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Donald Trump's solicitation letter (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

I just received a letter from Republican presidential aspirant Donald Trump. The solicitation included a 2016 TRUMP AGENDA SURVEY. The caps lock doc above asks supporters’ priorities. Which reveals Mr. Trump’s. Conspicuous by its absence: any mention of gun rights. That can mean two things . . .

First, that the campaign assumes that gun voters know Mr. Trump’s got firearms freedom covered. And even if they don’t they’re aware that Ms. Clinton is no friend of theirs.

The secret recording where the former First Lady repudiates the Supreme Court’s Heller and McDonald decisions — affirming Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutional right to keep (if not bear) arms — tells you all you need to know about that. Apparently.

Second, that gun rights are not a central campaign issue for The Donald. Which is strange; it’s certainly one of the main issues that separates the Republican and Democratic presidential hopefuls. Or it could be that gun rights are an issue that Mr. Trump’s peeps want to ignore — so as not to alienate swing voters, who dance to a different maybe even disarmament tune.

Cause for concern?

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  1. Should have been listed first, something about oh I don’t remember which amendment it but I think it mentions “shall not be infringed”.

    • I think all of em shall not be infringes. But that number two, hmm looks to like trump might be thinking there’s some wiggle room in that there Ammendment.

      Better an enemy you know…

      • have you even bothered to read his platform? He said “no new gun bans”. At worst, Trump will maintain the status quo. And the status quo is far better than Hillary.

      • REALLY? You KNOW the SOB is going to send you to Siberian Gulag or Treblinka but that’s OK because at least you know? No reason to rise up? Get a clue serf.

  2. With Trump there will always be cause for concern. You’ll never know what’s next with him because he is not grounded in any particular ideology but “Trump First”.

    His daily changing stance and point of view is one made out of whole cloth.

    (No, I’m not a Hillary supporter.)

  3. They are taking us for granted, obviously. Like how dems take blacks for granted. Why sing to the choir? The time to worry would be if he came out and appealed to us almost exclusively, cause that would mean his campaign is in trouble, and he has to shore up the base. See; Hillary’s recent pandering to BLM.

  4. Well yeah RF Trump is FOS. No I don’t know what he’ll do.Covered? I know what I’M doing. Buying all the guns and ammo I can. I’ll vote Trump but I wish Mike Pence was at the top of the ticket. The other side is Satan’s party(or is Stalin?)

  5. So, write it in for “Other,” such as:

    Other: Gut and disband the ATF, roll back all firearms related EO’s, propose legislation to Congress to Repeal NFA and GCA, appoint 2A Friendly AG.

    And, list it as 1-5 on the ranking.

    Enough people do that on that survey and it could make for some interesting meetings among the campaign staff.

    • Add to that “Sign into law a firearm owner’s protection act with teeth, such as 50 state CC, eliminate civilian gunsmith harassment, etc “…

  6. Yawn. Feel free to write it under “Other” and list it number 1.

    I’ve seen no sign that Trump is anything but a friend to second amendment rights.

      • Certainly so!
        Just like he was for the Iraq war before he was against it, he used to be gun shy.
        Against “modern rifles”, and in approval of longer waiting periods.

        But as usual, he seems to have a memory defect about “what he has previously professed”!
        If someone doesnt have the video proof, he continues to deny the truth. Allzhimers?

        Somehow I doubt it!

        There are actually two lying, liberal NY democrats running for president!

        And as they say, “Sometimes the enemy that you know is safer than the friend that you dont”!

        Not that I would EVER vote for the Bengahazi Bitch!

      • That cowboy is BS, I went to see Trump last Thursday night (for the 1st time). Pro 2nd amendment points are prominent in his talk (not a speech). Do I know he means it NO.

        I know that Hellery means it. And if you don’t think she has learned the “exec order” deal from the Kenyan Eunuch you’re delusional. She won’t give a damn about legislative action and as she will be remaking the supreme court, game over.

        Trump isn;t my choice but he’s the option. And not likely to be any worse than Mitten, Dole, Bushes, McCain. If you held nose to vote for any/all of them, as did I, Trump is at least different and doesn’t smell any worse.

  7. I don’t see anything missing.

    Does “Leave gun laws alone and worry about more important issues” have to be a choice?

