaves in a manner or treats others such that it turns them off to shooting and gun ownership. Much like Europe over the last decade, if we fail to raise a young generation of shooting enthusiasts, we will lose, and it will only be a matter of time. If we dont pass off our history, and passion to younger people, they wont stand up and fight for those rights when we are gone. It may be too late, if we are completely honest.

      • I think you’ve got a good point, but there’s one other thing that this tactic always does- the harder they try to make something “taboo,” the cooler and more attractive it becomes. Cigarettes, weed, booze, sex, even good ol’ Rock n’ Roll and comic books- they always banish things for the good of the kids, and then the kids go and get it anyway.
        My problem is, I really do think gun safety and responsibility is important, and would help save lives. But since their tactics are to demonize and terrify, these little counter-culture gremlins that fight the power and take up arms don’t have the base set of safety skill those of us who first got hands on with guns with our dads or the scouts.
        So, not only do the anti-gun crowd fail miserably at their real goal, by making guns even MORE desirable, they even fail at their on-paper goal, and contribute to making gun ownership LESS safe.

        • The items you mentioned, for the most part, got a good finger wagging, but they weren’t made outright illegal. (Even the illegal ones were mostly slap on the wrist illegal, not felonies enforced by SWAT teams.) They’re not very expensive. And they could all be enjoyed in the comfort and privacy of one’s own home. None of that applies to firearms. So the comparison only goes so far, and I’m afraid it doesn’t go far enough to be useful.

    • As I was channel surfing this evening… CCTV is reporting that the gun was a straw purchase. And in the same breath demanded strengthening background checks. So can I assume that MDA/AIG is a Chinese front organization? Or Central China Television is a Bloomberg front? Or just that most TV journalists are ignorant and biased?

  3. It could be that the KC shooter is old, batshit crazy and/or just hates Jewish people and no amount of gun laws could have stopped him. But that answer is not good enough for MDA.

  4. From a quick google search:

    In 1987 Miller went on the run while out on bail for operating a paramilitary camp. Miller was subsequently arrested, along with three other men on May 1, 1987 after the FBI and U.S Marshals flushed the four men out of a trailer with tear gas. A U.S. Attorney at that time said that Miller had mailed out over 5,000 letters attacking Jews, blacks, homosexuals, government officials and ‘white race traitors.’

    Facing prison time, Miller brokered a deal with prosecutors, testifying against 14 leading white supremacists in a 1988 Arkansas sedition trial. In return he was given a three-year term in federal prison on weapons charges with an agreement to no longer involve himself in paramilitary operations.

    • So, an upstanding member of the National Socialist German Workers party? Since the English language doesn’t have the epithets needed to describe this animal, and even if it did TTAG wouldn’t let me post it, I’m just going to say it should have been a DGU.

      • Nick, neither English nor any other language I am familiar with provides adequate epithets for this person or his behavior, however, TTAG has been kind enough to fill that void with a newly coined epithet that is more than satisfactory and will not be further moderated: “COMMENT DELETED.”

        I can think of no better way to express our opinions on such matters than a self-imposed COMMENT DELETED.

      • I grew up right there and from what I hear about the rise in conceal carry in the area I am surprise it wasn’t a DGU or at least somebody attempting to take him out.

  5. The only way I can think of to be completely and utterly safe from “gun violence” in any particular venue under present circumstances is to be killed by knife violence, club violence, some other kind of violence, or by natural causes. In other words, “only the dead have no fear”.

  6. Well as a rational adult I don’t give in to the demands of irrational persons anymore than I’d give into the demands of a petulant child.

  7. Well that sort of brings it down to earth doesn’t it?
    Moms Demand is simply a bunch of children screaming to the nanny. Then again in return for their care, what are they giving up? Apparently nothing they care highly about.

    • They’re so focused on exactly one goal – total disarmament – that they’re blind to everything else. True extremists.

      Watts/Bloomberg won’t even listen to the Democrats exhortation to tone it down ‘till after the fall elections.

    • I am reminded of a scene in the “official” Russian production of “War and Peace” in which the little princess is preparing for bed with the help of her maidservants. After all the assisted undressing, night-gowning, hair brushing and turning down of the covers she finally climbs into bed and the maids retire to an adjacent room. After some further conversation she snuggles into the covers and calls out to the maid, “I’m ready to sleep now.” at which time the maid comes back into the room and snuffs out the candle on the nightstand adjacent to the bed.

