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“Every kid eating with a steak knife in the campus dining hall commits a felony under the (weapons on campus) statute.” – Attorney Kim Stephens in UGA players released on bond, face felony charges for shooting BB gun in dorm [at]


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  1. Only if those in charge want to send a message to a perticular student. That’s what the ruling class think laws and rules are for.

  2. A FELONY ARREST for plinking plastic cups with a BB gun….the end of civilization is near. I would counter the charge with a training tool to negotiate angles, time to target, and impact study in relation field mechanics required in a football game.

    As for the steak knife used while eating steak…no comment.

  3. In the time honored tradition of civil disobedience by campus protesters, I’d say it’s time for the Great Nerf Battle of 2016 in the quad.

  4. It always does society well to take a college student, expell that student then brand that student a felon for life for causing no harm to anyone or anything save a few cups.

    Yup. Does society well.

    • That how a libtard college prof turns a profit. Shake down for huge tuition payment then expel the young’uns.

  5. The article is funny, drawing parallels to other/past team members that were also brought up on felony charges.

    Shooting a BB gun at cups and denting the door and walls is equal to:
    Domestic violence, misdemeanor alcohol charges & illegal marijuana possession

    “These are the first felony arrests for a Georgia football player since Johnathan Taylor in July 2014 on domestic violence charges. These are the second and third arrests of a Georgia football player this spring. Defensive lineman Jonathan Ledbetter was arrested last month on two misdemeanor alcohol charges….and fellow sophomore Chauncey Rivers is suspended the first three games after his second marijuana arrest, which occurred late last year.”

  6. I had a Daisy BB gun as a kid. Christmas present.

    Much later in life, it came in handy. The cows would walk into the mud hole in the pasture and stop, on the way to the barn for milking. The only way to get them to move, short of wading into the mud myself, was to pop them in the rump with the Red Ryder. The BBs never broke the skin but were persuasive enough.

    Now we have stupid laws, stupid policies, and stupid definitions of what constitutes a “weapon.” Unintended consequences and all that.

    • I got my little boy a daisy bb gun for christmas this past year. Just yesterday I used it to discourage an unwanted canine presence in my back yard. At 250 fps, The neighbors will never know their pet got stung on the ass, but that dog sure high tailed out of my yard. It quit trying to pick a fight with my dog too. very useful.

      • Brilliant. Shoot your neighbors dog. What could possibly go wrong? Then again, I suspect this is just a little trolling so I won’t lose any sleep over it.

        • Getting hit with a 250 fps BB doesn’t exactly meet the definition of being “shot.” It’s harmless and effective. Immediate negative reinforcement (like an electric fence) works well on animals and is often the most humane way to control them.

        • A potentially vicious dog that wants to attack him or his pets, he pops it with a BB, and you have an issue with that? Seems to me the TROLL sign is pointing in the wrong direction. Would you rather he used pepper spray? Or maybe a shotgun with lots of BBs in it?

    • Hahaha, My cousin visited us fom Cali. Took my bb gun and laid into the pigs with it, holy crap they jumped right over the fence, I didnt know pigs could jump like that. Dad was so mad, he busted our asses with the bb gun, then broke it over a fence post. He and my uncle ( moms side) got into a big fight over it and they left.Ive shot alot of stray dogs with a bb gun, had my dogs shot with a bbgun, Id rather have that then the cops called and go through all that crap. My neighbor up the road uses a 30-06 if dogs come in his yard. He shot at mine but missed. They dont go up there no more. Id rather he shot them with a bb gun. I cant kill a dog, so I use a pellet gun to chase them off. PLEASE PEOPLE QUIT DUMPING YOUR UNWANTED DOGS IN THE COUNTRY, they only wind up shot or starve to death or get tore apart by coyotes.

    • Might bend s few NCAA recruiting rules to secure a throphy, but no coach will sacrifice his coin to defend players for plunking cups.

  7. You would think “spirit of the law” would apply here… fine them for damage to the walls and let them go.

  8. Reason 1,000,001 of why Zero Tolerance policies and thinking are stupid beyond belief.

    There was a time where simply taking away the BB gun, and maybe forcing someone to do community service was enough. Now, everyone wants to play the zero tolerance tough guy for some political gain. They belief that if you an example of that one person, all the ills of society will simply vanish.

    • There’s no political gain. Zero T means no testosterone to stand up against lawsuit happy what if’ers. Wall damage, eye damage, ear damage, breathe damage, the metal stress of actually thinking through a problem damaging brain cells.

