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Leland Yee (courtesy

“This FBI investigation of Leland Yee reveals how easy it is to import lethal assault weapons that were previously banned. This case should be a warning to us all that even the most trusted appearing among us are ready to do real harm. Since Congress can pass no meaningful gun-control laws, even after the mass killing in Newtown, President Obama should use his pen to slow the import of these weapons, which have no place in our homes.” – California State Rep. Jackie Speier

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  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *takes a deep breath* ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa

    This guy can’t be serious no damn way.

    • Jackie Spieir is a left-wing Democrat Congresswoman representing the 14th District- San Francisco and Peninsula- heres a clip from her bio:

      Jackie serves on the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform where she is Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Energy Policy, Healthcare, and Entitlements; and the House Armed Services Committee, including a subcommittee that authorizes procurement and R&D programs to ensure that America’s soldiers and airmen are fully equipped to carry out their mission to keep our nation safe. She is also a member of her party’s leadership team as Senior Whip, working within the Democratic caucus to push issues that will create jobs and strengthen the middle class. In January, 2013, Jackie was appointed to serve as a Vice Chair of a new congressional Gun Violence Prevention Task Force that is investigating new steps Congress can take now and in the future to reduce gun violence and prevent massacres like the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

      I’ve been waiting for the “narrative” to emerge from the Yee scandal. This is a particularly lame attempt to twist the story away from the HUGE and obvious FACTS- Massive corruption in the SF Democratic Party and Sacramento state house, that is dominated by the Democrats in all three parts- Executive- Governor Brown, and Dem majorities in both houses,

      and the hypocrisy of the StateRunMedia as enablers of the Prog-tards and left wing of the Democrat Party, for failure to cover it. (other than local SF Examiner).

      This ought to be interesting. Looks like Spieir is the stalking horse, to sent up signals and see how they fly.

      “How easy it is to import assault weapons”.

      Maybe the lede should be how the only known government enabled gun smuggling of assault weapons has been done by the Democratic Party- starting with the promise by the Gun-Grabber in Chiefs private comment caught on microphone to Brady Campaign to do some things under the radar screen after the election, and the fund raising in SF, with private comment caught on mic about Americans who dont agree “clinging bitterly to their guns and bibles”, followed by Sec State Clinton repeating the repeatedly debunked “90% of guns smuggled into Mexico from LGS” meme, less than two weeks before Brian Terry was shot by ATFs Fast And Furious gun smuggling…and the continuing coverup by AGUS Eric Holder. Lets not forget that the reward for bundling cash by CA AG Kamala Harris brother in law, in SF, for Obama in 2012, was the #3 job in DOJ. Oops came back to edit this- how could I forget Senator Diane Feinstein, SF, coming back from the dead to announce national legislation to ban assault weapons? She and the SF Mayor both went on record to publicly recognize Shrimp Chow, the Dragonhead of the Chinese gang under investigation by the FBI, as rehabilitated.
      Never see that touted in the StateRunMedia, do we? Who IS Keith Jackson, by the way?

      They say there are no coincidences. Looks to me like there are a lot of coincidences and obvious connections right there in SF, bottom to top in the Democratic Party, that involve guns and criminal activity, including public corruption, which is a HUGE federal white collar crime, subject to RICO.

      Wonder where the investigative journalists like Bob Woodward (WAPO) and Jay Risen (NYT) are these days… someone can fill in the blanks for me there, I am sure…tdiiinva? others?

      Read Instapundit for more.

      • Okay, here’s more of the “narrative” – this time from SFGate’s editor John Diaz,
        (with apologies Mr Diaz for seeming to editorialize on your editorializing…)

        “Are we really supposed to be shocked that Yee allegedly delivered an official Senate proclamation in honor of the Ghee Kung Tong – organization of suspected crime kingpin Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow – in return for a $6,800 campaign donation set up in the FBI sting? Isn’t pay to play simply the way things work in the state Capitol?

        Of course it is.”

        No, we are not shocked, Mr Diaz. We are only shocked that we have only scratched the surface, on what appears to be a 5 year investigation, with Yee the obvious mouth-breather of the Democratic Party, being allowed to serve as one of the principal speakers about gun-control in CA.

