CT Sen Richard Blumenthal
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“Shame on Congress for allowing yet another year to pass without action. Shame on Congress for allowing this tragic anniversary to be followed by so many more—in Sutherland Springs, in Las Vegas, in Orlando, in Charleston, and in our communities each and every day. Each day that passes marked by inaction, Congress turns its back on the will of the American public–complicit as 90 more lives are lost to the scourge of gun violence.” – Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal in Newtown Plans Private Reflection To Mark Five Years Since Sandy Hook Shooting [via courant.com]


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    • During the debate between Richard Blumenthal and Linda McMahon when they were contesting a Connecticut Senate seat a few years ago Blumenthal repeated the oft told lie that all of Linda McMahon’s campaign paraphernalia was made in China. I had a McMahon hat in my pocket so after the debate during a handshaking session, I approached Blumenthal with my made in America, Union Label hat under my jacket. At the appropriate time I pulled it and put it into the hands of a surprised Blumenthal and said during the debate you stated that “all of Linda McMahons campaign items were made in China”. I then asked if he would like to comment on the fact that the hat was labeled as being made in America by Union Labor. He acted as if I had handed him a rattlesnake and frantically tried to shove it back into my hands. Of course I wasn’t taking it back until the camera flashes stopped. He threw it back at me while the Democratic thugs all started yelling and tried to push me out the door. I thought the event might at least have made it into the Hartford Courant or the New London Day but not a mention.

      He helped sell out Connecticut to the State Employee Unions and then they sent him to Congress. An embarrassment to the State, the Senate and the Marines.

      • First, let’s all give him the “rasberries!”
        It is the S.O.S. (Same Old S**t)

        All of us who are law-abiding and responsible citizens are being attacked again/still.
        It’s jerks like that who have radicalized the NRA, and many of us.

        While we’re at it, let’s try to pass some more gun control so all the UNTRAINED and UNSAFE citizens will run right out & buy more guns (making it more unsafe for all of us).

        Do I sound disgusted? YOU BET!!!

  1. He’s right about inaction on the Hearing Protection Act, but the House did at least pass the National Reciprocity bill.

  2. The founders in the framers could never have imagined a day when a elected official in such a high position would electioneer, campaign, and promote the disintegration of rights that they vehemently fought for.

    It is really hard to believe that there are candidates that campaign on platforms that promote the restriction of liberty and freedom.

  3. Shame on the Senate GOP leadership for not getting Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act passed already. They have had months to get this done, and every year more travelers are targeted by criminals who prey on tourists and business travelers, because they are known to be unarmed.

    • The laziness of the Repubs when they own all three houses is inexcusable….. but lesson filled.

      The lesson is……the Gop-e hates their voters.

  4. Having lived in CT for AG Blumy he screams entitled, narcissistic date-rapist.
    I really hope he’s one of the reported 20-30 congressional pervs set to go down for Xmas.

    • Tried.
      Oh, and I was gonna give em’ both barrels of my most eloquent “stop being such a bigot” argument too… and, of course, when I hit “submit” they wanted me to subscribe and give them money.
      Nope. Not going to pay some bigots for the opportunity to tell them once why they are wrong. 🤠

      • I’m sure he posted something similar on his FB page.. itd open for comments…

        Let ‘er rip; tater chip!

  5. Another year and another 450,000 Americans dead because too many healthcare “Professionals” waste their time trying to vilify firearms instead of properly caring for their patients and insuring quality training for the medical industry.

    And an Opiod Crisis created by giving unfettered free healthcare and medications to deadbeats who scam naive docs into doping them up on a regular basis. The democrats who passed the ACA are to blame for the crisis.

    • It’s not a scam, it’s a conspiracy. If it isn’t opioids, it’s Xanax, valium, used to be amphetamines pick any prescription addictive drug. The drug industry is the big time drug pushers and they’re getting rich

    • Yep. 400,000 + Americans die each year in the USA as a direct cause of PREVENTABLE medical mistake. Oh, and it is likely that number is under-reported. It’s DISGUSTING they rant about guns with ridiculous numbers we have for medical mistakes and tobacco deaths. 440,000 die each year from tobacco related causes.
      Why we let these elected slime-balls get away with this is astonishing to me.

  6. Given that more people die annually from getting beaten to death vs getting shot with ANY along gun, and given that these guns and the AR-15 in particular are in (very)common use, they have little justification for banning them, both ethically and on a SCOTUS basis. Also, we know from research that a significant number of mass shooters are inspired by previous shooters, and the media sensation gives those fuckers a platform. Most antis(at least the smart ones) concede that no restriction will prevent 100% of attacks(they never state what is an acceptable level they have in mind), so the only argument we need to make concerning AR-15s is: If you are appalled by these shootings, stop naming the killers and giving them the attention they seek. Research proves this a motivation, and this is a way for you to “do something” that actually has a chance in hell of working, unlike gun control which has long proven futile. Also if you have heard of “Don’t Name Them” before and continue to name them, you become complicit in these shootings. If you(the antis) don’t accept this research, you are anti-science.

