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“It is stupid to me that anyone can have easy access to a powerful weapon without being mentally evaluated. This makes the government indirect accomplice (to Adam Lanza)… These bastards have perfected their way of attacking studying previous massacres to gain publicity and their minute of fame as a villain. But thanks to Hollywood and the sensational profiling by the media [they] give more power to those intelligent cowards.” – Spc. Ivan Lopez on his Facebook page [via]

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    • … I know, right? It seems like all these shooters are lefty political martyrs trying to prove the exception to arguments for arming citizens.

  1. How about we require a mental evaluation for voting. People can do a lot more damage with their vote than any firearm.

    Also, this shows that the reason most leftists want gun control is because they don’t trust themselves.

    • Cars too. Also need a back ground check for any friends or family that you let you the car for the day. Also proper key storage so no unauthorized people can use the car. Oh by the way you’ll need to go to a car dealer to do the back ground check. No one should ever ever feel unsafe on the roads walking, biking, or driving. It’s for the children.

      • I had a unlicensed driver ask to borrow my car. Hell no. He borrowed a car from someone else that had expired registration, and subsequently got that car impounded because his license was suspended. Be very careful who you lend your car to.

        • You are risking a lot, if you loan your car. It’s a good way to get forced into bankruptcy, especially if some people are killed, or worse yet, disabled for life! How many people can afford a $10,000,000 insurance policy?
          My wife sometimes gives a ride home to girls on her shift. I told to never, never loan your car. If it’s a real emergency, then punch out and drive them yourself. Better to loose a little time, than put you, and me, in financial ruin!

  2. Talk about sensational profiling. Why is this turd making a statement from beyond the grave here?

    • Second paragraph is what really sealed it for me: “He wrote of experiencing overpowering fear after an insurgent attack in Iraq and the hatred that consumed him after getting “robbed.” This guy had a ton of problems he blamed on everything else except himself. The fact that the media will highlight the Newtown “connection” and avoid all of his other excuses will perfectly illustrate the not-so-hidden agenda of our supposedly impartial journalists.

  3. “It is stupid to me that anyone can have easy access to a powerful weapon without being mentally evaluated.”

    I won’t belong to any club that would have me as a member!

  4. When grabbers say “everyone is law abiding until they are not,” remind them that lopez and dorner agreed. “How do I know YOU aren’t just trying to take my gun so you can kill me? It’s happened before…”

  5. It would be an added bonus if he clicked like on MDA’s FB page or better yet, was a well-liked commenter there

  6. I still think the drugs prescribed to him, lowered restraint, add denial of leave and come back tomorrow for paperwork, sent him into bang switch rage. Something no one can prove, and gives all involve a pass.

    The only difference between the past & today is the amount of anti depression drug prescribed and all “active shooters” were on them.

    • The listed side effects of these drugs; especially SSRI’s, is depression, suicidal ideation and homicidal thoughts.

      Every mass shooter, that I am aware of, have been on these meds. Of course, we couldn’t acknowledge this, anti-depressives are one of the most commonly prescribed meds in the general public; which means a lot of money. We can’t cut into the drug companies profit margin.

    • the drugs prescribed to him

      How do you know what drugs he was taking? The only one we know of is Ambien. If he was on SSRIs, we will never know.

      BTW, Ambien caused my ex-w to sleepwalk. But I don’t think that this joker was sleepwalking when he shot up Ft. Hood.

  7. ‘Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, the post’s commanding general, said Lopez did not experience direct combat in Iraq.

    “So far, we have not discovered any specific traumatic event, wounds received in action, contact with the enemy or anything else specific that he may have been exposed to while deployed,” the general said.’

    So much for PTSD.

    On one hand he appears to be an expert on being mentally unfit to own firearms, but on the other if he really believed what he was saying he should have disarmed himself. Sounds like he was well aware that he was becoming consumed with anger and hatred.

    • This is the norm for leftists, their whole reason for being a leftist is because they feel helpless, powerless and that they are a victim; helpless to effect their lives in a positive way.

      So, they strike out at the world they blame for their feelings of worthlessness and as a result, their self-hatred.

      This is why they end up killing themselves after their burst of homicidal rage and murdering a bunch of people.

      It’s to bad that if they weren’t going to get help; that they didn’t go to the very end of this scenario first and save the death and pain for everyone else.

  8. The Newtown shooter was not on any drugs, although all evidence indicates that he should have been. He was put on one, but he was so lethargic that he couldn’t do basic tasks, and refused to try any others.

  9. After just being ‘evaluated’ never-the-less, not found to be lacking or anything like that. Which is what many (justifiably?) fear, the simple act of going to get ‘checked out’ would be ‘enough’ to become a prohibited person.

    • Indeed. The Army has been working hard to convince soldiers that no stigma will attach to them for seeking help…I never believed em.

  10. It is not enough that government civilian and military employees go through a criminal background check before being trained with weapons ie guns. ALL government employees must be given a thorough psychiatric battery of tests before, during, and after their exposure to government killing indoctrination and tactics. Even elected government civilians (politicians) who have the power to order others into killing people should be given the full battery of tests to determine their mental health. Afterwards the results should be publicly available and posted on their official websites especially when they are running for office.

  11. Adam isn’t the one who bought the right he used.

    If anything we should ban gun control advocacy.

  12. The hell of it is, this guy was mentally evaluated recently, and according to the government psychiatrist, showed no sign of being a danger to himself or others.

  13. I’m still trying to figure out how he could have possibly shot 19 people with a 10-round magazine. He obviously didn’t reload because nobody tackled him during the reloading process and took the gun away from him… which of course the justification for mag limits right?

  14. And this is why the media needs to stop glorifying these aholes. Reposting a quote of a quote from CNN is just as bad. Quit giving bad people somebody to emmulate.

  15. How about we have a mental evaluation for joining the military, too? This guy is nucking futs. Oh, and of course he supported gun control. So did Jared Loughner, James Holmes, Karl Pierson, etc.

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