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“(W)e gave (our freedoms) away, and in the slippery slope way of the world we give and we give until there is nothing left to take, until they have all of our guns and we tell ourselves this will stop guys like Will Smith from dying in the streets and tragedies like Sandy Hook from happening and the nameless, faceless gun deaths to cease.¬†We lie.” – Jennifer Floyd Engel in We blame guns for Will Smith’s death because we’re scared of real issues [at]


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  1. Anyone else confuse this with one of the many TTAG click bait ads due to the size/content of the photo?

    Or maybe just my way of complimenting the quotee’s intellect.

  2. “Only this is actually a problem, too, to take rights away from the many because of the few.”

    Governments responsibility is to PROTECT the minority. Not strip the majority of their rights to accommodate the few.

    • Government responsibility is to sustain itself to grow more in power and wealth by extracting it from the proles.
      “The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of power is power.”

      • Nah, government responsibility is to provide for those that can’t provide for themselves.

        Government priority is to retain and magnify it’s own power and wealth.

        Government’s responsibility it not it’s priority.

    • Government’s responsibility is to protect the rights of the majority against the elitist minority and the rights of the minority against the rowdy majority.

    • The group, or collective , is being used as an excuse to attack individual rights across the board. Terms like greater good and public health are just a few of the buzzwords used in this propaganda blitz.

  3. Clearly an opressed female victim of testicles in a power position mansplaining this to her. Whisk her away to a safe space for deprogramming!

  4. If the judge had given Will Smith’s killer prison time instead of probation Will Smith would be alive today because his killer would’ve still been in prison serving a sentence for a previous drug crime.

    That is the truth about guns.

    • Yup, because handing out years long sentences on drug offenses is in the enumerated powers.

      • Yes Go smoke another joint

        We can’t be mean to the “minorities” who run this country thru their protests and whining. Even when they break an endless list of laws that have been established by civilized society. It might hurt their self-esteem (and interfere with their voting demtard).

        • Would be tough to smoke another joint when I’ve never had one. Don’t plan on it either. I just fall to see where the government derives is authority to outlaw ANY product. It’s no different than prohibition, and that didn’t work or so well either. A lot of hassle and heartache for no perceptible gain.

    • Will Smith, you mean the guy who did a hit and run on the Hummer a few block earlier? The guy who also had a horrible temper? The guy who was part of the NFL scandal ‘Bountygate’ (or whatever it was called) providing bonus cash for injuring certain opponents? The guy who also had a loaded gun in his car?

      The guy in the Hummer was on the phone with 911 about the incident. Let’s see what the investigation reveals. I’m sure there’s a few decent NFL players out there, but they never make the news. And NFL players being criminal is in the news a lot.

      • I think it takes two to make a road rage fatality.
        1. I didn’t see any reason for the Hummer to slow to a crawl just before the G-wagon hit it. Was he brake-testing Smith?

        2. When the Hummer pursued the G-wagon after it failed to stop following the collision, did Smith retaliate by brake-testing the Hummer?

        3. From then on, it’s easy to imagine the tough guy threats when they got out of their SUVs, the armed drug felon on the one hand and the NFL player on the other hand.

        4. When all the facts are known, I’ll probably wish they’d fatally shot each other and saved the taxpayers from the cost of all the legal maneuvering to come.

        • As I’ve noted, I really want to see the whole story.

          Because they are both two complete and total POSs, and how this wound up being what was should be interesting.

  5. I miss the good old days when sports reporters reported sports instead of writing political op-eds. But it is nice to see one come down on the right side of one issue at least.

  6. The answer? Accept that the problem being that welfare has destroyed the black family, leaving single mothers raising young boys being taughtt what it is to be a man by vicious and homicidal drug gangs.

    The problem being that these drug gangs are looked at as an acceptable and respectable way to make a living while those blacks that get a good education are vilified as being “like whitey” and those that get a good blue collar job are dissed as being an “Uncle Tom”.

    The problem being that these cultural tendencies that cause young black men to be killed and incarcerated at a hugely disproportionate rate as compared to the rest of the population is blamed on “white privilege”.

    Naming the problems is easy. But some people can’t handle the truth. Especially when the “victim” and their government enabler would lose power and money in accepting that truth.

    • Guns are easy to blame. Grievances make great headlines. The issue is the Government as a whole either purposely does nothing so they can have a something to complain about and stay in power or is incapable of coming up with solutions to the problems you stated so they need something to deflect the blame and guns are an easy target.

      Guns give an excuse to have more police. The police put young kids in jail for minor offenses like drug possession. Those kids go to jail and come out as adult felons who cannot get a job. Those felons steal guns to make life in the drug trade. Democrats complain about guns in the street — wash, rinse and repeat and the cycle is never broken but the status quo of blame remains and the next generation is lost.

      Guns are just a convenient excuse for not addressing the real problems of urban centers.

    • Welfare is a classic example of a good temporary measure becoming a very bad permanent one.

  7. Blh blah blah… She ain’t that hot. Or smart. And I’m not convinced the “victim” of “gunz” didn’t bear some responsibility. Hey- he had one himself. Is it raciss to point that out? Why oh why did I add to their stats by clicking on the linK?

  8. Blah blah blah… She ain’t that hot. Or smart. And I’m not convinced the “victim” of “gunz” didn’t bear some responsibility. Hey- he had one himself. Is it raciss to point that out? Why oh why did I add to their stats by clicking on the linK?

  9. Hayes was justified. How can I declare this with so little proof, you ask? Why, the same way you can declare his guilt, except without the absurd Makiavellan conspiracy to extract vengeance for his father (who is to say he even knew or cared who his father was?) and without ignoring the preponderance of the evidence, which anyone can see at this point is pointing toward Smith as the aggressor.

  10. I made the effort to click on the link and read her entire piece. Wow! I’m impressed. I can’t remember the last time I read anything so succinct, straightforward, perceptive and profoundly wise on the subjects of violence, firearms and personal rights. Give the woman a medal.

    • I bought the book on Amazon. Excellent articles on the responsibility of an American to be the first line of defense and the cowardice of those that refuse to be mature responsible adults.

  11. “Only this is actually a problem, too, to take rights away from the many because of the few.. This makes us all less safe.” This statement she made expresses the core of why we fight to preserve the rights protected for all Americans by the Constitution. Tyrants, like Hilarhag Clinton, pervert the same principle to convince the mindless morons who follow her they will be better off and safer if they let Hilarhag decide what rights they should and should not have and how to exercise them.

    The inclination to violence in America is seriously out of control because too many Americans have no moral or ethical standards, except the lowest common denominator memes of the popular culture. American popular culture has become decidedly Roman in its violence, lasciviousness and vice. The progressive left tolerates and subtly promotes this moral decline because a public devoid of morality will still obey the Human Instinct to look for guiding principles and authority with which to conduct its life and readily accept a controlling State as a source of guidance.

    There must be a parity between the Majority and the and the Minority. Neither can absolutely dominate the other, but therein lies the tricky bit.

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