        Don’t the Democrats have any sensible staff, at least? The rest of America realizes that DiFi and Box-A-Rox and the Botox Queen are figure-heads long past their prime, but c’mon- are there no adults in the sand-box there in Sacramento and DC?

        Get with it…if you are gonna run a Progressively Forward Movement, you need some class and subtlety.

        • Advice from the heart: “mouth-breathers”, like “libtards”, actually makes the accuser seem more stupid than the accused.

          It’s up to you. Be stupid, or be smart.

  2. Yup. It’s so easy to import assault weapons that a politician got caught by the FBI when he tried.

    Err, what?

    • Yee is just of those who got caught, that’s all. Whether it’s drugs, guns, banking, or real estate, if Congress was ever forced to clean its house of corruption, it would be empty (save for possibly a handful).

      For Rep. Jackie Speier to start mouthing with this purist rhetoric is enough to make me puke. Just another brain-dead libtard Democrat making yet another vain attempt to adhere to failing party doctrine.

      If Obama was able to actually do anything to thwart illegal guns from getting into the country, the Congress would have put a hit on him. Washington is such a sewer.

      • “Yee is just of those who got caught, that’s all. Whether it’s drugs, guns, banking, or real estate, if Congress was ever forced to clean its house of corruption, it would be empty (save for possibly a handful).”

        You forgot pedophilia (rampant in Congress, do the research).

        Oh, wait… they don’t get nailed for that, do they? It’s a very open secret in Washington, and it’s widespread. But arresting one might exposed the entire criminal ring, which reaches very, very high in government indeed.

        And there’s nothing worse than that, so it has to be protected at all cost.

        • You forgot pedophilia (rampant in Congress, do the research).

          Oh, wait… they don’t get nailed for that, do they? It’s a very open secret in Washington, and it’s widespread. But arresting one might exposed the entire criminal ring, which reaches very, very high in government indeed.

          And there’s nothing worse than that, so it has to be protected at all cost.

          Worst thing??

          I dunno; “dead girl” gives “live boy” a pretty good run for its’ money.

  3. This has to be a made up quote. It just HAS to be. There is no way one of our elected representatives can be this stupid…right?

    • I have worked in and around government, and elected officials, for the better part of 15 years. The potential for stupid knows no bounds. It has often been speculated amongst colleagues of mine that there may, theoretically, be an “absolute zero” for elected stupidity, but I have seen no evidence to support that supposition.

    • Like I said when this story hit, hang on – the spin is only beginning. There’s plenty more where that came from, and it’ll grow ever more outlandish.

      • I guess you could call her comment “outlandish”. I would call it insane babble because her statement is one giant contradiction.

        She claims:
        how easy it is to import assault weapons
        — vs —
        President Obama should slow the import of these weapons

        Logical question:
        How is President Obama going to stop illegal importation of something that is so easy to illegally import?

        She claims:
        even the most trusted appearing among us are ready to do real harm
        — vs —
        President Obama should use his pen to slow the import of these weapons

        Logical question:
        If we cannot trust anyone, which includes President Obama, why can we trust President Obama?

        • You’re right, I should have gone with ‘cognitive dissonance’. So much of what they say and do is utterly contradictory, it must be making them crazy. Which is where the never-ending logical fallacies come from.

        • “How is President Obama going to stop illegal importation of something that is so easy to illegally import?”

          By passing laws on top of laws on top of laws, obviously. It will work when there are enough laws to make it work. It’s obvious to them. Why are you being so uncompromising?

    • Ha. Wrong. I worked in the legislature of my state when I was young in college. I started work in awe of the institution and lawmakers. I left with undying respect for a few, but most I left with abject disgust.

    • I’ve said it before and it still applies.

      Just when you think the gun-grabbers have reached the limit of stupidity, they reach way down deep, and out-do themselves.

    • Not stupid. Crooked. The people who are stupid are the ones that buy into and parrot their spin. Remember them saying how Fast and Furious proved that gun smuggling is a real problem? More of the same.

      • Also “the bad ones” are those who buy into the convenient assumption that the grabbers are “stupid”, when, in reality, they are more clever than their detractors.