    Sure it would be nice to loosen up some of the restrictions, but at this point I would be fine with leaving well enough alone until some things cool off, not giving up the fight, just no reason to keep it out front until we see how this goes.

    • Status quo is fine if you live in a free state. But to those of us who live in the 6 or 7 states with the most egregious infringements, I’d like to see a President who brings the full wrath of the DoJ down on them.

      And don’t tell me, in all arrogance to ‘just move’.

      • Correct, places like Maryland, Jersey, California, etc… need a good dose of reality.

        I agree, “just move” isn’t always easy, leaving familiar area, friends, family, secure or well paying job, home you worked hard to build, etc.. big decision, not everyone lives in a one room apartment and works a mundane abundant job.

        The problem is though, this isn’t a federal thing, as you said, its state by state, that’s where things need to be fixed. Sure it would be nice if the feds said California had to have more constitutionally friendly laws, but the state will just claim separation of state and federal jurisdiction.
        The president is most likely not going to be much help in getting say New Jersey to be a free and open carry state.

      • Just move.

        People risk their lives every day to flee oppression, as people have done forever, giving uo everything they had in their former country. You won’t flee because, why, you don’t want to take a slight pay cut or give up chatting with the next door neighbor?

        Do whatever you want, but don’t expect people to take you seriously if you won’t get serious about your freedom. Americans should self-segregate. Let the freedom forfeiters and welfare dependants concentrate in their hell holes. Pro-freedom wealth generators can assemble in free states. After that, well, let’s just see what happens.

        • Severe oppression yes, not liking a hand full of laws….. come on….
          That’s like someone fleeing Canada’s oppression and moving to the US, sure people move, but that in no way compares to say someone leaving Syria or Afghanistan.

          Also, leaving doesn’t help the state, the state has plenty of people who aren’t “fleeing oppression”.
          Like Canada, if one Canadian leaves the country, they don’t care, nor are they likely to change the laws based on it.

          There are also not enough people who could leave the state in order to make a change, I mean, MagPul left for the sole reason and Colorado scoffed at it.

          This is coming from the same people who are telling Muslim immigrants that if their country is so bad and they are so oppressed that they should do like our forefathers did and rise up against the oppression and take their country back.
          But this guy, he should move…… come on……

  8. I don’t completely trust Trump, but I do completely suspect Hillary. I suspect I’ve got one of these letters coming to me as well. I’ve got no issue with writing Other / 2nd Amendment support and protection and putting it near the top.

    • I completely distrust Trump – but he is enough of a wild card to present a decent amount of hope. He is clearly a smart person and remember that the Trump we see in public is to some degree an act. We do not know what the man really believes, however it is very possible that he does understand and believe in the entire constitution.

      I am not overly concerned that the 2a is not on this list, and this is not a bad list otherwise.

      HRC is not untrustworthy – she is flat out guilty and belongs in an orange jumpsuit. No true American should even consider her for any public office. The fact that POTUS is even a consideration is beyond troubling.

      Who to vote for? This is not in question.

      • its easy guys once you shake off the brainwashing we have been spoon fed our entire lives that there is ONLY two options.


        • Vote for Mr. Leftofcenter and his gun-grabbing VP? No thanks. I don’t piss on $100 bills, I don’t buy food and throw it in the trash, and I don’t waste my votes on candidates who MIGHT get 1.5% of the vote in the election….

        • One of two will win. I am picking one of them, and which one is easy. One is certain to lose, apparently you plan to lose.

          I don’t get this, brainwashed? You don’t know me, you have no idea what you are talking about. Who here is brainwashed?

        • And here’s another thing that kind of goes unsaid.

          The media – CNN, ABC/CBS/MSNBC, FNC, whatever – to include Assbook, Twitt, even Booble, all are clearly working in concert to push the agenda of HRC good, Trump bad.

          These assholes are effectively working for the DNC, which itself is effectively an arm of the federal government. This is true in all but the bank accounts that employee paychecks come from.

          All of them telling me Trump is bad is a very telling thing. If these people want Trump to lose, then I want him to win.


  9. I’ll go with not alienating swing voters for 300. It’s a standard form campaign form designed for you to make a mark then feel good about writing a check.

    I’m more concern with Don’s inability impress to check himself in front of the enemy. His handlers should have done the heavy lift about Khan. Don should have thanked them for his sons service and checked his fire.

