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Open Carry Walmart Dallas 10 April 2016

One of the advantages of open carry is that it’s a good excuse for social interaction. I was in a Dallas Walmart taking pictures of .22 ammuntion for sale, while another customer was waiting for the cabinet to be unlocked. I asked him to take my picture when my new photographer casually mentioned that he was there to buy .38 special ammunition because he had repelled a home invasion the previous night . . .

I asked if he had reported it to police. Donnie Anderson said that he lived at the Kelly Crossing apartments a few blocks away from the Walmart. He had made the acquaintance of a young woman and had invited her up to his apartment. He became suspicious when he noticed that the woman had neglected to lock the door to the apartment.

After a romantic encounter, the woman was furiously texting away, which made Donnie even more suspicious. She said that she had to get back to her car because she needed to check on her baby sitter. When she unlocked the door to the apartment, a confederate, armed with a handgun, tried to force his way inside. He said that he pushed the invader’s gun hand up as he rushed them out the door. He managed to get off three shots with his .38 special revolver during the altercation.

A former Marine, Donnie told me that in the Corps, he had been taught to react swiftly. He said all the details weren’t clear, as he had tunnel vision as the attack was happening. He mentioned two bullet holes in the ceiling. A third shot was fired, but he didn’t know where it landed.

Donnie is a big, muscular, man. The story sounded believable. An hour later, I called up and asked if I could come over to see the bullet holes. They were both there in the ceiling of the outside hallway leading to the stairwell, entering at an oblique angle, from the direction of his apartment door. Donnie also had a standard printed DPD form, with a case number and contact number.

Open Carry Dallas Donnie Anderson

I was unable to find any mention of this story in local news sources. It’s likely one of the hundreds of thousands of stories in which a gun is used to stop a crime, but no details ever make it into an official reporting system. After all, no one was reported as shot, no property was taken, and no one was arrested, at least not yet.

Donnie did not want his picture taken.

©2016 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included.
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  1. “a confederate, armed with a handgun, tried to force his way inside”
    Damn rebel scum. Long live The Empire.

    • Gotta wonder how he made that determination. Grey uniform? Rebel battle flag?

      Yes. We should’ve finished off those Confederates when we had the chance.

      • Three hundred thousand Yankees
        Is stiff in Southern dust;
        We got three hundred thousand
        Before they conquered us;

        They died of Southern fever
        And Southern steel and shot,
        I wish they was three million
        Instead of what we got.

        • I think it was significantly more than that. I believe the union had a higher casualty rate then the confederacy.

        • Well yes, but minus the slavery….heard this once, ” The south made slaves of men, but the north with its factories made slaves of us all.”

        • we got deathstar! we got deathstar! we got deathstar!

          star wars gangsta rap if i recall correctly…

      • Perhaps he was whistling Dixie? Or he had a Moon Pie in his mouth and a Dr. Pepper in the hand not carrying his gun?

        • Yeah, tester, I do. They say the memory is the first thing to go when you get old… I can’t remember what the second is.

        • The tester got it right – it was a “Mewn-Pah ana Are-See”…

          And as you walked out of that convenience store, the black-top of the parking lot shimmered with the reflection of thousands of R/C Cola and other soda bottle-caps squished into the black-top.

          (This concludes my flash-back of a North Carolina small town in the late 60’s, where during the summer we scrounged empty soda bottles from the side of the road so we could buy an R/C and a Moon Pie and add those bottle-caps to the others in that parking lot…)

    • I can tell you they don’t all have 22 ammo. I have yet to see a SINGLE box of 22 ammo in a Wal-Mart in Corpus Christi.

      Of course, there always seems to be plenty at the gun shows in neighboring towns. hmmmm

      • One has to wonder how much of that .22LR was in a Walmart ammo case in the days preceding the gun show?

    • Think about this. He chases her off at gunpoint for being part of a robbery team and she comes back a year later with a baby on her hip and a lawyer.

      Karma bites hard.

  2. I was in a Dallas Walmart taking pictures of .22 ammuntion for sale…

    No f way. I don’t believe it. 22 ammo in walmart??? No way.

    • I ran across some yesterday at my local Walmart. First time I have seen any there in months. They also had a small amount of 22 short. Haven’t seen that anywhere in years.