        They aren’t stupid. They’re criminals.

  4. So … words printed on pieces of paper didn’t stop someone from doing something we don’t like, so we need to print more words on more pieces of paper to stop them. That’ll do it.


    • Yes. This new law we are writing is going to make guns super-duper illegal! It is going to be such an awesome law that no criminal anywhere would never-ever consider breaking this new law! It is going to make the entire county the super-awesome-funtime place free of guns and crime for ever!

  5. Leland Yee, with Tong connections, is the Chinese / California version of that Irish / New York state senator, “Big Tim Sullivan” of Tammany Hall and “Sullivan Law” fame. Both were hypocrites who exploited “gun control” for their own evil purposes, and deceived the public with an appearance of sincere dedication to “reducing gun violence”, while their true goal was the protection of armed criminals they conspired with, and the increase of their power by the process of disarming and control of the people they wished to dominate, not represent.

  6. Problem: corrupt Democratic politician illegally assists criminals in gaining access to illegal machine guns and rocket launchers.

    Solution: ban law abiding citizens from purchasing semi automatic rifles, pistols, standard capacity magazines and ammunition.

    Welcome to the backwards bizarro universe. Enjoy your stay.

    • By the way… In the backwards bizzaro universe, “enjoy your stay” is translated as “get raped violently, without lube.” Enjoy the tyranny, bros. 🙁

  7. They are actually using Yee to argue FOR gun control? Say what you will about these charlatans, their balls are huge.

      • Their brains are fine. See, they realize that the people who elect them are the stupid ones (intentionally ignorant, low-information voters). When a Democrat says something this stupid, it flows into the brains of their supporters as if it were the most profound thing ever said.

    • It doesn’t take any balls whatever for a San Fran politician to distort any reality into a confused hash fit for party faithful consumption. Indeed, I think people in San Francisco who have huge balls get them wrapped in barbed wire, and wear a dog collar. It really is a peculiar city. Then these guys are ‘walked’ in a parade for even the children to see. Not my children, but somebody’s children.

  8. It looks like California State Rep. Jackie Speier has put in a bid to replace Yee as # 1 gun-grabber in California.

    • +1 Obviously.

      small correction… She is vying for the #2 gun-controller spot in California. Diane Feinstein has the # 1 spot.

      • Naw, Diane Frankenstein is on the national level of gun-grabbers. Yee and the others are still in the minors, at the state level, waiting and hoping for a call-up.

  9. I say we should advocate firing squad on tv for hypocritical politicians. Let’s see them clean up their act

  10. Yup! Cause everyone knows that pens put up a giant force field at the borders that blocks all things from happening.

  11. Really? The absurdity of her statements is stupefying! Leland Yee was clearly operating in a environment only a connected politician can work and one with no discernible conscience or morals. The international gun trafficking he was participating in is probably a very small club of powerful connected individuals. I have the superficial details that the media has related on Yee’s corruption, but the question that immediately comes to mind is “who are his accomplices?”

    That this California Rep Jackie Speier would so glibly spout such delusional, self serving rhetoric with the intention of contorting Leland Yee’s Corruption headline to her narrow minded objectives is beyond rational. What kind of person mentally does that?

  12. “…even the most trusted appearing among us are ready to do real harm.”

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot…who trusted him?

  13. So, Democrats are responsible for all kinds of gun running schemes and illegal trafficking in firearms (Yee, F&F) yet they are the same ones screaming for gun control. Hmmmm. I tell you what, get yourselves under control then you can talk to the rest of us. One set of laws for us and one set for you doesn’t really work for me. What’s next Shannon Watts with her first DGU? Thanks but no thanks. Let law abiding people live free, GIVE ME LIBERTY…….. :/ Rant off.

    • “Shannon Watts with her first DGU”

      What?!? I missed that story!

      (I hope Dirk’s okay…)

  14. You know, the saddest part for me is, in all likelihood this was said with great earnestness by someone who really believes it.

    • Nah. She’s got to desperately spin the thing. 34% of her voters are in China Town.