  9. Should it be a felony, no.
    But shooting a BB gun inside a dorm and committing vandalism should result in discipline of some sort.
    They are lucky someone didn’t call the cops about a “gun” and find themselves really hurt.

    • Athens is essentially a liberal’s paradise currently (until campus carry passes). My wife and I are alumni and she is from Athens. It has its normal areas outside of the campus/downtown area.

      • Athens, Ga, is known as “Berkley East”.

        About as Left as it gets in the ‘Deep South’.

        (Personal Peeve: Living in the ‘Deep South’. So deep, that Athens, Ga. is over 450 miles *north* of me…)

        • North Florida, especially the panhandle qualifies as the south. The rest of Florida is re-northeast.

  10. Vague and all-encompassing statutes that everybody constantly violates but can be selectively enforced against establishment’s enemies are a prime instrument of bureaucratic tyranny.

  11. One time, while I was living in the dorm, I was using my nunchuku to hit cans out of the air and the can bounced of the wall and hit my roommate in the head. He wasn’t happy, but I didn’t get arrested or anything. There was no “weapons policy” that I was aware of. Some of the “good ole boys” kept shotguns in their rooms, for bird hunting, but I never had any guns on campus other than government issued assault rifles. No, I didn’t keep an M16A1 in my room, I think the ROTC department borrowed them from the local National Guard armory when we needed them. Don’t know if you guy wanted to know all this, but now you do.

  12. Any wannabe tyrant that tries to force stoopid laws/ideas/whatever upon my family or me will be shot.

    Force is the keyword above.

    50 years ago, you think many men would put up with the kind of stoopid we do now?

  13. From uncountable Pop Tart pistols to millions of finger guns, school administrators are under siege! Why just the other day in a local school here in Atlanta the local SWAT unit was called in to rescue a gaggle of teachers when a second grade desperado chewed a tart gun into being and held them hostage in the teachers lounge. The SWAT leader reported that a very brave teacher leaped into action when the vicious boy was briefly distracted and bit the barrel off the sprinkle covered, high fructose murder tool! The suspect then collapsed in a screaming tantrum and the SWAT team Tazed him before leading him away in chains. Police officials note while this heroic teacher succeeded in stopping this horrific crime in progress it could easily have turned out another way. SWAT unit leader Smith said “what would have happened if it had gone off?” Another police official pointed out the grim reality of what can happen when children have access to high calorie, high fructose tools of mayhem, and called for strict regulation and background checks.
    This report came to me from Angie Airhead news at nine

    • Sounds like this might have come from the University of Texas campus newspaper where up to 26 y/o school children live in fear of handguns they can’t see which are carried by 21 y/o adults that passed background checks that are supposed to fix everything…except handgun registration.

    • Thank God for SWAT, Under the oblahma regime I thought pop tarts in skool was ilegal, carrot knives prefered weapon now

  14. Any law they’re unwilling to enforce universally, vigorously, comprehensively, needs some adjustment. (You declare what’s OK and not in the text of the law, before the fact, not in the “discretionary” enforcement of the law, after the fact. This is the essence of government by law, not by people.)

    I think, being good, concerned citizens, anybody in the cafeteria should all in the violation every time somebody picks up a steak knife. Borrowing a term from Australia labor disputes, call it “Work to rule.”

  15. “Every kid eating with a steak knife in the campus dining hall commits a felony under the (weapons on campus) statute.”
    They all need to be arrested and placed in a PC safe space with Teddy Bears.

    • Laugher of the day, right there. I just hope nobody comes in and asks me what I’m laughing about.

  16. UGA serves steak in the caff? When I was an undergrad, I was lucky to get a plastic bowlful of canned chili.

    • They do indeed. I worked at one of the dining halls there when I was in school. After all, the meal plan is all you can eat and costs $1800 per semester. It isn’t high quality steak mind you, but it is steak. Also, there are no steak knives in the dining halls; just plain metal knives. Not so great for cutting, but would make extremely effect blunt jabbing instruments.

  17. Hmm, it would be fun to have the elected country Sheriff order his deputies to go to the school during lunch, and apprehend a few hundred students. With a collective of students diverting over 1/2 million dollars in future tuition fees toward attorney fees, I think that rule will change fairly quickly.

  18. A Steak Knife can be a projectile, but if my Defense Attorney had made that particular statement about that particular statute I was being charged under, I might be pretty worried about her competency to defend me.

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