      I notice a strong tendency in the Liberal mind-set to prefer monarchic totalitarian forms of government, and for people like MDA and MAIG to consider themselves the privileged aristocracy. No wonder they call out for someone else to snuff the candle while they snuggle safe in their aristocratic beds.

  8. But… what’s her objection? The laws she proposes and supports have this result as their goal— the disarmament of the victim, making the law abiding more vulnerable. It is the only thing that gun control has been proven to achieve. Its not a flaw, its a feature.

  9. The only way to have a fighting chance at protecting yourself against gun violence is to carry a gun. Or carry a cop on your back. Personally I think carrying a whole cop is overcompensating, but that’s just me.

  10. This is my shocked face.

    Miz Watts is a former lobbyist for Monsanto (“my saint”? “mountain saint?”). She is no hysterical/menopausal female. Shannon Watts is an operative-for-hire.

  11. We don’t know all the details, but we’re going to throw our tired two cents in anyway!

    Press-hungry opportunistic vultures…


    Please send all comments about TTAG’s editorial choices to guntruth@me,com. They will be addressed there.

  13. Moms Demand Money should know that Monsanto’s GMOs will kill a lot more people than my guns. Whether it’s pimping for Monsanto or Bloomberg, I guess that corporate flacks just gotta flack. ‘Cause that’s where the money is.

    • By the way, Ralph, US corn exports to China have dropped 85%, due to their GMO ban.

      This is something they can understand: profits, or lack thereof.

      Check and mate. It’s only a matter of time now, I think.

    • GMOs arent going to kill anyone…Making up shit to make MDA look bad is unnecessary. They do a good enough job of that on their own.

      • So GMO’s can’t cause health problems? Based on what scientific data? Which referenced study are you referring to?

        • Based on what scientific data?
          How about not being a science illiterate dumba$$? Helpful hint here: every food crop you eat is genetically modified from the wild type, unless you are eating teosinte instead of corn, and ancient strains of wheat no longer extant instead of modern bread wheat, you eat “GMOs” every single day.

        • And your chance of dying prematurely have increased over the last 10 years. I’m hazy on the exact number. Look it up yourself.

        • How about the inconvenient fact that for the last almost hundred years, there hasn’t been a crop that wasn’t genetically modified. “GMO” is just another boogeyman like global warming or second-hand smoke.

        • @William Burke
          That site doesnt cite a single reputable scientific journal. Wack jobs doing pseudo-science and citing other pseudo-scientists does not a defensible point make.

          • By all means, eat as much GMO as you can, then. Remember, though, that at one time people didn’t believe radiation was bad for them. And when they were told, they said, “there’s no proof of that, so on with the Radium samples in mineral kits, and on with the foot X-Ray machines.

            Don’t let me stop you.

      • GMOs arent going to kill anyone…

        JoshinGA, I wrote “Monsanto’s GMOs will kill a lot more people than my guns.” I stand by that statement. However, you cannot prove yours.

        And if GMOs are healthy, why did Monsanto fight so hard against disclosure of GMOs in foods? If the stuff was good, you’d think that they’d be proud.

        • Ralph I missed the “my” in that statement. My apologies.

          As far as GMOs and safety, Im just guessing here, but I think they didnt want to lose major profits because anti-science or science illiterate people wrongly believe GMOs are bad for you. I could go on, but this has nothing to do with guns.

  14. Old pos white racist. Didn’t kill his intended Jewish targets. Too bad they don’t have an extra special 73 year old Nazi DEATH PENALTY. I’d be way up on dips##ts hit list. From an evil old white man married to a beautiful black woman. BTW I’m assuming he couldn’t legally be armed? Anybody know?

  15. The victims were unarmed in their place of worship. The problem is that murderes don’t give a rats about their laws since they fully plan to perform an illegal act already.

  16. Gun violence is not a public health issue. That argument was tried back in the 1990s and proven to be nonsense.

  17. Maybe MDA could market a line of body armor (with bullseyes on em?) If they perceive such a widespread and pervasive threat to all.

  18. Don’t overlook the newest gun – grabber meme: guns are a public health issue. It’s no longer good enough to be “for the children”. Now it’s “for our health”.

  19. MDA is not likely some homegrown group as it’s intended to sound…highly likely another front group for our owners who want us disarmed.

  20. Want be free from violence?

    Move to a deserted island. Period.

    And, Hell, even then there’s the indigenous wildlife to worry about — which can (in most parts of the world) out-right kill you every bit as fast as a bullet can. The only way to be free from violence is to live completely free of people. That is why it is people — and only people — that are the problem and not the inanimate objects they use to inflict harm on you.