      San Francisco: Ron Pelosi goes west, works his way onto the Board of Supervisors and, well, Chairman of the San Francisco Pension Fund. Leaves Office and joins the securities industry, becoming president of Pacific Securities, which among other things sells advice to who? Yep, And he’s Nancy’s brother in law, Gavin Newsome’s uncle. Feinstein’s husband has the ear of lots of San Francisco-HQ’d companies, as a partner in Goldman? But of course. San Francisco politics is so inbred it’s sick. Don’t ever call them stupid. Mercenary? Sure. Feeling they deserve whatever spoils they can pass to family? Yep. Stupid? No.

  15. This is the same woman that wants to ban “any firearm that can be operated by a child (read: under 21)” What that means is a mystery, but hey, fuck it. For the chilllrens.

  16. Yeah! If only there were a law against importing fully automatic weapons and shoulder fired missiles, then the muslim rebels and chinese triads wouldn’t be able to deal in them!


    • That’s funnier than you know. Look up Jackie Speer/Jim Jones connection.

      These people are total freaks. In positions of power… Jesus wept.

  17. “This FBI investigation of Leland Yee reveals how easy it is to import lethal assault weapons that were previously banned. Since Congress can pass no meaningful gun-control laws, even after the mass killing in Newtown, President Obama should use his pen to slow the import of these weapons, which have no place in our homes.” – California State Rep. Jackie Speier

    He broke the law, so . . . we need more laws.

    Er, Representative Speir, I have a place for these weapons in my home . . . . . and apparently so did Yee’s customers.

    I have a better idea . . . how about Obama using his pen to stop giving guns to the Mexican drug cartels.

  18. We need to implement limits on obama’s pen.. limit the amount of ink it can hold… length restrictions, any color but black..also background checks and ” pen- free zones” such as Constitutional Amendments… maybe mental health evaluations on all pen users.

    • …maybe mental health evaluations on all pen users.

      That would empty Congress and most state legislatures. And Federal agencies.

  19. Funny, during the 20 minutes that schools teach about the Constitution they skipped over the amendment that gives a President the personal authority to enact laws. Which amendment would that be, Mz Spier? Enlighten us.

  20. I’m too lazy to look of the psych term for this phenomenon: where a person faced with overwhelming evidence against their deeply held worldview swings even further in the direction of irrationality instead of changing their mind.

  21. If they believe penning a law will prevent illegal guns from getting into America illegally, then they have some studying about the subject to do.

    “guns” can be replaced with “immigrants” above and the sentence still makes sense.

  22. Uh,…it was already illegal. That would be why Mr Yee is on his way to prison, so I would really like an explanation how signing a piece of paper would make a difference?

    The stupid, it burns.

  23. What concerns me is the people who hear such asinine things and subsequently nod their heads in approval.

  24. Crawl into her history and perhaps a reason she lost her mind. The linked article relays.

    “A survivor of the 1978 Jonestown Massacre, Speier is a member of the House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force as a vice chair.”

    Seems she is qualified to regulate Arsenic & Kool Aid. Firearms and lawful self defense….not so much

    • Wow, if she survived the Jonestown massacre, I would guess she has more than a few loose screws.

      • I don’t like Speier, but don’t accuse her of being part of something she was not. She was sent as part of a congressional inquiry to investigate Jonestown. Read up on the history of that event.

        • Yep. The Wikipedia entry (not the best, but a fairly reliable source) said she was shot 5 times when Jones’ bodyguards shot up Ryan’s party as they were boarding their plane to return to California.
          There are plenty enough grounds to attack her stupidity without making any up.

        • If I recall correctly, Jones kicked off the cool-aid thing because of the Congressional visit.

        • So the problem stems from the poor marksmanship of the deranged Jones acolyte. Proof that freedom creates more accurate shots.

        • Let’s not forget that when Mayor Moscone lead the even-more-left-wing charge to become Mayor, his biggest supporter was the Reverend Jim Jones, whom Moscone promptly appointed to head the San Francisco Housing Authority. The big heat on Jim Jones was deserved, but it involved, to the end, San Francisco political rivalries which ended up involving even Carter and Mondale. Jones got love because his Peoples Temple got San Francisco. They list Speier, most places, as Congressman Ryan’s staffer. She was actually serving as his legal advisor on staff. They were pushing for a win in carrying on the investigation, but got a loss. I don’t blame them, but they were not there on a purely humanitarian mission.