    Khan is a lawyer specializing in Muslim immigration

    Ryan, McCain and McConnell just chucked Donald under the bus. The win is not in the bag yet.

    • Donny’s in-your-face, unfiltered style is what got him the nomination. Frankly, I’m tired of politicians who are led around on a leash by their “handlers.” He keeps saying things that make people say, “That will cost him a lot of support.” And then his support grows.

      I’m not much of a Donny fan, but if he’s going to beat the Hildebeast, he needs to keep doing what has worked for him.

      • Very much this. Like I said above, I don’t trust the guy but that is only because I don’t really know him, not trusting is not the same thing as believing the guy is wrong.

        The thing about him that I like most is that he is an anti-politician, this is exactly what we need truth be told.

        I don’t trust him but at this point, eff them all he is worth a shot.

      • Agree. The shoot across the bow on Mexico and sweeping the floor with GOP/UniParty candidates was a beautiful thing. Now moderate the tone, stop gobbling DNC bait and stay on message for the win.

        Hope wiki has a smoking gun.

  10. He mentioned stacking SCOTUS with conservatives, and firing unaccountable bureaucrats (BATFE).
    Good enough for me.

    The rest is up to Congress. NFA needs repealing, right-to-carry reciprocity needs to be implemented. But it has to start with Congress.

    • Does Trump actually understand what “conservative” means, though? He talks of expanded welfare, housing assistance, and nationalized healthcare as the primary responsibilities of givernment. But you’re right, he’s the nominee now, so the House/Senate are the only way we have left to steer the givernment in a productive direction this election.

      I just hope against hope that conservatives learn their lesson with this man & actually nominate the person who represents them next time.

        • There’s plenty of conservatives. Its that the nominees are screaming nut-jobs.

          Heck, even the Dems are sounding conservative now. Either we need a new party or a new word.

  11. All of these solicitations come from rented or purchased lists. They will Taylor each list based on the hot button items that they assume will fire up the target group. I think we can assume this mailing came from a generic conservative list. Don’t read much into what is or in this case isn’t there!

  12. Also missing is abortion, social security reform, education reform or any other issues that political pollers most likely deem untenable. Basically they are gridlocked items and discussing them is seen as more risky than any benefits that could be gained.

    Status Quo through and through.

  13. Conspicuously absent enough to scare me. What is the best way to eat a turd sandwich? Front end first or back end?

    Either way, our future looks rather bleak.

  14. I have been saying for some time, everyone is crazy if you believe Trump cares about gun rights.

    To this, I ask, when all the crap during his lifetime in NY and all the gun control that has passed over the years, where was Trump? Trump is connected and got his via political connections and screw everyone else — he got his gun.

    Where was Trump during the SAFE ACT?

    All we can expect, and even this is a stretch, is that we get pro-gun Judges — everything else is just a dream — Trump does not care about our gun rights, he cares about his gun rights.

    So, why is anyone surprised?

      • You’re welcome to your opinions but not your own facts. I have been consistently saying I will vote for Trump because Hillary is worse, However, Trump has zero gun rights credibility and the best we can do get pro-gun judges. Trump will do zero for gun rights otherwise.

    • Pascal,

      First of all, prior to running for President of the United States, Trump’s business was just that, business. We can no more fault Trump than we can fault any other business entity for any supposed “failure” to champion political causes.

      Second of all, you did notice that Trump got a coveted and rarely issued New York City concealed carry license. What you failed to notice is that fact is prima facie evidence that Trump sees value in being armed. Think about it, he can certainly afford to have armed body guards. And yet he still has a carry license and carries concealed at times. Can we say anything of the sort for ANY previous candidate for the office of President of the U.S.??? To what extent he will extend any such sympathies to us “little people” is anyone’s guess. At least he has the potential for sympathy, which is WAY more than we can say for Hillary.

      • “Can we say anything of the sort for ANY previous candidate for the office of President of the U.S.??? “

        According to several biographers, Reagan routinely carried a gun. His record on gun rights is pretty iffy though, so I wouldn’t put too much value on Donald Trump’s CC license meaning he gives half a shit about the rights of non-Trumps.

  15. What’s wrong with this picture is that it is total bullshit.

    That’s what’s wrong with this picture.

  16. Yes.

    Mr. Trump’s attention span is not exactly the longest I’ve seen in modern politicians.

