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“One part of the issue (of gun violence) is the people who make these terrible choices, sometimes in a fraction of a second. The other part is the instrument they use to do this violence. This addresses that tool and the availability of that tool.” – New Orleans Councilman Jason Williams in Package of gun restrictions passes New Orleans City Council committee [via]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Kansas Anti-Campus Carry Feelz">Previous Post
Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Illinois Gov. Rejects National Guard Solution for Chicago "Gun Violence"">Next Post


  1. The real tool that needs to be controlled is this councilman who wants to infringe on the rights of law abiding citizens. The firearm is an inanimate object with a potential for good or evil depending on its user. Focus on the users who use it for evil. In almost all of the cases in New Orleans that would be young males who resemble this councilman.For all of its attraction, New Orleans has a very thin veneer of civilization…as evidenced by the barbarism we saw post-Katrina.

    • My wife worked for FEMA in FL during Katrina, she said there was a big concern amongst female FEMA workers at the Dome, due to the large amount of females being raped.

      I didn’t come up with it, but I’ve said it before, most folks are about 9 meals and 3 days without electricity from getting down right uncivilized.

      • I cannot agree more. It was thinly reported but I witnessed first hand the aftermath of Storm Sandy. In LI they had roaming bands of gangs breaking into peoples homes and in CT all out brawls at Home Depot and other places over a single generator or food. A CVS pharmacy near me had an armored truck and armed security controlling who they would let in. This was after only two weeks without power.

        Most people are not prepared and will turn violent unable to deal with the stress and aftermath of huge natural disaster. This is why they have had all the PSA even on the national news stations about the current storms in FL and East Coast because most people do not have 3 days of food or water just in case the SHTF.

        Everyone simply reverts from human to animal in a crises.

        • Regarding armed guards and Brinks trucks. I saw that, too, at banks in Houston in the days leading up Hurricane Rita’s landfall. It had only been a few weeks since Katrina hit LA, and all of the ensuing insanity over there was on people’s minds here.

          Everyone was getting out of town and looking for cash. Bank of America did well, generally, keeping ATMs stocked, but access to bank lobbies was shut off by guards.

      • In 2011, I got tornadoed, big time. I didn’t own much at the time, being in my premarried state of youth. My older brother however had just completed building his permanent home on a 20 acre piece of land he had purchased. Two days after he moved in, his house was reduced to a concrete pad with a bathtub sitting on it. It destroyed everything he owned save for a brand new zero turn mower that somehow survived the maelstrom.
        Two days later, some low life shit stain stole that out of the wreckage. This wasn’t someone who had been days without food or electricity, it was an opportunistic thief who used the natural disaster as excuse to loot. I think you see that some people will use any excuse to loot when possible, and natural disasters attract criminally inclined people.

      • Watch the movie The Trigger Effect to see it happen. 3 days without modern life and people start to lose it. Venezuela is going there now.

        • I upset my wife once, I said, “If shit goes south and I died, without guns and the ability to effectively used them, you and the girls (my daughters) will likely be passed around and traded like cattle.” (See: Muslim Countries)

          It’s crass, I know. But, people forget how brutal life once was, and could still be, we take civility for granted now.

  2. Requiring the reporting of a stolen gun prevents it from being used by a bad actor how, exactly? Does the act of reporting it activate some sort of double-secret homing beacon, make it change color, what?

    Do nothing laws do nothing….

    • 16V: Except make those that want others to “do something, do anything” feel like a law can prevent crime beforehand, instead of only punish it afterward. [I believe “cognitive dissonance” is the useful term for useless, but election-effective, strategies]

    • 16V,

      I haven’t read their article. In the general case gun-grabbers argue that a legal mandate to report stolen firearms will discourage straw purchasers who buy firearms at FFLs for felons. Somehow, that mandate is supposed to bring heat on purchasers if police recover firearms from felons or crime scenes that trace back to the original straw purchaser. The fact that this “strategy” only works if the straw purchaser then confesses, rather than state that they did not realize that someone had stolen their firearm, doesn’t phase gun-grabbers.

      • uncommon_sense, I agree with what you’re saying, my point is that even on it’s face, that’s never gonna work and the anti-think is just insane.

        Sold it at a gun show. Or to a guy in armslist/FB/whatever. Maybe it’s been through 3 or 4 people, none of whom you have to (or could even if you wanted in a private sale in most states) validated to be a non-prohibited person. I’m sure there’s 3 or 4 straw purchasers who deal in tens or maybe hundreds of guns a year. But 90+% of straw purchases are onesie/twosie for the baby-daddy or mah cousint.

  3. “This keeps guns away from young people and out of the hands of people that will do bad things.”
    Really? Then they should have thought of this a very long time ago.

    • If I’m not mistaken the whole point of the “…shall not be infringed.” thing as to remove the ability of the government to decide who could be denied their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms based on the government’s notion of “doing bad things”. Considering that if you arm yourself and form or join a militia to oppose a tyrannical government you are by definition in the eyes of that government planning to “do bad things”.

      In the meantime the people, who are armed, have the ability to protect themselves from other people who are in fact intending to do bad things. See how that worls?

  4. Why is it in every stink hole city in this country that is over run by drugs, crime and violence, the first thing the AHJ’s want to do is blame guns? And when that doesn’t work, they run for higher office.

    • Jimmy James: I, like everybody else, have NO idea, but you point out the 5 or 6 biggest, sequential, inevitable, problems we have, Thanks.

  5. *Yawn*

    Another liberal politician blaming anything or anyone for the failed policies of Black Entitlement.

  6. Typically, I don’t care what most people say, but I really don’t care when it is folks from NO speaking…

    You don’t build a coastal city in a marshy swamp which is below sea level, then we will talk about life lessons and how we go about fixing the world’s ills.

  7. The problem isnt the the “Tool”.
    Its the TOOLS that these folks put in office. Real Tools in every sense of the word.
    And another bunch of liberal dimocratic tools who will do nothing for them. Never have.
    Poor folks in inner cities just wont learn its the tools they elect that control them. Not help them.

  8. Yup, I agree! This guy’s a Tool ! And he’s Demo-Erratic ! Again, this is just another case of government run amok ! These so-called representatives are no longer afraid of the US citizenry ! Theres No accountability, or repercussions! The US population has been allowing government to “takeaway liberty, freedoms, and rights ” ! Eventually they do whatever they want, to whomever they want. And just have the local police enforce it via the iron glove treatment! Which means you’ll be arrested, jailed, and all your property confiscated! Or dead ! Unless, We the people stand up to all these Elitists, Globalists, and their media allies!

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