    • The article is not clear, however I stand corrected, being a victim of criminals, she is qualified to speak on gun violence. How she can conclude that US citizens should be denied 2A rights because a foreign country, who’s government disallowed congressional members to arm themselves, was shot by a criminal escapes the barest resemblance of logic. Whom of her constituency can ask the question, if they were armed would all members of the “fact finding team” be alive today?

      Maybe not, the odds would be better than what history presents.

  25. While we all know the premise more laws will stop crime is about as dumb as you can get, it makes sense this would be a legislator’s answer. They are salespeople, they have one product to sell, laws. Good, bad, or none, the result doesn’t matter as long as they make a sale. Keep making sales and passing bills and they stay in office and keep their job. The more they screw up the more work they have in the future. Politicians are the modern day used car salesman, they care nothing of the good of the people, they just keep selling the only crap they have to anyone that will buy it.

    • Strong element of truth in your words. What they fail to understand…we are their employers….time to say “your fired”

      • She’s not going to be “fired”. She represents a district that routinely votes 80% Democrat.

  26. even the most trusted appearing among us are ready to do real harm.

    In what drug-addled fever dream does a California politician qualify as “the most trusted appearing among us?”

    • Politicians really think their positions automatically make them a character of trust. Just proves how thick the bubbles they live in really are. Most people I automatically distrust politicians. Especially those who make it their life’s work to strip us of freedom.

  27. Looks to me that Leland Yee knew more gun laws would not affect what he was doing. Just like more laws will not stop most criminals from being, well……….. criminals.

    • “Looks to me that Leland Yee knew more gun laws would not affect what he was doing.”

      This is a key point, the disgraced representative Yee, realizing the truth of this statement made the decision to PROFIT from the conditions presented.

      The electorate should heed this and realize individual character breaks laws, not an armament used for lawful self defense.

  28. When ANY politician starts talking about gun control we need to point at them and start laughing uncontrollably. We need to highlight their hypocrisy and lies. I don’t want to speculate too much, but I’ll bet my home and hearth that Yee has his loyalties elsewhere, like China. Yes, the Art of War is very much alive other there and they are planning on winning a war with the U.S. without ever firing a shot.

  29. Too funny. Jackie missed the part about Lee abusing his position to put him in the place he’s in. He was also charged with corruption and bribery. Guns were not the problem. Lee’s greed, selfishness, arrogance and too much free time were. If not guns, it would have been drugs, extortion, fake phone cards, bank fraud, or anything else he could scam. A simple case of a bad character with too much power and time. Yee, brought to us by the same self-righteous people who think that calling someone a patriot is an insult.

  30. ….and they wonder why no one wants to have a ‘conversation’ with them.

    These people spew lies and twisted propaganda that would make Joseph Goebels’ dead corpse blush.

    THEIR COLLEAGUE, a fellow rabid anti-gun CA State Senator, is caught trying to traffic illegal fully-automatic rifles and shoulder-fired rocket launchers into the country — and their answer is that Obama should ‘use the pen’ to single-handedly CREATE Law from the Executive Branch that prevents the importation of legal semi-auto firearms into the country?

    How do these people even get elected?

    Maybe instead an investigation should be launched into all anti-gun CA Democratic Representatives, to determine the extent of this corruption? After all, as she says, it could be any one of the ‘most trusted’ among THEM.

    We can only hope that their time for honoring themselves will soon come to an end.

    • As we speak the FBI is looking at a number of elected officials, coincidentally, most of them Ds. More hilarity will ensue in the future.

  31. These people only survive through lies and twisted propaganda, consumed by their low-information, cultist sheep followers – funded by their elitist zealot demagogues – and repeated by their liberal media ‘ministry of truth’.

  32. Lemme get this straight:

    Laws are in place to prevent gun trafficking. Politician breaks said laws. Politician gets caught by FBI and charged under existing law regarding the illegal importation of arms. Another politician says this wouldn’t be a problem if we put a stop to the legal importation of arms . . . Que?