    Now, this survey wasn’t created by The Donald. It wasn’t even ginned up by the people who advise him. But it was ginned up by people who have to make those advisers happy.

    What this says to me is that gun rights are not seen as an issue on which they need to devote time.

    Not a good sign.

    Of course, the usual standby in such cases, the Libertarian Party, put an anti-gun Clinton crony on their ticket. (You had ONE JOB, LP. ONE JOB.)

  17. “Or it could be that gun rights are an issue that Mr. Trump’s peeps want to ignore — so as not to alienate swing voters …”

    That was almost my exact thought.

    Anyone who is passionately pro-gun and inclined to vote guns already knows where we stand with Trump (which includes not knowing for certain whether Trump will capitulate, defend, or expand gun rights — all actions which still place him head-and-shoulders above Hillary).

    Trump will need swing voters to win the election. With these swing voters, there is nothing to gain and everything to lose if Trump starts yelling about advancing gun rights. Therefore, his best campaign strategy with swing voters and thus the entire election is to keep his mouth shut about guns.

  18. At this point what I’ll say is that putting in real conservative supreme court justices aligned with 2A issues would have more impact than virtually any bill he could sign short of the GCA/NFA getting gutted. If there can be a disruption of laws in places like NY, NJ, CT, MA, HI, CA and perhaps even IL a lot of dominoes will fall in our favor.

    • Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!!! We have a winner!

      If Trump wins the Presidential election, he will increase the present majorities in the House and Senate. Stronger Republican majorities in the House and Senate will ensure that Trump cannot “negotiate” away the Second Amendment as so many people are concerned.

      And even if Trump would veto attempts of the House and Senate to repeal unconstitutional firearms laws (or somehow “negotiate” more unconstitutional firearms laws), that is a LOT less important than installing Justices on the United States Supreme Court that will uphold the United States Constitution — which includes the Second Amendment.

      That is the real prize. And that is why I will hold my nose, look away, and vote for Trump with a grimace on my face.

  19. Adding to my comment above, one of the reasons that Obama won the last two elections is because he purposely avoiding saying anything much about gun-grabbing. In other words, he did NOT fire-up the opposition, and he did NOT alienate swing voters who were mildly pro-gun.

    Trump is in the same situation. If he keeps quiet now on the firearms front, he will NOT fire-up the opposition and he will NOT alienate swing voters who are mildly anti-gun.

    Note: by definition, most, if not all swing voters have to be mild on their positions on firearms, whether pro or anti. If they were passionately pro-gun, they would probably vote Republican … and if they were passionately anti-gun, they would probably vote Democrat. And neither would be “swing voters”.

  20. Just another lying, liberal NY democrat that as far a I am concerned has trust issues, BIG time!

    He pulled some smart moves getting the nomination, but some of them were totally dirty trcks!
    Better than the Benghazi Bitch?
    I certainly hope so!

  21. My top ten priorities list would read a lot like another list of ten items you may be familiar with. It’s called the “Bill Of Rights”.

  22. “Rule of law” – like something he heard five seconds ago and sounds catchy. Must mean you have to obey the police.

    And people get to chose if they want the wall built. What if contributors mostly put a 10 down for that one? It doesn’t get built?

    And like you said gun rights should be on there.

    What a shit show. Thanks easily-led Trump supporters.

    • Personally, I am puke-sick of seeing this straw-man/rationalization/justification.

      Let me make a comment and then ask a simple question.

      Since those who express this silly sentiment seem to indicate that they hold the SC’R’OTUS to be the final arbiter, what then will you followers do when, not if, the SC’R’OTUS ultimately either completely abrogates Amendment II or makes what ‘shall not be infringed’ so infringed as to effectively make it null and void?

      Is it not obvious after over a century of direct evidence that the SC’R’OTUS is the primary vehicle that has been used to usher in this collectivist-hell and to eradicate, abrogate and usurp the Constitution and Bill of Rights?

      Do you accept all the openly anti-Constitution rulings and all the textually un-Constitutional rulings that they openly and routinely vomit out?


      Do not any of you see that any act, edict, legislation, order, regulation or court decision that is textually a violation of the Constitution or any of its Amendments, is and must be declared as being null and void?

      Until and unless people begin to grow some balls and openly recognize and state such, you are complicit in the ongoing and deliberate destruction of the Constitution and complicit in eradicating Liberty itself.