    • I agree, the official terminology should be “some dickhead,” as in “some dickhead loser decided to kill some people because he is too much of a wus to deal with his problems like an adult.” I’m not being sarcastic, I genuinely believe it would help.
      Instead of demonizing the tools used, demonize the monsters who commit these atrocities. Of course that would mean belief in personal accountability, and we are talking about people who think others should protect them, buy their food, pay for their homes and their healthcare, so I don’t hold out a lot of hope.

  7. Shame on anti-civil rights bigots who preach a dark gospel of hatred and intolerance.
    Shame on vile politicians who attempt to use tragedies for political mileage.
    Shame on blood-dancers who think they are demonstrating moral superiority.
    Shame on billionaires who use their wealth to play at social engineering.
    Shame on anyone who seeks to suppress the free exercise of a core right.

    • Well, a scorpion will be a scorpion and it will sting you. That’s its nature.

      Ultimately, I blame the claque and rabble out there who fall for this sickly, sappy melodrama and who vote for these shysters.

  8. There’s a monster on the loose, he’s got our heads in a noose, and he just sits there ,, ,watching….. America we need you now, don’t you care about your son’s and daughters, America we need you now, don’t you know we can’t fight alone against this Monster … The smoke screen gun, good for any subversive law they choose.

  9. What exactly does Blumenthal propose that would work? Bueller, Bueller, Anyone? And I do mean what *exactly*.

    Make a proposal, tell me exactly what you want to do and then make a compelling case for how it would work – you gotta make the sale. Phrases like, ‘keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people’, ‘limit access to assault weapons’, ‘eliminate the gunshow loophole’, and the like are not serious proposals, BTW. What do you propose to do that will make it harder for a crazed individual to shoot up an elementary school and how would this be implemented and how much will it cost and who will it affect – go ahead, tell me.

    Oh, I see, you don’t have a meaningful proposal and can’t establish any justification – You just want to virtue signal. In that case, shut up, I don’t have the time.

    • This is the true “allowing yet another year to pass without action” that we should be enraged about – the failure of the Democrats to come up with any proposals that could prevent or even minimize even one of these mass shootings. Instead they have given us nothing, but useless proposals that would burden law-abiding citizens, while having absolutely no effect on the criminals and crazies who want to commit mass murder. The Democrats should be ashamed for their inaction on this problem.

      The Fix NICS bill is the first sensible proposal they have come up with, and even that will only have a minimal effect. And the Dems will probably vote en-mass to kill it in the Senate.

      How about allowing and encouraging armed personnel in our schools to protect our children? THAT is something that would be an effective deterrent.

  10. I think that we should all be more respectful to Richard Blumenthal, by his own accounts a great American hero of the war in Vietnam.

  11. Dear Dick,

    Why is Sandy Hook always about the gun? Where are your proposed new laws that prevent incompetent parents from raising metaphorical tigers? I tire of being under threat of being “eaten” by someone’s “tiger” when it gets loose and when it turns out they are only capable of being allowed to raise “kittens”.

  12. Senator, please elaborate for us precisely what “reasonable” legislation not already in place would have prevented any of the mentioned crimes, and please detail exactly how. Simply saying, “We need to pass such-and-such in order to prevent another Sandy Hook!” doesn’t automatically mean that the law would actually have any affect on future, similar crimes.

    • They already prevented another Sandy Hook in the most absolute possible way — they razed the building. Sandy Hook school is no more, so there will never be another massacre there.

      Although if Blumenthal has his way, the next time some psycho decides to target schoolchildren, it’ll be another slaughter just the same. A canned hunt with our children as the soon-to-be dead meat, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood progressives.

  13. This is getting tiresome. Seriously, it is undeniable, no Gun Control law would prevent any future murder or mass shooting. Let’s take a look at the Las Vegas, the shooter violated at least 40 Statutes between Local, State and Federal. When he took those firearms into the casino and opened fire. Sandy Hook Elementary shooter, also violated similar number of laws. So, what the hell makes you think that 1 more law or a dozen more laws etc would make any difference? It won’t cause the other 40+ didn’t! A criminal breaks the law, period.

    I believe that we need term limits on all government positions. Also they should be required to take the following. Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Sociology 101, Psychology 101, Criminal Psychology 101, Intro to State Law (meaning knowing basics of laws passed), Intro to Federal Law (introduction to Federal law and statutes, includes Firearm regs). Failure to comply within 6-12 months of first term if not already applicable; results in immediate termination and ineligibility. Fallacious remarks regarding legal codes (existing, proposed etc) treated as criminal. Any elected official or appointed proven to be lying regarding a statute should be immediately terminated and ineligible for any further office.

    That is my opinion on how to deal with the whole lot of slimeballs. If they complain remind them how Vietnam deals with corrupt officials. Hint: Public Execution of them and under certain circumstances their families as well.

  14. Blumenthal said Dec. 14, 2012, “will be forever a stain on our nation’s history.” But so will the day the Senate voted down legislation to expand gun background checks, he said.

    The firearms of Sandy Hook were background checked per Schumer’s 1993 bill. In other words, they were completely Schumer and Clinton approved. The gun banner’s system was in place and was fully utilized.

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