    Beyond the stupidity associated with conflating two obviously different things (just to be clear, legal and illegal do not mean the same thing . . . shocking I know), this opinion shows a woeful lack of appreciation for US history. The ultimate test case for this type of regulation was the 18th Amendment, banning the production, transport, and sale of alcohol. It failed, miserably. Organized crime was born, criminal organizations got rich, and the worst excesses of human behavior got worse, not better. By any metric, it was an abject failure. Yet this is exactly what the government proposes to do again. Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    • And before we lose those who think occurrences of 100+ years ago couldn’t possibly happen again, let’s recall we are in the center of another example known as “the war on drugs”, which did not even have the benefit of a constitutional amendment to authorize it, meaning there is no constitutional authority for it whatsoever.

  33. California State Rep. Jackie Speier should be the next target of an FBI investigation.

  34. I think it is time for the FBI to do an investigation on California State Rep. Jackie Speier.

  35. “…the most trusted appearing among us…”

    Hollow words. Smart people didn’t trust him for one second. I wouldn’t have trusted him to guard my pig pen.

  36. It’s right up there with:

    “We know Stand your Ground had nothing to do with the Travyon case… but we want to repeal Stand your Ground law. Do it for Trayvon!”


    “We know this bill will do nothing to prevent another lunatic from committing a mass murder of children, and instead only steal liberties from law abiding citizens and limit their ability to defend themselves… but we need to pass this ‘firearm protection act’ for the children!”

    Their zealotry is only matched by their idiocy.

  37. Why is it that politicians feel the need to enforce their personal ignorance on their constituents? When did we lose by the people and for the people? Or, is this Speir, just a collective mentality of the people who used their pen to put this puppet in office?

  38. Yee supported gun control not for the avowed purpose that many idealists in the movement were deceived into believing would result, reduced “gun violence”, but for the only proven effect — the harassment and disarming of the ordinary citizens, with no restriction whatever on the criminals who hold all laws in contempt.
    Yee wanted to suppress 2nd Amendment rights for an ulterior motive, his profit and power. We would do well to inquire deeply into the true motives of all who spout noble purposes for depriving the law-abiding of their Constitutional rights, for the supposed goal of reducing “gun violence”, when experience has shown no such result from gun control laws.

  39. Based on her quote, “This case should be a warning to us all that even the most trusted appearing among us are ready to do real harm.” Why does Speir not ask the Dictator to whip out his Pen and ban the most trusted appearing among us be before they can do us real harm?

  40. We need a new word for making something illegal even more illegal and another so we can ban something that’s already banned.

    Tell me again why they feel I need their permission to be free in my own home/ country?

  41. Since Rep. Jackie Speier is now a de facto gun runner using anti-gun legislation as a beard, I’ve asked her to supply me a full auto.

    In black, please.

  42. Miz Speier attempted to sow’s ear into a silk purse, but instead changed it into the entire sow.

  43. I once worked with Jackie when she was a San Mateo County Supervisor…. whatever else you can say about her, she’s always been a real dunce.

  44. We banned these things to keep criminals from getting them and using them, and criminals keep getting them and using them! The only solution is to BAN MORE THINGS!!!

  45. Translation… “To whomever was supplying Mr. Yee… I am totally up for picking up right where he left off. We’ve practically outlawed all firearms up here in S.F. and the prices are ripe for the raping!! Call me immediately!!!”

  46. With the importation laws on semi-auto’s the way they are what else can we possibly import that has not already been banned?

    Except for a small handful of neutered AK’s, Tavor’s, and some semi-auto shotguns everything else we consider a military standard has either been declared obsolete by the manufacturer no longer made (FAL, G3, HK-33, Galil, AR-70, FNC, Daewoo AR-200 etc.), outright banned (Chinese rifles and pistols), or made domestically now! (SCAR, FS2000, PS90, ARX-100, AUG, SIG rifles, etc.)

    Don’t forget the rifles sitting in Korea, SVT-40’s, Hakim’s, and other old steel & wood surplus beauties that have detachable magazines with those evil bayonet lugs!!

  47. Gotta hand it to the guy, he’s making lemonade out of lemons. And shilling for gun laws at the same time.

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