    Violence is not, has never been, and never will be a “public health issue”. That MYTH has in fact been quite thoroughly debunked and eviscerated over 20 years ago, and only continually disproven by the CDC’s own contradictory research which has actually only ever proven our side to be the winning side. I’m sure the irony is lost on these useful idiots, who are and always have been nothing but sexist, racist, anti-rights, anti-Humanist</i bigots.

    I wonder if Mrs. Monsanto realize that this fascist (LEFTIST) creep is a convicted felon who could not under federal law (legally) own any guns, ammunition, or even any gun accessories to begin with.

    • Wow! That’s superb, Frankster. Things like that become catch phrases, and this might be the king of ’em all….

  21. Just remember when Progressives condemn this attack they will operating on the premise that there is a right reason to murder Jews and a wrong reason but there is nothing fundamentally wrong with murdering Jews.

  22. “We demand – right now – to be safe from gun violence in our places of worship, in our community centers, and wherever we may go.”

    Sorry, but that simply is not possible. Not in a world where a 15 year old in New Haven Ct can manufacture a functioning zip gun hardware store parts.

    “It’s time for our political leaders to take immediate action to end this public health epidemic.”

    A: Not an epidemic, murder rates are at a 50 year low.

    B: How, exactly, do they do that?

    At least they don’t disappoint in the BS department.

    • “It’s time for our political leaders to take immediate action to end this public health epidemic.”

      A: Not an epidemic, murder rates are at a 50 year low.

      B: How, exactly, do they do that?

      Lead vaccinations for violent criminals?

  23. “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is a deeply subversive organization.”
    — This is true.

    The feminist movement is a deeply subversive movement that has its origins in Marxism.
    — This is true.

  24. “We demand safety! We demand safety!” What a childish statement. I demand that these delusional fools stop their attempts to interfere with my right to CREATE safety for my family, friends, and myself.

  25. Well as long as we are demanding things, I demand that the Moms recruit some attractive followers. Honestly, the photo ops are just cringe worthy. Except Shannon, she is a cutie. Also, I demand more people be armed to stop this sorta stuff. Lastly, I demand that it stop raining on weekends, if only people would stop buying umbrellas, then it would stop raining on weekends. This is fun. Anyone can demand anything. Now if only I could get some money from a billionaire and start a group that demands ridiculous illogical stuff, I would have it made.

    • “Except Shannon, she is a cutie.”

      “Cutie”? She looks like a totally unhinged reference librarian.

  26. Not background checks, not mental health, not a particular firearm. All firearms !!, disarmament !! That’s what is wanted. Confiscation !! Get it !!! With the background of this characters organization, would the MDA be more conciliatory if this goofball used explosives?

  27. Im sure Watts and her cronies were as happy about this event as they were sad that punk kid used a knife in the last one. Make no mistake. They are happy when folks are killed with guns. They don’t care about safety, lives saved or any other issue than banning all guns from America.
    Watts is a spoiled little progressive liberal. Thus..she is evil. Nothing follows…….

      • She’s a PAID OPERATIVE. First for Monsanto (where was she before that? put your research clothes on), now for Bloomberg.

  28. First, MDA and Shannon Watts are a clone of the Race Discrimination Industry. If guns were banned and confiscated they would be out of bu$ine$$, so they really don’t want that because it is much more profitable to keep the rhetoric flowing-out and the money flowing in.
    Second, the angry old man who committed the murders in Kansas City has been a Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan, lifelong vehement antisemite, rabid white supremist, and all-around extreme racist and homophobe. He served three years in Federal prison on some sort of firearms charge. He is 73 years old and definitely batshit crazy. Whatever set him off to actually go kill “Jews” on Passover Eve, he even f*cked that up because the Grandfather and Grandson he murdered were Methodists! He even yelled “Heil Hitler!” when being led away by the KC Police in handcuffs. This is a guy for whom the Constitutional Prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment should be suspended.
    Finally, everything MDA said in their Press Release would have done nothing to stop this monster, who acted out of pure hate.

  29. Show me a Jew that wants to give up guns and I’ll show you that THAT Jew has forgotten or ignorant history/reality (3rd or 4th generation after WWII). Never forget! NEVER FORGET!

    And MDA needs to STFU & go away.

  30. This asshole was a convicted felon,yet he still had a firearm.What exactly does this Bloomberg front group think should have been done?
    They use anything as an excuse fort heir civilian disarmament agenda.

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