      Wake the hell up. The shadow state, controlling-cabal, deep state (whatever you call it) is not going to allow elections to stop their plans.They are not going to allow anyone who is actually a threat to their plans to be a nominee for an office such as POTUS.

      There will be NO restoration of the Republic via the carefully staged national electoral clown-circus or via the Federal Courts, or the Executive or the Legislative….that all belongs to the cabal.

      Do you people not get that yet?

      If not, why not? If so, why the continued eating the shit served to you for your selection knowing it is staged?

      Hoping that THIS TIME things will be different, is, frankly, disturbing and indicative of some deeply embedded indoctrination, which is exactly how and why things are staged as they are…each and every election cycle, provably.


  23. Immediate preemption of local handgun permit laws for border states in areas of a lower population density than a major city, valid for “resident” permits only. That should get almost no resistance and is a good first step in the right direction.

    It also continues to provide a pressure to leave “low freedom” states, which one could argue SHOULD be the case.

    Ex: travel from PA to NJ with a valid PA permit, don’t enter into a high-density city, such as Hoboken or Newark, PA permit is valid. Enter into western NY with a PA permit, no problems. (This is already being implemented on an ad-hoc basis in at least one county in western NY)

    Even KrispyKreme Christie can back something like that!

  24. It’s simple get out and vote republican on every ballot, especially Trump.

    Am I a Trump supporter, hell no…..but giving Hillary a chance would mean what Obozo started we would be taking the next step. They must be stopped and voting Trump is the only way.

    If you like your America you can keep it by voting all democrats out. They are no longer the democrats of the 1960s they are out and out socialist/communist and will change this country for the worse and forever.

  25. Once upon a time, when the country was divided like nothing anyone here as ever experienced, a 3rd party candidate was voted into office….twice. His name was Abraham Lincoln.

  26. The current state of infringement should be addressed as it violates the US Constitution. It should be addressed before Trump and anyone he appoints takes the Oath of Office.

    There should also be a clear ruling and reading of the 2nd that applies to all 50 states, no more exceptions.

    Only after all that is settled can a reasoned discussion about “gun violence” happen.

  27. Trump is NOT an “Increase gun rights” candidate. His position is simply “You shall not pass.” Status quo does not require a line-item. All of those items on the list are change items. 2A advocates cannot be lulled into thinking Trump is going to be a fighter for our rights. I just don’t think he’s going to be an opponent. The House will need to be the starting place for legislation in which our rights get increased.

    • Actually, he might be a fighter for 2A rights but indirectly.

      It’s covered in the line item about SCOTUS nominations.

      He may not actively try to roll back gun control overtly, but he can certainly influence the application of laws indirectly with the SCOTUS appointments. That’s a LITTLE (but only a little) better than JUST ‘maintain the status quo.’

  28. You missed “supreme court”
    How about “standup for the …. rule of law”

    That’s code guys.

  29. Doesn’t mention freedom of speech or due process either…
    It would be nice if it were directly mentioned, but I’d say its covered under “Appoint conservative judges”. Even if Trump wasn’t the strongest gun supporter we would still be represented in the courts, which is what will matter long after this election cycle is over.

  30. I dunno, Donald’s solicitation letter could be worse. I like it better than Hitlery’s BS.
    Still trying to figure out why veterans are automatically given all this hero status when not really in any heavy combat, of which some veterans whom I personally have known actually did.

  31. I don’t care if Trump builds a wall or deports illegals. I don’t care if he helps to overturn obamacare. I don’t care if he slashes the tax code and neuteres the IRS. I don’t care what his jobs plan is. Not saying I wouldn’t be impressed if he did. If he appoints solid pro-gun Supreme Court justice(s) and prevents any new 2nd amendment restrictions I’ll mark it as a win. If he repeals any gun restrictive exec action or if any restrictions are repealed through congress I’ll call it a bonus. “Progress” if you will.

  32. I just want a candidate to mention fundamental limitations on federal power. As in “it’s illegal for the government to do this.”

    Pipe dream?

  33. You cannot trust Tramp, sorry Trump. Really, you cannot trust any of them. Trump has a agenda: I would like to know what it really is?? It will not be fro the middle class American.

  34. Weird: consistently antigun Trump is antigun. People of the Gun who support Trump are as pathetic as those who supported Obama.

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