      • I bought a box of .22 short the other day from my LGS, just BECAUSE I hadn’t seen any in years.

    • I don’t Wal-Mart often, we’ve got Meijer in Michigan and I much prefer to shop there. But whenever I wind up in either I cruise buy the ammo. I haven’t seen any .22LR on the shelves in years.

      It’s to the point where I have a box of thunderbolt with a $1.49 price tag on it that I’m saving for posterity.

  3. Let’s see… No one was injured or killed, there’s no bloodstains to photograph, the good guy won the day (night)… No wonder the incident didn’t make the news.

    • 3 rules – Stupid guy in stupid place doing a stupid broad. At least the jarhead didn’t have his big head TOTALLY shut down.

  4. just for the hell of it I personally don’t think this deserves any press either not here anyway.

    • I think the point they are trying to make is that these defensive gun uses happen more often then we and anti-gunners realize because there are incidents like this that since no one was shot doesn’t make the news but the gun did in fact keep him and his property safe.

  5. “One of the advantages of open carry is that it’s a good excuse for social interaction.” That’s a disadvantage for us recluses.

    • ^this

      Whatever I dont have to do I do not
      Whatever I do, I do it quick

      Aint got no time for walmart chitchat, or being checked out by the cops

  6. Wait, wait, WAIT.

    The guy picked up a girl at a bar, brought her home, had a romantic encounter, and ended up in a defensive gun use.

    So THE NEXT DAY he invites a guy over who he just met at a Walmart who he KNOWS is armed?

    Get your shit squared away, marine.

  7. Yeah I tend to believe his story. It never ceases to amaze me what strangers reveal. I remember back in the day when I was in some sketchy hoods. The scariest? 72nd and Jeffrey in Chiraq. Unarmed(except I had muscles). She WAS cute…lol

  8. Why didnt she just prostitute herself? Hooking up with randos for free then hoping her mental deficient accomplice can get the robbery done seems like a whole lot of stupid. A whole lot of extra stupid when she could just monitize the “romantic encounters”. Penalties are lighter than robbery too.

    Of course she could be doing both. Donnie would know better than I.

  9. Dean,

    You might want to use a better method for blacking out identifying information. A digital “smear” like that can undoubtedly be undone by someone who knows what he’s doing.

    One similar case was of a person who tried to use the photoshop “swirl” to wipe out his own face. Easy to unswirl.

    Another was someone who unwisely averaged each individual digit of a bank account number printed on a check (rather than masking over it or averaging the whole thing at once). It was easy to figure out the exact shade of grey each individual digit would average to, compare, then figure out what the number was.

    • The only one of these three scenarios that is even remotely plausible is the third…

      With an obscene amount of time on your hands you could POSSIBLY guess out the “weight” of a blurred digit if you had a base to compare to but it would still ONLY be an educated guess…

      The first two are simply not possible as the data in a bitmapped image is different than the initial data after it is saved. It’s not an issue of “unscrambling” the image; the pixels have changed, not moved.

      • Nope, you’re wrong, Matt. I remember the swirled image story. A guy was sharing pedophile images with the adult face swirled out. The cops easily unswirled it to reveal who he was, then arrested him. He’s still in prison, I’m sure.

  10. When I was young I brought a girl back to my bedroom for some late night fun. Had a loaded gun, or two in the bedside table. I was concerned about her playing with my other gun while I was in the bathroom. One of my reasons for not leaving loaded guns in the house.

  11. Those darned confederates. Don’t they know the war ended in 1865.

    Seriously, what a sorry situation. So, that couple’s scam involves her picking up men for romantic encounters, followed by the guy coming and committing armed robberies? Pathetic and bizarre.

  12. Does Dean ever not look like he is out on Safari?

    Someone needs to make a photography coffee table book called “Fifty Shades of Brown: A Year in Weingarten”

  13. I grabbed a box of .22 short from my LGS the other day, just BECAUSE I hadn’t seen any in years.

  14. It’s not that hard to recognize a hobag like that if you don’t spend all your time thinking with your little head. I wouldn’t bring a skank like that into my home in the first place.

  15. That’s the thing about picking up strange pu$$y. You never know what else is going to be included in the deal.

    I’m glad the guy was able to drive off the scumbags. Too bad he didn’t rid society of them both.

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